About Ask SC (Ask the SFI Community)

Ask SC taps into the wealth of knowledge of SFI's more than a million affiliates worldwide. Here's how it works:

Submit questions you have here. (NOTE: You must have a rank of EA2 or above.)

Knowledgeable SFI affiliates will submit their answers.

Each day, you will be presented with 10 recent, randomly-chosen answer submissions. Vote up the answers you like by clicking on the green "YES" arrow. For answers you don't like, click the red "NO" arrow. You'll earn the daily VersaPoint upon rating 10 answers. Through this process, the best answers as voted by our affiliates will naturally rise to the top. You'll earn the one daily VersaPoint upon rating 10 answers and earn a free entry in the Daily Grand by rating 20 more (optional). 

Votes are weighted by your SFI rank:

Affiliate = 1 vote
EA = 2 votes
EA2 = 3 votes
All TL ranks = 4 votes

To begin, scroll down to the bottom of the Ask SC page and click the blue button to proceed. The voting period for each new question is 10 days (beginning with the first answer submitted for a question). Once the 10-day voting window has closed, the top answers will be permanently displayed on (or accessible from) the Ask SC homepage.

For each question published, the affiliate whose answer receives the most votes (total of YES votes minus NO votes) will receive 100 VersaPoints. The author of the second most popular answer will receive 50 VersaPoints, and the authors with the third through tenth most popular answers will win 25 VersaPoints. In the case of ties, both authors will receive either 100 VersaPoints (if tied for most votes), 50 VersaPoints (if tied for second most votes), or 25 VersaPoints (if tied for third through tenth most votes).

TIP: Use the Questions/Categories filters to narrow the questions displayed to your area of interest.


1. Only Affiliates with the rank of EA2 and above may submit questions to Ask SC.

2. Submitted answers should include the answer to the question ONLY. Signatures, formatting, phrases, greetings, closing remarks, or other text that could identify the affiliate answering the question to voters is NOT allowed.

3. Report abuse! If you see an answer that is plagiarism, contains offensive language, is innacurate, or is otherwise inappropriate, use the "Report Abuse" link located below the answer to report it. Validated violations will result in a ban from submitting answers to Ask SC. Only EA2s and above may submit abuse reports.