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ACTION: Follow Pricebenders Alerts on Twitter

Earn 5 VersaPoints by registering to follow Pricebenders Alerts on Twitter.

Following Pricebenders Alerts simply means you'll be receiving our updates via Twitter.com. By following Pricebenders Alerts, every time we post a new message, it will automatically appear on your Twitter home page. New messages are added to your Twitter home page as as we post them, so you always get our updates instantly! When you log in, you can see what the latest updates are. You can also get your Pricebenders Alerts Twitter updates on your mobile phone and be the very first to know about new Pricebenders features, new programs, and major announcements.

1. Go to: www.twitter.com/GoPricebenders

2. Click "Follow."
Note that if you do not already have a Twitter account, you will need to register a Twitter account first. There is no cost to have an account.

3. Enter your Twitter Username below and click "Validate."
Note that you may not use the Twitter Username of any other SFI affiliate.

IMPORTANT! If your Tweet Privacy settings are set to "private," SFI will not be able to confirm you as a follower. To receive your VersaPoints, be sure to deselect this option in your Twitter settings.

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