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I'm so glad I was introduced to SFI. I've been searching for the right program to help me develop my career and my family financially. I've evaluated many programs and have found that SFI is the answer.

Jontu Acherjo

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Sponsoring Affiliates
Training Articles

Finding Affiliates Online:

Internet Income Course
Online Promotion Tips
A Guide To URL Forwarding
Why You Need Your Own Domain Name
20 Reasons To Have Your Own Website
Ask Gery: Where to advertise for good results
Key Code Tracking—Track your advertising for better results.
Ask Gery: Does SFI have any sites in languages other than English?

More Tips For Finding Affiliates:

A Small Guide To Free Advertising
Affiliate Tips
Marketing With Custom Car Signs
Ask Gery: What's better...selling lots of SFI products or recruiting lots of affiliates?

Following Up:

How To Do Effective Follow-Ups
Building Your Business With Conference Calls
Effective Phone Techniques, thanks to SFI Affiliate Cheryl Jordan
Sample Voice/Answer Machine Message
Listening Can Make You Rich!, by Dave Klaybor
The One Who Asks the Best Questions Wins, by Dave Klaybor

After Your Affiliates Join SFI:

Introduce Yourself!
Your Role in SFI - Being A Sponsor: What It Means
Be An Awesome Sponsor
Ask Gery: How to write e-mails to build your business
Genealogy Tips & Shortcuts—Getting the most from your Genealogy report
Affiliate Manager Tips
Boosting Upgrades With Gift Certificates
Ask Gery: How to best use the Reassignment tool
Success Tips
Why start your own Co-op?, by SFI President, Gery Carson
Following Up With Your Team Members
Quality (Not Quantity) And The Power Of Duplication

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