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Erlinda S.


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Now, it's the turn of "AllCry"! in Miscellaneous

1 day ago

Dear Gopakumar, thank you so much for this warning. Will share this with other friends.

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Spin & Win news letter in Getting Started #Contests

3 days ago

Dear Moses, you should subscribe to the SFI Newsletter then every news that comes will be sent directly to your email address. Whenever the news arrives, read the content from beginning to end. Why? It is because the subject of Spin and Win is never headlined. The moment you see S & P, read it thoroughly in order to know how much time you have to be able to participate.

Wish you luck!

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Sometimes is so boring :/ in Miscellaneous

6 days ago

Dear Sonia,
Yes sometimes, I also feel that way. This should not, however, take over you. If the goal is to achieve your dream, you just have to keep on. Failures should actually be considered the first steps in an endeavor which will, in the long run, bring us to where we like to go. These failures should serve as lessons to learn from.

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I cannot find ECA by name in ECA Program #ECA #Marketing #TripleClicks

6 days ago

Sladana, I think you should go to the ECA's country first then look for her/him on the list.

Hope this helps.

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Daily grand entry via alert page in Miscellaneous

6 days ago

Hello Shelley, to get the bonus entry on the Alert Page, you should click the long blue tab at the end of the page which says "I have reviewed the information on this page". To do this return to the Alert page after answering/commenting the last item on the Forum page.
After clicking this, the blue turns to green and the following words will come: Extra Daily Grand entry awarded.
You can inform Fabian about this.

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CSA in Pricebenders

8 days ago

Dear Ogedegbe, the best thing to do is to welcome your Co-Sponsored Affiliate (CSA) and inform her about yourself and SFI as soon as he/she comes. A CSA is someone's Personal Sponsored Affiliate (PSA) like you. You are also a CSA to another SFI member. (https://www.sfimg.com/Support/Solution?id=33095&referrer=search)
As such you should deal with the CSA you won in the same way you want to be dealt with by the Co-Sponsor Affiliate you are assigned to by the SFI.

Hope this helps.

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Eager zebra uber-picks in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra #TCredits #TripleClicks

8 days ago

Sasa, when you see someone calling for members to join his/her league, you can register with that.

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Where Might Be The Video's? in Getting Started #Getting Started #Marketing #Team Building

8 days ago

Hi, Cris, maybe you have to go to YouTube and search for StrongFutureInternational Marketing Group. From the list of available SFI Videos, choose those that pertain to the toüpic you are looking for.

Hope this helps.

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Localvantia in Team Building #Localvantia

10 days ago

Dear Lacretia, do you do any purchasing, go a beauty parlor, eat in any restaurant or go to a physician? You do not need to know them personally but you spend money to pay them. You can photograph their front sides, get the details thru their business cards or information provided in their adverts then upload these to Localvantia. Check this here: news.sfimg.com/tag/localvantia and www.sfimg.com/forum/thread?id=106139

Wish you all the best!

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Spotlight Merchant VP in Miscellaneous #Sales #VersaPoints

10 days ago

Edward, I believe you should buy in December if you want your VP to be credited for that month. Hope somebody can give you a positive answer.

Best regards.

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What is the most important thing when you are SFI affiliates? in Marketing

10 days ago

Hello Fahreta,

The most important thing at the beginning is for you to follow the instructions given to you by SFI when they Welcome(d) you. Also, check the Getting Started actions which you will find in your VPLedger located on your Profile page and on your To-Do list located on your Homepage.

To your success!

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New affiliate using an android phone in Getting Started #Getting Started #PSA

10 days ago

Robert, does your PSA use a Smart phone? He can do better if he uses his phone horizontally because there is more room for the information he needs. As to YouTube, I believe he can download it and subscribe.Please let him check these.

I hope this helps.

Best regards!

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Is there any trick used in playing CARD KING in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra #TCredits #VersaPoints

12 days ago

Welcome to SFI Foluke,
There are no tricks in every EagerZebra game, including Card King. However, there are Tips for each game. You should read the Tips before you play any of the games.

Hope this helps.

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Help with your expertise and advice in Getting Started

12 days ago

Beko, let me welcome you to SFI first.
Now let's look at what you should do to succeed. Let me ask you: Have you done the first 6 Getting Started Actions on your Ledger page? This is found on your Profile Page.
It is important for you to whitelist all the email addresses of SFI, your sponsor, co-sponsor and all of your uplines. These addresses are important to ease you in finding the right things to do whenever you need help or advise.
Then, visit your Homepage located in the Affiliate Center on a daily basis. It can be boring if you forget that you will learn and gain a lot by doing so. Vist each red tab, do the actions required and click the blue tab below that says "I have reviewed this page", then it will turn green. The required actions are not only interesting but you also get your VersaPoints. Make your visits a habit!
Don't only click the red tabs, but also click the black tabs above them to know the contents of each tab. Plan how you can read each information shown on these. It's highly educational and will guide you properly.
To your success!

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Reminder - Payoneer Prepaid Debit MasterCard in Miscellaneous

13 days ago

John, you can contact Payoneer by going there directly and login thru your Payoneer username and password. Everyone who received the Card has to submit those details.

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How Much Do I Invest? in Getting Started #Getting Started #Leadership #Team Building

16 days ago

I do agree with your point of view. All 3 types of investment are important to any kind of business, offline or online. Your input is helpful to make affiliates understand how to advance their business.

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Badge Quest goes Rewardical! in SFI News #Contests

16 days ago

I'm happy to read this. Thank you so much for this.

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Just became a wave3 member in WAVE3 #Eager Zebra #Marketing #TripleClicks

17 days ago

Hi, Uche, a big congratulation to you. Been trying but up to now nobody accepts my challenge! Keep on with the good work!

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Account cancellation in Miscellaneous

18 days ago

Mohammed, inactive affiliates are given a year. This means that sponsors and co-sponsors have a year to activate them. Communication is important. Sponsors, as well as co-sponsors, should communicate with their downlines every week and explain the what, whys and how to succeed in SFI.

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Bitcoin' use. in VersaPoints #TCredits #TripleClicks

19 days ago

Very nice remider Ms. Erlinda. Thanks

You are welcome, Marilyn. Hey, I'm also from the Philippines. Nice to meet you here.

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Bitcoin' use. in VersaPoints #TCredits #TripleClicks

19 days ago

When you can answer the Biz Quiz correctly and as a result, you are chosen among the 50 winners, you will get a chance to collect a Bitcoin. This can be done if you use the Rewardical tokens you won to redeem Bitcoins instead of the other items.
Read this: news.sfimg.com/2017/10/31/introducing-rewardical/

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Essentials to Teamwork in Team Building #Team Building

20 days ago

A good advice. I'll share this with my downline if you don't mind. Thank you in advance.

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The 5%er mindset in Team Building

21 days ago

I love your post. It strengthens this view: Mind is stronger than matter.
It is indeed true that the mind gives guidelines and organizes matter to bring in a new situation. It is the exact opposite of the socialist view that matter is stronger than the mind.

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HELP....HELP in Miscellaneous

21 days ago

Did you use your SFIID and Password? That's the best way to sign in. I just did it.