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Hey Buddy! Can you afford $1.99 per day? in Getting Started #Getting Started

1 day ago

Well...100 PHP per day may be difficult for some people (which is about $1.99/Day). But....I know people can come up with that amount some of the time--half the time?
The only problem is if I'm trying to skate for free, and then my 5 PSAs are duplicating what I do....hmmmmm
I've never felt good doing nothing and capitalizing off of other people's work/investment and sacrifices.

The problem here is...we as leaders should stress the importance of those who don't have can "limp along" until they can make investments and purchases. I know how things can be overseas--I have close connections to the Philippines as my wife is a Filipina. So I know how things are. People are the same everywhere--if you give them zero expectations they'll never rise above that expectation. My point? Stop pushing "Free, free...free ride" so much. Our communication should EMPOWER people not enable a mediocre mentality. It is human nature to feel good about oneself when they can do their part--this is worth more than any commission.

I'd just like to call on our leaders--challenge them--to empower people. To watch our words more carefully. Sympathy is not a good friend of anyone. Empathy is. And empathy looks at a person and says you may not be able to do 1.99 per day--but you can do something until you can get to that point--what is it you CAN DO?

Again, this action is an investment into one's own self. Let's not sugar coat the path to success. I understand some people have a hard time financially (been there--and it's very difficult being there living in the USA-I found ways to invest in myself when it wasn't easy). However, let's let help know that they can do something and then do more as their business grows or as they become resourceful.


Thank you for the input Harold G . Yes, you are right , we should not over emphasize "FREE RIDE" in SFI but sometimes it is one way to have people especially Filipino's join our Team in SFI . Filipino's are very much willing to join online opportunities but the mentality is that we have to show them our "income proof" first before they join which we cannot do because it is prohibited by SFI rules . Some Filipino's are very much willing to invest their money in "scheme's" that promises big income (without working) , that is the mentality here in the Philippines which we are trying to overcome . One effective way to get Filipino's involve in SFI is to tell them that they can join SFI for "FREE" but emphasize to them that they have to STUDY and LEARN the system , WORK HARD to make the system work for them and HELP other people Learn and Duplicate what they are doing . The first step is to get them join SFI, then it is up to us TEAM LEADER's to help and guide them how to build their SFI business . . . . . .

Hello, is this not some kind of generalisation? There are now many here at SFI and they do work hard. Besides, it is really not good to write discriminatorily about a particular ethnic group. That is tantamount to being a rasist and I believe we should not lean towards such an attitude. SFI is international.

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Hey Buddy! Can you afford $1.99 per day? in Getting Started #Getting Started

2 days ago

Only if you can put on 30 Auto Deliveries in the month. Which I don't think you can do. You have to buy 1 per day to get the minimum of 10VP per day to maintain your VP streak badge. But, if you want to spend it all at one time, yes you can do that.

Unfortunately, it will show some people they don't need to log in every day. So what happens if some important news comes up and they miss it, because they didn't want to log in for several days, or even 1 month?

I know the idea is a bit cheaper price, but, there might be other consequences of some actions not being taken.

Dear Scott,
I think we can put 30 deliveries in the month. Whenever I purchase 1TC the question 'are you putting this in Auto Delivery? You will pay only $1.89'. Whenever I pay incash the purchase is made AD. The only time the AD is not used is when payment is made through MRP, but now paying this way is no longer available.
I noticed that the subsequent month is paid in accordance to the days purchase in cash was done.

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Populating online stores and local stores at Rewardicals Tab in Sales #Marketing #Rewardical #Sales

5 days ago

Dear Redeemer,
What's worrisome about this?
This is part of the new changes here at SFI. 'Local stores' refers to the enterprises or merchants affiliates are slowly submitting in line with the Localvantia program. The 'online stores' are those who are not included in the Triple Clicks shops but invited to register with the Rewardicals program. Both cases cannot be done fast besides everyone knows very well that the programs are new. I believe ECAs are busy adjusting their shops. When they are ready the Rewardical column will be filled up.

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Anybody else Watching This Auction? Talk about a Battle! :) in Pricebenders #Pricebenders #TCredits #TripleClicks

6 days ago

Dear Pamela,
I was not watching this but I could feel your excitement with the competition. It also happened with the T-Credit 100 Pack yesterday. Although there was a lag in the number of bidders who joined in, the last stages was so close. There were more than 2 competitors but with each person just coming in to bid twice. With this slow movement the price finally went up.

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What is the" x" letter word mean in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra

9 days ago

Can you be more clear about this?

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Had to share this knowledge in Compensation

9 days ago

Usually, other companies engaged in financial earnings to write the following at the end of their adverts: "Past performance is not an indication of future results". A General Risk Disclosure is also appended. They also ask their members not to use money they are not able to spend without risk of losing their entire wealth. However, this is just a warning about possible negative results.
SFI has a clearer policy.

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Option and Focus in Inspiration/Testimonials

10 days ago

Dear Monika,
Enjoyed reading the plan you found online with your own activities fitted in. I'm glad you shared this with us. This will certainly assist me. Have a blessed day, too.

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Puddin Tang in Miscellaneous #Leadership

11 days ago

Dear Randy,
I agree with you fully. There are two things considered important to many people of different ethnicities: the importance of a person's name and the food they eat. If one forgets the name and just rebaptized the person because of this, one has created a situation of non-acceptance by a community. Refusing to touch and taste a food served can result in a situation where the community turns away from the person. If the person is a researcher, a priest/pastor or even a physician he/she will not be accepted nor allowed to do what he/she came for.

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My PSA is my CSA too is that possible? in Miscellaneous

11 days ago

Dear Dennis,

The scenario you are describing cannot be possible unless there is an oversight on the part of the administration. Actually, it is known to them who the sponsor is as soon as the PSA arrives. Before this is even published in the growth page but I don't see this now. Only after this will a co-sponsor be assigned to each PSA.

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When commission data shown in commission report of last month in Compensation #Compensation #Sales #TripleClicks

11 days ago

Dear Nechemia,
You will receive an email from SFI informing you how much you earned and where you can check it. Normally the email is sent on the 10th but because this month it falls on a weekend you will receive the email today. This is the standing procedure.

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Pay Day in Miscellaneous

11 days ago

Dear Zoran,
The 10th and 11th were weekends and SFI admin is not manned at that time. So now is the actual payday. I have received mine. So if you are expecting some January commissions you should receive it today. You can check this here: www.sfimg.com/MyAccount/CommissionsIndex

Happy Payday!

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We need an option to builder Bundle in Suggestion Box

12 days ago

Dear Samuel,
Rewardical tokens are already added Builder Bundle. There's no need to replace TCredits. TCs have definite uses as seen in the Mighty Credits page especially in auctions and in obtaining VersaPoints. Although we can exchange RT with VP and TCredits but these are not the only items we can exchange the tokens. At the moment we have 8 items named and the plan is to add more to this list.

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Rewardicals Suggestion in Suggestion Box #Marketing #Rewardical #Sales

14 days ago

Dear Chris,

The filters are there. You can find it not from the red tab but in the black tab on Rewardicals. When you are at the site, look at the left side and you will see this "Earn Rewardicals now at 102 locations! You click the "102 Locations" which is written in bold. When it opens this will appear on the left side:
Search results
View local results ONLY In front of the word "View" is a square form to tick if you want to see what shops you can find at your locality. You will then be asked if you want Rewardicals to access your location. Click the answer "Allow access". Rewardical will then show if there are or none. If there are the name and exact locations will be shown with the distance filter.

Hope this helps! I tried to find this the first time I went to the Black tab.

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Screen Shot in Miscellaneous

16 days ago

Hi Randy,
This gave me such joy and a great laugh! Life is truly funny!

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Commit and Involve. in Team Building #Marketing #Sales #Team Building

20 days ago

Dear Sangoh,
Reading your article made me recall a time already forgotten. My mind went back to the first job I had at the age of 14, selling floor wax from house to house as you described. The process starts with showing the product to the customer, give her a piece of clean rug then ask her to wipe it on the wax and use the rug to clean their floor. After rubbing the floor she is given another rug to polish the floor. The shiny floor drove her to buy the wax. Now, of course I see the logic not only of the free games but also of the gift cards, TCredits and Rewardicals.
Thank you for the nice presentation.

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SFI Affiliate Getting Started Section and it's Value in Getting Started #Getting Started #Marketing #Team Building

20 days ago

Dear Horace,
I like the way you presented the importance of the getting started actions. This section determines whether the new affiliate is one who will be active and committed to become a real entrepreneur or not.

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How Rewardical Tokens needed to achieved the status of EA? in Getting Started #PSA #Rewardical

25 days ago

Dear Edisa,
To get more information on Rewardicals and VersaPoints, go click the Rewardical symbol on your Homepage at the Affiliate Center. The symbol is just next to Support. If you have not yet joined the Rewardical program you can don that there and receive 25 Rtokens. You can also check the exchange rate between Rewardical tokens and VP. The exchange rate is variable.

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Banner submitting in Marketing #Getting Started #Marketing #Sales

27 days ago

Dear Temel,
Thank you for sharing this. Reminded me of combining email with banner.

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When replying to a post on the forum is it possible to in Miscellaneous

28 days ago

Dear Cain,
Just go to TripleClicks then click Member Center and you will find there the TripleClicks Blog.
Hope this helps.

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Introducing…Zing Network! in SFI News #Marketing

29 days ago

I am so happy we are now networked! Hoping that this can motivate many of our inactive downlines!

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Just Starting! in Getting Started #Sales #TripleClicks #VersaPoints

29 days ago

Dear Dinesh,
Welcome to SFI! Presenting yourself here at the Forum is a very good step forward. Remain proactive and you sure will succeed here!

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How can one make the Rewardical link active? in Getting Started #Getting Started #Marketing #Rewardical

about 1 month ago

Dear Michael,
If you put infront of the promotional link, it becomes clickable . You should place this on the bar below the browser then click it to open the Rewardicals page. You will then be able to register by filling up the form.
Actually as a member of SFI you are already a member so you don't need to do this. The link and Promo code are supposed to be used in recruiting others to become members of the Rewardicals program. These new members will then receive a welcome bonus of 25 Rewardical tokens.
In your own case, you can just click the black tab with the Rewardicals symbol on your in your Homepage at the Affiliate Center.

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I'm just wondering in Miscellaneous #Contests

about 1 month ago

Dear Adamus,
Have you subscribed to the SFI Newsletter? If you did it should be easier for you to find the contest. Just read the newsletter every time it comes. Usually announcement about the contest is located towards the end but sometimes it is also in the middle.
Good luck next time!

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Waiting for your answer! in Team Building #Getting Started #Leadership #Team Building

about 1 month ago

Dear Maryann,
It's nice to hear from you. To better understand SFI and know what you should do, you can do the following:
1. Visit the Launchpad. There are 11 main topics and 50 subtopics; 61 altogether. It is advisable to read the main topics first. The articles are not very long, easy to read and provide information and guidelines. Read according to your speed but read at least 1-3 articles a day. (The Launchpad is symbolized by a rocket on the blue part of your Homepage at the Affiliate Center)
2. Contact your sponsor and co-sponsor to introduce yourself and submit any questions you might have anytime.
3. Visit your Homepage daily and do the actions required.
4. Read the Rules of Success (ROS). There are 20 rules. You can reach this by clicking the black tab "Training" on your Homepage. When you click this, a list will come, click the ROS.
This should be enough at the moment. When you need more help later you either do #2 above and/or visit the Forum.

To your success!