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Going to work and just playing games in Getting Started #Getting Started

3 days ago

Mary, I'm not playing much but I do not understand why this critique on affiliates who are able to engage in Eager Zebra more than the others. Eager Zebra is number 3 in the Zing Network. It is also a means to earn. It provides more badges compared to the others. Through them, we receive a lot of Rewardicals. TCredits can also be won. SFI provides us so many Marketing Aides to acquire players who might eventually become affiliates. If we form Leagues, we can even earn more. What's wrong with being an active gamer? Gaming is big business.

Many of the top notchers gamers do the other earning activities, too.

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My Earnings Now Showing in Compensation #Compensation

4 days ago

Veronica, it is not true that the CSAs are not there. All my CSAs are still on my Genealogy. If they are not there how can we communicate with them? I believe that if we are to benefit from them thru Team Overrides, it is good to assist them, too like our PSAs.

we are NOT getting Team Overrides from our CSAs...they are someone else's Team.

We get from our OLD CSAs 8+8 % of their purchases...and 1 token for every 25
tokens they earn.
From our NEW CSAs ( that we get AFTER June, 1st,) we get 8% of the CV of every
purchase they make.

Tanya, thanks for the correction. I just wanted to say that we receive something from our CSAs. This should give us the responsibility to help them, too.

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My Earnings Now Showing in Compensation #Compensation

4 days ago

Veronica, it is not true that the CSAs are not there. All my CSAs are still on my Genealogy. If they are not there how can we communicate with them? I believe that if we are to benefit from them thru Team Overrides, it is good to assist them, too like our PSAs.

Thank you for explaining the Team Overrides. I failed what term to use to refer to the percentage that we will receive from our CSAs. What I wanted to point out is that if we receive anything from CSAs it is important to help them. If they are out of our Genealogy how can we do that? Besides, when I checked my Genealogy I read them there.

Please note that you earn Team Overrides on PSAs and NSAs only, not on CSAs (or we'd be paying out 96% of all CV in Team Overrides, which is not feasible!). You DO, however, now earn Matching Rewardicals on your CSAs (which is a form of overrides) in addition to the standard 8% Co-Sponsor Commissions.

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My Earnings Now Showing in Compensation #Compensation

4 days ago

Veronica, it is not true that the CSAs are not there. All my CSAs are still on my Genealogy. If they are not there how can we communicate with them? I believe that if we are to benefit from them thru Team Overrides, it is good to assist them, too like our PSAs.

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5 days ago

Hi, what I noticed several times is that my search gives an answer which Brain Sprint declared wrong. Perhaps the information source is different. At the same time the choice answers are already given, so it is expected for us to look for an answer similar to what is there.

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What’s new in the NEW SFI System? in Team Building #CSA #Sponsor #Team Building

6 days ago

Hello, Maxine, like you I received 10 CSAs. All of them came a day later than my claim. Except for one, they were active with their Sponsor at the beginning but later they stopped. This may be the reason why they were transferred but mostly this is the case. We don't normally receive fresh CSAs.



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In yesterdays Biz Quiz in Suggestion Box

7 days ago

This is not always true. I tried the Search but the places given did not provide the answer. Like the others, I checked the Forum rules based on the basic law of logical expectations but was disappointed. This time I did not look at the SFI News which I normally do in previous questions. Anyway, that's karma or luck.
Congratulations to those who found the answer.

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why t-time is not in eager zebra section ? in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra

7 days ago

T-time is there but you should not go directly through EZ. It is a special game. Instead, go to Triple Clicks and click play then scroll down and you will find it there. You can do this all the time. Another place you can use is the link under the Win tab.
Try this. It works every day. I was just there.

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Okay, i'm ready to chat now in Team Building #Getting Started #Sponsor #Team Building

7 days ago

This is really a problem but it is advantageous if it is a chat. One can always leave the answer at the SFI chat and request them to read and answer. The problem is with the email. I tried to use the same method of exchange, unfortunately, it is not as effective. Despite this one can always keep on trying. If the new affiliate notices that we are truly concerned they do react back.
Please try again and not fret. Inform them about the time difference.

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Football Fever in Suggestion Box #Contests #Marketing #Sales

8 days ago

Football used to be part of the ÜberPick. It has already been mentioned that the ÜberPick will soon be activated. So, let us just wait for this. Meantime, management and technical staff are busy with many important matters.

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Problem with a Rewardicals ECA store in Miscellaneous #Rewardical

8 days ago

Hello, Nico! If the RECA is located in another country it will take time because items ordered are sent via ship dropping. Sometimes it can happen that many affiliates ordered then it will take longer because the RECA will have to order or produce more to meet the orders. I ordered, too with one and I received the item after more than a month.

So, 3 weeks is rather a short time. But if you are worried follow the advice to check with Support.

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Co sponsor changed in Getting Started #CSA #Sponsor #Team Building

8 days ago

Hello, Kennedy! With the New Compensation Plan, many adjustments are being done to help everyone, old and new affiliates, advance in their ranks and earnings. In general, all affiliates will be assigned from 3 to 4 Co-sponsors. With 3, one of them will act as 2.
Please read the SFI news every time it comes to know what's going on. If you are not yet subscribed, please do so, so that you receive this directly in your email address.

Wish you all the best.

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LaunchPad in Miscellaneous #Leadership #Sponsor #Team Building

8 days ago

Yes, Stephen they do receive VPs. It changed because they had to streamline it as well as bring the new developments. It is important that everything should jive. Or else, we will somehow get lost.

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Why we are not seeing PROCESSING in my commission? in Ask Gery #Compensation

11 days ago

Hi, I do not understand what you are saying. The new compensation plan is in place. I already received my commission for last month. I received an email informing me about it. Why don't you check your SFI inbox?

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When will our Executive Pool shares being paid out? in Compensation #Compensation

11 days ago

Faizal, under the New Compensation Plan the executive pool as we know it will be out. It is replaced by the Team Overrides. Please go to the Compensation Plan to verify.

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Now what will be the driver for a higher rank? in Getting Started #Getting Started

12 days ago

Hi, Vera,
I believe the incentives provided in the new Compensation Plan will drive the PSAs and also the CSAs to move higher. More importantly, is the approach of the Sponsors and Co-sponsors who train and guide them towards actions that duplicate actions that will propel them upwards.

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I join yesterday, I need help to get VP in Getting Started #Getting Started #VersaPoints

12 days ago

Hello Mohammad, Welcome to SFI and the Forum.
As to your request, if you start reading the LaunchPad, you will receive 5 Versa Points for each lesson in addition to what you learn from each. In between these lessons, you can also visit the Getting-Started Actions found in your Versa Points Ledger located on your Profile page. For every action you do there, you will receive Versa Points, too.
For every step that you do, you will earn VPs and learn more about SFI and how to properly establish yourself and your business.
Good luck and I suggest that you participate in the E365 contest and become the E365 champion in your class!

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Earnings shown each on scoreboard. in Suggestion Box #Compensation

16 days ago

Hi, as soon as the new compensation plan has been presented to us, we were informed that some of the usual situations are being revised to fit into the change. We were also informed that financial matters will be added to the May earnings report which usually happens on the 10th of each month. Since the 10th is a Sunday, the 11th of June or later, we will see our financial status. All of these mean that we should be patient. After all, that is the only share we are giving SFI management on improving the new compensation plan.

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Suggestions for my two problems in Suggestion Box #PSA

16 days ago

Hello, Milorad,
The key to having a good income in SFI is to stop thinking of ourselves as employees. We are not! It is important to visit the Affiliate-SFI agreement to understand our proper status.
We are not here to work a daily 8-hour job for an employer. We are here to develop our own business with the company providing us training, tools and other means to create our own income. Every day, the company is even trying its best to improve the way affiliates can improve their earning capacity and earnings. As a company, SFI is much better than any company that recruits affiliates. To fully understand this is to read the LaunchPad and implement what is being described here.
If you want to earn money fast, there are several means to achieve this. Sell TripleClicks and RECA products, recruit local merchants to join the LocalVantia program to earn more Rewardical tokens which you can exchange to obtain your Versa Points, PSAs, CSAs and more.
And, best, have an attitude change. A positive attitude is the best means to reach the altitude you desire.
Hope I have contributed something to ease your anger.

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Redesigned Strategy for Guaranteed ROI in Getting Started #Getting Started #Team Building

17 days ago

Thanks for you reply,
"grab the “Ultimate Smart Start” of 1000 Rewardicals and 50 CSAs by setting up a 1500 VP Auto-Delivery for TCredits within 48 hours."
Refer the news: news.sfimg.com/2018/04/25/goodbye-class-cash-hello-smart-start/

Mhd. Sadique

From the same link you posted above:

" Q: Why the requirement for the 1500 VP pack of TCredits to qualify for the “Ultimate Smart Start?”
There are several reasons:

Every affiliate can use TCredits and can actually parlay them into much more than what they cost. And, soon, we’ll be coming out with some additional fantastic NEW ways to use TCredits! Stay tuned!
This TCredits pack includes a handsome $17.66 in CV (hence, excellent commissions for upline members). And with the requirement being a monthly Auto-Delivery, those great commissions can continue month after month!
As a digital product, it can be delivered immediately anywhere in the world and there’s no shipping cost. In other words, it’s a perfect product for SFI’s global footprint.
With TCredits on-hand, new affiliates can immediately begin trying out auctions, Eager Zebra games, and more. These actions of course also help get new affiliates engaged and active, which is critical.
We wanted to keep it simple! Give people lots of choices and many will get overwhelmed and actually become stuck. We wanted to test a nice, clean, simple “Order THIS” program and see how it does.
The monthly Auto-Delivery price for this TCredits pack is just $36.25. That means for about $1.20 a day—less than the price of a daily cup of coffee or soda—new members can lock in monthly EA status, lock in their CSAs, and so, so, so much more! Your own powerful online business for just $1.20 a day is a mind-blowing bargain if you really think about it!"

I think the 1500vp is the highlight in the news. 15 x single TCredits provide 1530VPs. It saves 8$ when you compare with 125TcR and the CV also a little bit high. Let us wait for more replies from experienced affiliates.

Mhd. Sadique
Hi, it is true you will be saving $8 by purchasing 15 1TCPacks but this is actually so expensive when you consider the TC price of $1.99 each. At the same time, how far can you go with 15TCredits? With 125TCPack, you can enjoy playing and bid at the same time get more chances of participating in the Daily Crown, get more Rewardicals which can be saved for future use. In addition, reaching the next rank will be easier. One should also think about the BCQ.


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Uber picks in Eager Zebra

17 days ago

Hi Stephen, you are not talking about the same Uber as Nittah. The Uber picks being referred to is the Uber sports games, not the taxi company. We have nothing to do with this.

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It has started making a difference.. in Compensation #Compensation #CSA #Team Building

17 days ago

This is truly a great news even if I have only a few active ones. Will try to reassign those inactive ones to other PSAs.

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'bid and build' spins in Miscellaneous #Pricebenders #PSA #Team Building

17 days ago

Hi! I'm glad you raised this earlier means of acquiring new PSAs. At the moment I have 30% PSA in the Bid and Build. It appears that we should receive an equivalent compensation if not another PSA as a result.
Thank you!