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How to quit playing in the Hidden game? in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra

1 day ago

Morgan, when you have not completed the game which means you answered less than 10 words it will continue again the next time you click play. So this time you continue the unfinished game.

This is based on my experience. Hope it's the same with you.

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Hidden is too difficult! in Eager Zebra #Contests #Eager Zebra #Rewardical

2 days ago

Jimmy, I tried to play the game on the first day, I knew the word but typing did not record. I tried again yesterday, the first word that came was the same. I could write but could not guess what's wrong, -then I tried to click the enter tab and it went through. I was happy. The next words were easy to guess but the 5th word was quite difficult. I tried to use the clues, and another word which means the same as the difficult word came. With this new word or synonym, I succeeded to give the right meaning. With this experience, I suggest you try to get other synonyms to the difficult word. Read the instructions on how to play the game to be able to click the right clue to get a synonym. This way, we learn not only one meaning of the word but also the synonyms.

Good luck!

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Smart Start help in Getting Started

3 days ago

Andrew, please send your PSA to this:
He can find out what he needs to know there.

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Marketing in Marketing #Marketing #Sales

3 days ago

Dear yahya n.
I agree with you, this works. My mother used to tell us and other children that vegetable is a great food. If we want to be beautiful and intelligent vegetables are the right thing to eat. We ate the veggies real fast. A very good sales pitch!

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New Eager Zebra game...HIDDEN! in SFI News #Eager Zebra

4 days ago

I also tried it and could even guess all the letters but it doesn't write except on the last letter. And this last letter kept on disappearing.

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help for reaching higher level in Team Building #CSA #PSA #Team Building

4 days ago

Dear Darko, Having a BTL is a basic requirement to become STL in addition to the 4000 VPs. You have to try convincing at least one of your EAs to become a BTL. If you have enough TCredits, you can share these with them as Gift Certificates.

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You Must Take The Good With The Bad To Move Forward!! in Getting Started #Getting Started

4 days ago

That's right Bruce. Actually, everyone gets older. And as we grow older, we should move faster. In addition, we should be smarter, too. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

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What is BitCoin (BTC) and how does it "earn"? in Miscellaneous #Marketing #Rewardical #Team Building

9 days ago

Hi, Snezana,
Maybe not the Bitcoin itself but a different crypto Currency has been declared by Sweden as its official currency instead of the Euro.

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Hurricane Florence Slamming The SE United States in Miscellaneous

9 days ago

Luckily, the government has evacuated thousands before the typhoon arrived.

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Step-It-Up September Contest! Win 13,000 CSAs! in SFI News #Contests #CSA #Team Building

11 days ago

This is amazing! I will now inform my entire list of affiliates (PSA and CSA). Hoping to get most of them if not all on board this month.
Thank you for giving us something to get excited with SFI. and the Zing Network.

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How to win in Astro Auction? in Astro Auctions #Astro Auctions #Rewardical #TripleClicks

12 days ago

Dear Diwatina, the best way to find out is for you to go to this website:

The rules cover not only how to win in the auction but also how you bid.

When you bid, 1 TCredit is enough if you have only a few of this. If you have more, you can bid as much as you like. In a normal bid, the person who bid the highest will win the item/s bidded on. However, all bidders will also win items outside the item/s bidded on. So, as a whole everyone who made a bid will win something.

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Which is your Biggest Versa Points Winning in AUSTRO AUCTION ? in Astro Auctions #Astro Auctions

12 days ago

I won a maximum of 60VPs. In total from last month to now I won 1,100 VPs.
Hope to win more for the rest of the month.

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SFI in Getting Started #Pricebenders

14 days ago

Hi, Benson,
I'm not aware that there is a difference in uplioading a picture to SFI from a PC, Laptop or phone. To upload your picture, please check this:

Hope this works for all devices.

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Inactive class affiliates .. in Team Building #E365 #Leadership #Team Building

15 days ago

Dear Tope, go to the E365 page. There you will find out who your class affiliates are. You will also find out your level. Hopefully, you will find out what your chances are to become E365 champion of your class . Based on this knowledge you can move or advance as you wish.

Aim High! Dream big!

To your success!

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Thank You everyone in Recognition #E365

15 days ago

Congratulations for being an E365 Champion. You really deserved it. In addition, wish you a happy anniversary.

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Join SFI in Getting Started #Getting Started #Leadership #Team Building

17 days ago

I know what you meant. Through my answer, I am informing you that using the same device doesn't mean that your PRMs or POAs are necessarily registering from the same IP address.

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Astro Auctions Reminder in Astro Auctions #Astro Auctions #Marketing

17 days ago

Thank you for calling my attention. I answered her before her second post came.

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Join SFI in Getting Started #Getting Started #Leadership #Team Building

17 days ago

In my PC/Laptop, there are several IP Addresses. The IP addresses whenever use I use FOX or Edge are different. That is why whenever I changed the browser I use, SFI usually ask me to verify. SFI stopped only later on when these different IP addresses have been verified as mine. Is it not the same with you?

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Astro Auctions Reminder in Astro Auctions #Astro Auctions #Marketing

17 days ago

The moment you submitted the Astro Auction you entered, you receive an email confirming this. The next email comes when Boarding is ended and the flight is about to begin. That's the time you need to be there to witness the Flight and to claim what you won.
A reminder when fueling starts come not as an email but it pops up when you are on your SFI Homepage to inform you that you can now bid. This should actually be enough.

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Explanation in Astro Auctions #Astro Auctions

18 days ago

Because he lost, will he get back the TCredits he used for bidding?

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Apart from the basic 22 Reasons, why still in SFI? in Compensation #Getting Started #Sponsor #Team Building

19 days ago

Kingsley, being here at SFI is a challenge. My business experience and acumen is almost nothing. It has never been a dream although I did a few activities in selling to earn the required funds to finish my studies. Most of the time I've been working and the income I get was always more than enough for my needs. What I truly enjoyed was that I could do what I wanted without a barrier. I was happy and satisfied with everything that I engaged in. When I retired, I decided to take a chance on business. Who knows if I keep on working and learning I just might be successful and be happy and satisfied, too?
At the moment I am enjoying this latest adventure of my life.

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Winning Limits in Astro Auctions #Astro Auctions

19 days ago

There's nothing to complain about. We are all in a business community, not in a social welfare association. Those who have more investment to start with, work harder and luckier will certainly earn better. We just have to learn from the way they carry out their business.

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Never ending story in Astro Auctions #Astro Auctions

19 days ago

Hello, Sead, there are just some lucky persons like you with regards to Auctions. I'm also playing daily but my takes are not comparable to the lucky ones.

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How to get reference links.( Post ids and lesson ids) in Miscellaneous #Leadership #PSA #Team Building

20 days ago

Lucky, you can copy the website of the topic from the Forum or Launchpad you want to share to your downline. You can find the website on the bar just below your browser tabs. You can share this either through an email, through the Stream and/or SFI Chat.

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Winning Eager Zebra games and moves at Astro Auctions. in Astro Auctions #Astro Auctions

25 days ago

Hello, Gabriel, here are the advantages to getting moves as well as matches in the Grandmaster Poker and Zackjack:
Playing either or both is free. You need TCredits only when you have to purchase Moves and/or Matches. Now, if you win either or both in Astro Auctions, you don't have to use any TCredits to play. In both games, you can get badges, be in the Leaderboard and entered in the Daily Crown if you win.