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Agnes C.

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Winning The Prize in Inspiration/Testimonials #Getting Started

9 hours ago

Thank you Bruce you are so correct. I remember as a 4-H contestant in numerous contests, fairs, etc. The entire we prepped our animals, our speeches etc. our focus was always on the prize. But as you said it does take focus and dedication.

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Winning The Prize in Inspiration/Testimonials #Getting Started

1 day ago

Winning The Prize
We all want to win the prize.
I read an article this morning on the Internet related to winners of television game shows.
One statement stood out among all the other information shared.
It was referring to the contestant Olmstead who in 2001 became a multimillionaire winner on Jeopardy.
He had a longstanding thirst for knowledge and never stopped in his learning process.
It was this longstanding thirst for knowledge that made Olmstead a Jeopardy winner in 1994 and paved the road for him to be in the hot seat for Millionaire in April 2001.
There were anxious moments for all concerned There were red lights emitting a lot of heat thus beads of sweat, clammy palms, shaky knees for Olmstead.
Many of us can relate to this somewhat.
We can create a very minor situation in comparison in our own life when we approach what we consider undaunting odds related to building our SFI online business.
Like Olmstead who had a very patient host standing there with him, we have a very patient open-armed leader with many assistants who are ready willing and able to help us begin our journey and continue walking through it for years to come.
What it demands from us is a desire and willingness to seek the knowledge then put it into action.
We do not have a ticking clock glaring at us; counting down the seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks or years.
We build our business from the foundation up starting with a beginner’s knowledge.
As we progress, our knowledge will grow; as will our confidence and competency.
The comprehensive factor is making a commitment to learn, grow and perform daily operational duties necessary for success.
This is how we earn our rewards.
Rewards with honor and purpose.
Never expecting others to do it for us. But! Asking them to walk along sides assisting with friendly, caring information, suggestions and sometime more.
With gratitude for friends on all levels we are able to build our own business with pride.
What a wonderful feeling and chest thumping celebration when we say. “I did it! I read, studied, learned and used that knowledge to perform!
This is how winners are born.
Have a wonderful day!

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The Unlimited BENEFITS of the Rewardical System in Miscellaneous #ECA #Rewardical

8 days ago

Correct on the math symbols. It just took me a minute to figure out what you were doing. I used to teach math along with science so am familiar with the operational symbols. I do thank you so very much for posting this great post. I have already contacted my team and told them about it incase they had missed reading it. Best wishes to you in your endeavors.

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The Unlimited BENEFITS of the Rewardical System in Miscellaneous #ECA #Rewardical

9 days ago

Dear Olufolake : Thank you for this great share. You have kept it plain and simple thus easily understood. I had no problem with the math. Just had to stop and think a second on the operational signs. That may be what is confusing some. I am definitely recommending all my team members read this slowly and comprend. I have already copied and saved it in Word for repeat reading.

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Launch pad my best tips for success. in Team Building #Getting Started #Leadership #Team Building

11 days ago

Fantastic! Your post is down to earth, simple and easily understood; but explains in detail what a Newbie needs to do.

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Color changing tabs in Suggestion Box

11 days ago

Frankly, I had not thought about that problem. Having other eye problems I can understand how it would be a problem to those who are colorblind. Have you sent a suggestion to Support yet? Also, like your analogy of the colors to other areas of our lives. You are spot on!

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Today's Biz Quiz...Really a Brain Teaser ! in Miscellaneous #Auto-Delivery

12 days ago

You have the right concept K.P. I knew today's easily, but some days I have to do a lot of research. Sometimes it is a matter of refreshing my memory.
Going back and reading it over and over again until you do understand fully, pays many dividends down the road.
Wishing you much success.

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Right in the center PTP & Grandmaster Poker in Recognition #Eager Zebra #TCredits #TripleClicks

13 days ago

Congratulations, Sasa! Looks like you were well on your way to breaking the bank with your great wins. Hope you continue to get many more.

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I won the latest Time Machine contest and 103 TCredits in Recognition #Contests #Eager Zebra

16 days ago

Congratulations on your win! I won also. I pays to keep playing!

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Gone to Soon....!Still I Rise Up! in Miscellaneous #Leadership #Sponsor #Team Building

19 days ago

Dear Pamela, my heart goes out to you, your family and the families of all those loved ones who have left this early life too early. My prayers for peace, strength and comfort are with you. I commend you for the fortitude you possess to carry on and do the daily due diligence to keep your business growing. Never give up pretty lady. Thumbs up to the Unstoppable Lady!

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Persistency is the key.. Never give up! in Inspiration/Testimonials #Leadership #Team Building

22 days ago

Congratulation Hector! You are so right, perseverance and due diligence do pay off. Keep up the hard work you are well on your way to a successful business.

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Patience Is A Virtue in Recognition #Pricebenders

23 days ago

Congratulations Ronald! Yes, patience does pay in more ways than one. Sadly, most people today want instant gratification rather than do due diligence tempered with a lot of patience to receive the true rewards of success. Keep up your daily actions they are paying off!

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"Older and successful members" in Marketing #Marketing #Team Building #TripleClicks

24 days ago

Thank you for this fantastic post Zagorka.
It is plain and to the point on how you and others have reached your level of success.
Well defined; all can follow.

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PSA's..."Do I want Quantity or Quality" in Team Building #Leadership #PSA #Team Building

25 days ago

Great share Roy and Liezel! Your explanation on your reasoning of going for quantity first then quality makes great sense.
I also agree with Randy when he stated Quality THROUGH quantity.
And! Manzoor no there is no guarantee their plan will work. For that matter how many guarantees in life can any us list?
In addition to obtaining the PSAs we must be willing to work with them and support them in anyway we can.

Thank you all for sharing your wisdom to assist all in building stronger healthier thriving businesses.

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Take steps forward in your 'SFI' business. in Team Building

25 days ago

Good suggestion Michael. Sadly, too many of us let little stones trip us on our face and we can't seem to get the mud out of our eyes enough to realize we can can concur these little stumbling blocks along with concurring boulders on the way to success.

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Burying Diamond's in Team Building #Leadership #Team Building

25 days ago

Great post Randy! Thank you for sharing! There is no way one can not understand what you are conveying on how to build and make our teams stronger and deeper. I appreciate your wisdom and willingness to share your knowledge and experience with all affiliates.

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A Tip for People Starting a New Business in Getting Started #Leadership #PSA #Sponsor

about 1 month ago

Your post is to the point Eugene, but maybe a little tough on those who are skeptics and just getting started. I have found that one of the hardest things for me is getting people to read the information that is shared by the company and other affiliates. The other difficulty is getting them to communicate with you. Hope all is going well with you and wish you continued success.

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short 7 v.p. to Silver in Team Building #Leadership #Team Building #VersaPoints

about 1 month ago

Glad to hear you are feeling better and able to get back into swing of things. Thanks for sharing your wisdom. I always appreciate your posts.

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How to achieve success? A new challenge .... in Getting Started #Getting Started #Marketing #TCredits

about 1 month ago

A positive attitude and I can do it attitude will carry you a long way in facing those new challenges. I see that you have these qualities which is great. Looking forward to seeing you at the top.

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Wheeler-dealer in Getting Started

about 1 month ago

I received another email from her this week. Thank you for reminding us of her tactics. Have a great day Bohan.

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Sfi is only for serious minded people. Are you one? in Getting Started #Compensation #Leadership #Team Building

about 1 month ago

Taive, I just recommended my team members read this post. You are wise in your understanding of how to build a new business. It does take time. It does take dedication and learning. From an old school teacher, I always found the best way to learn is to read as you stated. One you have read and reread and understand the procedures begin to apply them as you also stated. The key is a positive attitude with determination for success and understanding nothing will every happen without applied works. Wishing you well my friend. Will be looking for you at the top.

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How much money can I earn? in Getting Started #Compensation #Getting Started #Sales

about 1 month ago

Ivana, this is your business. You own it as you would a brick and mortar business. Building it with a strong foundation takes, dedication, time, effort and investment. It is up to you how you build it following the SFI Rules of Success and the guidelines they give you. It will not happen over night, but it is possible to earn as much as you are willing to put the time and effort into making. Check out the Leadership board to learn more about the levels the top earners have reached and how they reached them. I wish you good luck, try not to put the month you can make the fore most issue. You are about to gain thousands of friends from around the world who are are always willing to help you learn more. We are applauding you successes.

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Maree! Team Leaders Stream Post to share. in Team Building #Leadership #Rewardical #Team Building

about 1 month ago

Thanks Maree for your inciteful post. I too use this means to refer my team members to numerous great threads shared in the Forum. Do you have any indication your stream are doing good?