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Scott L.


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You can do this from almost anywhere! in Team Building #Team Building

10 hours ago

Although I live in Canada, I am currently in Surprise, Arizona, and will be doing my daily work for the next few months from here. Proof to me that you can do this business from anywhere you have an internet connection that allows you access to SFI. That is time freedom for me, and it is one aspect that you can teach your team about the benefits of SFI.

Online marketing can provide you with time freedom for you to do anything you want; whatever it is that is important to you; at the same time, you can still keep your business running smoothly, again depending on how much time you wish to put into it.

For new people to internet marketing, this learning curve, or income generating curve, takes time. You put in a lot of time when you start by building your team, training how to build their teams, and learning how to make sales that generate the commissions you are looking for on a monthly basis. Once you start getting results from your efforts, and the residual income starts to increase, so can your time freedom.

The big question most people ask is: How long does it take? Unfortunately, that answer is going to be different for everyone. Finding customers to purchase products, or people who want to join the opportunity, depends on how well you can learn the marketing ideas presented in SFI, and then applying those tools to your business.

One thing for sure is that people like to purchase from someone they can trust - and that is what you have to do in building your online brand. Provide potential customers with information that can help them with their questions/problems.

If you can set yourself a goal of trying to replace your current income through SFI, then reaching that goal, you can then enjoy all the time freedom you want. Or maybe you like your current employment, and just want some part time income to help with other things you want to do. The choice is yours - so get on out there and start promoting yourself. You can do it!

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Who Takes Bitcoin? Microsoft! in Miscellaneous #Marketing #Sales #TripleClicks

11 days ago

Stay updated with Coin Dance

This has quite a bit of information

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Who Takes Bitcoin? Microsoft! in Miscellaneous #Marketing #Sales #TripleClicks

12 days ago

Well, I don't use bitcoin to make purchases. I earn bitcoin from purchasing contracts. The bitcoin I earn I can keep, or convert it to dollars at any time I wish.

In any event, I still earn bitcoin. Every day. And the contracts I have are paying every day. So whatever the conversion value is, I still make money. When it was at $3000, I still made money. Today at $4800, I still make money.

So, for me, the conversion value just determines how much I make, if I convert it. I don't lose anything, because I haven't invested anything in BTC.

If I keep my BTC, then I will gain or lose depending on the conversion. Just like stocks or currencies. Really, BTC is not much different.

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My PSA is asking me money to buy him a laptop. in Miscellaneous #PSA #Sponsor

19 days ago

Why would we have to involve support? Unfortunately, this is part of network marketing and as a business person, we have to learn how to deal with these people. And in this case, the best way is to ignore them. And don't take it personal.

Getting support involved proves nothing; they can't do anything about their attitude anyway. And no point in deleting the account, because you never know if one day they decide to do things the right way. People can change over time. Especially if your emails keep showing the success you are having.

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Transfer VP to others in Suggestion Box #CSA #Team Building #VersaPoints

21 days ago

Well, that would cost SFI, and all of us in the TripleClicks Executive Pool a lot of money. For example:

Let's say you have 10 VP that you want to transfer. You also 5 upline leaders that would qualify for matching VP in the pool. That would mean 10 VP for you plus 50 VP for your upline. A total of 60 shares added to the TCEP that have to be paid out.

Now, if you give away 10 VP to someone 3 levels down. And everyone above them qualifies for matching VP. That would be 8 levels of matching VP plus the person who received the VP. That would now be 90 VP in shares that would have to be paid out.

Can you imagine if thousands of affiliates started doing this? Who would pay for all of this? This is just not the correct thing to do. Transferring VP is just not practical.

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What to do with your 125 TCredits? in Team Building #TCredits #Team Building

24 days ago

If you are purchasing 125 TCredits as an Auto Delivery every month, the question for the new affiliates is what I do with them? Or, if you already do something, what should you teach your PSA’s downline to do.

Here is an option that I promote within my team.

Use them to bid on Pricebender Auctions. And here is what you receive for that:

125 VP that will be added to your monthly VP total. When you reach EA status, you become eligible to participate in the TripleClicks Executive Pool. Every VP earns you 1 share in the pool; when commissions are calculated the next month, you get paid for every share you have earned.

Every bid in a Pricebenders Auction earns you 5 or 10 MRP (Member Reward Points). That is anywhere from 625 to 1250 MRP you earn. MRP can be used to purchase various items in TripleClicks, including more TCredits.

Every 10 bids in a Pricebenders Auction earns you 1 spin on the Bid & Build wheel. That is where you can earn 1 PSA added to your team for every 10 spins (maybe less!). So, every 100 bids you place, you will earn at least 1 PSA.

Whether you win an auction or not should not be that important. (unless it is to you!)

Teaching your PSA’s is again called duplication. If you are doing these things, and seeing progress, then it will be easier to market and attract new people to your team and teach them the same things.

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How having 5 PSA's that are EA can benefit you in Team Building #Leadership #Team Building

25 days ago

How do we benefit from having 5 PSA's that reach EA status? Right now, I am specifically talking about those affiliates who would be interested in purchasing 125 TCredits. Plus, you would be doing that as well.

If they set it up as an Auto Delivery, then for each PSA, you receive $7.95 commission from each one. $7.95 x 5 = $39.75. Because your AD purchase costs $36.25, you have made a profit of $3.50. And for each PSA, you earn 100VP because they made the rank of EA.

Teaching each of your PSA's this concept is called duplication; they can achieve the very same thing. This is the very beginning of team building; it can create the foundation on which every affiliate can build their team.

Not everyone can do this right at the beginning of them joining up, but it should be the one of the first goals they are trying to achieve in team building.

It does take work, and it does take time, but if you are consistent with your advertising on a blog or website, and become that person that can have an answer for someone wanting to work from home part time --- well, things will start to progress.

Launchpad can teach anyone about the program, but you can teach them how to make money.

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Who Gets the Rewards for CSAs who Reach EA Status? in Team Building #CSA #Leadership #Team Building

about 1 month ago

Their sponsor receives the credit in terms of the 100VP for reaching EA, or any other higher ranks. As a co-sponsor, you only receive 15% commissions and matching VP. (ONLY - ha ha; not bad for not having to recruit them!)

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The SFI Mission Statement in Miscellaneous #Leadership

about 1 month ago

Have you read this lately?

To build a community where people from every culture and country in the world can join together, and through the synergy of the community, create income and security, build life-long mutually-benefitting relationships, and better their lives in myriad ways.

To provide a vehicle that is accessible by all, regardless of financial stature, that can bring those who are impoverished out of poverty, to bring meaning to lives, to teach the immense value of self-reliance and respect, and to experience the joy of hard work and personal achievement.

To provide a vehicle that delivers financial enrichment but that never compromises on integrity or quality, to always do the right thing and not just what is expedient.

To never stop innovating, to never settle for second best, to always strive for perfection in every space where we operate.

To give every member of the SFI community a voice and a role in the direction of the company.

To always go the extra mile to serve and satisfy our affiliates, to be their advocate and business partner at all times, to always listen to their voices and treat them with love and respect like we do our own families.

To build something great, to do extraordinary things that will never be forgotten, to leave a legacy that makes the world a better place for all.

This is from the Launchpad. If you don't think SFI is interested in us succeeding, you should read this again and again. Because it is what they believe, and what they practice. Without each other, both SFI and their affiliates are nothing.

Share this with your teams. It is what we all need to remember when something changes.

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Builder-Bundle PSA Opt Out? in Team Building #Getting Started #PSA #Team Building

about 1 month ago

How about having someone sign up and for 7 months reach STL, and then decide to opt out. Unfortunately, it is the nature of network marketing. Your main "job" if you will is to keep recruiting to find people who are interested in this type of business. Advertise wherever you can - a good idea is to setup a blog and a website, and use social media to promote them.

People get involved in something from someone they know or trust, so start reaching out to your contacts and show them the opportunity. If you want to be successful here, or in other internet marketing, this is the way to move forward.

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How can New PSA's & present PSA's participate if....? in Miscellaneous #Leadership #Sponsor #Team Building

about 1 month ago

Hi, Scott, I've took time out, to re=reopen, each one of them, all over again, too.

Out of curiosity & for my own clearer, understanding, too, tell me, just what does sticky, stand for?

Sticky means it stays at the top of the thread list, and doesn't disappear when you make more posts. My posts stay unlocked probably because I keep getting a response on them every once in a while. I keep posting the links in my stream for them to look at.

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How can New PSA's & present PSA's participate if....? in Miscellaneous #Leadership #Sponsor #Team Building

about 1 month ago

You can unlock threads in your private forum. Just click the Moderator Tools on whichever thread you want. You can make the thread a sticky; or lock and unlock them.