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Maree W.

New Zealand

E365 Runner Up
Gold Fast-Track
Guru Rank: #9
Posts: 1,465 | Followers: 739 | 6th year with SFI

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Page Auto-Refresh in Astro Auactions is annoying!! in Astro Auctions #Astro Auctions #TripleClicks

3 days ago

It could be your computer. Be sure to clear your cookies weekly.

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Question on Payback on new Comp Plan in Compensation #Compensation

3 days ago

(Thread was removed due to forum protocol violations, toxicity, or obsolescence)

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Launchpad lessons in Suggestion Box

3 days ago

Great suggestion. I already have done this for my team.
Designing a step by step set up for SFI E Book.
The most important thing for all members is to check their emails daily.
View all the training and put into action the recommendations.

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Share Its in Ask Gery #Marketing

7 days ago

Hi when you view triple click products.
Example if you open the deal of the week.
Docolor 10-Piece Fantasy Makeup Brush Set
YOU will see the share icon under the blue tab Add To Cart..
When you click it. A Box Will open saying. Share this product
To share this item through email, social media, etc. use the following link:
XXXXX Copy and paste it at your face book groups etc.

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Where can I find my last month's missing commission? in Compensation #Compensation #Getting Started

10 days ago

Everything winds back and starts over at the beginning of each new month.
YOUR commission report lists all your monthly commissions owed.
Commissions for last month will not show until around the 10th of each month.

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Lets Talk Astro Auction Marketing. in Marketing #Astro Auctions #Getting Started #Leadership

10 days ago

This is why I love the Forum. We can support everyone moving forward.
If your sponsor is not supportive, it can be quite frustrating.
That is why I make a point of supporting everyone that can not access my team training via my Genealogy Posts.

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Lets Talk Astro Auction Marketing. in Marketing #Astro Auctions #Getting Started #Leadership

10 days ago

There is a great income potential with simply promoting your gateway.
I have been doing this since day one using Free Social Media Daily Blasting.

I am quite surprised when I advertise at LinkedIn, twitter, face book etc.
How many connection requests I receive.
I now have over 8599 LinkedIn Connections that read all my SFI articles.

THIS is the example of the short post I blast daily at LinkedIn.
Need look no further. REAL income Generated online.
(Change my SFI Id to yours.)
I have seen my commissions rise greatly.

Since Astro Bids Launched I have not missed a day participating.
I set my Bids. I then play the games using the Moves etc won.
I redeem my rewardicals into VP or TCredits.
Win Win Situation. YOU need to get into the habit of doing this daily.
YOU will be happily surprised with your results.

This is an example of the email I send out via Safe List Promotions.
Every day I am giving away 1 TCredit to the first 10 members that sign up.
Yes your first bid is on me.
No hype needed as I have been with SFI since 2013.

Check some of the items you could win.
HP 14-inch Stream Notebook. Amazon Gift Cards. Google Pixel G-2PW4100...

I find I am forgetting the rest of my daily tasks, while bidding and enjoying myself.
This is going to be the best income generator online.
Earning from all my teams TCredit Package Purchases.

Check it out today. Bonus Badges Awarded.
Supernova Jackpots: Constellation Prizes: Pick-The-Bid Prediction:

I am a Platinum Team Leader + VIP Achiever with the Astro Bid Program.
Qualifying as a VIP is simple.
Participate in a minimum of 60 Astro Auctions over the previous 30 days and you automatically qualify for VIP status.
Cheers Maree.
I look forward to seeing you on the inside.

I hate this sort of advertising.
"Are You Ready To Become The Next Crypto Millionaire In 2018 By Using A Free Bitcoin-Generating System?
Do not believe all the hype you will see online, via emails you will receive.
Do not be lured away from SFI.
Make sure to log in daily, broaden your knowledge with reading all the SFI training emails you receive.

On wards and Upwards I say.

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When did you start earning from the day you be a SFI member? in Compensation #Marketing #Sales

10 days ago

When I first started with SFI in 2013.
I went about learning all I could. I did not expect to earn in my first few months.
As with any business it takes time to grow and establish.
There can be no time line given. As it is different for every member.
YOU will see most of the team leaders have been with SFI for years.
If you stick around, look towards the future. YOU will start to earn.

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Matthews Marketing Suggestions in Marketing #Marketing

11 days ago

I love this post. I learn something new all the time.
I have not tried the live stream video with face book.
I am going to go and research it tomorrow.
Thank you so much.

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Bidding on PB and AA in Astro Auctions #Astro Auctions #Pricebenders #TCredits

11 days ago

Thank you for sharing the forum link. I had missed it being in New Zealand.
I totally agree with what you say.
It would be nice if we all had a more even playing field.

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September step it up context in Miscellaneous

11 days ago

I received my CSA the moment I qualified.

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Kick Those Imaginary Limitations To The Nearest Curb!!! in Getting Started #Getting Started

11 days ago

I always look forward to reading your posts.
Thank you.

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Advertising does not produce sales. in Marketing #Marketing #Sales #Team Building

12 days ago

Great post George I am so pleased I am in your auto responder team.
YOU are so right.
I build campaigns to go with the splash pages I design to capture email addresses
to introduce to SFI.
I went and added your post at my blog to share with all our team.
It is great when we can support our team and remove some of the frustrations.

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Congratulations Leon McKee, our new Diamond Team Leader in Recognition #Leadership #Sponsor

12 days ago

Leon is simply the best. A Great Sponsor.
I am so proud of all you do for our team.
I share all your training with my team.
We are so lucky to have you share all your knowledge.

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Question about Paypal business practices in Miscellaneous

15 days ago

I stopped using pay pal years ago.
I was annoyed with all the pay pal request funds emails I was receiving.
They do not safeguard members accounts.
They allow people to request pay pal payments, new pay pal users click the link
thinking it is pay pal sending them funds to their pay pal account.
Not realizing it is pay pal paying the request to receive pay pal funds from your account.

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Promotion of the TripleClicks project in Marketing #Marketing #TripleClicks

16 days ago

I copy and paste my gateway link. I do not shorten it.
Remember to click the SFI tool box when you are searching for Triple clicks products to promote.
Here is where you can also access your gateway links for different products.

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Congratulations new PTL Floyd Clay in Recognition

16 days ago

Congratulations Floyd it is a very exciting day for me as well.
Achieving Platinum. Leon is such a great sponsor with all his support.
On wards and up wards I say. You aimed for the stars and look at what you achieved.

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Congratulations new PTL Maree Wells in Recognition

16 days ago

Wow what a great way to start my Saturday.
I woke up this morning to open the email informing me of my achievement.
Then I checked my Chat at SFI to find the link to this Forum Post made by Leon my sponsor.
I have a huge smile on my face as I read these comments.
Thank you everyone.
The key, is to support your team, my success is achieved by my teams success.
So thanks everyone on my team, that read all my emails and follow my tips.

The last time I was Platinum was way back in 2015.
Then SFI introduced the Big O and so many new ventures.
I am always learning new stuff daily here at SFI.
I never give up, I have not missed a day logging in since 2013.

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Support your team to Step it up. Do some reassigning. in Team Building #Leadership #Sponsor #Team Building

19 days ago

Elizabeta is a fine example of trying then trying again.
She originally was on my team in 2013 then left.
She then signed up again a few years later then left.
BUT now she is back with a better understanding of how to operate her SFI Business.
I guarantee she will be sticking with the plan now.
She did not complain when I reassigned her to Mutu's Team when I explained the power of team building.
I am so proud of her not giving up. Trying and trying again until she succeeds.

I see Gery has marked my forum post yesterday as a must read post.
I love teaching and sharing my knowledge with all SFI Members.
Make your first priority monthly of locking in your auto renewal before spending elsewhere.
This is what I encourage all my team to do.
YOU will receive hundreds of emails by different individuals trying to lure you away from SFI.
Saying they have the best online project since sliced bread. I simply send them to my spam folder.
Stick to the plan year in year out. Start climbing that leadership ladder.

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Daily Crown Bonus Entry in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra

20 days ago

No problems I thought the Daily Grand info would be supportive to you as well.

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Daily Crown Bonus Entry in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra

20 days ago

Here is how I work with redeeming Daily Grand Entries.
Click the Win it tab and you will see the extra entries you can achieve.
I do not redeem until all tabs show green, giving me an extra 2 entries.
Example for today I received.
*2 entries for 302 VP generated yesterday
*2 entries for having BCQ Status
*2 bonus entries
How to earn maximum entries (Click this link to learn more)
I hope this helps.

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Support your team to Step it up. Do some reassigning. in Team Building #Leadership #Sponsor #Team Building

20 days ago

Leon I would not of achieved my success without your great support and leadership.
With you as my sponsor I have been very lucky.
From day one in 2013 I have put into practice all your suggestions then shared it with my team.
Mutu and Larry are so excited.
This is so rewarding, when I see my team achieving success.
Members have to remember not to hold on to all their new signups but to share them.

I got a new signup which I reassigned to Larry. This new PSA turned into a gem following the Smart start training.
Larry supported him, and now is Silver.

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Support your team to Step it up. Do some reassigning. in Team Building #Leadership #Sponsor #Team Building

20 days ago

All month I have been supporting my team to achieve leadership climbing with the Step it Up Contest.
You never know when a new signup will turn into a gem and achieve EA in their first month.
I reassigned a new sign up to Larry, one of my first level leaders.
For the first time he has achieved silver. So he is stepping it up.

I reassigned two members that were Bronze to another of my Team Leaders Mutu.
Who today has achieved Gold. One of these members was Bronze and managed Silver this month.
So they also achieved the Step it up.

I am pretty excited because if my two team leaders that have been achieving Gold for months.
Achieve it again this month.
I will advance to Platinum. The last time I was Platinum was at the end of 2015.
I just love SFI for all the opportunities they supply.

I would suggest to check your team and start supporting them with reassigning some members.
I reassign members, but nothing changes as all members (12 Levels deep)
If they make sure to check their emails will receive my training via my Genealogy Posts I send out weekly.
Within our Network we have numerous EA members, 31 Bronze, 20 Silver, 3 Gold Team Leaders.
They all can message me for 24/7 support.
As a team leader I lead by example.
Not missing a day logging into SFI since 2013.
Cheers Maree.

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A SFI Gold team leaders thoughts and review. in Inspiration/Testimonials #Getting Started #Leadership

23 days ago

My thoughts go out to you.
I look forward to watching your progress and reading your posts.