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Affiliate Profile Completed: No - What is it that confuses them? in Team Building #Getting Started #PSA #Team Building

3 days ago

The only answer I can come up with is they are into something new and having been burned by some qet rich quick program in the past, are just afraid to give too much more information. It is frustrating, it help me know what kind of help they need so I can address those points.

I feel you pain.

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Be a good leader and you will be followed in Team Building

4 days ago

I couldn't agree more with you. Team building is the way to really exceptional earnings in SFI. Unfortunately it is a hard concept to get across to new affiliates. It seems simple enough but for some reason some people never pick up on it. All we can do is keep trying to get them to understand this concept.

Once we can get them on the same page with us we will all see better returns.

Lead by example and we'll all get to the beaches of the world.

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What part of this business attracts more? SFI or Tripleclicks or both? in Getting Started

9 days ago

Hello Akashkumar,
I would think it would depend on the individual at the time. He may be looking for a way to earn some extra income or just buy product. The nice thing is it doesn't matter we can help both ways.

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I need clear, direct road maps. in Marketing #Getting Started #Marketing #Sales

10 days ago

Hello Mark,
I am very big on safelist advertising. I wrote a small ad Sunday and it has been pulling hits very well. I encourage you to learn to write your own ads. Fiirst you need a catchy subject, In the body list 3 or 4 of the key benefits of SFI NOT features, benefits to your prospect, then a Call to Action. You can do a google search to learn how to write your own ads.

Good Luck, all the best to you.

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Is it legal in Miscellaneous

14 days ago

Personally I would not send a prospect to the forum. I would use either the Gateway link "What they are saying or you personal page" A forum is where a group of people get together to discuss problems or solutions they have found, it may not give a new prospect the right impression. They may look at the forum and say look at all the problems people are having, I already have enough problems. The same would apply only more so to PRM's . They are people that only want to be customers and not get involved with the business. I don't see any value of directing a PRM to the forum.

Congratulations on thinking outside the box. I think I might try a different approach though.

Best of luck,
If It Is To Be It Is Up To Me.

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Passport for Syrian From Turkey to Canada - Any ideas? in Miscellaneous

15 days ago

(Thread was removed due to forum protocol violations, toxicity, or obsolescence)

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Introduction - Steven in Getting Started #Getting Started #Team Building

16 days ago

Welcome to SFI Steven, Here is a link I send to my new team members to help them get started. I hope it helps you. I'm sure you'll get lots of advice today, if you get confused or curious get in touch with your sponsor to see what they recommend.
I wish you all the best

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As an EA with limited experience and lean resources, do I stand a chance to grow? in Team Building

21 days ago

You most certainly can go farther with limited funds. Eugene made a great point in his answer for you. You must make an investment in your business, whether it be money or time. With limited money, I know how that feels, I would suggest selling Triple Clicks item on facebook or twitter or any other social media. I also us safelist advertising to promote Triple Clicks. It is great because every item you sell you earn a 45% commission. Then take those commissions and reinvest them in SFI to continue your growth.

One final thought I love the Forum, I have learned more about SFI using this one free tool.
Remember Winston Churchill's words, "never, never, never, never, never, never quit"

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EA status January. I feel very productive. in Miscellaneous

21 days ago

Great job Marija, it is always hardest to hit the first rank. Now that you have the foundation I think you will find moving up again a little easier.

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A Thank You is always appreciated in Team Building #Leadership #Sponsor #Team Building

21 days ago

Great Idea Eugene, sometime we all can use a reminder. I also send an e-card when ever I see an affiliate rank up in VP and encourage them to keep up the good work.

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join an beginning affiliate in Getting Started #Getting Started #Sponsor #W3

21 days ago

Hello Corey
Welcome to SFI, a bright future awaits you.
Most of all have fun.

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How can you promote your Business? in Marketing #Getting Started #Leadership #Team Building

22 days ago

Hi Gordon,
I use text ads from the Marketing Aids tab. I will pick one I like and copy and paste it into a safelist ad or traffic exchange and format it to look a little more appealing and readable. I have had a lot of success doing that.

Good Luck, and in the words of Winston Churchill "never, never, never, never, never, never give up" Keep working and you'll succeed.

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What is the best way to atract more PSA ? in Miscellaneous #PSA #Sponsor

24 days ago

You can use safelist and traffic exchange ads. Most are free. Using safelists and Traffic Exchanges you need credits to get those credits you read ads on their sites in return for reading ads you earn credits you can use to advertise for free.

Another way is to buy traffic, there are a couple of ECA's that sell traffic I have used with some good results.

You can google search for safelists and traffic Exchanges and traffic sellers.

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Is It Just Me? in Miscellaneous #TripleClicks

26 days ago

This makes me feel better I was ready to throw this new laptop away Sunday. I had a terrible time connecting I did everything I could do, having been in IT industry before I retired I know a few tricks and finally realized it was not my laptop. I had problems with firefox, chrome, and IE browsers and then I figured it was just a busy website.

SFI might have had some problems or doing maintenance that slowed everything down. Monday was better and today much better. It sure does make for a fun day when you trying to do your Daily To Do List and have problems connecting. Welcome to the 21st century, more and more people relying on computers. :-)

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Change of http to https in Marketing #Marketing

26 days ago

Hi Lado you are correct you do not need to buy a certificate and there are ways around it. The certificates are needed by vendors selling over the internet to provide a way to collect a credit card securely. I do not recommend working around the security feature this leaves your personal information at risk.

It usually depends on the website whether or not you need to use the https; or http: in fact most browsers today are smart enough and do not require either the http or www to get to a website, like you did when the web was first formed. That could be why you never had a problem with it before it is only when you type in the complete URL you get caught by the "s".

For instance if you just type google.com you will get there the same as if you typed google.com. If you want to type the complete URL and the website does not need the "s" you will not get there. Most websites do not require the "s" until you get to the point of making a transaction then it will switch you automatically. My personal website does not need a certificate for transactions it is just an informational web site. If I wanted to take payments for something then I would need to redirect you to a secure URL to take your payment. If I type XXXXXXXXXXXX.com it will time out and you will not get my website so you need to type just xxxxxxxxxxx.com to get in.

That's kind of a long winded answer I hope that helps clear things up a little.

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Change of http to https in Marketing #Marketing

27 days ago

You cannot just enter an s into your url to make it secure. Which is what the "s" signifies. It requires purchasing a secure certificate and inserting code to prevent someone from hacking in to steal information. Search google for more info on security issues.

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Marketing on Facebook in Marketing #Marketing #TripleClicks

27 days ago

You can cloak your gateway link with a free program like bitly.com. I personally use trck.me it does cost a little but gives me a little more detailed hit tracking instead of just number of hits. trck.me will tell you where your hits ares cost actually coming from. What advertising sites are actually producing hits and how many. You can focus your advertising dollars better.

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One Month in Getting Started

about 1 month ago

Congratulations Rahu,
Your excitement is contagious. You will have a 2018 to be proud of. All that is left now is to build your team and spread that excitement and you will succeed.

Keep up the good work.

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New at Pricebenders: Essential Oil Diffusers in SFI News #Pricebenders

about 1 month ago

This is exciting news. I can't believe I missed the original announcement. Hopefully they will be available for purchase also.

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S-Builder Unit in Team Building #Marketing #Team Building

about 1 month ago

Hi Raul,
The number of new PSA's cannot be forecast. It's is a lot like going fishing one day you may catch 1 or 2 the next day you will catch 5 or 6. Advertising is not an exact science.

The PSA's you get with S-Builders will be a better quality PSA they have a pretty good idea of what they have signed up for, it will then be up to you to teach them the correct ways to make it work.

Good luck,

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Has anyone had success with the s builder co op. I want to get one but not sure the result is worth the investment in Team Building

about 1 month ago

Hi Sharonette,
I believe that the S-Builder coop is the best way to go. Especially if you are not familiar with internet advertising already. There are a lot of ways to advertise for free but that will take a lot longer to get PSA’s unless you are a real wiz at writing ad copy.

You can also buy traffic off the internet but I have not found that way to be effective. A lot of that traffic is robots so you get a lot of hits but robots can’t sign up for anything. S-Builder will absolutely get you sign ups much quicker than you can do yourself on the internet, and $24 is not that outrageous.

There are sources on Triple Clicks that sell traffic and the ones I have tried guarantee a real person hit, no robots. And some of those sources are a little less expensive, but you get what you pay for.

Best of luck to you.

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Standing Orders. in Team Building #Auto-Delivery #TCredits #Team Building

about 1 month ago

During my working career, working Just Over Broke, I worked very closely with a programer, sometimes the smallest change can take pages of code to make it work and then the testing involved takes additional time to make sure some part of the code does not affect the rest of the program.

I like your idea, I don't know how practical it would be to implement. The previous suggestion to submit a request with support is the best way to go. Let them take a look at it and see what they think.

Best of luck

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Is there a minimum investment required for success in SFI? in Miscellaneous

2 months ago

You can purchase a 125 pack of TCredits for $36.25. That will maintain your EA rank. Then if you want to build a team a single purchase of a share of S-Builder for $24.00 will help your team to grow. So your looking at a total of $60.26/month is what I do and actually if you create a standing order of The S-Builder Coop it actually cost me about $2.00 less per month.

Considering what I was paying for traffic each month with another business this is cheap and works well for me.

Good Luck, and Happy Holidays,

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In SFI how do you achieve social networking rather than social NOT working? in Miscellaneous

2 months ago

I have to agree with you about the language barrier, I believe that is the biggest problem in building a team. Stress the Launch Pad, forum and training articles, if you can get your affiliate's to read those each day they can figure most out by themselves.
Have a very Happy Holiday season.