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Vernon R

United States

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A Euro or Dollar Account? in TripleClicks Sales #Sales #TripleClicks

2 days ago

Hello Timi
All the prices shown and quoted are US Dollars. If you deal with Euro's you will have to convert them to US Dollars to make a transaction. Usually a bank or using a service such as PayPal or credit card can do that easily for you.

Best wishes

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I need to recruit! in Getting Started #Getting Started #Marketing #Team Building

2 days ago

Welcome to SFI one of the best ways I have found is the S-Builder Coop. Especially if you have no advertising experience with Safelists or Traffic Exhcanges. That will give you new recruits or as we call them PSA's. Contact your sponsor or co-sponsor for help and I'm sure they will point you to the Launch Pad first. The Launch Pad is the little rocket ship on the top right hand corner of you main affiliate home screen.

Take a day or so to go through the Launch Pad and on the Alert Tab you will find recent Forum posts. You can learn a lot from there also.

Good luck,

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$1 movement.......for team building in Suggestion Box #Leadership #Marketing #Team Building

5 days ago

I applaud you for thinking of ways to motivate your team. I have a problem with it because it is too much of a gift not a help. I believe it teaching a man to fish he can eat each day on his own. Give a man a fish he will be back tomorrow wanting another one. Inspire your team but don't support them. Teach them how to survive on their own. There are more than enough ways in our system to motivate people.

Keep thinking though and I'm sure you will find something that works better.

All the best,
Vern Rudolph

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Possible Diamond in the Rough in Team Building

10 days ago

I have one person like that also, really ready to go. What I did was transfered 5 PSA's under her and that seemed to excite her a little more.

Hope this helps,

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How would you best describe SFI in exactly 150 characters? in Marketing #Team Building

10 days ago

131 characters. That leaves 19 characters to include your name and build your brand. Plus I used the new skeptic gateway which really seams to work for me.

The Economy worry you? Make your own with our business model. Free to join, easy to do and fun.

Good luck.

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You Don't Have to be a Rocket Scientist -- Opti-build in Team Building

12 days ago

Thanks Gery especially for your patience in explaining everything so many times. I get more excited every day about this business. It is unlike anything I have been involved in before. Shaklee, Amway, Herbalife to name a few. This has them all beat.

Thanks for everything you do for us.

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I will not to go for BTL (as long as this rule is in effect) in Suggestion Box #Leadership #Sponsor #Team Building

12 days ago

(Thread was removed due to forum protocol violations, toxicity, or obsolescence)

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You Don't Have to be a Rocket Scientist -- Opti-build in Team Building

16 days ago

Vernon - you did not ask me. I would have gladly found you the information asap.
I am always very happy to help my PSAs and CSAs.

I too am opting to join the Opti-Build. believe its a great initiative and can help our teams grow stronger and bigger.

Thanks Suthep
I know you would have I finally found it late last night and signed up. According to what I am reading it may be a while before I will ever be a DD. I'm sure there are a bunch of people way ahead of me. Thought I would sign up and hope for the best. I'm glad to have you as my Co-Sponsor, you are always a help.

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You Don't Have to be a Rocket Scientist -- Opti-build in Team Building

17 days ago

I also am excited about the Opti-Build program but feeling a little dumb right now. I am a relatively new BTL I can't find where to sign up for the Opti-Build. Anyone have an idea. I tried my sponsor which is a waste of finger muscles he never returns emails how he got to be PTL is beyond me.

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Has The Butterfly Emerged? in Marketing #Leadership #Marketing #Team Building

17 days ago

Hello William,
I feel your frustration. I am a BTL probably far down from my sponsor. In fact so far I have never heard one peep from him in spite of the fact he is near the top of every leader board we have. So the prospects of me becoming DD seem remote to none. With no hopes of change any time soon. So I flounder around by myself with some help from my Co-Sponsor I was able to get this far.

If I can't get help from my sponsor I'll just have to do this by myself. I love both the new programs and hope eventually I will be able to advantage of both. I signed up for the Builder Bundle right away also,

Have a great day,

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Hi! WOW!With a pleasant surprise, I found a a long time missing, free space between black menu and tabs bar! Thank you in Miscellaneous

20 days ago

What a great idea, all this time I just thought I was clumsy clicking the tabs. Love It.

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Grrr I'm really mad. Tech savvy people please advise :) in Miscellaneous

22 days ago

I think what they are saying is they will delete your Hot mail account associated with skype not your personal Hot mail account.

I hope I understood your thread correctly.
Good Luck.

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I bought a traffic package for the new gateway. SB. Has anyone else seen results with this yet? If so, feedback please. in Marketing

22 days ago

Hi Donald,
I have used a couple of different ECA's that sell traffic and have had very good results with them. I don't think they will let me mention their names here. I have also bought traffic outside of SFI and had poor results with. I purchase at least one S-Builder Coop each month and do a lot of safelist advertising by myself and have had moderate success. I am anxious to try the new gateway myself. I like the looks of it a lot and feel with the right ad to draw them could be really successful.

Best of luck to you.

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I don't understand is that new policy? in Team Building

22 days ago

Hello Joseph
Your still showing as a Bronze Team Leader, it doesn't look like you have been down graded yet. I don't think you will be down graded until after the 7th of the month I believe. I need to check that myself too.

All the best,

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1000 Action VPS! in United States #VersaPoints

25 days ago

Congratulations, good things happen to good people.

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Introducing...SFI Icebreakers! in SFI News #Sponsor #Team Building

28 days ago

Here is something to be aware of . If you are using the Ice Breaker Tool be sure to check the time difference between where you are and your affiliate is. I experienced that problem this morning. What is convenient in one country may be the middle of the night in another.

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Introducing...SFI Icebreakers! in SFI News #Sponsor #Team Building

29 days ago

What a super Idea. Thanks so much for the new way to interact with our downline and Upline. This is going to be a big help.

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Grandmaster poker what are your best poker tips? in Eager Zebra

about 1 month ago

Hi Stephen
In case you missed it here is the link for Tips and Rules for Grandmaster Poker
Good Luck

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What methods are the most effective to get a new PSA/CSA started and active? in Team Building

about 1 month ago

Personally I like the S-Builder Coop. for $24 a share I have been getting good results.

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Affiliate Profile Completed: No - What is it that confuses them? in Team Building #Getting Started #PSA #Team Building

about 1 month ago

The only answer I can come up with is they are into something new and having been burned by some qet rich quick program in the past, are just afraid to give too much more information. It is frustrating, it help me know what kind of help they need so I can address those points.

I feel you pain.

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Be a good leader and you will be followed in Team Building

about 1 month ago

I couldn't agree more with you. Team building is the way to really exceptional earnings in SFI. Unfortunately it is a hard concept to get across to new affiliates. It seems simple enough but for some reason some people never pick up on it. All we can do is keep trying to get them to understand this concept.

Once we can get them on the same page with us we will all see better returns.

Lead by example and we'll all get to the beaches of the world.

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What part of this business attracts more? SFI or Tripleclicks or both? in Getting Started

about 1 month ago

Hello Akashkumar,
I would think it would depend on the individual at the time. He may be looking for a way to earn some extra income or just buy product. The nice thing is it doesn't matter we can help both ways.

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I need clear, direct road maps. in Marketing #Getting Started #Marketing #Sales

about 1 month ago

Hello Mark,
I am very big on safelist advertising. I wrote a small ad Sunday and it has been pulling hits very well. I encourage you to learn to write your own ads. Fiirst you need a catchy subject, In the body list 3 or 4 of the key benefits of SFI NOT features, benefits to your prospect, then a Call to Action. You can do a google search to learn how to write your own ads.

Good Luck, all the best to you.

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Is it legal in Miscellaneous

about 1 month ago

Personally I would not send a prospect to the forum. I would use either the Gateway link "What they are saying or you personal page" A forum is where a group of people get together to discuss problems or solutions they have found, it may not give a new prospect the right impression. They may look at the forum and say look at all the problems people are having, I already have enough problems. The same would apply only more so to PRM's . They are people that only want to be customers and not get involved with the business. I don't see any value of directing a PRM to the forum.

Congratulations on thinking outside the box. I think I might try a different approach though.

Best of luck,
If It Is To Be It Is Up To Me.