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Darla P.

United States

E365 Champion
Gold Fast-Track
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Thankyou for my Birthday wishes! in Recognition #Leadership #Sponsor #Team Building

23 days ago

Happy Birthday Miss Pamela! Wishing you many more and a Blessed day, Enjoy!

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Connection to SFI Timed out in Miscellaneous

25 days ago

Hello Uvaraj S.,

I sign on everyday. I had the same issue the other day and I just kept checking back and it finally connected.

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Newest BTL Danny Tilghman! in Recognition #PSA #Team Building

3 months ago

Congratulations Danny Tilghman for reaching BTL rank, great work!

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Congratulations E365 Champion Jay Enterprise! in Recognition

3 months ago

Congratulations and wishing you much success.

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First time qualifying EA in Recognition #Getting Started #PSA #Team Building

3 months ago

Congratulations to Danny Tilghman for becoming EA. You are doing great.

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Congratulations E365 Champion Henry Uzuwe! in Recognition

4 months ago

Congratulations Henry for a job well done. You are a great pleasure to have on my team!

Keep moving forward.

Wishing you also a Happy 1 Year Anniversary and many more.


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Sandra is at it again. in Miscellaneous #CSA #PSA

4 months ago

Sandra was apparently using a very, very old, discontinued SFI message system still operating unbeknownst to us. But as of a few minutes ago we know and it's been shut down once and for all. You won't be hearing from Sandra again.

Thank you, Mr Carson this is good that you found the source.
I really appreciate it.

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Sandra is at it again. in Miscellaneous #CSA #PSA

4 months ago

Received email from Sandra today - I already reported it, Just want everyone to have a heads up.

Thank you!

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How do I take a Screen shot in Miscellaneous #Sponsor #Team Building

5 months ago

Hello Hloniphani J,

You can take a screen shot by clicking Shift PRTSCRN

or you can use a program like Light shot that you can download and use for free.

Try Google "free screenshot programs"

Hope this helps

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She has done it again!! Warning in Miscellaneous #CSA #PSA

5 months ago

I got the same Team Mail Message today also,
I reported it.

Thank you for heads up!

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Thing is to start, stay at it & never Quit You, end Result! :) in Inspiration/Testimonials #Leadership #Sponsor #Team Building

6 months ago

Happy 5 Year Anniversary - Pamela, The Unstoppable Lady!
Great Post!
Congratulations and wishing you many more years to come!

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PSA's Who Don't Speak English in Team Building #Getting Started #PSA #Team Building

6 months ago

I have to give all the credit to Mr Gery and Tall Ship Prate Cruise as they were
the ones that originally gave the list and i bookmarked it for my use for my team.

Thank you Mr Carson and Tall Ship!

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PSA's Who Don't Speak English in Team Building #Getting Started #PSA #Team Building

7 months ago

Ronald E here is the list you are wanting

Complete list of Country Forums:

www.sfimg.com/forum/threads?forum_id=41 North America
www.sfimg.com/forum/threads?forum_id=42 Eastern Africa
www.sfimg.com/forum/threads?forum_id=43 Middle Africa
www.sfimg.com/forum/threads?forum_id=44 Northern Africa
www.sfimg.com/forum/threads?forum_id=45 Southern Africa
www.sfimg.com/forum/threads?forum_id=46 Western Africa
www.sfimg.com/forum/threads?forum_id=47 Caribbean
www.sfimg.com/forum/threads?forum_id=48 Central America
www.sfimg.com/forum/threads?forum_id=49 South America
www.sfimg.com/forum/threads?forum_id=50 Asia
www.sfimg.com/forum/threads?forum_id=51 Eastern Asia
www.sfimg.com/forum/threads?forum_id=52 Southern Asia
www.sfimg.com/forum/threads?forum_id=53 South-Eastern Asia
www.sfimg.com/forum/threads?forum_id=54 Western Asia
www.sfimg.com/forum/threads?forum_id=55 Eastern Europe
www.sfimg.com/forum/threads?forum_id=56 Northern Europe
www.sfimg.com/forum/threads?forum_id=57 Southern Europe
www.sfimg.com/forum/threads?forum_id=58 Western Europe
www.sfimg.com/forum/threads?forum_id=59 Oceania
www.sfimg.com/forum/threads?forum_id=60 Melanesia
www.sfimg.com/forum/threads?forum_id=61 Micronesia
www.sfimg.com/forum/threads?forum_id=62 Polynesia
www.sfimg.com/forum/threads?forum_id=63 United Arab Emirates
www.sfimg.com/forum/threads?forum_id=64 Argentina
www.sfimg.com/forum/threads?forum_id=65 Australia
www.sfimg.com/forum/threads?forum_id=66 Bosnia And Herzegovina
www.sfimg.com/forum/threads?forum_id=67 Bangladesh
www.sfimg.com/forum/threads?forum_id=68 Brazil
www.sfimg.com/forum/threads?forum_id=69 Canada
www.sfimg.com/forum/threads?forum_id=70 Chile
www.sfimg.com/forum/threads?forum_id=71 Colombia
www.sfimg.com/forum/threads?forum_id=72 Algeria
www.sfimg.com/forum/threads?forum_id=73 Spain
www.sfimg.com/forum/threads?forum_id=74 France
www.sfimg.com/forum/threads?forum_id=75 United Kingdom
www.sfimg.com/forum/threads?forum_id=76 Ghana
www.sfimg.com/forum/threads?forum_id=77 Croatia
www.sfimg.com/forum/threads?forum_id=78 Indonesia
www.sfimg.com/forum/threads?forum_id=79 India
www.sfimg.com/forum/threads?forum_id=80 Italy
www.sfimg.com/forum/threads?forum_id=81 Kenya
www.sfimg.com/forum/threads?forum_id=82 Sri Lanka
www.sfimg.com/forum/threads?forum_id=83 Morocco
www.sfimg.com/forum/threads?forum_id=84 Macedonia
www.sfimg.com/forum/threads?forum_id=85 Mexico
www.sfimg.com/forum/threads?forum_id=86 Malaysia
www.sfimg.com/forum/threads?forum_id=87 Nigeria
www.sfimg.com/forum/threads?forum_id=88 Nepal
www.sfimg.com/forum/threads?forum_id=89 Philippines
www.sfimg.com/forum/threads?forum_id=90 Pakistan
www.sfimg.com/forum/threads?forum_id=91 Romania
www.sfimg.com/forum/threads?forum_id=92 Serbia
www.sfimg.com/forum/threads?forum_id=93 Russian Federation
www.sfimg.com/forum/threads?forum_id=94 United States
www.sfimg.com/forum/threads?forum_id=95 South Africa

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Reminder Set Your Clocks Back! in United States #Getting Started #Leadership

7 months ago

Reminder - be sure to set your Clocks BACK 1 hour

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Geneology Background in Suggestion Box #CSA #PSA #Sponsor

9 months ago

I would like to make a suggestion on the Geneology page background.
Can our Geneology be a solid color other than having the white and blue?
Cause when we reassign affiliates it is a blue color which is very close to the blue that is already there.
Just a suggestion

Thank you

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Unable to open EZ tab today in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra

10 months ago

Hello Krishnamurthy T.

You can always go to the Crown on the Black Menu Bar and then to Play to get there.
Hope that helps.

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winning versa points in 'spin & win' in Miscellaneous #VersaPoints

10 months ago

I have only won 5 VP each time and I am thankful for those 5. As others have stated there has been winners of larger amounts. Keep playing maybe one day!

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STL in Recognition #Getting Started #Sponsor #Team Building

10 months ago

Congratulations Sara!

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New auction index at Pricebenders in SFI News #Pricebenders

10 months ago

Big Improvement - Thank you!

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FREE CSAs still available! in Team Building #CSA #Team Building #TripleClicks

10 months ago

I ordered mine the other day also - can hardly wait to see results!

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What is that you like best about SFI? :) in Miscellaneous #Team Building #VersaPoints

11 months ago

I like the learning, freedom and mostly the people!