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Triple Clicks Gift Certificates in Sales #Marketing #Sales

23 hours ago

Hi, Ronald,
I wonder if this may help solve your problem.

"To issue a gift certificate to an
Go to your TripleClicks PRMs report. Click the "Issue a gift certificate" link to purchase a gift certificate for a specific TC Member. OR, to issue a gift certificate to someone who is not a SFI affiliate and not on your TC PRM list, click HERE.

You may choose the amount and the expiration date (up to 90 days) for each gift certificate you issue. If a gift certificate is NOT redeemed, the funds will be automatically returned to your TripleClicks account upon expiration and will be then available for you to reissue as new gift certificates."

All the best!

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A thought! in Miscellaneous

23 hours ago

Hi, Aderibigbe!

Have you found someone here that strikes your fancy?

I don't think SFI will be heartless not to allow two affiliates who fall in love and who want to have their businesses also unified, so long as the issue of sponsors are properly addressed, as Randy has commented.

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Team leader max VP in VersaPoints #Leadership #Team Building #VersaPoints

1 day ago

Hi, Kojo,

Maybe this will help you - the best plan if you want maximum success and income in SFI, not just 1 million VP and matching VP- BUT
Here it is: www.sfimg.com/the_plan

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Have you heard of the "Doing it alone syndrome?" in Miscellaneous

4 days ago

Great post, Leonard!

It reminds me of a song, "You'll Never Walk Alone"- just can't remember the singer and the whole lyrics, but these lines are unforgettable-

"When you walk through a storm, hold your head up high and don't be afraid of the dark.....,
at the end of the storm is a golden sky and the sweet silver song of the lark...
Walk on thru the rain, walk on through the fears...though your dreams ....
.Walk on, walk on.......
And you'll never walk alone."

At SFI, you'll never walk alone! We are all members of a Team, that works together, help each other, encourage and motivate each other, reach out to those who are feeling down in the dumps, lift him up.

It's what SFI is all about!

Should have googled it, but am babysitting atm!

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Unlimited VP from the last two sections in VersaPoints #E365 #Getting Started #VersaPoints

4 days ago

Hi, Kumene,

The last two sections of the To-Do list? You mean under EZ tab and PB tab?

. Earn 500 VP max from playing EZ games where TCredit is used, and
. Earn 1000 VP max from bidding at PB auctions. also where TCredit is used,

But you'll only earn 1500 VP from both, so it's still limited.

So do more work and you can earn unlimited vp under Leadership Support by helping your PSA to go EA, then BTL, then STL, etc.

There are other more ways of earning unlimited VP, but they don't fall under the last two sections of the Daily To-Do tasks.

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Let's know our strength & build our business around them! in Getting Started #Getting Started #Leadership #Team Building

4 days ago

I have no words to express my gratitude to you, for your heart felt appreciation and encouragement! Only one thing I can assure every one here, I will continue to do my best!

Wish you Happy Diwali!!

Sampat I will be looking forward for your posts.They not only give me knowledge but also pleasure.Well thank you for your"Dipavali " wish but mines is not happy at all cause my beloved Mother has left for her heavenly abode just Four months back and having lost my Father more than three and a half months back. i live alone near Kolkata in my sister's flat who lives abroad.

Namaste, Bro Arnab! I'm sure you're still feeling the grief of losing your beloved Mother and that of your Father. At least you had the pleasure of having them for a long time and hope this gives you comfort.

I've lost mine very early in my life...my father was killed when I was still a baby, and my mother died from an accident after I finished high school. I still miss them, esp. my mother, I had no recollection of my father but I miss him too.

Now at SFI we're bound by fate as we get to know more and more people from around the world and so our virtual family is growing and it's a comfort to know that we're not alone.

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Let's know our strength & build our business around them! in Getting Started #Getting Started #Leadership #Team Building

4 days ago

Hello, Bro Sampath!
Namaste! Thank you! I'm lucky to have another caring and intelligent brother in SFI like you! You're also esteemed highly in the Forum! I love the way you help, give your advice, share tips and comments in plain and simple words, kindness and humility!

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Encouraging PSAs in Team Building #PSA #Team Building #VersaPoints

5 days ago

Hi, Victoria,
There's nothing much you can do really to encourage PSAs to purchase NMP and the S-Builder Co-op. if they're not ready to do it, or lack of funds is preventing them from purchasing NMP and S-Builder.

All you can do is advise them to attend to their Daily To-Do tasks and other productive activities at SFI to earn VP and learn more and grow their business. In time, when they start to earn commission from duplication and from sales then they might consider buying a share in S-Builder Co-op as by this time they're no longer eligible to avail of the NMP.

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Let's know our strength & build our business around them! in Getting Started #Getting Started #Leadership #Team Building

6 days ago

Hi, Sampath,
Excellent post!
Interestingly, I premised my latest weekly message to my team loosely based on some parts of your article, although I had no way of knowing what you're going to post today!

Here it is!

"Dear Team.
Greetings and warm welcome to the newest members of our team!

There’s so much to read and learn when you’re new at SFI. For some it can be terribly scary to go through all the training and get to understand the rules and procedures of starting a new online business like SFI. And so make a decision to quit even before they have started- depriving themselves the opportunity to be a better individual, if not a successful entrepreneur.

Understand yourselves. You’ve got an awesome skills you don’t know you have which you can bring to SFI.

Understand the environment you’re in and know the options you have and realise that you can transfer your skills learnt before that you can apply now at SFI."

This is a premise to what I wrote next re No. 9 Rules of Success - Open your eyes to your potential.

Weird, eh?

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Build a better mousetrap in Team Building #Getting Started #Leadership #Team Building

7 days ago

Tracy said, "over 900,000 quality products from around the world" -that's give or take a few.
Just saying....:

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Build a better mousetrap in Team Building #Getting Started #Leadership #Team Building

8 days ago

Hi, Tracy,

Love the analogy! What a perfect and unique way to describe SFI- short, clear and simple!

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The Almighty Daily Grand entry in Miscellaneous #Contests

12 days ago

That's right, Kevin! It's sort of a reward one gets when attending to one's Daily To-Do everyday without fail- an entry to the Daily Grand! And if you win, it will make your day grand!

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The Most Common Questions in Marketing #Getting Started #Marketing #Sponsor

16 days ago

Hi, Jelena,
Excellent thread!

I'm just a little worried your last point may cause a bit of misunderstanding on the part of someone just reading and have not yet joined. Saying no you do not have to sponsor others but saying in the next breath why it is important in order to earn larger, recurring commission, may just cause another inactive PSA once he joined and questions about where his income is coming from as he will not have the desire to sponsor and may find it hard to generate sales.......

Do I need to sponsor others to make an income?
No you do not have to sponsor others. Although sponsoring others will earn you larger, recurring commissions there are other ways to earn an income from your SFI business.
You will have more questions but before we can answer them we need to know more about you and your needs. If you are not already an SFI Affiliate please sign up below and complete your affiliate profile.

Just saying....

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The Scammer is back! in Miscellaneous

17 days ago

I got the same message recently, thru Team Mail, from our friend, Sandra. When I clicked the name, oopppsss...it wasn't there anymore!
Hehehe, you must have been very attractive to Sandra with those sweet endearing words...and the offer of a part of a huge sum of money....! I only got one sentence and it was sounded very militaristic!

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My PSA is asking me money to buy him a laptop. in Miscellaneous #PSA #Sponsor

17 days ago

Oh, one more think, Azman!
You wrote :
"How do I know he doesn't read is because he asking the same thing over and over again- "Where is my dollars?" After emailing him about SFI business, how it works etc he replied by asking "where is my money?". and the last one was asking some money to pay for his laptop. That's why I wrote here in the forum."

I don't think sending him the link to this thread will help him one iota if he doesn't read or will not read it.
If he asks again, "Where is my dollars?" Answer with a question: "What dollars?" If he asks once more, "Where is my money?" answer him in kind, "What money?" That will drive him crazy for sure, and may leave you alone without a laptop....in peace!

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My PSA is asking me money to buy him a laptop. in Miscellaneous #PSA #Sponsor

17 days ago

Randy does not mean that God doesn't help people. he was referring to the statement 'God helps those who help themselves'.
It is NOT in the bible. That quotation doesn't exist in the bible.
what is in the bible is 'my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.' OR
The hand of the diligent shall bear rule or the soul of the diligent shall be made fat.'

I am a missionary and an Evangelist by His grace.

For instance, this quotation is very common 'GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME AND ALL THE TIME, GOD IS GOOD'.
The shocking thing is, it is NOT in the bible again.
Then what is?

It doesn't matter what sounds good, but if NOT PERFECT, IT IS NOT FROM GOD!
The bible says 'Every good gift and every PERFECT gift is from above'. Jam 1:17.

There is a conjunction 'and' joining the good gift.
hope it is clear.

Hi, Esiet!

Thank you for your comment.

This saying, "God help those who help themselves" may not be the exact wording of the text in the Bible, but it has been quoted so many times in many written articles too many to trace the authors.

It still conveys the truth in the saying, manifested in so many ways by those who are genuinely helping themselves by seeking to find answers and working to get the result.

Who put the idea of working and achieving in the minds of these successful people? I am not in a position to discuss this topic, and I'm not going to breach SFI Forum Rules by discussing religion and personal beliefs. Suffice it to say that I like the idea of having God behind our productive actions.

Randy has a unique way of teasing statements in posts that tickles his unusual sense of humour! Is his response forthcoming? Not his style to just let it go ....LOL!


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Goodbye forum! in Miscellaneous #Marketing

17 days ago

Thank you, Gregorio. I tracked down the post in question. What you're citing was indeed the reason for its removal. We absolutely cannot have postings of other peoples works without their express written permission or we can be hit with copyright and/or plagiarism lawsuits. What you post on our forum always needs to be YOUR works, your words.

Thank you, Gery! I was still writing when your post came, and I'm glad to know that Elizabeta's distress related more to the issue of plagiarism.

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Goodbye forum! in Miscellaneous #Marketing

17 days ago

Hi, Elizabeta,

Welcome to the Boulevard of Broken Forum Hearts! LOL

Most of us have suffered the same sad experience- I also lost my Forum Guru once, have posts removed/rejected, been subjected to some unfriendly comments and uncalled for sarcasm which also made me think of saying goodbye to the Forum.

But you know what made me change my mind? My love for my team! I wanted them to avail of the great source of ideas, tips, hints, business building strategies, to meet others and share the same experience and give them additional knowledge that I am not able to provide as their sponsor/co-sponsor by coming to the Forum. If I'm not participating in the Forum, what right have I got to expect them to do the same? And I don't give in to bullies without a fight!

I have worked so hard to get them to visit and participate in the Forum. I will not be leading in a proper way if I just leave the Forum because of these kinds of comments and disappointments. I'm stronger than that, and so are you! Don't give up!

I've also reached PTL over two years ago, held it for a year before the change, and ready to throw in the towel, so to speak when these sad experiences started to happen. I even considered quitting altogether! I said to myself, what's the use of all this? Money and material things we cannot carry with us when we die, but why suffer the unwanted unhappiness caused by being a contributing member of a great Forum like ours when we only get hurt every now and then?

We can understand others are just expressing their opinions in the only way they know how, and we can't control what they write, in much the same way as they can't control what we say in return. It's all part of a normal environment, seen even in a family situation. but we also need to understand there's rules and regulations put in place- much like when Mother and Father (like our Mods) take out the sticks or belt, every now and then, as a warning to make us behave so we will not grow up as spoiled brats!

I've said too much, I didn't mean to, but can't help myself. I understand how you feel, Elizabeta, and like the others beg you to reconsider.

Take care.

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Tcredit in Getting Started #TCredits

18 days ago

Easy, Ogedegbe! If you have 150 MRP and you want to use it to purchase 1 TCredit, just go to your TC page, click the crown icon on your homepage to take you there, type in TCredit on the search line, then type in 1 for quantity, add to cart. At checkout, select MRP to pay for it. Done!

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Memory Loss? in Suggestion Box

18 days ago

Hi, Jan,
A great idea! Write this “Have you forgotten to do……..” reminder on a piece of cardboard and stick at the bottom of your screen to remind you of something before you switch off! Better than a pop-up on the screen, I reckon.

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My PSA is asking me money to buy him a laptop. in Miscellaneous #PSA #Sponsor

18 days ago


What do you mean- God doesn't help or the author of the Holy Sripture?
Please elaborate - your explanation will be enlightening, thank you?

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My PSA is asking me money to buy him a laptop. in Miscellaneous #PSA #Sponsor

18 days ago

Hi, Azman!

I hope you enjoyed reading the different posts and comments to your thread! I did, very much!

I have encountered many of these "beggars" in my 6 years at SFI. Some are genuinely in need, some are not.

Having been motivated by Zig Ziglar's quote: "You can get anything you want if you help enough others get what they want" (Rule # 6 of SFI RULES OF SUCCESS), I tried to follow this to the letter when I was new.

I still do it, but with eyes wide open

And I've learned my lessons hard and learned how to be cautious, and to secure commitment first before I consider giving a reward of Gift Certificate.

One new member asked me for $20 Gift Certificate to buy NMP, which I did, but instead used it to buy jewellery for his girlfriend!

Another one wants financial help to maintain his EA status - pronto and be snappy about it! When I ignored him, he lost his EA rank and was angry with me and called me names. His sponsor tried to intervene and I gave them both piece of my mind and told them "I'm not building a Welfare Team, go and do some work!"

They're still around, and I hope they visit the Forum!

Now I let my team know this: No Work, No Help.

Even the Holy Scriptures says, "God help those who help themselves."

Azman, I suggest you send the link of this thread to your PSA who's asking for money, and you don't have to explain anything to him. Period.

All the best!

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Add The New Members Pack For Sponsors To Give To New PSAs. in Suggestion Box #W3

19 days ago

Good idea, Patrick!

SFI suggests to give incentives, if any, to offer (free leads, SFI Gift Certificate, etc.) to encourage affiliates to accumulate VersaPoints and become an Executive Affiliate. )

One of these incentives is the NMP, which we can use to our discretion. Qualify those who are serious and have scored 1000 VP already before offering the GC for the NMP. Just mention it in your follow up message about the availability of the NMP for new members within their first 10 days of starting SFI, and your willingness to to help them get their business off the ground by giving the GC for the NMP, if they're interested.