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Gliceria P.


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Gold Team, Platinum Team leaders! in Team Building #Leadership #Sponsor #Team Building

11 hours ago

Hi, Pamela,
You won't get stopped, I know, you're hungry, unstoppable and a glutton for success !
Would love to share my story, sadly it's still WIP.
See, I can't even keep my colour, just ask Bruce!

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I Love To Procrastinate, How About You??? in Team Building #Getting Started #Team Building

12 hours ago


BUT, that will, as always, be TOMORROW
Some will say tomorrow never comes, just ask James Bond. But we in SFI tomorrow is always a much-awaited day for it brings so many surprises, new announcements, new changes, new PSA, new CSA, new Rewardicals, new winnings, and
new HOPE!

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I Love To Procrastinate, How About You??? in Team Building #Getting Started #Team Building

12 hours ago


Namaste! Do you know you're my very first friend in SFI, Sanjeev of India? When I joined I had no clue whether people here are real or virtual!

Good to see you, too! I know you've been procrastinating for so long whether to come back to the Forum or not!
Know what? There's one thing in SFI I don't put off for tomorrow, and that is doing the Daily To-Do! Come hail or high water, rain or shine, sick or not, I'll find a way to do my Daily tasks!

Thanks for adding a new word to my Indian vocabulary! I thought Baba is baby, you know everytime the Unstoppable Pamela would call Bruce, she calls him "Bruce Baby"! So that's just about correct, eh?

When Bruce disappeared for a while everyone missed him, now he's back we can't get enough of him. So see you tomorrow, and the day after, and after that, with your own brand of witticism and very dry humour

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I Love To Procrastinate, How About You??? in Team Building #Getting Started #Team Building

19 hours ago

Love procrastinating, Bruce, when faced with a problem, I'll think about it tomorrow, ala Scarlet O'Hara, if solution is not found instantly! Saves my sanity all the time!

B- Believer in the Forum, always Blessing everyone
R- Respectful of opinions of others whether he agrees or not
U- Useful comments and tips-giver
C- Colourful posts all the time that gives everyone a Chuckle
E- Ever-loving, ever-helpful, ever-playful and everything in between!

H- Help! I've run out of adjectives!

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Class Cash Winner :) in Getting Started #Contests #Getting Started #Leadership

21 hours ago

I meant to add this, but post was already submitted and unable to edit.

"In much the same way we're notified when any member has entered the contest and we're encourage to contact them."

It's just a sort of follow up notification on the part of SFI, especially if one's PSA is a winner.

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Class Cash Winner :) in Getting Started #Contests #Getting Started #Leadership

21 hours ago

Thanks, Tanja. I'm aware of the notifications on Alerts for those who enter the contest. I'm just wondering if sponsor/s or team leader/s are also notified if a member wins so that we're updated too.

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Class Cash Winner :) in Getting Started #Contests #Getting Started #Leadership

22 hours ago

Hi Ray,

As Joe as mentioned, there IS a privacy concern. We certainly don't want to put our affiliates in peril!

We also didn't create a winners list because...

1. Class Cash was only a test, we didn't know if we'd keep it going for more than a month or two (and now it looks very much like we will be discontinuing it because it's simply not getting results).

2. There has been so much controversy about offering incentives to join and, hence, appearing to attract affiliates that have no interest in SFI, only interest in the incentive. So, we really wanted to downplay it...and having a winner's list was just going to create the dynamic we were trying to avoid.

Hi, Gery.

Thank you for your timely comment! I am also wondering how long it will last!

Once in a while a new PSA in my team would enter in the Class Cash Program, and I would follow it up by encouraging to follow procedures for a chance to win the $250 cash. Yet, among the hundreds of new sign-ups that join my team, only one or two dared to join!

I did have one very happy PSA last year who claimed to have won it in October and was asking how to claim it. He has not responded after I advised him to check if he's got the winning number, but he's been logging in and earning VP until November. Before that he was complaining about his device...I now wonder whether he has totally lost use of his device or is unable to access the internet. I just don't know as my messages are not responded to. He logged once in January, but that was all. I hope he gets my latest message.

But still it shows that the program is attracting new people but because result of winners are not announced, new members are really sceptical about it. I understand about the privacy and the need to downplay it, but if there's a winners' list accessible only to the team leaders whose member/s are winners then we can have something to show to encourage participation. I'm still wondering about my PSA who said he won last October. Or did he?

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Just my thoughts, tips or advice, whatever you call is... in Miscellaneous #Team Building

2 days ago


Thank you! Just writing from the heart, no more no less! Edifying is much more easier to do than crucifying, don't you think?

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Why Extra Free VP's Are A Problem in Miscellaneous #Compensation #Team Building #VersaPoints

2 days ago

Hi, Phil,
To paraphrase the words of the late US President John F. Kennedy:
"Think not what SFI can do for you, think what you can do for your own business."
Have a lovely day!

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Just my thoughts, tips or advice, whatever you call is... in Miscellaneous #Team Building

2 days ago

Hi, Ria,

I can sense a bit of bitterness in your words, and I agree with Sead's observation of your analysis of the Forum.
You know, you have shown a lot of maturity and wisdom in your posts since you joined the Forum.

Don't take anything personal here, OK? Always remember the fundamental principle of SWSWSW - Some Will, Some Won't understand SFI and most of what others are writing about, So What? One has a choice to ignore or to read and respond.

Love your new photo, but you do look so serious...what happened to the cheerful and fun-loving Marilyn C? Smile, and the world smiles with you! Lighten up ... you don't want to look old before your time

I miss the carefree and laid-back way you write about yourself and your experiences which resonated with me as I do have an irreverent streak and cheeky ways sometime I find hard to contain when reading some amusing posts that entertains and makes my otherwise boring day!

It's quite easy to just ignore repetitive posts and move on, at least I can control my emotion and feeling and not be subjected to things I cannot control. We have so many things to worry about and that is to reach the next level by doing productive actions and looking for new people who will be great partners for us to work our way to DTL!

Have a nice day!

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No Works, no Rewards! in Inspiration/Testimonials

2 days ago

Hi, Oswald,

What a refreshing post!
The title of your thread has resonated well with me, as I've been at pains at teaching my team about "No work- no Help" and the importance of working hard and achieving, and what it can do to one's self-respect and self-belief as giving empowerment is much better than charity.

Keep up the good work! Rewards come in different forms!

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Forum post and Etiquette- What we have forgotten in Miscellaneous #Getting Started #Leadership

2 days ago

Hi, Leon,
With due respect to your valued opinion and to your high rank, your comment is very intriguing. I had no intention of jumping in and post a comment to add more fuel to the fire, BUT, I will really appreciate it if you can explain more about what you mean with "unproductive wordsmith" and "professional victims."

You also wrote: "I wish I had a complete answer to this overall issue, but overcoming and changing human nature is not a productive use of time. The only answer I can think of is the system. How do we focus 100% on helping Affiliates move forward? How do we weed out the unproductive wordsmiths? This forum is private property so what do we do?

So the system needs to be fixed in order to weed out the unproductive wordsmith? I hope this doesn't give Gery a huge headache!

I agree with you on focusing 100% on helping Affiliates move forward and be more productive, but how to weed out unproductive wordsmith? Is it even fair? Imagine an SFI with only leaders and no followers because followers who are unproductive wordsmith and professional victims have all been weeded out- what a boring place of business this will
be! The people who agreed that SFI is not for everyone will now rejoice as the Forum is now free of people who don't belong.

Are you advocating affiliates to just work hard and don't open their mouths or post to ask question and directions? I've noticed, too, there are many well-educated affiliates who love to write and share their word prowess here that helps with learning new English words or phrases to add to the scant knowledge of English for many who come from non-English speaking countries, or those with less education. I had to check my dictionary and the Thesaurus to look at the meaning of the word "minutiae" (plural of "minutia" meaning a small or trivial detail.)
The author of the thread that was posted recently chose to use that word, instead of the more common word "trivia" -
Is this the work of a wordsmith?

I hope my post won't get reported, I'm just voicing my opinion, like everybody else is doing. The opinions expressed here are mine alone and I take full responsibility for writing it.

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Last Post in Australia

2 days ago

Hi, Mick!

So really nice of you to drop in while you're in McLaren Vale! I have many more different tea bags i my pantry and you'll get to sample them all the next time you're in SA. Thinking of serving a good bottle of wine from McLaren Vale or Barossa Valley with the crows!
Bob was delighted to see you too, been meeting with local ladies lately and he feels a bit outnumbered!LOL!

@Betty S.
@Beth M.
Looking forward to our next meeting! I feel a bit more alive since arriving in South Australia and know there are real SFI people here, with the same dreams, goals, and aspirations to make SFI business works the same way people from other parts of the world are trying hard to do.

(Please, Mods, let us have our own little local meetings and help us spread the word about Localvantia! We do need every little support we can get as we're so very few here and I'm new in the area. Help us to help you make Localvantia a winner in our area. Give us a bit of freedom to meet and support each other here. Thank you!)


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Last Post in Australia

4 days ago

Because of what recently happened to our postings re localvantia, I see no reason to continue coming here in our Sub-Forum when we can go to the main Forum. And there's just you and me and a few others who visit and it seems we're breaching some rules about meeting locally and unwittingly crosslining....

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John Shorey Birthday in Recognition #Sponsor

5 days ago

Happy Birthday, John Shorey! You're a very lucky one! We'd love to see your post too, to thank Anthony for his thoughtfulness.

(I thought it's no longer fashionable...we do send birthday greetings to our team, but very rarely from our PSAs to us sponsors.
Would be nice to get one too when my time comes.....if that time comes.)

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What are your SFI money-making tasks? in Team Building #Getting Started #Sponsor #Team Building

5 days ago

Hi, Ma Leticia!

The DTL Plan makes it really easy and simple to understand the 5x5 principle of duplication.
Yet, finding just those 5 people within our network to work with is the biggest challenge. It's like looking for a needle in a haystack, these 5 people are well hidden underneath!

The money-making tasks are outlined in the Launchpad, the Daily To-Do being the basic tasks we have to master and do everyday, yet, so many still find it hard to stick to it for reasons known only to them.

Stressing too much on making or not making any sales at the moment due to the many new changes happening, will only make us depressed. There are many money-making ideas in SFI, and sky's the limit if one is inclined to focus on money.

To answer your question:
I keep it simple- I do the SFI BASICS. Achieve my daily, weekly, monthly and long-term goals which my team can easily duplicate. Then I invest in sponsoring using my monthly commission, 50% of sign-ups from Builder Bundle and other sources go to Opti-Build, and giving incentives and rewards to deserving members to make them feel valued and appreciated.

Building a solid foundation is very important to me as a strong, independent, and profitable team will stand the test of time, so that my success in duplicating myself will happen, following the DTL Plan.

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S.O.S Need Some Fresh Posts & Replies-Will You Help? in Getting Started #Getting Started #Team Building

5 days ago

Why the S.O.S., Bruce? I see no pending post that requires a helping hand.
Are you running out of your special quizzes? Hmmmm?
Psst....am thinking of posting a thread on colours....now will that interest anybody no matter how colour-blind one is? LOL!

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Entering Unstoppable Contest in Getting Started #Compensation #Contests #Getting Started

6 days ago

Hi, Oluwole,
I'm not the President and Founder, but may I help you?
The Unstoppable Contest is presently "in hiatus" (or a break) and maybe Gery, the President and Founder, will announce something in relation to it as there have been a few queries about it.
Please be patient.
Have a lovely weekend!

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I just dove in! Saw a good thing and did a back flip. in Getting Started #Getting Started #Leadership #Team Building

6 days ago

Hi, John,
Most of us when faced with choices of either joining in and get active, (dipping our toes to check the temperature of the water), or not seeing the opportunities being offered free by SFI because it requires lots of reading, learning, applying, and heaps of perseverance, patience and commitment, and most of all hard work (will remove our toes in the water fearing its depth and the sharks that lurk underneath and our ability to swim is questionable).

Predictably, most will do the latter.

But you're one in a million who hit the water blindly and bravely took courage to swim back and start from the beginning!

The support you get from members of the Forum is worth its weight in gold...so continue to mine it and give back when you have enough for others to benefit.

Very best wishes for a very successful SFI business!

Have a lovely weekend!

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You are the Greatest!!!$$$ in Getting Started #Getting Started #Leadership #Team Building

6 days ago

This is the best rahrah piece ever written about SFI and written by you. Bruce!
A Must Read!

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Last Post in Australia

7 days ago

Hi Locals!

Seems it's the last post for our Sub-Forum. See you all the Main Forum! Nice to have met a few. Thank you for having welcomed me to your State.

Good luck on your business, and keep going!

And keep well!

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Mr President Gery Carson in Ask Gery

10 days ago

Happy 19th Anniversary at SFI, Cap'n! I thought you're writing a valedictory address!
Great to have you around!
Olive Oyl...

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Who Is Your #1-Off-Line Team-Builder, Bar None! in Team Building #Getting Started #Team Building

10 days ago

Gliceria P- Gliceria's computer went down for a few minutes & she wanted to be sure she conveyed the following:
G = Gold Color I Truly Love
L = Love that dark, glistening Gold
I = I can't wait till my True Color shows up
C=Color, Color Everywhere
E=Even Dream about my Gold Color
R=Rewardicals should be Golden
I=I can't stop thinking of Gold
A=Alloys are Alloys- & Gold is Gold

P=Please, please, Give me my Gold.

(Gliceria, - Sorry, the Devil made me do it, haha. Bruce Harper

The devil? Go and confess your sins to Rev. Randy!