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Andrew A.

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Here Is Gift Certificate-Only Use To Boost Rank!!! in Getting Started #Getting Started #Team Building

3 hours ago

Maybe tell them something like this:

Attn: Affiliate Name

I have just sent you a gift certificate for ________ dollars and would love to see it become a part of your growth strategy.

In saying that, there are two kinds of growth, long term and short term. On the short term you can buy t-credits and use them to gain your _______ Rank this month. Those credits can then be used to play Eager Zebra games or bid in Price Benders Auctions. You can also choose from the thousands of items on TripleClicks as a personal reward for doing a great job and collect a smaller amount of VersaPoints toward your rank but have something you can show for your efforts.

In the long term and I hope your plans are to be with us for the years to come I would highly recommend using these few dollars to secure PSA, PRM, or a mix of the two. With a Personally Sponsored Affiliate or PSA you gain duplication in your business, a person you can help flourish much as I am helping you and can earn matching VP from for the rest of your lives. With a PRM you can earn immediate and sometimes long term commissions and you also keep 100% of the VersaPoints they don't get being non affiliates and get 1 Rewardical Token for every 10 they earn for life.

Regardless of how you spend them I am investing in you because you are a hard worker who has shown me the willingness to succeed. Here is to your years of success.

Andy Zeus Anderson

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SFI ID in Suggestion Box

11 hours ago

Every Ad you ever place including safelist and traffic exchanges will require you to share this ID even with a tracking or masking service. Without a password you can not hack the account so if it is a concern choose a long password with upper case, lower case, numbers, and symbols all used. In my years of SFI Service I have never been hacked because I use strong passwords with my tracking ID.

Andy Zeus Anderson

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Regular buys in Getting Started #Auto-Delivery #Getting Started #Sales

8 days ago

Vitamins, cleaning supplies, food items, hair care essentials, aromatherapy oils, tea, or other consumable items.

Andy Zeus Anderson

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Rewards in Compensation #Rewardical

9 days ago

You could not turn MRP into cash via Bitcoin, you couldn't directly exchange it to Versapoints, you could not earn it offline, you could not shop online without being on TripleClicks and earn it and the list goes on. MRP was mostly used to buy single t-credits where Rewardicals are used for PSA, PRM, and CSA, VP, Bitcoin, soon Collectible Silver and so much more. MRP was nowhere near as valuable and the boost to the Executive bonus Pool means a lot of money as your active team grows. Even if it's just .oo6 cents a share.

Andy Zeus Anderson

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This Week's Team Mail - Aiming for Success instead of the Minimum in Compensation #Compensation #Leadership #Rewardical

9 days ago

The secret is almost always in the follow up, mostly how soon you grab their attention and showing them how simple it can be to run this business. I have over 400 on my front line though and have 2 perennial BTL, another who made it to EA this past month and a bunch of people working hard to generate sales so they too can make it to EA soon. What is frustrating is the turnover more than the prospecting because my results are around 4% conversion on 400+ leads or PSA which is higher than the industry standard 2% conversions.

The stress we put on ourselves is mainly because we see every PSA we get instead of just the movers so we think we are doing worse than we should but the fact is most of us are doing far better than we realize. As to where to get the best recruits it's social media networking and I don't just mean Facebook or Twitter. I use Forums and smaller networks as effectively if not more so than Facebook where there are often a thousand people fighting for the same person's attention.


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How will I connect 'RECA'? in ECA Program #ECA #Sales #TripleClicks

10 days ago

For most of us when you sign up as a free member it will add you to our newsletter mailing list just like being connected on SFI, just check your e-mail inbox instead for sales and notices.

Andy Zeus Anderson

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Buy products from TripleClicks with free Rewardicals in Sales #Auto-Delivery #Rewardical #Sales

10 days ago

Andy, what about the consignment option in Rewardicals? Do you think that could help those former ECAs with left-over inventory who are not yet able, for one reason or another, to get an online store up and running?

It's definitely possible in fact I think that is the idea behind the program is to help companies liquidate excess inventory but at last I heard the program guidelines were not yet completed so they are only reviewing proposals instead of actually ready to take products. I asked about the ability to offer digital gift certificates from my store and possibly work out similar for my website hosting business. I can see both of these as potential avenues for increased revenue.

Andy Zeus Anderson

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Registering merchanta under localvantia or the ECA program in Ask Gery #ECA #Localvantia #Marketing

10 days ago

Mobile merchants are best done based on a website instead of a physical location like required by Localvantia. Regardless they are less of a fit than a physical or existing online business so it may serve you better to enroll the marketplace instead of the vendor or have them registered for a regular location where they can give days and hours if they have such on Localvantia. I know such businesses as contractors, handy men, mobile power wash units are mobile and the process for these is to register their home base and have them list their mobile numbers etc.. Listing can say Mobile service only.

Andy Zeus Anderson

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Investing in Team Building #Marketing #Sales #Team Building

10 days ago

How do you know they are not?

The best investments are in advertising which can be bought anywhere, not just on TripleClicks. There is also sweat equity investment where you work hours when you have no cash to invest. I think you mean buy things so you get a commission and that may never happen. Instead focus a majority of your time and investment on recruiting Personally Referred Members who are here to shop and play games and you will be earning commissions faster. Affiliates are often broke and looking to make money not spend it.

Andy Zeus Anderson

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What is ETL in VersaPoints #CSA #ECA #Marketing

10 days ago

MRp no longer are used by SFI and are being redeemed out because they are being replaced by Rewardical Tokens. Please read your SFI Newsletters on your Alerts Tabs and at news.sfimg.com, they also come to your e-mail inbox so that you have no reason to not stay up to date with recent changes.

Andy Zeus Anderson

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I want to be fully aware of everything, every moment in ECA Program #ECA

11 days ago

Once you come online into Alert page and forum you will be aware of everything first hand.
Do you mean you prefer the ECA to give more discount. For now Rewardical you may chat with them direct before any purchase if I am not wrong.
I hope I answered your question correctly.
Have a great day.

Thanks for your reply.
I do not think I should pay anything for $30, if I can buy it online for $10
That's what I think.

OK you said drop shipper and you are actually talking fake dropshippers who buy at say Amazon for a retail price and then mark it up 200-300% and look for suckers. These people shouldn't even be allowed in a self respecting business. Buy wholesale, charge no more than 120% of MSRP and focus on value and service to build a legit business, don't just price gouge people who are not smart enough to comparison shop.

Andy Zeus Anderson

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How do i get Rewardicals from localvanitia store? in Suggestion Box #Rewardical

11 days ago

You will have to follow instructions on the Localvantia site. Join the site, find your merchant, make a claim, scan a copy of your receipt. Once the merchant verifies the purchase the Rewardicals are then added to your account.

Amdy Zeus Anderson

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Is SFI really meant good for me? in Miscellaneous #CSA #PSA #TripleClicks

12 days ago

When those things set you back do you get better and move forward? If yes then SFI is great for you as this happens in any business but SFI helps you grow through the tough times and into prosperity.

Andy Zeus Anderson

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Mr President Gery Carson in Ask Gery

12 days ago

Happy 19th Anniversary TSPC, that's a long time to not have fights and squabbles so I am sure those bruises of experience are worth every ounce of blood given. I know people and I know you and Gery have big dreams for the same cruise ship and always seem to find a common ground where common sense prevails.

Here's to the next 19 years.

Andy Zeus Anderson

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How to go EA? in Getting Started #Auto-Delivery #TCredits #VersaPoints

14 days ago

Promote ECA and TripleClicks direct products for sale to non affiliate members called PRM or Personally Referred Members. When non affiliates make a purchase such as buying t-credits to play Eager Zebra games or Price Benders Auctions you not only earn a cash commission, but you also keep 100% of the Versa Points they would have earned had they been PSA or Personally Sponsored Affiliates.

You can promote this action through direct product promotion, through promoting your Pricebenders and Eager Zebra gateways, or by signing people up for free Rewardical Rewards Tokens accounts using your invite code and the www.easyrewards247.com address. This in turn will also help you earn Rewardicals which convert into things like Gift Certificates, and Versa Points, Bitcoin, and PSA, PRM, or CSA and more. Take every opportunity to be a seller and you will find yourself never having to buy anything you don't want or can't afford.

Andy Zeus Anderson

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What's Your Check-List For $uccess? in Getting Started #Getting Started #Marketing

15 days ago

Every morning I check that I have a strong mind, and learn something before I even eat breakfast.

After breakfast I get active and ensure a strong body even if it is out of shape and battered due to recent health issues that exist.

I then try to tell at least 10 truths about myself, my business, and my family before lunch so I am reminded a true heart is a pure path to a business worth having.

At several times a day, at random and not on schedule, and in solitude, not show and tell style I connect with God's grade and renew my faith in his power and my ability in him to succeed is as strong as ever.

By the end of the day I will have achieved strong mind, strong body, true heart, and faith. The 4 cornerstones of success.

Andy Zeus Anderson

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New PSA sign up in Getting Started #CSA #Getting Started #PSA

15 days ago

1st it is NOT A BONUS. it is a CONTEST. It states up front that only 1 person joining that day will win the $250. Once inside if they follow the steps being laid out for them they will learn the things needed to make sure they are still eligible on day 30 in SFI when the drawing is held and the prize is awarded.

Still if they are only here for the drawing they are not in it for a business in the first place and in most cases will be worthless to you. In that regard I have never liked this contest as too many look at it as guaranteed money and too many more join only for the chance to win which gives existing affiliates false hop of a conversion coming out of a bad relationship that is simply not meant to be.

Andy Zeus Anderson

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Affiliate Can Only Give Time Or $$ to SFI - What's Best? in Team Building #Getting Started #Marketing #Team Building

15 days ago

Time can replace money but money can never fully replace time. Money can not learn, money can not spot opportunitites to increase it's own ROI, to gain better conversions, and it can not training and sponsor recruits for you. If you have to choose one or the other you need to learn, grow, support, and manage your business all of this requires time not money.

Andy Zeus Anderson

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Sponsor not taken Opti builder in Team Building #PSA #Sponsor #Team Building

15 days ago

Kumar you are doing it wrong.

Opti-Build is not about what our sponsors can do for us, it's about what we can do for the people we sponsor to build our downlines to the fullest and nothing else. It's nice when you can get downline PSA from it or make it to Designated Diamond, but the main point is to help others in your team become more.

Andy Zeus Anderson

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How many VersaPoints can be achieved in Spin and Win? in VersaPoints #Contests #Getting Started #VersaPoints

17 days ago

If you are looking for your 1500VP to become a Executive Affiliate contest prizes and games are not likely to get you there as Hundreds of thousands of affiliates are competing on SFI contest and millions of Zing Network members are competing on TripleClicks Games with you. Winning VersaPoints is fun but earning them is worth it's weight in gold as they come in a limitless supply when you earn them.

Andy Zeus Anderson

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Soonerflash Selection in Miscellaneous #Compensation

17 days ago

Between yesterday and today I spent too much time in the auctions and while I didn't win one I have some bright and shining PSA and PRM's to show for it. Rewardicals are AWESOME!!!

Andy Zeus Anderson

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Can my PC be used for both Registration and Confirmation in Ask Gery #Localvantia #Rewardical

18 days ago

They have to have a computer and be computer literate because they need to log in and confirm sales, issuing Rewardicals and pay their bill for those issued. You are looking for legitimate business owners on the cutting edge not those scared to try new things and backwards on technology.

Andy Zeus Anderson

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Rewardical ECA vs My Products Collections in Marketing #Marketing

19 days ago

Product collections and TripleClicks promotion don't work for us anymore but by promoting Rewardical you put our search results a few clicks away from millions of customers so please promote your Rewardical invite code. BTW some of us do offer affiliate programs allowing you to capture the best of both worlds. Refer a Rewardicals member and show them where you shop for immediate rewards.

Andy Zeus Anderson

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This Week's Team Mail - Aiming for Success instead of the Minimum in Compensation #Compensation #Leadership #Rewardical

20 days ago

Last e-mail I sent was a bit of information on Rewardicals.

It seems in the forum there is a lot of confusion as to how Rewardicals are changing the landscape with many complaining over the loss of MRP they would exchange for 1 t-credit worth 102 VersaPoints (VP) to make Executive Affiliate each month.

While EA does qualify you for shares of the TripleClicks Executive Bonus Pool that income is only around 71 cents on 1500 VP each month. At that rate, it will take you half a year to qualify for just one payment slightly over $20 USD. I call this doing the minimum because it really is the minimum and real earnings don't start until you have actually earned a team leader rank.

Notice I said earned and not bought a team leader rank.

See earning a Bronze Team Leader rank requires a minimum of 5 team members in your first tier downline we call PSA or Personally Sponsored Affiliates and earning 3,000 VersaPoints for the month.

Again this is the minimum and many buy their way to BTL to achieve the rank and get a more prestigious badge but what is a Team Leader if all 5+ PSA are inactive and you are only earning around $1.40 a month on a cost closer to $60 a month?

With no active PSA, you have no Matching VP and your Executive Bonus is the same as being an Executive Affiliate.

Earning your rank is easier than you think.

A prime example would be an affiliate who refers just one PRM who likes to play auctions each month and buys a 200 t-credit bundle every month for auto delivery. For the sale, you earn $8.86 a month in commissions plus since the member is not an affiliate you keep the 1661 Versa Points they would have earned.

Selling 1 pack of 200 t-credits a month makes you an Executive Affiliate every month for free while also paying you a cash commission every 3 months of around $26.58 while you seek some active PSA. Sell two packs of 200 t-credits a month and you make double that and get paid every 2 months. It also makes you a BTL once you have 5 PSA.

Surf for 300 credits a day in 5 traffic exchanges will give you a minimum of 45,000 visitors to TripleClicks and SFI every month. Your Zing Network Referrals in a good exchange happen around 0.5 & 2 signups per thousand visitors sent. That is up to 90 new referrals a month if you work hard and stick with it.

Want another free way to get VP, PRM, or PSA make sure to read up and promote Rewardical and the Rewardical ECA Program. Check all alerts on the Alert page when you log in and follow the links on the official news blog for related articles on Rewardicals. I won't add length to this already long post with the dozen or so links. Log into www.sfimg.com to get the scoop on Rewardical and the Rewardical ECA Program.

I apologize for the long message this week but it's full of training so I hope you won't mind.

Andy Zeus Anderson

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26 of 44 - With Just 3 Days Left - and No MRP in Miscellaneous

20 days ago

I would never call it success to have an empty rank worth little to no money because it was easy or free but too many do whine and cry over not having this ability to do the minimum and call it a success. I love the new Rewardicals, it is cutting down the mental obstacles blocking true success. Now instead of the minimum we all must give our all to be a real success.

In answer to the original post: If the member focuses on selling TripleClicks products they keep the VersaPoints so they may not need to buy anything to achieve rank each month. This makes the prospect of buying PRM in the Rewardicals exchange one of really high value.

Andy Zeus Anderson