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Gursharan k


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Question in Ask Gery #PSA

2 days ago

There is a saying " what you sow so you reap". What you do, you set an example for your downline, we can't expect them to spend money if we don't do ourselves.Any business whether online or offline needs money to grow,we all know.So we need to cut down some of our expenses on daily basis to save littlebit to grow our business, rest is, to be patient and consistent with what you are doing.You don't loose your PSA's but try not to loose your CSA also. Good Luck

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Effective Email As a Marketing Tool in Marketing

7 days ago

I have started using email as a marketing tool using the text ad from SFI only but want to know how to write effective subject to draw attention and also if there is any other content that could be added to the that Text ad