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Pre registering for the Localvantia program in Miscellaneous #Localvantia #Marketing

1 day ago

What type of shop are you registering? There are many reasons that a pre-registration might be rejected. Maybe it is not a good or clear sign of what the location is. Or the address cannot be figured out by google geolocator. Or the address is strange.
When Localcantia first started I pre-registered a location and the address had, "121/23" as the house number. It was rejected because of the "/". I wrote SFI support and explained that the 121 is the block number and the 23 is the house number and they fixed the problem so now these addresses are accepted.

Another time every thing seemed right so I took a screen shot of what I put in for an address, sent a Support Ticket in and attached the screen shot. Support fixed the problem and passed the pre-registration for me. I suggest you take a screen shot of your input page and send it to support and ask, what is wrong.

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Lets go fishing in Marketing #Marketing #Sales

12 days ago

The process of catching new prospects, also known as a sales funnel or pipeline, is the process in which you get customers coming back for more and more of what you offer. 

Before the Internet, an example of this process would have been a local newspaper ad that included a phone number and then a salesman followed up with anyone who called the number. Today, that may work, but other things work a lot better.

There are way more than a million ways to build process to get new prospects and many marketing experts will tell you they have their own 'secret formula,' I don't think there is a formula, but there are some principles that everyone should consider in order to build your customer base.

As with any process there is FORM and FUNCTION. FORMs change but FUNCTION often remains the same. In the internet world here are the FUNCTIONs you need. The exact FORM may vary depending on your skills and your Audience.

1. The Bait
You need something to draw in a prospective customer. The Bait varies based on the "Fish" you wish to catch, but you always need Bait. With that bait you capture their information, specifically an email address. Why email? It's still the most effective way to follow up with someone. The bait should be enticing and free, offering something in return for their information such as an ebook, workshop, training class, report or how-to guide.

2. Advertise the Bait
After creating the bait, you got to get it in the water. The best bait in the world will catch nothing if it is not in the pool of prospects. This doesn't have to be a complex advertising strategy. It could be as simple as a dedicated web page or you can build an opt-in email campaign.

3. A Thank You Page
After the prospect submits their name and email address, you have a short window of time to tell them something. Be sure you tell them, thank you. 

Setting up a thank you page is one of the most underused techniques. To get the most out of the page, determine what you want the prospect to do or buy, such as join your Facebook group or purchase one of your low-cost products.

4. Send an Email
Stats tell us that 80 to 90 percent of people who opt-in to receive a free gift won't pay attention to a thank you page. But 10 to 20 percent will take action and if you're selling something good, you'll create significant income.

The people who ignored the thank you page altogether need to get an email. Since you've captured their email address, go ahead and send them useful content to begin building a relationship. It brings the prospect back to you. If they perceive value, they stay with you.

5. Generate Traffic
Any customer acquisition process needs some sort of traffic, meaning the process should be filled with people. The FUNCTION is get traffic, the FORM varies. 

For a Store in a Mall the FORM is foot traffic, location, location, location. 

Online the FORM is a variety of ways such as social media, Google searches, and paid ads. 

Utilize email signatures, the back of business cards and even podcasts, webcasts, facebook live, youtube video as part of the acquisition process.

Getting prospects can seem intimidating with all the advice out there, but it isn't as bad as it seems. Create the bait, the page to advertise it in exchange for an email, a thank you page with some sort of offer or call to action, and an email series that keeps them engaged. 

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10 vp a day in Getting Started #VersaPoints

14 days ago

I agree with you this is an excellent post. So much opportunity is being missed because of 1 or 2 missed actions. In a month, or in a year, how much is lost? How many VP? How many chances to win? How many free CSAs? TCredits? MRP? All prizes from the Daily Grand. Don't miss what would be yours.

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What is the Secret? in Ask Gery #Contests #Sponsor #Team Building

17 days ago

There is no secret.

Success of almost every kind has no secrets. It is usually some people consistently and persistently doing what others just do not want to do, or do not believe they will succeed if they do it. So it is an issue of faith, or determination, but it is no secret.

As many have referenced all ready the info links for Forum Guru status have been given. I like Gery's Rules to Success. It is a very accurate name - it is not secrets to success. Success has some specific characteristics, but it is no secret.

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What are the benefits attached with these message. in Miscellaneous

21 days ago

This is an Excellent and Important question. It plays a big part of my business strategy. First I play to win. Once I reach the maximum bids I want to make I play to lose. Okay, say with Silver75 bundle. I play to win for 75 bids. Then I play to lose. If it is a busy auction I bid like crazy, try to make it 300-400 bids. Then I lose and buy it. Now say I bid 375, what I get is;

1. Silver
2. 75 TCredits of the pack
3. 37 spins in the Bid and Build, so a minimum of 3 to 4 PSAs.
4. 375 VP
5. And your 375 TCredits back.

It is very very valuable. Use this as your bid strategy.

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Uses of prestige domain in Getting Started #TripleClicks

28 days ago

I made a post quite some time ago about how a prestige domain works and some ways to use them:

All a prestidge domain really does is give you a domain name that points to one of your SFI gateways. It is actually called a sub domain.

Naming them is very important. What should you name them? Well I think you should create meaningful and enticing subdomain names.

I use them whenever I place an ad where the gateway link will be visible. For example, I use it in my email signature. I use it in my social media posts. And I use it in any publications I make.

They are an excellent tool if used correctly. For full details see my earlier post.

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How can I use a Prestige Domain in Getting Started #Getting Started

about 1 month ago

The prestige domain is not a website. It is a domain that is a redirect link. When you set it up you tell the link which of your SFI gateways you want it to point to. When a prospect clicks your prestige domain he is redirected to the gateway you chose.

Once purchased, or won, it is yours forever.

To learn more see this forum post I made some time ago:

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Won a great hand in Grandmaster Poker! in Recognition #Eager Zebra

about 1 month ago

Great work, Great Game, Great Hand.

Keep up the great job.

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392 T-Time winner ! in Recognition #Contests #TCredits

about 1 month ago

Now for everyone out there at the cost to buy 2 TCredits Bill here has received a value of $1560.16. And at the cheapest price point you can buy a TCredit if you bought in volume of 125 or more (or 100 on Auto Delivery) Bill here has gained a minimum value of $227.36

If you work consistently and faithfully as Bill has done, you cannot lose in SFI.

Say Bill, how much did it cost you to play T-Time? Oh yeah folks, it is free.

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Sell Well, What women want from their Brands in Sales #Marketing #Sales #TripleClicks

about 1 month ago

Branding is important. You may think, "I can't brand myself. I am just little old me, who thinks of me as a Brand?"

Well you are wrong. You are branding, for good or ill, all the time. But are you doing it in a way that will advance your hopes and dreams?

Some people have constantly shifting brand. What is that? It is someone who is always changing their profile picture. You see, even if the numbers are small, you want everyone who sees your profile picture to recognize you immediately. They then will respond immediately in a positive or negative way. But they will not miss recognizing it is you.

If they do not recognize your brand is you, they may miss your content, good or bad, they miss it altogether. 

If they recognize your brand, and your content has been undesirable to them then they will know it is you (a good thing) and move right past your content (a bad thing). It does not matter how your content is delivered, Social media, email, blog posts, websites, or ad sites. They'll just skip it.

But if your brand is attached to meaningful, targeted and valued content your brand screams in their head, "You gotta look here". Again they read your social media post, they open your email, they visit your add, your blog and or your website. Or maybe your forum post!

What is Valued Content? Well here is an info-graphic of a survey conducted to figure that out.

As mentioned this tells us what kind of experience a woman wants to have with the content delivered by their branded partners. They want the content to be Authentic, Entertaining and delivered in story form. So tell stories, authentic ones, about your life, your experiences your products.

Sell Well.

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Atchariya, Kittichai and Porntip - Great work! in Recognition #Contests

about 1 month ago

WOW, Yesterday Atchariya and Kittichai Won Card King!!!

Today Kittichai (50 MRP) and Nid (5TCredits) won the Daily Crown!!!

We have a LINE group for our local SFI team and when Dave C. heard this he said, " Winners Never Quit & Quitters Never Win!!! Persistent action has consistent rewards." Way to work hard and make it happen guys.

It is so true. You guys are Awesome!!

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Opti-Build freeloader in Team Building #Marketing #Sponsor #Team Building

about 1 month ago

I would agree with Randy. A drought may wipe out a farmers hard work, producing no fruit. Bad seed planted in the ground would do the same. The farmer still is working his tail off.

I would suggest two things:
1. Recruit locally. Use business cards, personal discussions and meetings to recruit people locally close to you.
2. Keep recruiting and advertising.

Here is why. Number 2 because I have 1700 in my first level, PSAs and CSAs and I have 16 EAs or above that is about 1 in 100.

Of my most active, 6 are Local. Those 6 are all team leaders.

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Are you a Story Teller? in Marketing #Marketing #Sales #TripleClicks

about 1 month ago

Mary your post is a great addition to this thread and I want to mention your words above "True stories" because a few responses seemed to be concerned about "slick salesmenship". The stories we tell should always be true or contain a disclaimer that it is fiction. On occasions we may want to retell someone else's story, or fabricate a story to make a point or present a moral. Whenever this is done credit should go to the owner of the story, or it should be clearly stated this is a fabrication.

Once I was in a discussion group with several Thai students. I told a story about my dear wife Pam who passed away and some miraculous things that happened in that journey. One of the students shared a story as well and it contained some miraculous happenings.

After we both had shared several students began asking questions, when, where, who, and how. As the other story teller and I began answering, it became apparent that my story was my life and had really happened. The other story was the content of a movie that the student saw, but told in the first person.

And then one of the students said to the student storyteller, "That's a make believe story. The teachers story was real. Your story entertained us the teacher's story touched us."

Well lets just say my creds went way up that day.

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Are you a Story Teller? in Marketing #Marketing #Sales #TripleClicks

2 months ago

And do you know what is the most-often missing ingredient in a sales message? It’s the sales message that doesn’t tell an interesting story. Storytelling . . . good storytelling . . . is a vital component of a marketing campaign.
--Gary Halbert, author, marketing practitioner, copywriter

Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.
– Seth Godin, author, entrepreneur, marketer, and public speaker

The most powerful person in the world is the storyteller. The storyteller sets the vision, values and agenda of an entire generation that is to come.
– Steve Jobs

Five quick thoughts on telling stories
1. Authenticate - I am a real person
The purpose is to build relationships. To help your prospect see and feel like you are a real and a genuine person. Of course the best way to do that is to Be a Real and Genuine Person.

2. Prove your character
Include a character testimonial of you or one of your team members. The last thing a potential prospect wants is to find out that they’re working with a superficial person who will not deliver the results they promised.

3. Trouble and Success
People want to do business with people they know, like and trust. Telling both good and bad stories, successes and troubles, victories and defeats are important. We all know no one is perfect, don't pretend to be. We have all suffered setbacks but that we are still here in business, succeeding says clearly than anything Setback do not stop us.

4. Provide social proof. Include customer reviews
They give your Prospects a snapshot of what the general public thinks of your business or services. I have some really good reviews in TripleClicks. I also have some really good, bad reviews. I sometimes share them. They highlight how a customer was dissatisfied but well served into high customer satisfaction.

5. The speed and certainty of results
Provide examples and testimonies of your affiliates successes. Show that they tried other strategies for an extended period but struggled to achieve success until they found you. Elaborate on how these Affiliates achieved tremendous momentum right away after starting to work with you and on your team.

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Should you or Shouldn't you open an ECA? in ECA Program #ECA

2 months ago

No worries, there is plenty of money still to be made.

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Should you or Shouldn't you open an ECA? in ECA Program #ECA

2 months ago

How did you mess up?

Were you successful in applying and opening an ECA, but then it was closed? Or did you have trouble getting it open?

Don't be mad. Be determined. Every business has huge difficulties, huge. But every successful business person hurdles those difficulties.

I have faced my own series of problems in my ECA. I have had products that were very profitable removed due to policy changes. I have had Big purchases where I personally know the buyer, and it was denied because of fear of fraud. I have had other hurdles. These actions are taken for the good of TripleClicks, but sometimes you may feel like, "But what about me, it was not for my good." I have felt that way.

But I remember it ain't about me. It is about a global, multi ethnic, multi currency, huge business, of which I am a part. It is a business that can be managed but not controlled. A business requiring vigilance because there are no SFI police that can get the shysters and scammers out there. There are only policies that can block out the shysters, and sometimes those policies crunch down on my toes too.

It may stub my toe but it does not break my leg. It is a hurdle. I am not a shyster. I don't get mad I get determined. I scale the hurdle and I achieve my goals. And that is why I am a top 100 seller.

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Should you or Shouldn't you open an ECA? in ECA Program #ECA

2 months ago

Biljana I gave you a thumbs up. One of the most attractive things to me when I was thinking about joining SFI was the ECA program. I have a lot of experience selling online through many venues and though TripleClicks has rough patches those patches generally are to protect the system, not damage the vendor. I have had to work through a few issues but find it the best place I have promoted online.

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Should you or Shouldn't you open an ECA? in ECA Program #ECA

2 months ago

I actually entered SFI through the ECA opportunity. I have a lot of products I used to market through other means and I have found TripleClicks by far the best portal I have used both for me the seller and for the Buyer. MRP (Membership Reward Points) is a way under promoted advantage we get as a TripleClicks seller or Buyer. It is huge.

But I am also an Affiliate and I often Email an ECA with questions about their products before I promote them. No answer, no promotion. I want to be very careful to protect my reputation when I promote another's products. The more professional the ECA the more readily I promote them.

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Should you or Shouldn't you open an ECA? in ECA Program #ECA

2 months ago

I think one of the best things an SFI Affiliate can do is open an ECA. I also think one of the worst things an SFI affiliate can do is open an ECA.

Why? In answer to the best, it is a great source of consistent and growing revenue if you sell products at competitive prices online. This means you must be able to get products well below retail. You must be prepared to be in SFI for the long haul. You must actively monitor your ECA back office to quickly follow up on sales, ship the product, clear your back office orders and respond to reviews and emails related to your product.

If you are not willing to do these things opening an ECA will damage your reputation and TripleClicks reputation. An ECA that does not communicate with their customers, does not fulfill orders and ship in a timely manner, does not respond to both praise and criticism alike in the reviews and in personal emails sent makes the TripleClicks store less than reliable and that reflects poorly on all of us.

An example, I have seen with several of my ECAs after the first sale from their ECA they are wondering where is my money? They have not reviewed the ECA agreement and seen that SFI withholds payment Only On The First Sales until your sales revenue reaches $35 (I think it is $35, from memory - I didn't go back to check.) Once you reach $35.00 your earnings/profits will be transferred to your select payment option. Also dependent on your payment options, payout minimums may apply.

If you are an ECA see payment options in TripleClicks by going to
Member Center >> Account Details >> Account settings Tab

Scroll down quite a ways to see your ECA Payment Options/Minimums.

This often upsets the new ECA right from the start. Not because it is not a good policy, it is, but because they didn't read the information as they made their application.

Be informed, be prepared and your success is sure.

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Glitch in the TripleClicks payout in Sales #ECA #Sales #TripleClicks

2 months ago

(Thread was removed due to forum protocol violations, toxicity, or obsolescence)

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I need some advice how to activate my Website or Blog. in Miscellaneous #Marketing

2 months ago

I wrote a forum post a very long time ago. I wrote it to help people understand the prestige domain. Here it is:

Look at the number 1484, that means it was post number 1484 in the forum. Your post Ricardo is number 98498 many many posts have been made since I posted mine, but the content is still accurate. Give it a read.

Now are you placing the SFI marketing banner on your website? What is the name f your website? You realize that your prestige domain is not a website correct? If you read my post you will see it is a sub-domain. This is just a pointer and when you set it up it points to the SFI website (not yours) and launches one of your gateway pages. But it is SFIs website.

When you copy and paste the code where did you paste it to? and you say you hit a submit button, where is that submit button? are the answer to these two questions, your website?

Some websites except the full code, here is an example for the full code for a banner from SFI:
<a href='http://www.sfi4.com/XXXXXXXX/FREE'>
<img src='http://sfimg.csidn.com/SFIBanners/banner572.png' border='0'>

And some ask only for the URLs and do not want the full code. So they ask:
Banner URL:http://sfimg.csidn.com/SFIBanners/banner572.png
Target URL:http://www.sfi4.com/XXXXXXXX/FREE

The bold italic links are what you'd put in, including your SFI ID not the Xs.

In these cases using a prestige domain is okay but not necessary. A prestige domain is best used where people see the link itself, like on a business card or in an email signature. A prestige domain is named such because it is meant to cause others to give you prestige. You have a domain that is your very own, not a link with a bunch of affiliate numbers in it.

I hope this is helpful. If not please clarify your question with more details.

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Don't make these Mistakes in Marketing #Marketing #Sales

2 months ago

Are you saying I am too familiar with Beer Mugs? HaHa. Maybe you're right!