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I have a Rewardical Member who wants to be in SFI in Team Building #Rewardical #Sponsor #Team Building

20 hours ago


Thanks will get that to him this morning. Rewardicals being new and in light of said "something big coming" I just wanted to take the best possible steps with him. Duplication says that he most likely will do the same with others.

Thanks again.

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I have a Rewardical Member who wants to be in SFI in Team Building #Rewardical #Sponsor #Team Building

1 day ago

Anna that is good to know, thank you. I am glad that SFI corporate will be monitoring my Rewardical members.

But my latest Rewardical Member has already asked me how he can become an SFI affiliate. He has known for some time about my SFI involvement, I gave him one of my cards the other day and he signed up as a rewardical member. I just hoped it would perk his interest. Well it did and this morning he sent me an email asking. "What do I do to be an SFI Affiliate? I want to learn how to have a business online and you told me they have a lot of training material. What do I do next?" Unfortunately, I a six year veteran, am not certain of the Best Next Steps.

I just want to do it the best way for him and for SFI corporate's strategy.

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I have a Rewardical Member who wants to be in SFI in Team Building #Rewardical #Sponsor #Team Building

1 day ago

Yes it does thank you. But still not sure the best way for him to become an SFI affiliate.

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I have a Rewardical Member who wants to be in SFI in Team Building #Rewardical #Sponsor #Team Building

1 day ago

Thanks Johan, I read this article before making my post. And it seems clear that they are a PRM and thus have an ID number. But how do they find that number and can they use that in the Convert link to become an SFI Affiliate?

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I have a Rewardical Member who wants to be in SFI in Team Building #Rewardical #Sponsor #Team Building

1 day ago

My latest Rewardical Member is a local friend who wants to be an SFI Affiliate.

As a Rewardical Member will he be receiving emails about the SFI opportunity? What is the general content of those emails? Does he receive an ID number like a PRM does? Can he use this link (www.sfimg.com/Convert with that number and his Rewardical password to register as an SFI affiliate?

I just want to be fully educated to support him the best I can.

Thanks in advance.

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Using your Rewardical Referral Link in Team Building #Rewardical #Sponsor #Team Building

2 days ago

You make an excellent point , except that in social media it is supposed to be social and your friends should be just that, friends. The people I post the link above to are people I know. They are people I have invited to be my friend or accepted their friend request. Many may, but I do not accept people willy nilly. On my list for a good part I know if they are in SFI/TC/Rewardicals or not.

Now I send only about 6 such messages a day. I am not sending it to a 100 Friends.

But an excellent solution is Teresa S. and the point she makes to add "If not already..."

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Using your Rewardical Referral Link in Team Building #Rewardical #Sponsor #Team Building

2 days ago

Just got an Email:
New Rewardical member referral (Sapian Ma)!

As you should know by now, referring people to the free 25 Rewardicals can be very rewarding, both to them and you. My current Rewardical Wallet has 5811 tokens in it. And I have made several purchases of VP, CSAs and Gift Cards already. Can't wait for Silver to come available. Anyway, you'll grow your wallet fast if you refer more and more people to the 25 free Rewardicals

One thing I do is use Social Media. For example, in LinkedIn I send a message to every Work Anniversary and Birthday person (New Jobs etc. too) that looks like this:
Congrats on your work Anniversary. (or) Happy Birthday to you!
(Number) years at the job , Good work.
Here are 25 Free Rewardicals to celebrate.

(Here I place the link to my Splash Page so they get my Promo Code and the Link to use it.)
What are Rewardicals?

Then I post it to them. When it is a Facebook birthday, everyone sees it and who knows who might want to grab some free Rewardicals. When they use the splash page I receive their email and they receive 5 or 6 letters about TripleClicks, Pricebenders, and Eager Zebra games, and the value, to them, of referring new Rewardical members.

Want to refer more members to Rewardical? See:

Get your Share of the treasure:

Hope this is helpful. Hope your Rewardical Wallet is getting fat!

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14 Ways to increase your knowledge in SFI in Getting Started

5 days ago

Great list.

Love number 2. Learning is one thing, doing and teaching others helps us to make what we learn from others our very own. When we can show someone else how to do it we own it.

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Who is the audience for Triple Clicks products? in Getting Started #Marketing #Sales #TripleClicks

8 days ago

Recently I bought in TC my sons birthday gift, my daughter's birthday gift, a New Years gift for my sister in law, and something for me all using MRP. The total purchase value was 66 USD. I like to call it Membership Rewards that have real value.

I know several products that are up to 30% cheaper than Amazon. I highlight this in other Forum posts to which Ken eludes.

Just want to provide a personal example of the actual value of the membership rewards.

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Using Rewardicals to their full effect in Team Building #Rewardical #Team Building #VersaPoints

13 days ago

Thank you for your kind thoughts and words. I like that phrase "wisdom that works", if it don't make sense it wont make dollars.

And I see you are an E365 champ - good on ya!

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How do I take a Screen shot in Miscellaneous #Sponsor #Team Building

15 days ago

I also depends on what device you are referring to. Is it a Cell Phone? Tablet? iPad? Notebook? Mac OS, Android OS, or MicroSoft OS?

Cell Phone - Google you device brand and model and Screen Shot. You will find what button combination will snap a picture of your screen. Also check Google Play or iStore for free apps to take and manipulate a screenshot.

Tablets and iDevices - same as above.

MicroSoft OS - most come with a small simple program called Snipping Tool that allows you to take a picture of any portion or all of your screen and save the result as a .jpg file. This file can then be edited using something like MS Paint.

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what are some of your best ways or ideas can I used for sales? in Miscellaneous

15 days ago

There is some excellent advice offered here and I hope it helps you.

First thing I would do is email each of your upline sponsors. I checked who they are and you have some successful, capable people there. See what they are doing.

I provide my downline with specific sales training, sales tools. I provide them with promotional material for Twitter, Facebook, blogging, website. I show them how to advertise free online.

One of my PSAs has an entire TC sales training course (so good I am taking it) that he provides his PSAs. So I am sure your upline has material to help you.

From my experience in Sales (and it is similar in my PSA growth and development), but these are the specific STATS from my PRMs.

56% of my PRMs came from a purchase. They came from Purchased Advertising or Purchased Sign ups.
43% of my PRMs came from free advertising, Ads, Social Media, email, friends.

95.7% of my sales is from my Free PRMs
4.3% Of my sales is from my Paid PRMs

Note: The above information is based solely on numbers who made a purchase, not the purchase amount, and a PRM making multiple purchases is counted only once.

Last Fact:
Of the Free PRMs who made a purchase, 55% were from one source, my List Building.
45% is the accumulation of all my other forms of free advertising. And I think (IMHO) that the greater number of multiple purchases by a single PRM are also, probably, from my list building. But I do not have the Data to measure that.

Data Pool I have 3500 PRMs and I am a Top 100 Seller, so I think within a margin of error, my data is reliable.

I send out a news letter to help my PSAs with their advertising. Here is a small piece that the above data reflects to be true.

Some people think paid advertising is better than free because they paid 50$ and got 8 sign ups. But that was 8 out of 10,000 visitors. I have a free site I used and it got me 13 visitors 2 sign ups 1 EA who has been with me 13 months in a row. So tell me which is better?

A visitor a day will get you signups over time. Recently, I got a sign up for TripleClicks (PRM). He bought something already. He came from a Banner Ad I placed 8 months ago.

Another good SFI Article is:
[url=https://www.sfimg.com/Training/SpecialReports/FreeAdvertising]A Small Guide To Free Advertising
How to find and use no-cost advertising that works...[/url]
Thanks to: Johan Agren

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Using Rewardicals to their full effect in Team Building #Rewardical #Team Building #VersaPoints

18 days ago

Ah yes Robert, but consider this. In the past I won 100 VP in the daily grand. When I was new in SFI this was exciting and often put me over the top for EA or my next Rank level. Now I make rank easily each month and extra VP does not help. Now winning 300 Rewardicals gives me 100 VP, but, and this is important, I do not take all 100 VP on the same day. I do my Daily Tabs get 14 VP then buy 6 more so I have 20 and an extra entry in the DG. Giving me more chances to win more Rewardicals.

How's that idea? It is working for me.

I too save my Rewardicals for the prize of BitCoin and Silver. But I reinvest 15% into growing my business I also like the option to buy CSAs to increase earnings.

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Using Rewardicals to their full effect in Team Building #Rewardical #Team Building #VersaPoints

18 days ago

Today Manuel T. won both the Daily Grand and the BizQuiz, so let's give him a Good Cheer.

This made me think of how powerfully we could use Rewardicals to advance our businesses. Let's take a moment and think about Rewardicals vs Verse Points.

There are two big issues.
1. Rewardicals have value no matter how many you have. VP only have value when you have at least 1500 or more in a month (EA Qualified). Historically this has been the greatest barrier for a new affiliate. They can't qualify to earn without making an investment. Of course they can by selling, but they don't. And they don't in HUGE numbers. But play free games, play Daily Grand, Play Daily Crown, Play BizQuiz and you can get Rewardicals.

2. Matching your downline for residual growth/income. VP has no match value to the upline unless the affiliate is EA Qualified. Rewardicals match 10% of PSAs/PRMs no matter what, no qualifying level. Rewardicals only mach 10% and only your immediate referrals while VP match 100% 12 levels deep and CSAs.

An affiliate slow to see the SFI big picture now stays involved for the lesser short term gains Rewardicals offer. They transfer buy sooner because the Localvantia program creates a local familiar venue to earn Rewardicals. They visit the Affiliate back office to play Daily Grand to get Rewardicals, seeing things like the growth page to motivate and educate them. They visit TC to play free games to get Rewardicals, seeing product promotions, auctions and more. They learn one little thing new about SFI each day answering the BizQuiz to get Rewardicals.

Then it happens. They start to see the BIG PICTURE of SFI. They see they can buy Downline members (CSAs) using Rewardicals. They can earn more Rewardcals by recruiting their favorite local vendors. Some of those local vendors will also open an ECA, creating another revenue stream for the Affiliate. They now are increasingly comfortable in SFI They develop greater knowledge and trust, transfer buying into TripleClicks. Their VP begins to rise. They begin to qualify as EA and even Team Leader.

And all this time your business is soaring. Use Rewardicals to recuit.

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What I've Learned In My First Two Years With SFI in Miscellaneous #Marketing #Team Building

18 days ago

Excellent, truthful post. I have been here into my sixth year, and there are good things and setbacks. Good things and setbacks from me, from affiliates, and from corporate. Change even for the better requires, well change and that often can set us back. But adjust refocus and move toward the goal.

By way of encouragement, yesterday in my movers list my top 11 PSAs/CSAs had all achieved rank. It works when you work it.

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2018 Team Building Resolutions from Andy in Team Building #Leadership #Sponsor #Team Building

21 days ago

Thanks Andrew. I think I may very well take zeveral of those point as a personal challenge if you do not mind.

Did notice your absence from the forum. Very glad you're better, and back.

All the best in the Great Year Ahead.

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Stay on top of your Industry in Marketing #Leadership #Marketing #Team Building

23 days ago

When your in business you need to stay on top of industry news. Doing so I saw this: "The value of Thailand’s digital economy has swelled by 20% this year to 2.5 trillion Baht, accounting for 17% of gross domestic product (GDP), with even faster growth expected for next year say forecasters."

We are in the right business. Few sectors of the economy are growing like ours is .

The more you learn about your business and the more you do gaining industry experience, the more valuable you'll be in this growing business sector. As your value, knowledge and skills, grow you be come a valuable asset to your Team. Your Team wants you to help them. The more value we bring to the table, the more successful we become. This is what is meant by Zig Ziglar when he says, "You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want."

But how do you help people get what they want if you do not know how to get it yourself? Now is the time to LEARN gain knowledge and DO gain experience. As this sector grows in years ahead you will be a sought after asset if you know how to help other people get what they want in this business.

What do I mean practically by this? Well, are your reading the SFI Expert Reports? Here is one, Conversion Optimization In this article it talks about how to convert website visitors to prospects, and more prospects to sales-ready leads or customers. Specifically how to optimize that process.

This means if you are in real business you have a website and/or blog site, you have capture forms or Lead Capture Pages, you have a mailing program that can follow up interested people with value content. How much do you know about these things? Are you learning more about them?

It will cost money to set this up, money for hosting, money to purchase a domain, money for an Autoresponder. You will need to make these investments at some time in your career development. If you don;t think so, open the article above and scroll down to the title Here are a few common examples: and you will see what I mention here and more.

But if now you cannot invest, you must plan to as soon as possible, and in the mean time, practice using your Tracking Codes, your Hit Tracker, and your Genealogy Mailer to develop your prospects into sales?

We have an opportunity to become the Leading Players in this industry. The growth curve is turning the corner and will accelerate very quickly. Be Ahead of the Curve.

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Many of you may have noticed that I have in Miscellaneous

24 days ago

I have traveled your road, though each of our journeys are unique. My Thoughts and prayers are with you.