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$6 Lead Turns Into Millions of Dollars in Sales - Part 1 in Team Building #Getting Started #Marketing #Team Building

2 days ago

I really agree with you Robert. I want people like that on my team - But, Honestly I want to be that person.

Duplication works - we want people like Leon's gem, we need to be gems. Obviously Leon is, and Maree knows it.

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SFI is not for me!! in Miscellaneous #Getting Started #Leadership #Team Building

12 days ago

Seems a little goofy to quote myself but, I found the answer:

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SFI is not for me!! in Miscellaneous #Getting Started #Leadership #Team Building

12 days ago

Well one thing I really have liked about SFI is the ability to do it anywhere. I travel often and used to need to make all these arrangements when I had a 9-5 job in the past. Now my business travels with me.

And I am going to really like Localvantia once the database is populated with 100s and 100s of shops worldwide. No matter where you live get out and recruit new shops for people like me.

You see I am traveling to Cambodia the 18th. Dave C. one of my PSAs will be there too. And we would prefer to stay in a Localvantia Hotel, eat at Localvantia restaurants and use Localvantia tour guides, coffee shops and cell phone providers. There are a bunch of people with us. So if a Cambodian SFIer, or I guess we are Zingers now, recruited a local Hotel they would have Raked in a TON of Rewardicals from this one trip alone. Do not underestimate the earnings potential.

Speaking of that, Will there be improvements on searching for shops. Right now is there a way for me to search a location where I am going? I know I can search based on my current location, but I like to plan a head a little.

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Overpriced items in Sales #Sales

16 days ago

Quality - Price - Service

You can't have all three. As a price drops so does quality of the item and service. You need to know which is the most important thing to your customer. If you miss what is important to him, the best you will ever hope for is a single sale. But probably not even that.

Let me illustrate.

90% of customers expect service. If they do not get it, they get mad. Most all of your post points are service related items:
- safety first!
- no spam!
- refund policy!
-answer fast! I mean it!

Each of these costs money. You may not think answering fast costs money but how often have you been frustrated when a support line you call rings and rings, and then you are on hold. That support person, those phone lines cost money. You feel like it is not much, until your business starts to really take off. I spend about 2 hours first thing every day answering emails with questions, concerns, problems, looking for clearer understanding. This costs me. and as my business grows I will hire people to help me stay on top of this. Service costs money. The price is too low and you cannot or will not receive service. And if that is what your customer is expecting, well you'll have a disappointed customer.

Quality - most of us know, or worry, if it is cheap, well then it is cheap. It is knock off, used, secondhand, or will break ten minutes after I get it. You never take the lowest price.

As price goes up, quality and service can both improve. Knowing what is important to your customer helps you with your price points.

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What is the best Approach for recruiting? in Marketing #ECA #Rewardical

about 1 month ago


I am an aggressive recruiter, honestly. I have several people, friends and associates, who have websites where they sell products. I want to recruit those people to list their websites on Rewardicals. What is the best way so they can focus on getting their websites listed?

Do you have promotional emails that will bring a person focus to their objectives if we know the "Why", the answer to their Why they would join Rewardicals. My friends Why would be to get more exposure for their websites.

Here is my sample email to people who would join to specifically list their site, is this the best way to do it?

Dear Randy,
I visited your website today and liked you layout and your store. I love the Ninja theme to your site. What e-commerce solution do you use? I have 3 or 4 people looking for a good e-commerce solution for their websites.

How do you attract new customers? How do you keep good customers coming back again and again? Do you have/use a Loyalty program?

I List my site on a platform that offers loyalty rewards. Check out this article "8 Big reasons Why" you would benefit from a Loyalty Rewards program.

To list your site here is free. You only pay when Reward Points (called Rewardicals, radical rewards) are distributed to your loyal customers. In addition you too can earn and use Rewardicals, but lets work at getting your site in the network.

Once in the network your site will be getting exposure to a membership that now numbers over 8 million people.

You can sign up free here, easyrewards247.com use this promo code [My Promo] when you register and get you first 25 Rewardicals Free.

Once registered....
[This is where I get stuck]

What do I tell Randy to do to get his site registered. I was going to say:

Scroll down until you see the line: "Sellers: Boost your sales by offering free Rewardicals to your customers. Learn more" and click on Learn More.

But that would take him to "Juice your Sales with Rewardical Loyalty Program" which has this line item:

And it is already early 2018 and I am not sure what he would do next? Advice?

(Moved to appropriate topic - moderator)

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SFI: Money, ECAs, and Rewardicals-Clarification in Compensation #Compensation #Rewardical #Sales

about 1 month ago

Can we get a CSV of our Completed orders? So we can have an idea of who bought what and who might want to continue buying our products? I have 150 pages of completed orders and would like that data.

Also I have several thousand connections, or did, will we still be able to access those as a Rewardical ECA?

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ECA program moving to Rewardical.com in SFI News #Rewardical #Sales #TripleClicks

about 1 month ago

I bought a localpay license and a Tcurrency license about 2 months ago. 70USD. Since my ECA was canceled will I receive a refund?

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Getting 1500 VP a month is difficult for me so i want to quit in Team Building #Getting Started #Sponsor #VersaPoints

about 1 month ago

I think it is an excellent reply, Concise and hopeful. Not tons, but clear action. Follow up with little pieces at a time.

And in the posts in this thread are several follow-up ideas. Start a Genealogy mail series of 10 ways to earn VP to reach 1500 VP every month. Then send it out each couple days 1 of the ten.

1. Sell TC Products
2. Transfer Buying
3. Auto Delivery to grow your business (Business Builder)
4. Recruit using 25 free Rewardicals
5. Recruit ECAs to earn commissions to buy TC products
6. Recruit Local Stores into the Localvantia program and earn rewardicals Forum Post On This
7. Zlatan's link to 19 ways to earn free VP
8. Recruit people to Pricebenders
9. Use TCredits in auctions, get: VP, MRP, Bid and Build PSAs, and products Way under retail
10. Start a gaming league and recruit friends to play with you...

Do 3 or 4 of these and you'll be Team leader before you know it.

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"Older and successful members" in Marketing #Marketing #Team Building #TripleClicks

about 1 month ago

Oh, and by the way, the first time I was called old was by LinkedIn. They suggested to a Geriatrician that they connect with me. I guess the LinkedIn algorithm finds old people for Geriatricians. Any way, I replied to this connection:

Now wait a minute.... When ever someone asks to connect to me I ask, "What made you pick me?" Which I will ask you in a moment. But given your occupation I fear that LinkedIn Algorithms are suggesting me to you because I am getting old. I hope that is not the case??? Haha.

None the less, thanks for becoming my LinkedIn friend. Just curious, why did you friend me, (apart from the possibility of digital data manipulations)? What caused you to pick me?

How are you? How are you using LinkedIn in your business?

This led to more discussions related to products for Old people that are available through TC. And so we go, building our business.

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"Older and successful members" in Marketing #Marketing #Team Building #TripleClicks

about 1 month ago

Now wait a minute this is the second time I have been called old Today!! - Well, Older in this case. Ohhh our membership... I saw your excellent profile pic and said this woman is not older. Great pic, eyes focused, smiling!

I think there are two important features here to success. There are many, but two big ones are:
1. This is a real business.
2. This is my business.

With out those two there is always an excuse for your struggle. Not enough help, too much work, nothing I do works, I don't know how...

You are right we all didn't know before we learned how, but we learned and we did and today here we are. Everyone starts sometime. For me 6 years ago, for you 3+ years, for my new PSA, yesterday. The Chinese proverb (not sure that is true but go with me) says, Best time to invest (or start in our case), 20 years ago. Second best time? Today. Twenty years from now you'll be glad you did.

When I see it as a real business I work like a real business person. I learn and acquire the tools I need, I follow the market, I follow IT trends, I follow Market opportunities, I read, I study, I do, I teach. I make myself valuable to my prospects and customers. I am doing this for real. And it is my company if I do not do it, who will? If someone else did it for me, should not they receive the rewards?

I had a local guy here say to me, "Instead of Joining SFI myself, how about we partner? You know how to do all this stuff we can work together and share the profits." What that means to me is I do the work and he shares my profits. Ah, no thanks. If an affiliate wants to succeed they learn what needs to be done, how to do it and set goals, priorities and schedules to get it done. We are business people, not paid to click people.

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How can i do more VarsaPoint from To-do list in Getting Started #VersaPoints

about 1 month ago

SFI rewards you to learn with versa points. But to really earn you need to do the things that the training provides. For example. You get 5 versa points to review the Marketing Center.

Did you do that, it is worth 5 VP. Now I bet you did go to the Marketing Center and get your 5 VP already, but did you actually review the pages? If not you will probably never get more than 5 VP. But lets say you did do a good job.

You went to the Marketing Center and reviewed the marketing methods tab. Now start right from the first one, the beginning and turn each tip into a question:
1. Have you told your friends and family to check out TripleClicks at: YOUR TC LINK?
2. Have you referred friends and family to specific URLs of individual products? You can find a URL to a given product within the SFI Affiliate tab on each product's details page. Make it a goal to share with 3 people a week specific products they already use or would be interested in using.
3. Have you shared information about TripleClicks products via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social networking sites ?
4. Have you sent a TripleClicks.com E-Cards to friends and family members? Do so HERE.

And on and on. If you do these you will be making tons of VP and a lot of Commissions.

The same is true of all the Learning available. We Learn - Do - and then Earn

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Is having CSA's of any benefit for affiliate members? in Getting Started

about 1 month ago

Yes you can. You achieve EA and above without spending money by Selling TripleClicks products.

I have 3 PSAs who do not invest at all. They sell. Let me use one example. This is real life but certain facts are omitted due to Forum rules.

One of my PSAs, now is Bronze with great regularity. Name withheld per rules. She has a strategy of selling a consumable product from TC. Product withheld per rules. This product provides 999 VP and $6.00 commissions.

Month one you get one new customer (PRM) to buy. You have 999VP and $6.00
Month two you get one more PRM and the old one buys again so you have 1998 VP and $12.00
Month three you get one more PRM and the old two buy again so you have 2997 VP and $18.00

If you do your daily tasks and add that to your VP, Month one you are EA, month two EA, Month three Bronze Team Leader.

In month 10 you get one more PRM each month and the 9 old ones buy again and you have 9999 VP and $60.00 Commission. And how much did you spend?

Now she sped the process up a bit by selling one on line and buying 2 herself. But the 2 she bought she bought for 2 relatives that do not have online access. She sold them at cost and recouped her investment, but got the VP but no commission (she bought it so the commission rolled up to me).

She actually employs 2 ideas here. One is sales. The other is transfer buying. Her two relatives bought this product locally, same price, the price is fixed globally by the producer. So if my PSA did not sell what she bought but consumed it because she was already consuming it. She would be moving the cost from the local provider to her TC account. Same cost, free shipping, thus no investment just smart strategy.

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I have a Rewardical Member who wants to be in SFI in Team Building #Rewardical #Sponsor #Team Building

about 1 month ago


Thanks will get that to him this morning. Rewardicals being new and in light of said "something big coming" I just wanted to take the best possible steps with him. Duplication says that he most likely will do the same with others.

Thanks again.

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I have a Rewardical Member who wants to be in SFI in Team Building #Rewardical #Sponsor #Team Building

about 1 month ago

Anna that is good to know, thank you. I am glad that SFI corporate will be monitoring my Rewardical members.

But my latest Rewardical Member has already asked me how he can become an SFI affiliate. He has known for some time about my SFI involvement, I gave him one of my cards the other day and he signed up as a rewardical member. I just hoped it would perk his interest. Well it did and this morning he sent me an email asking. "What do I do to be an SFI Affiliate? I want to learn how to have a business online and you told me they have a lot of training material. What do I do next?" Unfortunately, I a six year veteran, am not certain of the Best Next Steps.

I just want to do it the best way for him and for SFI corporate's strategy.

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I have a Rewardical Member who wants to be in SFI in Team Building #Rewardical #Sponsor #Team Building

about 1 month ago

Yes it does thank you. But still not sure the best way for him to become an SFI affiliate.

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I have a Rewardical Member who wants to be in SFI in Team Building #Rewardical #Sponsor #Team Building

about 1 month ago

Thanks Johan, I read this article before making my post. And it seems clear that they are a PRM and thus have an ID number. But how do they find that number and can they use that in the Convert link to become an SFI Affiliate?

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I have a Rewardical Member who wants to be in SFI in Team Building #Rewardical #Sponsor #Team Building

about 1 month ago

My latest Rewardical Member is a local friend who wants to be an SFI Affiliate.

As a Rewardical Member will he be receiving emails about the SFI opportunity? What is the general content of those emails? Does he receive an ID number like a PRM does? Can he use this link (www.sfimg.com/Convert with that number and his Rewardical password to register as an SFI affiliate?

I just want to be fully educated to support him the best I can.

Thanks in advance.

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Using your Rewardical Referral Link in Team Building #Rewardical #Sponsor #Team Building

2 months ago

You make an excellent point , except that in social media it is supposed to be social and your friends should be just that, friends. The people I post the link above to are people I know. They are people I have invited to be my friend or accepted their friend request. Many may, but I do not accept people willy nilly. On my list for a good part I know if they are in SFI/TC/Rewardicals or not.

Now I send only about 6 such messages a day. I am not sending it to a 100 Friends.

But an excellent solution is Teresa S. and the point she makes to add "If not already..."

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Using your Rewardical Referral Link in Team Building #Rewardical #Sponsor #Team Building

2 months ago

Just got an Email:
New Rewardical member referral (Sapian Ma)!

As you should know by now, referring people to the free 25 Rewardicals can be very rewarding, both to them and you. My current Rewardical Wallet has 5811 tokens in it. And I have made several purchases of VP, CSAs and Gift Cards already. Can't wait for Silver to come available. Anyway, you'll grow your wallet fast if you refer more and more people to the 25 free Rewardicals

One thing I do is use Social Media. For example, in LinkedIn I send a message to every Work Anniversary and Birthday person (New Jobs etc. too) that looks like this:
Congrats on your work Anniversary. (or) Happy Birthday to you!
(Number) years at the job , Good work.
Here are 25 Free Rewardicals to celebrate.

(Here I place the link to my Splash Page so they get my Promo Code and the Link to use it.)
What are Rewardicals?

Then I post it to them. When it is a Facebook birthday, everyone sees it and who knows who might want to grab some free Rewardicals. When they use the splash page I receive their email and they receive 5 or 6 letters about TripleClicks, Pricebenders, and Eager Zebra games, and the value, to them, of referring new Rewardical members.

Want to refer more members to Rewardical? See:

Get your Share of the treasure:

Hope this is helpful. Hope your Rewardical Wallet is getting fat!

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14 Ways to increase your knowledge in SFI in Getting Started

2 months ago

Great list.

Love number 2. Learning is one thing, doing and teaching others helps us to make what we learn from others our very own. When we can show someone else how to do it we own it.

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Who is the audience for Triple Clicks products? in Getting Started #Marketing #Sales #TripleClicks

2 months ago

Recently I bought in TC my sons birthday gift, my daughter's birthday gift, a New Years gift for my sister in law, and something for me all using MRP. The total purchase value was 66 USD. I like to call it Membership Rewards that have real value.

I know several products that are up to 30% cheaper than Amazon. I highlight this in other Forum posts to which Ken eludes.

Just want to provide a personal example of the actual value of the membership rewards.

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Using Rewardicals to their full effect in Team Building #Rewardical #Team Building #VersaPoints

2 months ago

Thank you for your kind thoughts and words. I like that phrase "wisdom that works", if it don't make sense it wont make dollars.

And I see you are an E365 champ - good on ya!

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How do I take a Screen shot in Miscellaneous #Sponsor #Team Building

2 months ago

I also depends on what device you are referring to. Is it a Cell Phone? Tablet? iPad? Notebook? Mac OS, Android OS, or MicroSoft OS?

Cell Phone - Google you device brand and model and Screen Shot. You will find what button combination will snap a picture of your screen. Also check Google Play or iStore for free apps to take and manipulate a screenshot.

Tablets and iDevices - same as above.

MicroSoft OS - most come with a small simple program called Snipping Tool that allows you to take a picture of any portion or all of your screen and save the result as a .jpg file. This file can then be edited using something like MS Paint.

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what are some of your best ways or ideas can I used for sales? in Miscellaneous

2 months ago

There is some excellent advice offered here and I hope it helps you.

First thing I would do is email each of your upline sponsors. I checked who they are and you have some successful, capable people there. See what they are doing.

I provide my downline with specific sales training, sales tools. I provide them with promotional material for Twitter, Facebook, blogging, website. I show them how to advertise free online.

One of my PSAs has an entire TC sales training course (so good I am taking it) that he provides his PSAs. So I am sure your upline has material to help you.

From my experience in Sales (and it is similar in my PSA growth and development), but these are the specific STATS from my PRMs.

56% of my PRMs came from a purchase. They came from Purchased Advertising or Purchased Sign ups.
43% of my PRMs came from free advertising, Ads, Social Media, email, friends.

95.7% of my sales is from my Free PRMs
4.3% Of my sales is from my Paid PRMs

Note: The above information is based solely on numbers who made a purchase, not the purchase amount, and a PRM making multiple purchases is counted only once.

Last Fact:
Of the Free PRMs who made a purchase, 55% were from one source, my List Building.
45% is the accumulation of all my other forms of free advertising. And I think (IMHO) that the greater number of multiple purchases by a single PRM are also, probably, from my list building. But I do not have the Data to measure that.

Data Pool I have 3500 PRMs and I am a Top 100 Seller, so I think within a margin of error, my data is reliable.

I send out a news letter to help my PSAs with their advertising. Here is a small piece that the above data reflects to be true.

Some people think paid advertising is better than free because they paid 50$ and got 8 sign ups. But that was 8 out of 10,000 visitors. I have a free site I used and it got me 13 visitors 2 sign ups 1 EA who has been with me 13 months in a row. So tell me which is better?

A visitor a day will get you signups over time. Recently, I got a sign up for TripleClicks (PRM). He bought something already. He came from a Banner Ad I placed 8 months ago.

Another good SFI Article is:
[url=https://www.sfimg.com/Training/SpecialReports/FreeAdvertising]A Small Guide To Free Advertising
How to find and use no-cost advertising that works...[/url]
Thanks to: Johan Agren