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Pamela B.


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Something I've absorbed from new sign ups! in Suggestion Box #Getting Started #PSA #Team Building

7 days ago

How, many times do we have to revamp our introduction? I could say, I love the old Launch Pad, which was far less reading . Which encouraged 30 days, to complete our Launch Pad. Or I could say I love the new with far more additional reading. And so many days to officially get started.

They both directed you to our home page. bottomline, "Readers are Leaders!"

Your either interested or your not!

I must say, Scott I love your image, too.

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What's your Favorite Method? in Pricebenders #TCredits #TripleClicks #VersaPoints

9 days ago

What's your favorite bidding method & why? Answer A. B. or C.

A, Bid rescue.

B. Bid assist.

C. Bid Log-in.( just logging, clicking & bidding, randomly).

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Best Time To Use Self Discipline!!! in Getting Started #Getting Started

20 days ago

Hi, Brucy. Baby,

Did you just call me? "

Self Discipline
Self Control
Self Determination
Self Desire
Self Dedication
Self Awareness
Self Meditation
Self Achievements
Self Progress
Self Success

That's Me, Roll call, Present, Brucy, Baby,

You can deepen on Me!

You'll know me, "Unstoppable Lady!" Me, Pamela.

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Thankyou for my Birthday wishes! in Recognition #Leadership #Sponsor #Team Building

26 days ago

To Gery, "Grand Master!" & our Awesome Team,

Thank you much for the Birthday greeting, You made my day. Especially cause its a very extra special birthday, mind you they all , are!

Now to the rest of you, who's going to be the 1st to guess my age & how many of you can get it, right?

Happy Birthday, to me...

You'll know me, "Unstoppable Lady!" Me, Pamela.

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How to ensure everyone neccessary gets my new email? in Suggestion Box #Marketing #Sponsor #Team Building

27 days ago

Hi Pamela,

What I was suggesting is to do a Google query: "How to import email contacts to email @"xyz".com from digicel.blackberry.com "
OR another:
"How to export email contacts from digicel.blackberry.com"
And perhaps this one:
"How to access email from my digicel.blackberry.com with another device"
You may also want to contact digicel's support team?

Again, I hope this helps.

Hi, Harold,

I went sleep trying, to thank you again, last night but not, tonight,I'm getting it done.

Thank you, yes, I did try searching it, but I wasn't sure of the right keywords, to use. Thank you I will try again & I've bookmark, this post, OK.

Your just Phenomenal!

Thank you for being here, for me. Wish me luck in my search.

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My Suggestion for how to Input Smart Start. in Suggestion Box #Leadership #Marketing #Sponsor

27 days ago

Hi, Brain,

I tend to differ, Smart Start isn't even completely 1 day old yet, we still have a few more hours, to go.

And I'm not racing anything, OK. You posted in & were following, the original announcement, right.

Did you not read above, that Gery, "Grand Master!" Stated, He would welcome suggestions, as to how we can input Smart Start in to our Gateway List.

I'm just following protocol, & supporting, this great new Incentive for all of us & throwing my support behind it & Gery, "Grand Master!" Excellent Upgrading.

We all know if there is going to be any additions, they will have to be tweeted & studies 1st, don't we

All I'm doing is getting the ball rolling, OK.

And as for enjoying the newest greatest announcement, yet! I'm already on it & into it, can't you tell! See my post from a positive incentive view & not as a negative one, OK. I'm not asking to change any of our awesome gateways. I asking just to change a line & I know it would been in the due, time.

We in life, miss out on so many opportunities, cause we waste so much time, thinking about it & failing, it before we even check it out, don't you agree. Then what happens, yesterday is gone, we missed the opportunity sitting on it, instead of putting it on paper & putting it into action.

Smart Start is giving us all a chance, I see & think beyond, the box, like there was never any box.

We all should be rejoicing this latest alert!

All new affiliates, have double choices, to fast track in 48 hours & reap the benefits or to take their time & reap the remaining benefits. No one can beat that!

Can't you see it, the Big Picture, SFI is about to sky for each & everyone of us!

We all need to play are part & get more active recruiting & bringing even more affiliates homeward bound.

This is the time we all need to bethinking, positive, celebrating Gery, "Grand Master!" & our Awesome Teams, Upgrade & holding tight to our seats & embrace ourselves, for SFI Biggest Launch, yet!

We need to: "Trust the Process!" & make it happen, starting right now!

PS. And I never said anything was wrong with the present line. I'm just suggesting, 1 way we could possible input it, hold on to your hat.

Unstoppable Lady!" Me, Pamela. Yes! I'm dancing!

This by far, is my happiest day here. I'm just so over the moon for the incentive that's been introduced today for all new team members & every active team.

I see our futures looking awfully bright!

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My Suggestion for how to Input Smart Start. in Suggestion Box #Leadership #Marketing #Sponsor

27 days ago

To ensure your taken, to our www.joinmySFIteam.com page, please included your own SFI ID, OK, all.

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My Suggestion for how to Input Smart Start. in Suggestion Box #Leadership #Marketing #Sponsor

27 days ago

Hi, Mary,

Respect your opinion & understand your individual starting up. But did you read, the option, too?

I haven't suggested, that we change anything elsewithin our gateway list, thus far.

Have a re-look & read at for instance:

www.joinmySFIteam.com/xxxxxxxx in our gateway listings, when you do click on read more & you'll see just where, I've suggested we can input, it.

And remember, it's a suggestion.

Gery, has stated his looking forward, to our suggestions, as to how we can introduce it, OK.

And this is the 1st one, I've come up, with, thus far.

See the : GET STARTED EARNING MONEY WITH SFI NOW. That's were I'm suggesting to input it:

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My Suggestion for how to Input Smart Start. in Suggestion Box #Leadership #Marketing #Sponsor

27 days ago

I read our last alert post & replies.

I also just had a look at a few of our Gateway listing.

My 1st thought & suggestion is:

Can we eliminate in the sign up application, were it says & they click to sign in, we could change that & add in it's place:
I want to start earning money now.

We could input: "I want to Smart Start Now!"

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Goodbye Class Cash, Hello Smart Start! in SFI News #Getting Started #Marketing #Team Building

27 days ago

Hi Scott,

I like the thought. We'll discuss this idea!

Hi, Gery, "Grand Master!" & Hi, Scott,

Gery, as Promised, I went back search all the pages & found Scott's suggestion, too.

I'm loving this, too, just more proof, that great mines think alike.

Scott, check out my post, think, it's on page, 8 or 10 or both my suggestion & Gery's reply are within, them, OK.

By, the way, guys, I 2nd, this, Baby! "Bet your boots!"

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Goodbye Class Cash, Hello Smart Start! in SFI News #Getting Started #Marketing #Team Building

27 days ago

Hi Pamela,

I'm so glad to hear you like the new program!

First, see Scott's post earlier in this thread (as similar question to yours) and my response.

That said, we've very recently offered 60 free CSAs to everyone for making a nominal purchase. If they didn't bite then, not sure they'd do it now. Also, always remember this old network marketing nugget:

"It's easier to give birth than to raise the dead."

In other words, you'll probably have MUCH greater luck with new recruits than you'll/we'll ever have trying to find that one-in-a-thousand person who would give such an offer a look now. Sadly, most who've joined in the past have already and permanently written SFI off.

Hi, Gery, "Grand Master!"

Thanks for replying, so quick. Yes, I'm truly loving the new possibilities & incentive for new sign ups, again, GREAT JOB!

Plus, even the added option, is a plus, too.

Your funny, I love the above quote you chose.

Of course you'd have to be a woman & give birth, to know the difference. Some wouldn't agree with you, if you'd been in labor for 72hrs. Of course I'm being funny, now, too!

Your probably right on that! But I'm still looking at every angle for my Eagle/Eagles & I'm not taking any one of my sign ups for granted. especially because, every now & then one finally, out of the blue signs-in. Imagine that!

I just edited my welcome letter & I'm going back, now that you've replied & edit my Red Flagged, letter, too.

I was kind of hoping the answer would be yes, so I could have edited, Smart Start, in.

You know I'm always brain storming & a few steps ahead, thinking outside of the box, like there's no box.

I'll have a look at the other post, too, for your reply there, too.

But, you know me, could you have 1 last dream on it! Those dreams, work, you know what I mean.

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Goodbye Class Cash, Hello Smart Start! in SFI News #Getting Started #Marketing #Team Building

28 days ago

Hi, Gery, "Grand Master!"

I'm just loving, "Smart Start!"

This is awesome, just Phenomenal! Absolutely, Phenomenal. Big thank you to you & our entire team.

Excuse me for just logging in to this post. I got as far as page 6 & that was too many post to cover, to see if my question, already had been asked.

Mind, you I did enjoy, every sentence, in your long post. Most get upset & complain about long posts, but when their interesting & as eye catching as your one, you don't really mind & stay into it & interested, in it, before you know it, you had my attention, to the very end & that included all the questions & answers, too.

My question is:

How about all the affiliates in our downline, with zero points, If we can wake any of them up & they do get started, will they be eligible for, "Smart Start!" , too

That would surely be another plus, for team leaders who give up on them so quick, evening knowing we have a whole year, to work with & continue working at getting them on board, too.

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How do we motivate our sponsor and co-sponsor in Team Building #Leadership #Sponsor

29 days ago

Hi, Stephen,

I love your passion, for Team, your Team. Your a Great Team Leader, because you care & love conquers, all.

For me, i find my best method of communications, has been via What's app, it's free & you can reach your team, your team can reach you 24/7!

I, too, use theses in house methods:
Team mail,stream post, e-card, emails, private forum, chat... our forum...etc. And they are all good, hear me.

but you have to wait to your or your team members log-in & are online to get a response, right.

Now, for my team & I, I've allow them the added plus, the privilege of reaching me 24/7!

Most wouldn't allow this, they fell it's an invasion of their private & personal time.

But their far from being right!

As a matter of fact, it doesn't interfere with my time or my private, personal life at all! It's far more convenient, just because you don't have to log-in & be online, to reach one another.

You can, text, voice mail, send audio, SFI links, referrals for them to click on & view & you can teach them, reach them, multi tasks, more & show them far more & advance with them, quicker, one on one! I don't do groups, with them, cause, I want to work with them one on one & give them the individual attention, they should require, individually!

Why? No 2 people, work a like & we have the different languages & time factors, too. plus, i don't want any one of them getting offended, cause, some said something that was missed understood or feels, that another is favored. I treat all team members, as equal as I possibly can. Cause their all Equal, to me!

Whether, they've earned 1 point or 5000, monthly points, I find treating, your team all equal, very important & I remind them of this all the time, that they are all very important, too, me. They mean more then just business partners, cause they are humans & they are my SFI team & family, no matter what the out come.

For the last few months, I've had limited, internet access. a jacked up failing cell. I no longer had excess to my what's app. My team communications. dropped, tremendously! oh! what a difference, without the direct what's app contact!

Well all that is re-building & changing for the better! Team communications, is building back up! Were back on what's app. Think it's a joke!

Were do you find everybody, now days? On their phones & devices, even the computers & laptops are dying, too!

Try this method for team communications & try to do more advertising by reaching out to where everybody is, on their cell phones. That's What's app & that's What's UP! Rise Up!

T'm back!

"Unstoppable Lady!"

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How to ensure everyone neccessary gets my new email? in Suggestion Box #Marketing #Sponsor #Team Building

29 days ago

Hi, Ofuonyeboi,

Thanks, but I'm pretty much on top of changing my Password, after 6 years on board.

But it's my 1st time, ever changing my main email online, within my own business. I have several other active emails. But this 1 in-particular, is my main 1, for business & it's the my 1st ever email, so its been active for many years, long before, I joined SFI.

Everything, close to me, is attached to it.

Due to a complete over all & name brand in my new device. I'm unable to continue using it, cause. I won't view most of my incoming emails.

As a matter of fact, here's an example;

My new device has rolled up emails from, my 1st ever g-mail, 4 years of unseen emails,plus, old voice mails...etc, that, I'm having fun, deleting so many per day!

I never knew that was possible, till now, so I thought it be very important, to start & share this posts, to save another this experience, too!

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I am new and need help Getting Started in Getting Started #Getting Started

29 days ago

Hi, Mary,

Welcome on board! Take your time. Read, study & learn everything, little bit everyday. there's plenty of help here, contact all your upline.

Take time & choose your 10 personal a2a friends, these 10 only you cn contact, so choose them wisely. All others will invite you, OK.

Also if you find the reading over whelming, check out the video's on You Tube, you can use them for reference

Some like to short cut the in house reading & training, but that's a no, no! It will only cost you later.

So don't by pass anything, unless of course you don't understand it, but make sure you get back to it.

Or your best bet is to search 1st & if you get stuck, feel free & comfortable asking all you have trouble figuring out on your own.

But most of all & very important, enjoy your new mobile business.

PS. Try putting yourself on a daily schedule, to have time to work your business, OK. Do something everyday & before you know it, you'll be climbing the letter to your very own success, step by step, day by day, one day at a time.

Trust the Process & have Big Faith in your self & you, too, will be getting it, DONE!

But your main training is here. Everything you need to know is here, OK.

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How to ensure everyone neccessary gets my new email? in Suggestion Box #Marketing #Sponsor #Team Building

about 1 month ago

I've also, re-checked my Team Leadership page. New email, automatically in check there, too.

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How to ensure everyone neccessary gets my new email? in Suggestion Box #Marketing #Sponsor #Team Building

about 1 month ago

Hi, Phanjbhusan,

That's the 1st thing, I have done, thank you much.

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How to ensure everyone neccessary gets my new email? in Suggestion Box #Marketing #Sponsor #Team Building

about 1 month ago

Hi, Harold & Daniel,

You 2 have been a big help already, thanks.

Yes, Daniel, I agree, I do/did included my old email in my team letters along with my cell number, too. just makes good, plus communicating sense, right.

Harold, you've really got my attention!

Run, that by me again, your saying search both emails? Then what I do? I'd really like to include them.

but here's my dilemma,

# 1. I can't plug my charger cord directly in to my old cell. So I can't back up the info on there.

# 2. My old email was....... @digicel.blackberry.com.

# 3. I can't upload that old email above or use it via my new adroid?

# 4. I have other emails, but the above was my main email. So now I'm stuck... with my pants up! Having a real, honest, Headache!

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How to ensure everyone neccessary gets my new email? in Suggestion Box #Marketing #Sponsor #Team Building

about 1 month ago

Hi, Forum Family,

Due to new mobile device. I was force to change my entire email. Thing is: I've changed it & added it to my SFI account. Done.

Now how can I assure it get to every one needed? Do I/We have to physically get this to every individual personally one on one?

For example: I can: Team mail my entire team.

I can post it in Stream Post.
I can send E-cards.
I can send chats.
I have added it in my Private Forum.

I can send it or email it to my entire Upline.
How do I get my new email to all ECAs & New Rewardical/ECA's, that I'm linked with or formerly was linked with? Or do they get this information automatically, once our emails have been changed in our accounts?

I'm not familiar with this process, it's my 1st time ever having to loose an email(having to let go & change my email) & installing a new 1. Please I need you'll,s advice.

This particular email, was attached to everything, so now I have to start all over from scratch!

I've already made contact with a few, but I'm afraid, I'll be taking a great lost in my email contacts?

Anything that would & could help me ease the process & shriek the process would be of great assistance!

Can we have a manner or means to be sure the right people in house are receiving our newly added emails?

Requesting a guaranteed method that email updated are seen by all necessary in affiliates.

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Link for Diamond Designation? in Team Building #Leadership #Marketing #Team Building

about 1 month ago

Hi, Olimpia,

There is no link for DD, but you can search, Designated Diamond, in your search box on your home page, if your looking for it's description.

You can also try our Site Map in your black tabs on your home page or search Designated Diamond in our Forum search bar, too, OK.

I hope I've helped, OK.

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MRP status in Miscellaneous

about 1 month ago

Search Bid & Build & have your last hu-rah spinning out new Psa's, they are yours for the takings & team building, that one way you can say good buy to your mrps.

That's the 1 fun thing, I'm sure gonna miss when I, too complete spinning out mines. I'm doing it gradually, just to expand my last fun time.

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So, What's Your Excuse That Holds You Back??? in Getting Started #Getting Started

about 1 month ago

Hi, Brucy, Baby,

Oh, you put the needle, right on that 45 & the LP! Turn table is pumping, that Big hit song.

"Only the strong survive...you've got be strong.. you've got to hold on...

Jerry Butler/The Ice Man.

"I hope you dance..."

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asking for prayers in Miscellaneous

about 1 month ago

Hi, Robert,

Prayers -ers, going up on high, for your son, Trigger & Buddy, is companion & you this Mrs. Robert, too, all the way from our beautiful,pink sandy, blue water, beaches & our green, green grass of home in Bermuda.

I lost my best friends, Bunny, my dog, Jahpennai, my cat, my love birds, my fish, too. I miss them, all.

My 2 turtles, my friends, son, fell so in love with them,watching them swim in their tank, every time he came to visit, he would cry when he had to live them. his Mommie, said, that's all he would talk about, at home, to all the kids, at home at school. So I made a deal with him, after agree with his parents, 1st. That if he done good in school, his parents could make a pond in their back yard & I would bring the turtles, to his house & he could look after them some weekends.

Well he done so, so good in school, those turtles, are now looked after & own by him. He earn them.

Now it's me having, to be good, so i can go by & visit his turtles.

he done such a great job at school, home & caring for those turtles, I just couldn't bring myself, to take them back & forth & for the 1st time, these Pets, are still with me, only they have a permanent, happy care giver!

Keep you head, to the stars the sun will come out tomorrow! Tomorrow..I love you...tomorrow...your always...a day...away...! Amen!

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The RW prospects are waiting to become your "pals"! in Sales

about 1 month ago

Hi Mihai

I did read the post, I did create an advert and placed it on Facebook and to test it to see if it work, I include the sentence that they need to use the promo code and give it inside the advert. I click on the link to make sure it works and that is why I posted that the "https://" needs to be in front of the link "easyrewards.com", the "www" is not necessary. If you copy the link from the Rewardical refer page and you past it inside the browser you use it will give you the correct way like I described here.

Hope it's clear now that I did read the post and that it does work on Facebook and don't get blocked. You will also see if you post it on Facebook that the Rewardical site address will appear and then you know that it will be available when you post it.


Hi, ChristoK,

As you can see, I finally got it to open, on facebook. Only via my laptop, not my cell.

And yes, the promocode has to be inserted manually. That seems to be the main concern, here. But Gery, "Grand Master!' & our Awesome team, says, stay tuned, for more, to come. Thank you much, OK.