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Pamela B.


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Help! So what happen with all my SPINS IN BID & BUILD? in Pricebenders #Compensation #Pricebenders #TripleClicks

1 day ago

Nowhere ever did I say that you or anyone else should just accept the changes, please don't put words in my mouth. I simply asked that, in the future, you look on the forum first before posting on the forum.

If you just click the "Newest" or "New Replies" tabs, for example, you'd have found multiple posts about what you were asking about. You also follow me on the forum, so you could go to your Forum tab and check my replies. Or just do a quick search at the forum. I'm not asking for much at all, but I do expect a Team Leader in her sixth year like yourself to try to HELP us and not spread negativity.

You talk about members "bowing out." But, Pamela, that's exactly why you're a Team Leader. It's your job to get the facts and lead your team. Making posts on the forum that alarm people and insinuate that we treat our partners shoddily is exactly what causes people to lose faith and leave. Remember, all of your team members are directed to read your every post!

Thanks, Pamela, I hope you understand I'm not trying to be critical but rather I'm trying to teach you leadership skills so you can become more successful.

Hi, Gery, "Grand Master!"

All that you've stated applies to each & everyone of us, right! And I do, do everything that you mention above already, but sometimes the timing is not feasible.

Let's get to know me better! Yesterday for instance, was Saturday. Supposedly my day off. Me being who I am!

My day was schedule like this:

Freshen up, log-in to SFI, handle my SFI business, team check, play a quick game or spin my bid & build....

Get into town at my local cell phone company, supposible, to pick up my new said to be in stock, only to find, I have to go back again next week, 3rd time...

Then go give some time to my volunteer group, were moving into our new building in the city limits, us volunteers offered to assist...

Then attend my 13 year old nephews, football game.. one of the players broke his arm playing, unplanned slip to the hospital, to be there as a team to support him, before his surgery...

Then its to the grocery store... on to my families house to assists with the 2 year old twins, the boy is congested with cold... I assisted by rubbing him don & comforting him with his frustration of such..re-rubbed him, till he broke the congestion & was able to breathe freely..helped feed them dinner & bath thm, get them ready for the evening & assisted till they were off, to sleep comfortable, too!

Through it all, Pamela you yourself hadn't eaten all day, fixed that!

To finish of my night..spend sometime with another one of the young ladies, I also helped to raise...shes all grown has a son, but still insisted they both have some quality time, with. "Auntie Pamela!", before their both of tonight back to their now home, in England...I'm requested again today to have Sunday lunch with them, then back to assist with the twins, after, too!

Now I haven't mention, house cleaning & laundry, in between which also must be completed, too!

I mention all of this to say: I'm a Great Team, leader, always hungry for more knowledge, learning & experiencing for my team!

Me being the busy, full fledged Woman, I am,plus always giving of myself, sometimes, there isn't enough time to waste if, my intent is to accomplish everything, in the course of my daily days!

So if need be, I have to & will fast track the process of getting it all done & achieving what it it is, I must do, to complete me & accommodate, too!

An asked question, is truly a silly question, if never asked. I asks, don't care how un-knowledgeable or knowledgeable, I maybe!

I will forever go the extra miles for my team & me!

To single me out, when there are far more senior members here asking questions & cook up far more bigger stir ups & allowed because they have far more seniors years & inside tracks, what van I say!

I've got to be me! I am me! Were all individuals from around the world, with our own unique wonderful personalities, we all help to complete each others, that's a good thing!

I love you dearly, Gery, "Grand Master!" A Z Anderson & Daneila, handle this post quit well! They both had it covered!

We have your back here, its going to be ok, everything, given time!

You to have to:

"Trust the Process!" & Trust us, too! some of us, are in this with you, for keeps! You can rest assure, we won't allow you or this business, to forsake!

We fall down but we get up! "Bet your favorite boots!

Remember, quote: "Let's Build Something Great!" Now who was it that said that

Please don't let my little humor get to you! Or my way of putting thing across rattle you either. Remember, I'm me like you are you, too!

I have the highest respect for you, especially when I'm not understanding or comprehending & I'll go the extra miles, to get a better understanding & the knowledge, I need to translate it all to my team. I'm not worried when they run or take their needed moments. I know in as much as I work hard at be there & providing support & acknowledging my team, my work is never done & yes it will always requiring starting over & reviewing & more learning & my time, too! And I will handle that, no matter what it, takes! That's my team, we are 1!

Thank you, for having this special care for me, too!

You'll know me, "Unstoppable Lady, Me, Pamela.

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Help! So what happen with all my SPINS IN BID & BUILD? in Pricebenders #Compensation #Pricebenders #TripleClicks

1 day ago


You are my hero. I just spun all my 150 Spins and got 16 PSAs. I am at 90% for one more. Thank you for posting that link.

-Thomas M.


How are you doing? I agree & 2nd that, the both of them, are my hero's, too! A Z Anderson & Daniela, too!
Thank you both for caring & just for both of you, here's our 2 Hero's trophy, for both of you, 1 each!

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Help! So what happen with all my SPINS IN BID & BUILD? in Pricebenders #Compensation #Pricebenders #TripleClicks

1 day ago


Thank you for being there for me & sharing that post, you've enlighten me to so much, mercy a whole 17, 18 pages on the subject matter, wow! I wouldn't have seen all the threads if it weren't for you direct me, to them.I wish I could put so much time here, just because of the information & others experiences & knowledge, our forum, has to offer, but sometimes, I just don't have it like that. I so appreciate you, guiding me to this posts, like so many others, I'm missing out on during, the course of my daily schedule, too!

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Help! So what happen with all my SPINS IN BID & BUILD? in Pricebenders #Compensation #Pricebenders #TripleClicks

1 day ago

Hi, Gary, "Grand Master!"

I'm not trying to upset & alarm anyone, here. The new changes & updates is upsetting in its self! To expect everyone, to just except, everything, is a bit much!

If anything, you should be more understand, this is part of the territory when new things unplanned & unexpected, or dropped on you back, to back.

You, too, have to put yourself in our shoes, too! I'm a working single woman. I'm not here 24/7 as of yet! I'm in & out taking care of my daily business, too!

Please, be patient with all of us. You must understand what its like, to have something somewhere, know you l left it there & can't find it!

For the record, I did search Tripleclicks, auction, right side of the page, then, the games, then the new alerts on our home page, too, 1st thing! When I didn't, I came here. And as you see, our forum family has set me at ease!

Please don't accuse me of trying to upset, everyone, I'm not the fall guy, The upsets are already in place.

Now if you asks me, if I'm having trouble adjusting to all the latest new changes & upgrades. I'll have to say yes & yes I'm trying my hardest, to remain here, too! Now I'm guilty!, with my team bowing out like falling soldiers, them not even responding, to any of my messages, on the new upgrades, yes!

But as you see, I'm still here! Its a sensitive time for all! Some will adjust easier & for some it will be harder, too! Who knows us getting upset the most, may end up being your very best trend setters, too!


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Help! So what happen with all my SPINS IN BID & BUILD? in Pricebenders #Compensation #Pricebenders #TripleClicks

2 days ago

Bid and Build is gone but Rewardical Tokens can be exchanged now for PSA and PRM and it takes fewer bids to earn them. Your spins are not gone, I gave you a link above to spin for them.

Andy Zeus Anderson

Hi, My Dear Friend, A Z Anderson,

Your the cure for what was an instant on coming headache. I don't know if I was having a fas stroke or instant heart attack. When I didn't see my other, babies! lol! now.

I'm back now, off course, after I had my quick Saturday Spin! I spun out a complete Psa! Your Right they are all still there, for my spinning pleasure.

Gosh, another something, I will truly miss, again! with all the new changes!

I actually went to spin some to make myself happy. They were a joy, to spin, especially, like just now, I hit a 30% & the needed 10%, to earn my total Psa's. got to go back & earn the Rest, too!

As they say, the Lord giveth & taketh Away!

Thank you ever so much for coming to my aid & being there for me as you've done before, too!

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Help! So what happen with all my SPINS IN BID & BUILD? in Pricebenders #Compensation #Pricebenders #TripleClicks

2 days ago

From the beginning, I personally always, built up 130-150 Spins, then enjoyed spinnig them out for 5-10 completed Psa's at a time! now their all gone, just vanished? What is going on?

That's my entitlement! I payed for the T-Credits, I done my bidding! i earn my Spins, were are they? That's not right!

Is this temporary or permanently, gone?

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Help! So what happen with all my SPINS IN BID & BUILD? in Pricebenders #Compensation #Pricebenders #TripleClicks

2 days ago


Will somebody, please fill me in? I see are Mrps are history & in with the Rewardicals.

But what happen to Bid & Build?

All my 100 plus spins have vanished? I've seen no notifications of that? Or no choice to spin them out for Psa's in exchange, before hand?

Did we just loose them? I earned them & should have been given notice, to rightfully spin them out & earn them 1st, they were mines or were they?

Someone please, please enlighten me on this?

I see no news alerts, what have I missed?

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Anybody else Watching This Auction? Talk about a Battle! :) in Pricebenders #Pricebenders #TCredits #TripleClicks

2 days ago

Ops! K won it, its over, but oh, what a exciting battle, that was! Back to bidding, for me.

See our latest winners, results are there.

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Anybody else Watching This Auction? Talk about a Battle! :) in Pricebenders #Pricebenders #TCredits #TripleClicks

2 days ago


Is anybody else watching this exciting T-Credit 400 Pack battle between S & K. Their locking horns! how exciting! Every few bids I'm getting my bids in, too!

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Can we improve name spelling 100%? in Suggestion Box

3 days ago

Hi, Brucy, Baby,

I can't help my misspelled love for you. Bruce Harper!

If you should ever get mad with me, please don't let it be for more 48 hours.

I could stand a minute longer, then that, Brucy, Baby! there will always, be a misspelling of something, or a name. Doesn't mean its intentionally or 1 hasn't got your name right or know who you are.

I"m guilty of doing just that!

Our names on our profiles to the right is fine, as is. Those who choose to type their 1st name, full name, nicknames, is just fine, too! After all who want, to get too, formal, too, too proper!

our forum family, is full of a lot of warm loving people, let's keep the warmth, turned up!

You'll know me, "Unstoppable Lady!" Me, Pamela.

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Unknown caller in Miscellaneous

4 days ago

(Thread was removed due to forum protocol violations, toxicity, or obsolescence)

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I'm having my Last Dances, last Chances with my Mrps Now! :) in Miscellaneous #Marketing #Sales #TripleClicks

6 days ago

With all due respect, you ARE assuming. There are many pieces we've not yet revealed. Until they are revealed, you are speculating and assuming that you know what the road ahead will look like. Please, try to have a little faith in my leadership and try to see the bigger picture. The future is bright and there's no need to lose even a minute of sleep over MRP being replaced by something MUCH, MUCH better.

Hi, Gery, "Grand Master!"

Who's speculating or assuming anything? With all due respect, please don't think for me, OK.

If I can't brag on the things that have been good for me or to me within this business, then what am I/ we doing here?

If it weren't for my/our bonus earned MRPs, were would many of us be at here & right now? Sometimes, we have to let others, rejoice & not re-act in a negative manner or with dismay.

I'm not in position, to assume or predict a thing, a the present moment. But I can brag on what is!

I love our, " MRP'S ", you can't take my love for them from me, its within my heart!

You can remove them from the business, but not my love for them, that's my rights!

I've signed a commitment letter. I joined to start & have an online home business.I joined for my personal need to have the means to make an in come from home. I'm still here in my 6th year.

With all the new updated & inputs, to this business. Are we that are not 100%, mobile, considered, in it all, through it all or will some of us, be left by the way side? Are the disabled & handicap, sick & shut in, still WELL INCLUDED, within our future SFI Shock? Some are not in position, to get out & about!

I personally spend many of my days in pure pain, I do therapy every 4-6 weeks. In as much as I'm still mobile, my aim is to work from home, not run around.

If I told you I have a spinal injury, would you believe me? So I won't tell, you, when they said, you want be able to do this & do that anymore? My answer was, I'm not claiming it! How can I/we fix it, Doc? "Unstoppable Lady!"

As one achieves maturity, we have & accomplish all the things, we need in the comforts of our home. Theses hings, should always be considered & kept on the front burner

I joined, to work from home & to work this business, build it & earn monthly, Commissions, from home! As long as my faith in that plan & www.sfimg.com/The_ Plan , is in affect & motion. I'm Good!

I'd say that's a whole lot of faith!

Now back to my sweet love affair with my:

Singing: " MRP'S " I've got the sweetest hangover...I don't want to get over!...If there's a cure for this...I don't want it...I don't need it...Think about it all the time...Never get it out of my mind....Cause I love you...


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I'm having my Last Dances, last Chances with my Mrps Now! :) in Miscellaneous #Marketing #Sales #TripleClicks

7 days ago

Because MRP is completely redundant of Rewardical. Because having both complicates and convolutes everything in our system. And, most of all, because Rewardical is like MRP on steroids. There's no comparison.

And before arguing that, I would suggest you hold off until the transition is complete because you're likely making some wrong assumptions that are leading to the perception you have. Let it play out. There's LOTS we've not revealed yet. In the months to come it will become clear to you that MRP doesn't hold a candle to all the things you'll be able to do with your Rewardicals. Again, wait and see!

Hi, Gery, 'Grand Master!"

Wrong assumptions, I don't think so! doesn't hold a candle! off course not, ot if my candle is being blow out!

I said, I'm having my Last Dances, with my, " MRP'S

Why can't we have both? Well we can't cause their being swept right from under my dancing feet!

We don't have the right to say or to have both choices! it is what it is, here!

Your the Founder, The CEO, you have the 1st & Final Say...

In the mean time, while WE All wait & See,,,

I'm having my Last dances, my last chances, my Sweet Love Affair, with my Beloved, " MRPS

They've been really good to me, so loyal, so readily, there for me, when ever, I've needed them, they've never forsake me!

you have to pardon, me. This Dance is for:

"Just the two of us...building castles in the sky...just the two of us..". MRP'S you and I...just the two of us...We can make it if we try...Just the two of us...You & I..." MRP'S

" MRP'S " Here & now I promise to love only you...Here and now...I promise to love faithfully...Here and now...

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I'm having my Last Dances, last Chances with my Mrps Now! :) in Miscellaneous #Marketing #Sales #TripleClicks

7 days ago

Hi, Shelly,

Girl, it's not like, it is! Exactly, what I'm singing:

"last dance..Last chance...for love... " MRP'S " I need you...beside me...to guide me...to hold me...cause when I'm bad...I'm so, so bad...So let's dance...the last dance...tonight...Last dance..last chance...tonight...So last dance..last chance...

" MRP'S " For Love...

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I'm having my Last Dances, last Chances with my Mrps Now! :) in Miscellaneous #Marketing #Sales #TripleClicks

7 days ago

Hi, Zoran,

You say , "Habits!?

I say, Team Loyalty & Dedication are a Good thing & hard to come by & I stand firm. I'm in it to Win it!

I'm bragging on my Love & Loyalty, for Mrps!

I've worked hard, I've proven my Team loyalty & business affiliation, here, over & over & over & again & again!

I've earned my Bragging Rights for my love for my earned, " MRPS

I'm glad your enjoying my post.

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I'm having my Last Dances, last Chances with my Mrps Now! :) in Miscellaneous #Marketing #Sales #TripleClicks

7 days ago

" MRP'S " Singing..."Do me Baby...Like you never before...Oh want you now...I just can't wait no longer...

Do me Baby...till I just can't wait no longer..Oh, Do me Baby!... Oh, give it to me, till I just can't take no more...Do Me Baby!... " MRP'S "

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I'm having my Last Dances, last Chances with my Mrps Now! :) in Miscellaneous #Marketing #Sales #TripleClicks

7 days ago

Hi, Christine,

My dear friend, how are you doing, girl?

Call me Greedy!

I love my Mrps & I'm not for divorcing them.

I like BIG, BIG Numbers! I agree on that, I too am saving & building up, ALL my Rewardicals. 77 for 1 T-Credit, hasn't grab me yet!

I love, to buy T-Credits by the 100's! So I have a lot of Rewardical building to do!

What can, I say, "I'm like & I'm a, "High Roller!"

(Repaired quote tags - moderator)

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I'm having my Last Dances, last Chances with my Mrps Now! :) in Miscellaneous #Marketing #Sales #TripleClicks

7 days ago

Mrps have always been a Good Thing for all of us.

Just like the new pending, Rewardicals, possible will be, too.

Either way, the old or the new or the Old & The New, do we here & now have what it takes, to make, Rewardicals a Success

I think outside of the box, like there is no box, OK. And Yes, I'm willing to lookforeward to the New Rewadical Future, as I have everything else here, too.

But its always a numbers game & in everything here, to succeed , we need Big Numbers, be it 5 working Psa's or 1500 VPs monthly, to earn EA...etc.

We have to make Rewardicals happen for this business & our businesses here, too.

Just like we made Mrps, Vps..etc Happen, too.

All I'm saying, is Mrps, work for me. I will forever believe they still are a good thing & should be kept on board, too, along with the new pending Rewardicals.

Nobody else has to agree with me, that's quit, OK.

This is me Standing Up for Mrps, me Alone!

I love my Mrps!

I don't want NO Divorce! I'm contesting it! I love my Mrp Babies!

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I'm having my Last Dances, last Chances with my Mrps Now! :) in Miscellaneous #Marketing #Sales #TripleClicks

7 days ago

Hi, Brucy Baby,

that's just it! I'll have to Divorce my All My Mrps Lovers & I not ready to let go of this, Sweet Love Affair, we had going for our 6th Great Years, were partners, we in it together, to win it & we've been winning, together.

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I'm having my Last Dances, last Chances with my Mrps Now! :) in Miscellaneous #Marketing #Sales #TripleClicks

7 days ago

Hi, Mary,

Yes, they are being gradually eliminated. Rewardicals will be the new replacement.

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I'm having my Last Dances, last Chances with my Mrps Now! :) in Miscellaneous #Marketing #Sales #TripleClicks

7 days ago

Hi, Michael,

I'm not even trying to compare, them. Yes I know the difference. I don't use them to purchace any of the above you mention, no need to, for me.

I earn my Csa's every month, I not interested in the other 2 period!

Regardless my preference is Mrps.

I prefer we have choice of both. I don't live by voucher, nor tokens. We don't have them in our country!

Rewardicals will only be good to me, here, within this business, just like our present Mrps are now, here. too.

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I'm having my Last Dances, last Chances with my Mrps Now! :) in Miscellaneous #Marketing #Sales #TripleClicks

7 days ago

Hi, Tanja,

No! I not use to buying T-Credits, with earned or rewarded Mrp, as a matter of fact, I can count on 1 hand, the few times, I did.

I've has a monthly Auto-delivery(Former Standing Order, SO), since way back end. I invest in 2 separate orders of T-Credits, plus, every month.

I earn my Mrps, playing in the auctions, all auctions, especially Double Mrps Auctions. I earned them playing in our games, making purchases...etc.

I turn my case investments, into earning Mrps..etc.

Only time I've ever used Mrps, to purchase T-Credits, was to build more EXTRA VPs, to take my monthly VP score up, especially of latter, trying to earn enough monthly points, to re-earn my Designated Diamond Back!

My Mrps, have been my other back up, for purchases at Tripleclicks, too! I shop here mainly via my card. I choose to invest in my business here, ever month & I have.

I can truly say, I'm part of the Solution, not the problem. I have no problem investing in my business here.

I know what Mrps can & have done for my business. I'm yet to see, were all yet to see what rewardicals, will & can do for our business, too!

I saying, Its a big sacrifice to have to loose everything we build, every time, something is on the forefront.

There a lot of new changes & a lot has been eliminated , too, since I've been on board, too!

I'm expressing my true & love & appreciations, for what having our Mrps, has done for me & a whole lot of us! I'm thankful, but i'm also depressed, that their being taken away, completed, too!

Token are good for token lovers & for those who have them on board already in their country, OK.

This is not the format in my Country. We don't have Vouchers & Token here, OK. We have sales & discounts

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I'm having my Last Dances, last Chances with my Mrps Now! :) in Miscellaneous #Marketing #Sales #TripleClicks

7 days ago

I'm preparing & having my, dances with my Mrps.

Each time I use them, I'm getting depressed at the thought & them being taken away for good!

I've built my business utilizing my Mrps.

I've worked hard every week, month, years on board here at build them, earn them & using them, too.

they have been a great asset here for me. I'm having the hardest time excepting, their soon to be Extinct

And the question that keeps running through my mind is:

Why can't we have both, rewardicals & keep our Mrps, too

I can except new updated & changes, but do we have to rid of all the old for the new

I just love, our Mrps & I wish they could stay, too!

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Gone to Soon....!Still I Rise Up! in Miscellaneous #Leadership #Sponsor #Team Building

7 days ago

Hi, Forum Family,

To each & everyone of you, who took out time, to show you care & throw you support behind me & support me as I was going through, the emotions of it all.

I'm giving each one of you,

"My Biggest Thank you & warm & loving regards.

I truly appreciate you all. Your all just, "Phenomenal!"

Yesterday, Saturday, February, 10th, we laid to rest, my precious, niece. It's been a long haul, 2 days from a whole month.

She had the most beautiful home going service & wake, with an attendance of 600-700 people.

Everything was catered, everyone who attended the home going service & burial, were invited to attend, the wake after & the did, they turned out in even bigger numbers, their, too.

After all the -ers & support & blessings of good food & deserts, we humbled & eat, to soft, gospel & r&b, reggae, classics.

Then we turned, it up! Live DJ & Some of us took the too!

@ "Samone's World!"

@ S.I.P. "Baby Girl!"

@ Forever Love You & Forever will we keep your legacy alive!

@ Gone Too Soon!

@ 15, she was on her way, to be a great song writer, producer & singer, too! She left recorded, 3 of her songs & numerous others, for all our listening pleasure & keep sake's, which we shared at her home going service & at the wake, too. their each so beautiful.

She was ever, so talented. she truly made her mark!

Again, thank you, each & everyone of you for being, right here, for me, too!

We had a Celebration of her 15 years of life!