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Bid and buid option cannot find in pricebenders auctions in Pricebenders #Pricebenders

5 hours ago

Hi Tanja,

Thank you for you answer. I have been looking for how I could finish using all my left over bids.
Does you know how long this will be open? I have been using this for my PSA co-op, so I have over a 1,000 bids to use.

Thanks again,
Have a Blessed Day to all.

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New Look to a Great Resource in Getting Started #Getting Started #Leadership #Team Building

6 hours ago

Hi Jim,

I just read this article and found many answers to the questions I have had on the TripleClicks ECA website.
We now will be selling our own items from our website instead of going through TripleClicks. This should solve the problems of not receiving what you have bought, because we can now dispute through the credit card companies.
I have bought 2 items from TripleClicks stores that I never receive items or the money returned. I hoping this is a good solution.

May you be Blessed in all you do.

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$9.99 TCredits SUPER Sale! in SFI News #TCredits

1 day ago

Thanks Gery!

Great News! I will pass it on to all my team.

Have a Great and Blessed Day!

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PTP with Retail Price added in Suggestion Box #Eager Zebra #TripleClicks

2 days ago

Hi Becky,

Thanks for the nice reply.
I have another idea about the retail price. Have you tried to put the name on your regular browser?
Usually they will give you all the information you need. For example: What is the retail price for " CoosskNHome 15 Piece Cookware"? It will tell you all the places that are selling it and then decide the price you want to use.

Have a Blessed Day!

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PTP with Retail Price added in Suggestion Box #Eager Zebra #TripleClicks

3 days ago

Hi Becky,

You can go to the Pricebenders Winners on the Bid page and find the item you are going to bid through the PTP.
Then find the item that has been won last. You will find the retail price there.
Good luck!

Have a Blessed Day

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The 12 common excuses you will come across. in Miscellaneous

4 days ago

(Thread was removed due to forum protocol violations, toxicity, or obsolescence)

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Here's A Sample Ad That I Send When Using Viral Mailers in Miscellaneous

5 days ago

Hii Tommie,

Thank you for another way to get new affiliates. It looks like a good and easy way to get a team.
It's best to send advertising daily.
Happy Birthday!!

Have a Blessed Day!

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new features introduced in forum in Miscellaneous

7 days ago

Hi Dakshesh,

Thanks for the information. It is needed, because many are asking the same questions,
I hope those that have questions, will go to the Form search and put in their question first.
This will be very helpful.

May you be Blessed with Success.

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How to start SFI business patiently for a bright future. in Getting Started #E365 #Leadership #PSA

9 days ago

Hi Rakesh,
Welcome to SFI!

Thank you for the informative post. You are correct, as any new business it takes time to learn and promote your business.
Being new I suggest you start reading at least 2-4 lessons from the Launchpad and Training daily.

May you be Blessed with Success.

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How can localvantia merchants pay for claim? in Marketing #Localvantia #Marketing #Rewardical

11 days ago

Hi Chinedu,

Here is the Announcement you need to read "Localvantia has launched!" at:
You will find all the information you need to know about checking out and how it is verified and paid by the merchant under
"How to earn Rewardicals at Localvantia merchants"

May you be Blessed with Success

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Badge Quest Grand Master in Miscellaneous

13 days ago

Congratulations Hollowell! Keep up the good work.
Great Job!!

May you be Blessed with Success!

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Weird a2a email. in Getting Started

13 days ago

Thanks Philip for your correction.

Many Blessings to you and yours

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Weird a2a email. in Getting Started

16 days ago

Hi Christine,

The only other way you can receive a message from anyone, other then those on your team, is if you agreed to be an a2a friend when you already have all your friends.
They can then communicate with you, but you probably can't respond.

Check your genealogy to see all affiliates on your team, they may be 2nd, 3rd, or another level on your team.

Have a Blessed Day

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Biz quiz in Miscellaneous

17 days ago

Hi Olufunmilola,

I think someone at the office posted the answer incorrectly today.
You are correct that the only answer was "sale".
Thanks for posting this error.
I'm looking forward to seeing what answer for today's question will the office post.

Have a Blessed Day!

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This is the reason why Gery is the leader of the pack in ECA Program #ECA #Sales #TripleClicks

18 days ago

Hi Earl,es

Thanks for the post and good advice.
It seems depressing losing the TripleClicks stores.
I have learned to stay positive and watch to see the start of something big and better!!

May you be Blessed with success.

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New Rewardical Tab [Red to Green=1VP] in Ask Gery #Rewardical #VersaPoints

19 days ago

Hi Gary,
I hope you have already found that the RW tab is still not turning green, it actually going to the Alerts page when you hit it now. So I have not been able to get the VP.

Please have it checked again.

Thank you for all your improvements.
Have a Blessed Day!

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ECA or Rewardicals? in Miscellaneous #ECA #Rewardical #Team Building

19 days ago

Hi Motto,

Thanks for posting about the change of ECAs to the Rewardical.
Here is the explanation for this:
"Your ECA account at TripleClicks will be closed on February 28th, 2018 (see full details at: news.sfimg.com/2018/01/31/eca-program-moving-to-rewardical-com).
We invite you, however, to relaunch your store and continue as an ECA at Rewardical.
Please apply now at: www.rewardical.com/ECA/Register. Thank you and we look forward to continuing to work with you!"
If you want to continue having a store on TripleClicks you will need to register under Rewardical.
The full explanation can be read on the SFI News under "ECA program moving to rewardical.com" at:

May you be Blessed with Success.

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Promoting the TC products in Marketing #Getting Started #Marketing #Sales

19 days ago

Hi Temel,

Thank you for the reminder on what must be done to sell products on TripleClicks.

I have not been promoting my products very well lately, so am planning to work on this.
I'm sure others will also.

May you be Blessed with Success in all you do.

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Maree Gold Team Leader Stream Post. in Team Building #Getting Started #Leadership #Team Building

20 days ago

Hi Maree,

Thanks for the good advice. I always enjoy reading your good advice.
I do some of the things already because of your many messages you have shared.

Have a Blessed Day!

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Lead a team in Team Building #Leadership

21 days ago

Hi Jetmire,
Yes, it can be difficult to lead a team. I never feel that I am leading a team but a partner with those under me. To understand how to become an expert in helping your team, it's important to read at least 2 - 5 lessons on the Launchpad and the Training. Did you know you receive VPs for reading the LaunchPad lessons?

Here are some suggestions:
"Introduction to Sponsoring" www.sfimg.com/LaunchPad/Lesson?id=21
"PSAs and your role as a Sponsor" www.sfimg.com/LaunchPad/Lesson?id=22
"How can I be an awesome sponsor and create big income duplication?" :
You can go here to find answers too--"Sponsoring Affiliates"

May you be Blessed with Success.

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Daily Grand entries in VersaPoints #Contests #VersaPoints

22 days ago

Hi Mary,

The Daily Crown on TripleClicks and the Daily Grand on SFI are contests that you can enter for a CHANCE to win the different amounts of Rewardical coins that can be exchanged for Versa Points, TCredits, CSAs, and many other items.

To understand further read "Win your share of the Daily Grand!"

Keep trying and you will be a winner!

May you be Blessed in all you do.

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LOOSING MY PSAs AND CSAs in Team Building #PSA #Team Building

23 days ago

Hi Joseph,

Yes, this is what will happen, but I believe it's important to let your Affiliates know what they can receive by being
an EA at the beginning. Showing the benefits they will receive each month and why it's important to get them.
Let them know how they can make EA this month by checking their VersaPoints ledger, which can be found at the end of #3 under Important Notes on the To-Do list, or at:

Also, suggest they read at least 1 - 4 Launchpad lessons each day to learn about their free websites and how to use and promote them. Also, they will receive extra VPs by doing this.

Make sure they understand this is their business not a job. But since it is their business they can work as they like, but will not receive a lot of commission each month until until they learn and work.

I hope this is helpful and you are Blessed with success.

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SFI Coin is not a part of SFI in Miscellaneous #Getting Started #Leadership

24 days ago

Hi Maree,

Thanks for the warning, I will pass it on to others.

May you continue to be Blessed with Success.

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How to sell online? in Getting Started #Compensation #Sales

25 days ago

Hi Christian,

There are many ways to learn how to market your products on TripleClicks.
As you have been told, it's important to read 2 -4 lessons each day from the Launchpad and the Training tab. These will help you understand the websites and learn how to become an expert in Internet Marketing.
Here are some other suggestions under--
"What are the components of a great advertisement when marketing TripleClicks products?"

May you be Blessed with Success!

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The number one Sponsor at SFI, is SFI itself, in Miscellaneous #Getting Started #Leadership #Sponsor

26 days ago

Hi Moira,

Thanks for reminding us on how to much we are given to help work our business.
We are given ways to promote, market, advertise, lessons to become an expert on internet marketing and make as much income we wish.
Many forget this is a business, NOT a job. You must take advantage of all that is given to us to become a success.

May you be Blessed with Success!