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Patricia M.

United States

E365 Country Champion
Silver Fast-Track
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Apologise for not log in past two week in Miscellaneous

about 1 year ago

Sorry for your loss!

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Irrelevant Fast Track references in Suggestion Box

over 2 years ago

Hi Nemo oh please dont take my badge I earned it and want to see it!

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I won 2 PSA in Pricebenders Auction but why still never reflect on my account? in Pricebenders #Pricebenders

over 2 years ago

Have you followed the link and paid for them yet? there's a link you follow to pay your however many cents ,then you get them.

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Why Gary Carson has always the same picture since the creation of SFI? in Ask Gery

over 2 years ago

I'm sure its
because he's so busy building a great business he doesn't have time.

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How can I win Price bender Auction? in Getting Started #Pricebenders #TCredits

over 2 years ago

I had only won one auction in 2 years but still went in and tried. Quit trying to win and just bid on smaller items for my one t-credit pb point and have won 3 times in a month. Keep trying and like they say try the smaller auctions. Good luck!

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SFI Group Messages are not delivered to Downlines in Team Building #Leadership #Team Building

over 3 years ago

Its never a waste of time you get the points you move on

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I Have Notice That Some Top Affiliate Rank have drop way down in Team Building #Leadership #Marketing #Team Building

over 3 years ago

i also am in your downline but i still find you inspiring

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Seeing through disappointment. in Inspiration/Testimonials #Marketing

over 3 years ago

Keith thank you for letting us know even our upline has bad days. This is motivational for me. I am very glad you are back on the right track. Good luck to you in going up the levels to Diamond.

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Biz Quiz in Team Building

over 3 years ago

I didn't find it the first day but I love this! What a great way to make you check your facts! I knew the answers but still looked them up before answering. Good luck everyone in your fact checking.

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I am now a Designated Diamond! in Team Building #Sales #Team Building

over 3 years ago

So excited for you! I know that is a real incentive like you said. Congratulations and good luck making it!

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Inflation of prices..... Bad for business in ECA Program #ECA

over 3 years ago

If you try to buy item locally this will help your price.

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I've been wondering...Is it worth it to play Card King? in Eager Zebra #CSA #Eager Zebra

over 3 years ago

And a Badge! you did better than i did with my 21 card streak but every time i see that badge the excitement returns.Congratulations!

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Woooooow!!!!!!!!! 5 CSAs in Card King Spinning in Recognition #CSA #Eager Zebra #Team Building

over 3 years ago

awesome isn't it great to see yourself win too!

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i never won DG in Miscellaneous

over 3 years ago

Honestly I used to wonder why I never won for like 2 yrs then one day i scrolled down to the bottom of the page truly didn't know you had to click it to enter I have since won 4 times it happens and will happen to you too!

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Auctions Theory in Pricebenders #Pricebenders

over 3 years ago

I think that's partially right. Part of it is also timing. I have observed that there are times of the day that are more conducive to winning. I try to track the item I want and times high and low seems to help a bit.

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VP of inactive users. in VersaPoints #VersaPoints

over 3 years ago

i agree with Roberto