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Is it luck or there are technics for sponsorship in Team Building #Sponsor #Team Building

5 days ago

To me there is no special technique to recruiting....
As the saying goes, 'some will, some wouldn't '...Try using all resouces provided by SFI and add more like pay advertising...

You say, You have 2 out of 300 PSAs who are active....Thats not bad... What I do is, advertise,train new member and when they are commited I assigned them to PSAs who joined earlier than them... Keep doing. What you do and. You will get Your results....Try using free advertising sites as many as you can join...

Wishes You Great Success....

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WHAT DOES THIS REALLY MEANS in Getting Started #Leadership #Rewardical

7 days ago

Hello, Wisdom E!

here is what your picture says," Your current token you have in your account, if it has to be redeem as Bitcoin its value in dollar is $14.85'.

You however need more token to be able to redeem as Bitcoin as the minimum threshold to exchange token value is $25 dollars.

Stock more until it reach $25 if you are trying to redeem as BTC.

Hope it helps.


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Just a little thought in commissions! in Suggestion Box #Compensation #Sales

12 days ago

Respected, Sir Gery!
I would just like to put a little though of me which I think should be added..

First of all thank you for all the new development in our program..

My little thought is this, 'Why not enable us to spend our commissions in TC even if it may be less than $7 which is the minimum amount that we can spend in current policy'.
I am sure there are good reasons behind this but considering in a broken condition a $1 dollar can be worth more for maintaing out status...

I am not an English man which i though you will understand my points.

Thanking you.

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TC Mastercard from payoneer in India #Compensation

20 days ago

As far as I could know, the RBI regulations remain the same..

I one once see a post reply saying that another alternate was there to be paid through Payoneer..

This that I have heard was like open Payoneer account and ask support to link your account with SFI. Thats the only way we Indians have as an option to be rewarded for the free VP for Payoneer Card.

hope this help.

Stay Safe and Strong.

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Happy New Year in Recognition #Leadership #Sponsor #Team Building

23 days ago

May this coming 2019, new year be a year of Blessings to you and Your Family and the same to all My fellow SFIiers...
I wishes all a very Happy new Year, 2019!

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How am I succeeded before 6 years? This is my story. in Team Building #PSA #Sponsor #Team Building

28 days ago

SANJA M, my friend.

Thank you so much on sharing with us your story of Journey with SFI.
Your post is a great motivational/challenging story for many of us including I myself.
You always add value to our Forum so, thank you so much.
.Keep on adding more value to our forum again and again.

Last of all, I and my team too wishes you a great success heartly.


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Why do not anyone read the rules of the Forum? in Miscellaneous

28 days ago

Obviously True Sabja!

I came across many people who haven't read the forum and never cares about it. its really important that we all stick to the points for quality forum.

Wish everyone read the rules.

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Link to download purchase? in Sales #Sales #TripleClicks

about 1 month ago

You may contact the seller about your queries.

You may also check your spam folder or check your filter folder if you have use any.

The best way to resolve your issue is to get in contact with the Seller.

Have a great day ahead.

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Winners Are The Ones Who ThinkThey Can Win!!! in Getting Started #Getting Started

3 months ago

Thanks for the awesome post...

I always love those quotes and is always my believed to success with SFI.

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Congratulations E365 Champion Karen Opiela! in Recognition

4 months ago

Congratulations, Karen!!!

You did a great job!!! Keep it up!

Wishes you a greater Success!!!

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SFI is not free? in India

5 months ago

Yes I do...Till today I have not taken out any dime out from my own pocket...All i do is invest my time in advertising in several free advertising sites...

There are free games and many more stuff where you can now maintain your EA status without spending momey out from your pocket..

Play the free games...keep building and you earn...

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Do I have a wrong impression? in Miscellaneous

5 months ago

Hello sir Gery! I am not understanding how to calculate TO till today..May be I am not a mathematician...

For Suppose my TO shows that +73.1(NPSA 2-12) and I am an EA and a total shows +20.2%.( just an example)

Can you solve the maths for my Team Overrites for that please?

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Wow! 56 card straight today in Recognition #Contests #Eager Zebra #Marketing

5 months ago

Wow!!! So exciting...Today in card king game I got a straight of 56 card straight with 5000+ points...I score all this with a free play..

Try your luck... never give up...

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Prayer Request!!! in Miscellaneous #Marketing #Sponsor

5 months ago

Thank you all my dear family for the Prayers...
Thy will Has been done and unfortunately my uncle couldn't make it through and he passed away yeasterday morning(13/08/2018) by around 4:40Am peacefully.. He is now in heaven with our Lovely Father and will now be watching upon us..

I am really indebted for all your prayers and much more...

Wishes you all a healthy life.


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Prayer Request!!! in Miscellaneous #Marketing #Sponsor

5 months ago

Thank you so much Roberta G for the special candle wishes...

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Prayer Request!!! in Miscellaneous #Marketing #Sponsor

5 months ago

Thank you all my SFI family for your prayers.... He's still in comma and will be doing better... He needs blood donate and we are ready to give him and Mericle will happen with our prayers... Will give an update as soon as mericle take place...

Thank you all once again..

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Prayer Request!!! in Miscellaneous #Marketing #Sponsor

5 months ago

To all my dear SFIers,

I know this may not be the right place to post this threat but as a big family I kindly request you not to delete this post.

My Uncle, who has been a great motivator to my SFI business have been in comma since 3:00am IST till now and the doctors said, " There is no Hope that he will make it through". But I believed in Miracles from God the Creator and Healer, So I therefore kindly request all my SFI family members to Pray for my Uncle recovery...
He's been having a both side kidney failure, lungs problem plus he is HIV+..

Please do pray for him...

Thank You all...

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I Got My Astro Auction First 5000 Badge in Miscellaneous #TripleClicks

7 months ago

Congratulations for the new badges....

For me I still can't comfirm the play since its Launched..

I have been trying to play and it always got stuck when trying to guess the pick, it stuck with no movement even after clicking the 'Submit' button...

Gonna raise ticket of my problems soon..

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Could it possible? More convienent it would be... in Suggestion Box #CSA #PSA

7 months ago

I would just love to put this thought up to the admin.

We have had several sections of E-card where we can save a default message/letters for our members, which is great and convienent for us all.

Would it be possible to save a default message for all different E-card sections? For suppose, default message saving for for Anniversary E-Card, Welcome E-card, Birthday, Tips, Inactive.

I know it would cost a lot of storage for all members to save our own different default message for each E-card but I would really love to see this tools to be added.

What is your thought on this?

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Shipping issues in Miscellaneous #ECA #Sales #TCredits

7 months ago

Hi, Mueni M!

Go to tripleclicks and search for items you need.. Most of the physical items are ship only to US and Canada...

You can search for ECAs. Most of the items sold by ECAs are ship worldwide...

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Suggestions for my two problems in Suggestion Box #PSA

8 months ago

Hi, Milorad P.!
I could understand your feeling...

Take me as an example though I am not perfect...
Since my start in SFI back in 2013 I have no job nor no income was just a student striving for my degree..So, What I say to myself on that day was that,"I have no money to invest to boost my business growth but money is not the only solution." From that very day onward I started to invest not money but my Time and spend almost 20hrs reading from forum, Launchpad and other resouces available in SFI. I google free advertising sites and started my campaign for SFI..

My point is this, Till today, I take no money out from my pocket to invest in SFI..There are several times when my commissions are not enough for my EA but till today I do not stop what I am doing...I had lost sevral PSAs and CSA during this and I know its the rules of SFI. Some will and some wouldn't.

I believed that I will be the top earner one day and I never give hope even without Money...Coz SFI offers the same tools to both the poor and wealthy...Its just the way we treat our Business and how we are willing to invest plus our strategy to success...

A Little step you tak today may not yield you a fruit today but will surely bring something good in days if you never give up and keep doing what you ought to do.


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I have a doubt on the new compensation Plan? in Miscellaneous

8 months ago

With the changes on the new Co-Sponsor program, I had received some mails from my new upline Co-Sponsors. Saying that they are newly assigned new Co-Sponsor to me.

My doubt is this...how is the new four upline Co-sponsor alloted?

Why did not I get any new member where I am one among their new co-sponsor?

Please some one clarify me on this..

Thanks in advance.

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New Comp Plan Improvements in SFI News #Compensation #CSA

8 months ago

Great news Mr.Gery Sir!
I have always trust you and your team.
I believe that this new changes are brought in for the better of all and would love to see the results in great swing.

I have one doubt and my questions is this.
Regarding the instant commissions payment, I could see that instant oayment was mention only to TC payoneer Card. What about instant payment to affilliate account, For those that do not have one?
Thank You.

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Despite many efforts..I cant built a good downline in Team Building #CSA #PSA #Team Building

8 months ago

Your new in SFI and you already had achieved EA. Great job.

There are several ECAs who sell guarantee PSAs , you can buy from them each month but remember no one can guarantee you their activity...there after buying PSAs what i would suggest you is to follow them through mail and try getting in touch with them.

The more members you have in your downline the more chances you got to get active member. Therefore its a number game.

Keep buying, keep advertising...persistent would do you a good work.

Good Luck.

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Financial Background in Miscellaneous #Compensation #Marketing #Sales

8 months ago

For me and To me...SFI is as healthy as I am right now.

I can't tell the future but could tell you the past with experiences. SFI has never failed me since my start back in 2013.

Hoping for a better health as every new year brought new development to the program.

SFI works if you work with persistent.

Good Luck