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In a case of a tie in PTP, who will win share of the ZackPot? in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra

2 days ago

If one of you are the Winners of the PTP prediction, I would say,'Bravo!!! Congratulations!! You are a Winner.

tie happens only in one particular game in nature therefore, you are playing in different game(different item).

Congratulations, once again...!!

more wins for you in days to come...

keep it up..

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Hello Every Body in Southern Asia #Auto-Delivery #Sales #Team Building

6 days ago

Welcome abroad!!

Start building up your business by taking actions and reading the LaunchPad Lessons...

Wishes you a great success...

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what type of items sold in triple click stores in Southern Asia #Marketing #Sales #TripleClicks

7 days ago

Tripleclicks features over 90K products...You can search items you want to buy from the search menu..

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Why not creating a Congratulator Badge? in Suggestion Box #Marketing

9 days ago

There are several badges that have already been put up on the marketing section..Just get over to view their profile and you may get a chance to send them a congratulate e-card..

Hope more will becoming up in future as you already bring to the notice.
Lets hope for the best..

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Let's not give up!! in Inspiration/Testimonials #Leadership #Team Building

10 days ago

I love all the lines...thanks for sharing...

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My 100th Knockout Trivia win in Recognition #Contests #Eager Zebra

17 days ago

Wishes you many more wins!

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Can I make payment with my account fora PSA in Ask Gery #PSA #Sales #Team Building

18 days ago

I see that your PSA is making his way but fails due to bank creteria...Therefore is not trying take free money for you ..
You mention, 'he will deposite to your account'.
So let him deposite and buy for him a GC with that doposited anount and issue him. That will makes no difference...he can still use it to buy tc and some products likr cash.

Do not ever pay for him with your card or any one else..

Well wishes..

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Who are those valuable customer's in SFI and Tripleclicks.com? in Sales

19 days ago

Hi,Michael A.!

You are one among the many.

All TC and SFI members are all a valuable customer...

We can't paticularised any coz we are millions in number..

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Can we earn commission when our PSAs and CSAs make a sale ? in Sales #CSA #PSA #Sales

20 days ago

Hi, Awad A!

We did not received any commissions from PSA/CSAs sales but we still receive matching points being a TL if they are EA and above

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Hash-tags on Facebook. in Marketing #Localvantia

21 days ago

Useful tips, Dominic!

Thanks for sharing!!

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Why I can't stop working? in Miscellaneous #Leadership #Team Building

22 days ago

Quiet True Randy!

I am not judging anyone in particular...

Just wanna share my experiences why I still haven't stop working with SFI even when I get no dime within my Five years...

We all have our problems but in most cases why people say they wanna quit SFI is no cash to invest...so, I am trying to share my success without investing a dime out from my pocket.( I say am success coz I have a team of GTL,STL,BTL and EA) Its just a money matter on me that I could not be a TeamLeader myself...For over 6 months I lost triple of my DC from matching points...I could hardly be an EA from my DC....I could not deny saying that its all my hard work not investment that bring in several Team Leader coz I have no dime to invest.
No offence...

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Why I can't stop working? in Miscellaneous #Leadership #Team Building

22 days ago

Yes, Mary You are completely right..
God is First always.. Having God is enough coz God has everything....

Apart from God...In Business term...I am not expecting Quick cash from SFI as I am in my 30s only and use SFI as a retirement Plan.

I believe in a saying, " Hard work always pays."

I wishes all a very success...

Blessed Sunday.

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How to get back connection? in Miscellaneous #ECA #Sales #TripleClicks

22 days ago

Thank you Andrew! Your advice are always noted..

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Why I can't stop working? in Miscellaneous #Leadership #Team Building

22 days ago

I have come accross several thread like 'bye SFI, I had to Quit etc.'

So here i would love to share my experiences in SFI.

When I started my Business I was a student sponsor by some NPO and the main reasons why I joined was to make some money for further studies and to support myself and family.

I would like to tell you that, I have no dime to put inside my SFI Business..

In my country, its hard to find a job after getting a degree..so, even after getting my degree I could not have a reliable jobs to support myself and far mentioning extra cash to put inside SFI.

I am currently out of any jobs with 3kids to support but had to work as a day labour to meet one ends.. so working from 9-5pm earns me Rs300 which is eqaul to3-4$ a day...so in total I could hardly earn $10 dollars in a week.

Did you say no extra cash to invest? How is my condition?

You can look over my badges and see that I am now in my 5year with SFI.. If having no extra cash to invest be the reason I had to quit...I would have already quit since the year i sign up with SFI(2013). But thats not the requirement to success in SFI.

Today without even having to take out money from my pocket I could now have up to 6thgens working team...I have over 12 team leaders down to my 6th generation some already had been a GTL,STL,BTL and not to mention EAs.

So, dear fellows! If your reasons for quitting SFI is having no extra cash to invest. I say never Quit. Coz your coming here to earn not to invest if your budgets doen't allow to.

You know To perform my daily task, I even have to pay for it but I know some where in the future I would get back more than I could expect..

If you have a mindset to quit, all you have to do is to explore more about SFI and all the offers.
Zackpot games, T-time, daily free action points...and so many amazing people with kind harted...

Quitters never Win.

' A single step is worth a million when count towards success.'

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How to get back connection? in Miscellaneous #ECA #Sales #TripleClicks

22 days ago

Hello, friends!
Blessed Sunday from India!

I have lost all my ECA connections when I had to pause my ECA store in 2015.

I had over 3000s tc/sfi member connecting with me but when I came back in service and renovating my store I came to realised that I had only few connections.

So, any solution on how to get back my connections..?

If I could no longer get connection, it would be better I stop my tc Store.

Can some one help me get back my connection?

Thanks in advance...

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100 $/€ Investing here ? How ? in Getting Started #Getting Started #Marketing #Team Building

23 days ago

Hi, My friend!!!

SFI is a real business..Therefore, investing on it is a wise decission if your budgets allows...

Dublications and TC sales is a great sources of income in SFI...I therefore, suggest you to invest on PSAs/PRM which mostly comes from S-Builder Co-opt and Other ECAs...

And to meets the executive level I also suggest you to go for auto delivery on some TCredits bundle (100,125 TCredits, etc) or the builder bundle...

I wishes you the best and success...

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when do i start getting real money in Getting Started #Sales #TCredits #VersaPoints

24 days ago


You get real cash whrn you perform your daily task of performing your To-do list actions and reach 1500vp and become EA...

For every 1vp gets you an executive benefits...to be able to use your cash you need minimum 7$ and min.20$ to cash out...

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Zack Jack in India #Contests #Eager Zebra #TCredits

24 days ago

Congratulations!!!! Wishes you many more achievements...

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Transferring VP points to some of my downline in VersaPoints #Team Building

about 1 month ago

Hi, Sophie M!

You can't transfer VP to anyone...Sending them Tcredits and GC are good to issue for a reward of some achievements however, I do not recommend to issue to affiliate who simply buy things not necessary for their growth...

I have issue some TCREDITS and GC to one of my Team to help her reach 1500 but use it to buy other things which is not necessary and never care about the VP..So, Once you issue GC to help them achieve some ranks...I suggest that you follow them and see forward to their actions...You will see who are serious and who are not...If someone is serious, they will try to...after all its our own business...

Helping them once is quiet enough, if not could be dependent on you..Let them strive first...

Good Luck...

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Offer for September for PSAs/CSAs? in Miscellaneous #Marketing

about 1 month ago

This is a sort of surprise bonus which is offer after complete reassigment of CSAs to team leader...Only the corporate knows...Lets hope for the best.

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Country wise ECA? in ECA Program #ECA #Sales #TripleClicks

2 months ago

Thank you Gery!!! Yes this is what I am looking for...

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After the launch pad ? in Getting Started #Getting Started #Leadership #Sponsor

2 months ago

Great suggestion...

As for me, While they are taking the Launchpad, i suggest them not to forget their daily todo list as they could be missing a lot of points that they would need to advance...I also suggest them to ease themself by playing the TC games...Participate on the forum discussion and later read the ROS...