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Jimmy B.


E365 Champion
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Showing Off SFI in Ask Gery #Marketing

1 day ago

Hi! Bulelwa! Here at the marketingmethods you find what you looking for.. www.sfimg.com/Resources/MarketingCenter?form=MarketingMethods&pg=3 click on "dog shirt" have a nice evning now.. / Jimmy.B :-)

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the new Executive Speedster badge in Compensation #Leadership #Team Building #VersaPoints

8 days ago

Hi! I have just a question about the the new Executive Speedster badge, my question is if you have to renew this badge every month or is this something just for this month? every where I read about it I just see the month of december and nothing about to renew the badge or something../ Jimmy.B :-)

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Have You Eliminated ALL Options To Retreat, Except To succeed... in Miscellaneous #Getting Started #Marketing #Team Building

8 days ago

Hi Tommie! It sounds like my plan ,that I will not stop before I am DTL and it doesent matter how long its take its my plan and I will not quit until I reach the goal if I dont die or something before of course ;), just like Antoine de Saint-Exupéry said 'A goal without a plan is just a wish.'.. / Jimmy.B :-)

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My Incentive Idea in Team Building #Team Building

11 days ago

Hi Douglas! this is a really good plan to get your PSAs active, I think I gonna copy it and do the same with my team if it is ok for you that I do that? thank you for the good idea.. / Jimmy.B :-)

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He's BACK! in Miscellaneous #Compensation

23 days ago

Welcome back Randy! nice to see you again, I have wondered where you went when I not saw you here at the forum... / Jimmy.B :-)

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Why can't we change our sponsors!? in Miscellaneous #Getting Started #PSA #Sponsor

24 days ago

Hi Endrit!
You can always write to your sponsor and ask him to reassign you to another member if you do not like him (if he answers that of course) good luck now! / Jimmy.B :-)

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How is this possible? in Astro Auctions #Astro Auctions #Contests #Rewardical

25 days ago

Hi people! I think the winner is very lucky and a big congratulations to the winner, I have never win the rocket box even if I play many of them ,but who know one day I might win 2 times in the same auction like this one.. hope so.. / Jimmy.B :-)

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Knockout Trivia in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra

27 days ago

Hi! It still the same ,its very slow I cant play trivia because of it and thats very sad Ilose trivia point because of it so I really hope someone fix the game .. / Jimmy.B

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Congratulations E365 Champion Jimmy Bergstrom! in Recognition

28 days ago

Hi ! Thank you Gery and all members of SFI,Its make my day to see that so many of you congratulate me today,its an honor to be one of you champ or not you my SFI family are the best and I hope you all get succes with your businesses./ Jimmy.B :-) <3

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I Admire TripleClick in ECA Program #Marketing #Sales #TripleClicks

28 days ago

Hi Eric! I must say that I agree with you to 200% .its really great to have the opportunity to sell others stuff and earn on it, SFI is the best business on the market according to me.. have a great sunday to you.. / Jimmy.B :-)

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CAN GET Rewardicals in Getting Started #Rewardical

29 days ago

Hi Tatjana!Dont forget that you also have a chance to win Rewardicals in the daily and monthly drawing in E365 , I won 500RW in todays daily drawing of E365 and that make my day a little better.. ;-) / Jimmy.B :-)

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Knockout Trivia in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra

29 days ago

Hi Nenad! I have the same here so I have not play trivia the last days so much because its to slow , hope someone find the problem and solve it.. / Jimmy.B :-)

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a question for colleagues in Marketing #Rewardical

about 1 month ago

Hi Natasa! I Think if you redeem your rewardicals to Gift Certificat ,then you can use them to buy items on TripleClicks.."I Think" so ;-) / Jimmy.B :-) good luck..

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I am New to the system in Marketing #E365 #Getting Started #Team Building

about 1 month ago

Hi Temitope! If you want PSAs just advertise your gateways at social medias,traffic exchanges etc just search the web after free advertising, or if you want to do the easy way than you can buy PSAs at TripleClicks or try your luck at the auctions.. good luck to your business.. / Jimmy.B :-)

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Daily Grand and Daily Crown entries in Miscellaneous #Compensation #Eager Zebra

about 1 month ago

Hi Bosah! If you go here you will find out your entries.. www.tripleclicks.com/DailyCrown
www.sfimg.com/Home/WinIt good luck! / Jimmy.B :-)

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This is how to earn income and build your team... in Compensation #Compensation #Team Building

about 1 month ago

Hi! thank you very much Scott ,this gonna be my goal from now ,its sounds very good and simple.. I gonna share it to my team and hope that every one feel like I did when I read it.. a very good plan.. Jimmy.B :-)

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Special Thanks To Our Forum Gurus, Moderators and Active Forum... in Miscellaneous #Getting Started #Marketing #Team Building

about 1 month ago

Thanks to you to Tommie for all your good advices and words of wisdoms, I like to see that SFI is a big team where everyone helps everyone and not just their own teams, we all are like a big helpful family.. / Jimmy.B :-)

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Feeling overwhelmed with all the information in Getting Started #Getting Started

2 months ago

Hi Tanisha! I find this notes at the LaunchPad and think its a very good advice to them who feel overwhelmed:


1. Clicking links contained in LaunchPad lessons will, in many cases, take you to pages in the SFI Affiliate Center. The Affiliate Center can be overwhelming for new members. If at any time you're feeling overwhelmed, just click the button with the rocket on it--located at the top of the Affiliate Center--to return here to LaunchPad. Stay focused on your LaunchPad lessons until you're ready to move on. But rest assured—all that stuff that looks overwhelming right now—is really just awesome tools and resources. Over time, everything will begin to make sense and you will be delighted that you have so many powerful tools to build your business with.

2. Do NOT try to learn everything about SFI in a few days or weeks. One of the main reasons SFI is so successful is because it has real substance—with more than 30 years behind it and literally tens of millions of dollars invested into building its system and infrastructure. Yes, you're now part of a REAL business that you can earn a very large income with, but it will take time to fully absorb everything. And that's alright, because anything worthwhile in life takes time. So relax and take your time. Learn a little bit every day. Soon, making money with SFI will become second nature for you. Getting started and taking daily action is the key. good luck! / Jimmy.B :-)

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How to qualify for the Grand Master (Badge Quest)? in Getting Started #Contests

2 months ago

Hi Tshering! If you go to your Badge tab www.sfimg.com/Home/Badges when you are there it tells you which place you are and how many points you need to get up in rank.. Good luck! / Jimmy.B :-)

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How to Win in Astro Bidding? in Astro Auctions #Astro Auctions #TCredits #VersaPoints

2 months ago

Hi Rachael! If you mean to win Constellation Prizes then you have to wait to SFI have send you a mail "Astro Auction #XXXX is ready for you!" then click on the link and look when the rocket fly by and after that it comes a link " Claim your Winnings" click that and you have them.. / Jimmy.B :-)

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Getting Started in Team Building #Getting Started

2 months ago

Hi Asraf! SFI is a platform that gives you free tools to start a succesful homebusiness. How you do to start: begin to read how to do your daily actions www.sfimg.com/LaunchPad/Lesson?id=71 and go on to read and learn about how SFI works and how you become succesful at the LaunchPad www.sfimg.com/LaunchPad/ to get motivated and get some inspiritation read the Rules Of Succes ( ROS) www.sfimg.com/ROS/Index and take your time until you get it, dont stress read and learn how to lead and earn.. / Jimmy.B :-)

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Option 1 or option 2 ? in Sales #TripleClicks

2 months ago

Hi el kamili! is it your PSAs you gonna send the link? in that case you earn ( DC) 20% on all they buy ( CV) on tripleclicks so I dont think it dosent matter which link you send to them. Jimmy.B :-)

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Welcome E-cards to 500 to 1000+CSAs.. in Team Building #CSA #Leadership #Team Building

2 months ago

Hi Prbhakar! Haha, no it is to much work to send out so many e-cards,I use the genealogy and sent a team mail to my new 500 CSAs and welcomed them to SFI and told them that I was theirs CO-sponsor and will help them when needed www.sfimg.com/Reports/Genealogy?active=true
There you can choose who you want to send to.. / Jimmy.B :-)

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How to earn more VPs for the Smart Start Bonus? in Getting Started #Contests #Getting Started #VersaPoints

3 months ago

Hi Angela ! I read this: They can grab the Ultimate Smart Start package of 1000 Rewardicals and 100 CSAs by setting up a 1500 VP Auto-Delivery for TCredits within that first 48 hours (see below).
Its mean that you must set up a auto delivery on TCredidt within the first 48 hours.. / Jimmy.B :-)

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Redem tokken in Team Building #CSA

3 months ago

Hi Chalid! Do you know that you must became EA to keep your CSA?
Q: Do I have to maintain my EA status to keep the CSAs I acquire?
Yes! It’s VITAL that you maintain your EA status. Otherwise, ALL of your CSAs will be forfeited, no matter how you’ve acquired them.
www.sfimg.com/Support/Solution?id=216357 / Jimmy.B :-)