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New Astro Auctions Gateway...getting close! in SFI News #Astro Auctions #Marketing

15 hours ago

A good and cheaper alternative to attract PRMs to participate in AA. Giving them gift certificates may not be affordable to some sponsors.

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Excited by win in Recognition

2 days ago

You can win when you least expect. Keep on log in to qualify for the Daily Grand lucky draw.

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SFI Easy Fun-Filled Game To Enjoy in Eager Zebra #Contests #Eager Zebra

2 days ago

There's fun and frustration in playing EZ games(Zackjack & Grandmaster poker). Fun when you win the games continuously and end up winning 10 prime games in a short period of time.but frustrated when you keep on losing even playing up beyound 100 games to achieve 10 prime games. Other games I limit to free games. Playing EZ games can release or create tensions.

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Wow I won in Recognition #Eager Zebra #TCredits #TripleClicks

2 days ago

Congratulations!. Keep on playing. There's a time to win and a time to lose. If scare to lose, there's a never a winning.

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SFI Gold Team Leaders Growth Chart. in Team Building #Leadership #Sponsor #Team Building

3 days ago

This is the reality of this business. Any affiliates think that they can achieve their success by themselves alone is telling a lie to themselves. Do nothing and get nothing!

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How much time do you spend while doing SFI? in Miscellaneous #Team Building #TripleClicks

4 days ago

2 sessions a day, one in the morning and one in the evening spending about 2 -4 hours each with the average of 3 hours per day. Make sure that the daily tasks are done first.

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Important new resource for Team Leaders/Sponsors in SFI News #Getting Started #Leadership #Team Building

5 days ago

A good introductory overview of the business with the right direction as not to overwhelm the new affiliates. Step by step approaches will lead them to more information and understanding the basic concept of SFI business. Most of my new affiliates ask with the first question, "How much money can I make"?. even before they start. I hope this "path" will lead them the clear way to continue their journey in SFI business.

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My Team Mail message today in Team Building #Team Building

7 days ago

It's a reality in life that we keep on learning for knowledge or for application. Doing SFI business needs guidance but not directives. The affiliates themselves have to determine what course of actions to be done. We cannot push the horse to drink if it is not thirsty. Like in your job( public or private), you work because you want to be paid. Similarly with SFI business. The only difference is you are your own paymaster. You determine your own paycheck.

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How I start each day team building at SFI. in Team Building #Getting Started #Leadership #Team Building

8 days ago

There are numerous activities that we can do in this business to earn rewardicals, vps, tcredits and badges. And each winning will contribute to our development and progress in our business. At time we may not win or earn something but every time we do something we learn. Doing the daily tasks, play EZ games, pricebenders and auctions occupies the major part of the business activities.spare sometime to read and review Forums, Launchpad and SFI News and advertising.

Saying don't know what to do in this business is telling oneself a lie and blind excuse of being not interested. Don't waste your time if your heart and mind are not there. If we really want to earn, go for it! If you are not convinced after going through the lesson plan/launchpad and doing the daily tasks(without spending a dime or a single tcredit), you can call it a day and quit. After all, it's a free business to start with. Other affiliate marketing businesses will ask for registration/membership fees. You will miss great opportunities if you ignore this business.

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Don't Just "Wing It" in Compensation #Compensation #Getting Started #Leadership

9 days ago

We have S-Builder, Bundle Builder, PSA to go and many more from ECAs where you can buy to build up your team and spread your wings even wider at left, right and the tail. To have strong wings you need the most active 3 - 5 PSAs in your 1st generation. Our rank as STL and above is fragile. Without BTL we cannot be STL. We can go alone with BTL. It's unfortunate that at BTL level our TL quits or fall back to affiliate and lose his CSAs to the upline TL. Lack of persistence will destroy our dreams and goals.

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New people on SFI in Team Building #Leadership #Sponsor #Team Building

11 days ago

I have 99.99% daydreamers in my genealogy leaving 0.01% is serious and curious. Even the serious and the curious will also disappear.

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Whatever auction has in AA, why can't we get to play in Astro Auctions

11 days ago

If there is any political, social, economic and legal restriction imposed by the country, what can we do? SFI may not be able to give further explanation. It's better for yourself to find out since you are residing in India. You may be able to get a list of scheduled restricted items/products from Customs or Immigration Departments or Trade and Commerce Department of the country. We have more than enough of other items to bid. Unless there is a provision that the winning item can be exchanged with gift certificate or tcredits.

My friend from New Zealand once sent me a few hundred dollars cost of health food. Wanting to collect them at the Customs Department(Parcel Office), I was told that the items were restricted items. The items were confiscated.

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Tasks Vidéos in Suggestion Box

11 days ago

They can find some in the youtube but may not be been updated. Whatever ways we want to suit or make convenient to everyone, it is important that they should have the interest or desire to know more and make a search. It will be good if SFI can provide all these?

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It's not that there no more PB auctions. in Pricebenders

12 days ago

Taking a short break for house cleaning?

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Building People is SFI business in Team Building #PSA #Team Building

13 days ago

That's right, Chinedu! This is affiliate marketing business and we all need people to build up the business. You can walk/work alone up to BTL but you will need 1 BTL to go for STL etc.... To build up the business, you need active downline and not the sleeping giants!

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I'm just short of words in Compensation #E365 #VersaPoints

13 days ago

You can win when you least expect. So log in daily, earn at least 10 vps to qualify to participate in the Daily Grand lucky draw and play eager zebra games to win the lucky draw in the Daily Crown. Congratulations Rachel!. Keep on moving! Giving up just because never win any lucky draws in Daily Grand and Daily Crown is a child play. Other affiliates may have not won any yet but they stay on because they have hope and faith in this business.

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Making Opti-build open to people with long EA streak in Ask Gery #Leadership #Marketing #Team Building

13 days ago

To earn spillover of PSAs from your upline, you need to be BTL, BCQ, DD and opt for opti build. As a sponsor/TL you can assign your new PSAs to any of your active downline. I will assign new PSAs to my downline after they have attained EA. At least I have confident on them to handle the assigned PSAs and at the same time to facilitate them to go for BTL.

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Powerful ways to get your affiliates to become EAs in Team Building

14 days ago

With the Smart Start program, new affiliates who are serious in this business can be an EA even in Day 1 and continue to earn 3000 vps by the end of the month to be BTL. Seemingly, Smart Start shies them away because they fear to invest some money. When some money is involved, the first thing in their mind is a scam!. To them it's impossibilities because their minds are closed. Even the existing affiliates(EA/BTL includes) don't really understand the benefits of being DD, opt for opti-build and the Plan or refuse to understand and taking actions.

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Your Personal Time Study!!! in Marketing #Marketing

16 days ago

I spend 2 hours in the early morning to complete the unfinished work left in the late night before going to work. 4 hours in the evening to do the daily tasks, etc. till 12 or 1 am. in the morning before going to bed. Spending 5 to 6 hours a day in this business seem insufficient as more and more activities are incorporated. Quality time is needed to be spent that will produce results. There's so much to do in this business. If you say it's boring, it's just you don't know what to do.

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New PSA’s and Payments in Getting Started #Getting Started #PSA #Team Building

17 days ago

We are not the employees of SFI being paid with salary. We are the bosses of our own business using SFI platform. We earn commissions through sales. Refer them to the Compensation Plan.. Where else can you refer them to, if not on the Compensation Plan? It's rather absurd to ask how much and how often to be paid even before they start to work. It's like a job seeker who demand the salary to be paid to him based on his terms or else he will not accept the job.

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Today will be the day... in Astro Auctions #Astro Auctions #Leadership #Team Building

17 days ago

I do play AA with small bids. With small bids I still can win some vps and rewardicals. If I want to win big, of course I have to put higher bids which I can't afford to lose.

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Advance with technology. in Suggestion Box #Astro Auctions #TCredits

17 days ago

SFI has to introduce new developments/improvements to stay relevant and competitive.