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Installing banner on my personal blog in Getting Started #Marketing

1 day ago

How do I install an SFI or TC banner on my blog or Website? @ www.sfimg.com/Support/Solution?id=20213&referrer=search. Certain specification, e.g size may be required.

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What's stopping YOU, to become Successful in SFI? in Getting Started #Getting Started

2 days ago

We can be successful if we want it. Of course through hard work, commitment and endurance.

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Earning report coming soon in Suggestion Box #Compensation #Sales

3 days ago

Some may be happy to see their earning unexpectedly but some will be disappointed if they feel that they have done so much but so little to earn. But let it be a benchmark to know our progress and do something more about it. Don't get discouraged! More contribution from team building.

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Okay, i'm ready to chat now in Team Building #Getting Started #Sponsor #Team Building

3 days ago

Normally, my first entrance communication is sending Welcome e-card or email or both in which I include a little about myself and a brief reminder what to do first which are enough for him/her to read. If he/she wants to know more either he/she replies my email or chat. If chat by saying "I'm ready to chat now!" then I'll reply "How can I help you?" or "What can I do for you?" You can know that he/she is online or leave the message with the green bubble. But for CSAs, your approach should be a little bit different because they have been receiving messages/instructions from their sponsors.

Nevertheless, if they are serious, they will try first and then they will ask more questions.

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Awesome news i find this morning! in Compensation #Compensation #Contests #Rewardical

3 days ago

Keep on playing EZ games and win more games to be pick as a lucky winner.

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Selamat Hari Raya in Malaysia

5 days ago

Wishing all muslim friends, " Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri" on this auspicious occasion. Let's celebrate together with "open house" . Visit each other with open heart regardless of race, culture and religion.

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TripleClicks price tags on Products in Marketing #Marketing #Sales #TripleClicks

5 days ago

IDR is Indonesian currency- i.e rupiah. If you want to buy any tripleclicks product and you need to convert the price, say from IDR, USD etc. to Naira, scroll down below the page and choose the currency "Naira". You will know the price in Naira. or any currency you want to use.

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Marees Tip. Stream Posts importance. in Getting Started #Getting Started #Leadership #Team Building

5 days ago

It's true, Maree. What more can I say about Smart Start. It's a new revolution in SFI business to achieve faster success. A good start, without doubt for those who know the potentials of affiliate marketing like SFI. The foundation of this business has been set up and just spend some money to go for it! No regret. Time mean money. Delay can be "Yes" or "No"- Undecided or skeptical! Opportunities come and go.

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How To Earn Maximum Income As A Basic Affiliate Only in Marketing #Marketing #Sales #TripleClicks

5 days ago

Adverting, free or paid and marketing are the ways to make money. Advertising and marketing need money to spend unless you can earn income from advertising and marketing by themselves. You advertise your gateways and recruit more active affiliates to grow 3 teams with 12 or more generations or promote your products, and make sale to earn commissions. Both advertising and marketing are the means and not the ends. Both are very important in SFI business to be successful.

I don't think that being just a basic affiliate(one man show) can earn much assuming that you depend solely on your PRMs. You need leverage and residual incomes from your teams/downline. Go for maxiumum. Go for DTL. !

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Super rich Internet Income course in Marketing

5 days ago

It's rather unfortunate that most newbies don't read and understand the concept of internet marketing. We can tell from the vp ledger they have- 0 vps. not to mention how often they log in. But when they logged in, they did nothing. Practically, SFI has most information we need to participate in the business. Most importantly is be able to apply what we have learned.
Sow the seed now and harvest the fruits of our labor in 4 to 5 year's time. Nurture our business every day and make it a daily routine to be successful. Successful business would start from scrap and going through the process of transformation and improvement to face the competitive business world for survival through experience and be proactive. Business through inheritance will not last because of lack of experience and remain at its comfort zone and gradually disintegrated.

To new affiliates, take this business seriously and start to work on it. You have the plan and follow it.

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How can I become ECA without a physical store? in ECA Program #ECA #Marketing #Sales

6 days ago

To participate in either ECA or RECA you need to follow the rules and procedures attached. Without setting any one, you still can sell any products from RT-ECA or ECA or Tripleclicks. For RT=ECA open up an account with the RT-ECA whose products you want to promote. Use their product url links to promote their products. Similarly apply to ECA. To search for ECAs, go to your Tripleclicks.com member page and see your ECA connections. /My product Collections/Buy for product categories. Pick your passionate/favorite products and promote them to earn commissions.

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exchange of Tcredits for cash in Getting Started #TCredits

7 days ago

Exchange rewardical tokens to tcredits. Use tcredits to buy Tripleclicks products(Transfer buying), play games, and pricebenders and earn rewardical tokens again. Since we cannot use tcredits in exchange for cash, then use them to build up your business and earn commissions which we can transfer to our personal account.

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The old Matching VP Program! in Compensation

7 days ago

We embrace changes for the better of SFI and us, the workers. It should be a win-win situation. Bear in mind that to be EA and TL, we need to invest financially. We will be happy to receive a fraction of what we have invested every month. Let's wait and see in July for June commission for any variation occurred as compared to May payout with the present scenario.(May). For us who are active in SFI for years, we will know the difference.

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How can I have an active team? in Getting Started #Getting Started #Leadership #Team Building

8 days ago

Sponsors and co-sponsors, PSAs and CSAs come and go. You can still earn from your PRMs if they purchase any products from ECAs, Tripleclicks etc. You will have a team/teams of CSAs/PSAs once you become EA. Whether they are active or not, that matters. Only those who are serious about this business will stay on.

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SFI is Easily one of the Best Opportunities online today... in Miscellaneous #PSA #Sales #Team Building

8 days ago

I agree that SFI offers the best opportunities online. But most of my affiliates are skeptical about SFI and some even say it's a scam! These are those don't see the opportunities with money but only see money without opportunities. Some even commented negatively that they were being misled to join SFI. After all, we are free to join and free to opt out.
There's no place for affiliates who expect to earn for doing nothing. If we wait for opportunities or the right time, there can never be one that comes straight to us. At times we have to create them ourselves at any time. When opportunities come, we are really grab them. That's business!

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Marees Tips. Dream it Achieve it. in Getting Started #Getting Started #Leadership #Team Building

8 days ago

Well said, Maree. You and I started in the same month with only 2 weeks ahead of me. Your persistence and determination has brought you to 2 levels ahead of me. Active participation of your downline members help you a lot. Without active participation of our downline, the highest we can go alone is BTL.
Never listen to negative words and being demotivated by them. These are peoples who don't want to see you successful.
For newbies, start with EA and move to BTL. If every one is doing the same down the line, you will see that you will have 3 active teams. With the new Compensation Plan Improvements and with the Smart Start program, we can move further ahead. It takes time to build up the business.
Happy anniversary!

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Add The TripleClicks link to the FREE Gateway in Suggestion Box

10 days ago

This page does not include affiliate IDs. Do not use for referring.

I have been using this url: www.zing.network/(my SFIID) and it opens up to Zing networks. I'm not sure whether my ID is imbeded in. Your free gateways don't have zing networks url. Apology if you mean other things.

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If the new Support Star badge is based on likes in Miscellaneous #Getting Started

10 days ago

A badge for affiliates who get 50 or more likes for a submitted answer to a Great Question at the Forum. The badge displays the number of answers you currently have with at least 50 likes. For trim updates, get 50 likes for 5 separate answers, receive bronze trim; 50 likes for 10 separate answers, get silver trim; and 50 likes for 20 separate answers, get gold trim.

What is important to me that I read and understand the ideas and responses from the Forum members. If I can contribute some good answers to the questions, and the members accept and agree upon, then up to them to put "likes". The other part of the job is done by the moderator.
Since the conditions are laid as such, then we have to work towards them to qualify unless the rules are changed.

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How to win over your prospects in Team Building #Getting Started #Sponsor #Team Building

11 days ago

Out there there are countless number of potential prospects. They come in because they are interested to do the business. But most come in because they are 'paid' but not interested to do the business. Most are inactive. Some come in out of curiosity but not doing anything. So your aids must b able to convince them to join SFI. Prospects turn to active PSAs are what we want.
I use facebook, twitter, etc that are free to use.

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Add The TripleClicks link to the FREE Gateway in Suggestion Box

11 days ago

May be you can use this zing network having 6 properties including Tripleclicks: .https://www.zing.network/.

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Promotional Ads in Private Blogs in Marketing #Compensation #Rewardical #VersaPoints

12 days ago

You are promoting your business through your gateways to invite prospects to join you in building up your SFI business. Not likely with instant cash!

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TC credits to cash in Getting Started #TCredits

12 days ago

If you are thinking of converting tcedits to cash for withdrawal, then SFI/Tripleclicks will close down. But instead use tcredits to buy tripleclicks products besides using your commission available in your SFI or Paypal account. Even under Rewardicals there is no option to convert into cash but instead can use to buy gift certificate which the receiver cannot convert to cash.
You can transfer your commission to your bank account. Work hard and earn more in commission and get cash. For me, I need more tcredits so that I can change for vps and buy more tripleclicks products.

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What is the CSA Rewards program? in Team Building #Compensation #CSA #Leadership

12 days ago

In my Movers' List, CSAs are more active than PSAs.

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CSA Rewards cannot locate in Team Building #CSA #Team Building

12 days ago

In my genealogy it shows this: Due to recent Compensation plan improvments, the CSAs on this report may not be fully accurate. This will be corrected soon.
I assume that updating is going on!

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My Biz Quiz "Ghost" Dead and Buried! in Recognition #Contests #Rewardical

13 days ago

Congratulations on your winning!
Today is my lucky day 6/6/2018.
"Good news--you were a winner in today's TripleClicks DAILY CROWN Drawing!
You won: 1000 Rewardicals."
So far, that's the highest I ever won.
Play EZ games every day. You may be the lucky winner in the Daily Crown.