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Marija B.


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Post on steam tab visible to our uplines! in Suggestion Box #PSA #Sponsor #Team Building

6 hours ago

Yes, I do agree with you. I think that it should be a two way road.
We should post the motivational and informative posts as upline, but we should be able to like our downlines post also.
Ofcourse, if it is technicaly possible.

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Da li se tako moze graditi TIM ??!!! in Serbia

2 days ago

Poštovana Cecilija,
Nemojte se razočarati, tako je svuda. I nemojte odustajati da pomognete timu - radite sa radnim.
Ko ne učestvuje, izbacite ga iz co-opa. A kada u plaćenom ulože svoj novac, drukčije će se angažovati.
Samo napred, bez razočarenja i nerviranja ♡

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Best Marketing Methods in Marketing #Marketing #Sales #TripleClicks

2 days ago

Hi Amr,
When advertising product, first you need to find an interesting product with competitive price and good reviews. Experienced marketers suggest we buy the product first to see how shipping is going, how friendly and reliable the seller is. When we choose such product, we should advertise our emotion regarding that product. There are many sellers on the market, you need to find a way to pop-up from the mass. I was advertising some tea from TripleClicks, I was writing about its benefits, how friendly was the seller, the taste of that tea and what I have felt using that tea,
I hope I gave you an idea how you could succesfully advertise TC products.

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Messenger not allowing me to send invitation link in Team Building #Getting Started #Marketing

5 days ago

If you are inviting you friends, try other medias such as SMS, e-mail, Viber, Skype ...

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Missing ECA ? in ECA Program #ECA

8 days ago

I am talking about this part of the ECA tab, Jasmina.
Try to monitor them during the day...you will see that they are changing names there.

The Featured ECA lasts for 24 hours

And this is how it looks on the ECA tab now....

Meaning, they are rotating ECA stores there all the time...
I just don't know every how many hours they do that...

Tanja you are right about rotating ECAs, my was displayed today, but when you click on the text "Highly rated" it opens the TripleClicks, and my ECA is not listed there. We are not talking about rotating list but list that opens when we click "Highly rated" link.

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Missing ECA ? in ECA Program #ECA

8 days ago

Right, not in Highly rated ECA as well. Maybe we do not see our own ECAs?

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Missing ECA ? in ECA Program #ECA

8 days ago

Jasmina, if you mean ECA in my country, you are right. Though my ECA has 4,5 stars rating I couldn't find it ... I come to 3 star rated ECAs, but my ECA is not there. Keep searching till the end :)
Update: they are random displayed (not listed by rating).

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Iznenadjenje! in Serbia #Rewardical

8 days ago

Nataša, posle kiše uvek dodje sunce. Svi smo bili u istoj situaciji. Svaki put kad sam mislila da sam došla do zida i da nema dalje, neka nagradica ili novi PSA mi je vratio nadu i veru da nastavim.
Čestitam na nagradi, to je samo početak!

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Is there any trick used in playing CARD KING in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra #TCredits #VersaPoints

9 days ago

I am affraid my cats are not fond of apples ... what should I do?

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Is there any trick used in playing CARD KING in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra #TCredits #VersaPoints

9 days ago

Marija, this is one of lots of awful proverbs. I know that one also, I remember it was used often by others when I was a child.

When you fall for it, it seems that you can only get one of the two, while you could have both. I prefer to have luck in both (and also in other areas) and it really seems I am lucky everywhere.

What you believe gets a tendency to become reality. So watch out for your (often hidden) thoughts and beliefs. Use your mindpower to turn your thoughts into more supporting ones, every time you catch one.

If you want to learn more about the subject, I recommend the work of Michael Dooley from TUT (Totally Unique Thoughts) who states that thoughts become things. And no, it's not "positive thinking", a whole other approach.

Chose your thoughts wisely!

Hi Frank,
Thanks for this. I wouldn't be a GTL if I was a negative thinker.
Maybe the funny connotation was lost due my english. I am not sitting and crying, I just keep playing.
But when we come to joking I would always say I am lucky in love and bad in cards.
And one more awful proverb "be careful what you wish, it may come true".

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Is there any trick used in playing CARD KING in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra #TCredits #VersaPoints

9 days ago

I wish I knew!
I am so unlucky in Card King that I believe there is no worse player then me.
But I am comforting myself "who has no luck in cards, has luck in love".

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You can do whatever you believe you can! in Inspiration/Testimonials

9 days ago

Hello SFI family,

Very often we do not fulfill our dreams because we do not believe in ourselves.

This is a trailer of a very touching and motivational movie "Little boy".
Hope it will lift your spirit up!

You can do whatever you believe you can!

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I'm not winning Daily Grand drawing for at least more than month in Miscellaneous

9 days ago

Hi Rupesh,
Don't be disappointed, it is all about luck! There is no "turn" in winning. Drawing are random.
I don't win DG very often, Daily Crown even less then Daily Grand. I have never won BizQuiz, never won any of the cash prizes for full 4 years.
Am I disappointed? No. I am happy if I win something, but never disappointed if not.
You are not here for prizes, you are here to build your own business. If you are lucky and win something, nice. If not, OK, maybe next time.

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Za moje UP LINE in Southern Europe #E365

9 days ago

Čestitam Gile i hvala. Ovo je tvoj uspeh i uspeh celog vašeg tima. Ja sam tu da vas ispratim i uputim. Jedino mi je drago ako sam uspela da naučimo se medjusobno pomažemo, da ne gledamo ko je čiji član, nego da radimo onako baš timski. U našem timu je svako ... ne lider ... nego lider za primer.
Moja vera u vas nema granica!
Gazimooo lideri!

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Happy Card King Winner in Recognition #Eager Zebra #TripleClicks

9 days ago

Congratulations ! Just keep going doing it!

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Referral link to refer new affiliates in Getting Started #Marketing #Sponsor

10 days ago

One important notice, if you try to post your refferal links on most social media it will fail.
Instead, build your blog or website and use your refferal links there and promote your blog or website.
Happy advertising.

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I'm In Love! in Miscellaneous

12 days ago

Yes, we get SFI in our blood streams :)
First thing I do in the morning, I log in my SFI office.
So yes, I know the feeling.

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Opti Build doubt in Team Building #PSA #Team Building

14 days ago

Hi Ruzhica,
This is my personal experience. I was in Opti build, then went out, now I am back in. I have 6 PSA in my first generation (not all of them are BTL or higher) so what I did ? I opted in Opti build with 50% and made a coop with my working PSA and downline who are still not BTL or higher or who deserve to get more sign ups due being extra active. So sign-ups go, one to Opti build, one in my coop. I think that is fair from my side.

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NE ODUSTAJEM in Southern Europe

15 days ago

Ono što se kod mene pokazalo kroz sve ove godine, a evo je počela peta ... kad sam se najmanje nadala, najbolji su mi članovi dolazili. Onima kojima sam posvetila jako puno vremena, kojima sam pomagala finansijski, otišli su a da se nisu ni javili. Sigurno ne radite ništa pogrešno, samo još nisu došli oni pravi.
Nastavite samo uporno i uspeh dolazi!
Svako dobro od srca!

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Guy's, did you heard the latest SFI NEWS? in Miscellaneous #Contests

15 days ago

Congratulations Mr. Charls! Great job!

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Actual amount paid by Pricebenders auction winner. in Pricebenders #Pricebenders #TripleClicks

15 days ago

Hi Gabriel,
If it is a progressive auction or a micro auction, the winner pays the final price shown.
If an auction has a Bonus bar, at the end of the bar, the last droplet shows you a locked price which the winner is going to pay if the auction goes higher than that. (The picture is a screenshoot from Silver bar auction)

Hope this helps.

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The highest score on ZackJack, 10, 963! in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra

15 days ago

Few glitches from this morning - t-time glich, your ZackJack glitch, my posts didn't show on Forum either. Probably some glitches due the time change.

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ZackJack record in Recognition #Eager Zebra

15 days ago

Congratulations Nikola! Well done!