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Psa Mailing in VersaPoints #PSA

23 hours ago

When you start registering new affiliates you will be able to send a team e-mail (PSA mail). You need to become EA to get 10VPs for sending team e-mail. Now try to learn how to advertise and build your team.
If you haven't done it yet, contact your sponsor to guide you build your business.
Wishing you succesful business!

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How do you motivate yourself to be more Consistent with SFI? in Getting Started #Leadership #PSA #Team Building

3 days ago

Everyone wrote in the Goals what we expect to achieve ... my was to improve my standard of living ... which wasn't too exact.
I am here to make a better living for my child. Being autistic, I don't know if he will be able to provide for himself one day. I am building this business for him so he will have a stabile earning. That is way I haven't missed even one day to do my tasks, to help my team ... this picture of hom being safe motivates me to go beyond my limits.
Everyone should picture what they expect to achieve and that visualised goal will make as more efficiant.

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IMPORTANT NOTICE!!! in Marketing #PSA #Sponsor #Team Building

4 days ago

I need to be clear about this URL and picture stuff. Sorry for this - again ... language stuff is crucial here.

We all know we are not able to put our Affiliate links on Facebook, Twitter ... nor we can start a paid campain on Facebook if we use SFI links. Facebook do not approve those campains as violating their rules. So many of us use our blogs, websites, landing pages to create the paid campain on Facebook . Also, according to Facebook's rules you can't use picture that has more then 30% covering text.

Then again, many of the pictures are forbiden to download from Marketing Aids ... exept Memes which have a lot of text on them.

I usually use my own picture to introduce myself to possible associates and I share my story. I advertise my own website. In fact, I am branding myself as entrepreneur not advertising SFI. Now, I am totaly confused. Am I violating the rules?

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Translation for all questions asked by Knockout Trivia in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra

4 days ago

Dear Kristina,
My English is not bad, but I come to questions where, sometimes, I don't understand them either. If the answers were translated, having in mind how Google translates, you will make more wrong answers then today.
If you try playing, you can't lose anything - in time you will be better. Think of it as a free English lessons.

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Have you ever wondered why PSAs quit and give up so easily? in Team Building #Leadership #PSA

6 days ago

I believe that the new Class Cash program will stick them long enough to see how wonderful this opportunity is.

Many people join just from curiosity or they decide it is not for them even if they haven't tried long enough. So with this new program where they have a motivation to log in at least 10 times, I hope they will get a chance to have SFI in their bloodstream (like most of us have).

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What is the source of the points for badge quest leaderboard in Miscellaneous

6 days ago

Very simple. Clicking on the badges tells you what you need to do to earn that badge and how many points it's worth for the Badge Quest leaderboard.

Hi Gery,

Thanks. After reading all the responses, I see that it is simply about recognition for activity in the games, at least mostly. I was trying to associate it with how the Badge Quest Leaderboard, and badges in general, suppose to help us build our business.

Sherwood, in fact not.
The "strongest" badges are for SFI acievements: Booster Club Member, Building something great, Designated Diamond, Team builder, VP streak ...
Game badges is easier to get, but SFI badges are bringing more points.

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What is the source of the points for badge quest leaderboard in Miscellaneous

6 days ago

No, we need to gain badges, each badge brings some amount of points. Click on the blured badges to see what you should do to win them and how many points each badge brings.

Hope I helped (if I undestood the question).

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Ces in Southern Europe

8 days ago


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My commissions in Getting Started #Compensation

8 days ago

Hello Hloniphani,

Your commission is accumulated on your SFI account. When you earn more then 7$, you may use it on TripleClicks to buy something (Tcredits, some products ... etc.) When you earn 20$ company will offer you to get your Payoneer Master Card on which you may recieve your future commissions. If your rank declines to AFF, another 6 months it is still kept for you. As AFF you can advertise products and get Direct Commission, but it is the best to achieve at list EA to recieve the perks we get from company after reaching the rank.
Hope this helps.

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Kako i šta posle SFI ! :( in Serbia

8 days ago

Poštovanje Toplice,
Pročitala sam Vaš prethodni post, pročitah i ovaj.

Ono što ne razumem je sledeće: ako ste u kompaniji 502 dana, ako tako dobro pravite blogove kako kažu kolege, ako ste bili top enroler ručnim oglašavanjem - a šta će vama sponzor?!

I ja sam radila bez pomoći sponzora, nikad nisam dobila ni 2$ GC ni od koga - nikad, ko-sponzor me savetovao da uzmem kredit i uložim u SFI ( da kupim sebi PSA) ... blog sam pravila 3 dana - sama ... tad ni videa nije bilo nego sam čitala forume koje nadjem na Google kako da završim blog. Tek trećeg meseca sam shvatila da treba da oglašavam i gde se nalaze saradnički linkovi.
Da li sam mogla više da sam imala sponzora da me vodi - možda ... a možda i ne. Da li mi sad treba sponzor - naravno da ne.
(A prednosti što nisam imala pomoć su ogromne - bila sam naterana da naučim ovaj posao odlično, da nalazim načine kako da "sakrijem" link, gde da oglašavam ... i niko ne može da mi kaže "da nije bilo mene ...").

Ne znam ko Vam je sponzor i kod koga ste u timu - totalno nebitno. Znate da napravite blog, znate da oglašavate ... bacite se na posao i radite sa svojim timom, budite im i prijatelj i pomoćnik. Zajedno sa svojim saradnicima dogovorite strategiju kako ćete dalje. Nema ovde tajni, samo rad, rad i rad!

Svi smo bili na nekim prelomnim tačkama kada smo verovali da nećemo uspeti, kada nije bilo svetla na kraju tunela. Mislim da sa ovim postovima samo sebi štetite jer deluje da sami ne znate šta ćete sa sobom. Ovo je moje dobronamerno viđenje stvari koje su ovde iznete, ne mislim da Vas savetujem niti imam pravo.

Nastavite sa oglašavanjem i posvetite se svakom članu koji postane deo VAŠEG tima i uspeh mora da dodje. Srećno!

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Is daily task a must? in Getting Started #Compensation #Getting Started #VersaPoints

8 days ago

Hi Kingsley,
Nice brainstorming thread.

My opinion is this: lots of people do the 9-5 jobs. When we come to our "regular" job we have a meeting with our boss, share the information with collegues, being informed about news, new projects and changes in the company.
That is why I don't call those task "daily tasks" ... I rather call it "reporting to work". It is our way to find out about all the news that have happened while we were away from our SFI office.
So, it is not only about collecting free VPs but more like getting informed about the actions we need to perform to build successful business.

For almost 4 years in SFI I haven't missed a day to log in my SFI office. If I travel where I am not sure I am going to have the internet connection I switch on vacation mode, but always find a way to "report to work". I had a surgery last year, few hours after I logged and and said "hallo" to my team. I really don't understand how someone can just "forget" to log in.
Hope this helps.

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Borrowed credit card from new distributor in Ask Gery

8 days ago

He should not use the same credit card on his account or both of you are going to be "frozen".
The simmilar thing happened to my PSA. If it is possible for him to get a new credit card, that would solve the problem.
Hope this helps.

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tripleclicks taking too long to load in Eager Zebra #Contests #Eager Zebra #TripleClicks

8 days ago

Hi Aremu,

Probably you saw that a new program "Class Cash" is going to be launched on Tuesday. There must have been some system changes ... links, knowledge base, probably something on TripleClicks as well. I had a question from my team members that SFI wasn't working properly early this morning our time.

So we just need to be patient untill system is changed towards the new program.
Hope this helps.

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Hold Up. Wait A Minute. in Sales #TCredits #TripleClicks #VersaPoints

9 days ago

Great decission and also great post.

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Pop Goes The Weasel in Ask Gery

11 days ago

Maybe I would answer to this if I had a clue what you are talking about, lol.

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Localvantia - Improvement to Rewards in Suggestion Box #Compensation #Localvantia #Marketing

12 days ago

Hi Stephen,
It is a good point of view, but let me express my point of view as a small shop owner. To have a loyalty cards processed, I would need to have a computer in my shop, internet conection, a bar code reader or a card reader. At the moment I have a fiscal cash register and for a small shop as mine it is quite enough. For me personaly, it wouldn't be a problem to have a laptop with card reader or bar code reader as I am already equiped with such devices, but don't expect that many shop owners would go in additional investment to make it more easier for us.

This program should be launched and working world wide. Don't forget, there are affiliates from less developed countries then UK or USA. If there are additional request towards merchants, they wouldn't be interested to join the program. Maybe, eventualy we would come to the loyalty cards, but don't think it would be smart at the beggining.

We need VPs, we should take action to get them.
This is just my opinion, could be wrong.
Have a wonderful day!

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What is the the Lowest Costs to move up BTL ? in Miscellaneous

13 days ago

Hi Kuan,

Well, there is no "right" answer to this. Some people are good at selling stuff, so they go on BTL without any investments.
I have solved this with Auto Delivery set on 125TC every month.

You can make a combination of two, sell stuff and buy something (that you buy anyway localy) as needed to reach your BTL rank.
Hope this helps, I know you might have expected better answer ... but can't think of any better.

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BTL in Team Building #Team Building

13 days ago

Dear Violeta, that decission is only up to you.
You may like to go to BTL to lead by example your potential working PSAs, or you may stay as EA until you find 1-2 working PSAs and then go on BTL rank. As I said, it only depends on your decission and your financial possibilities.
As for requirements, you can be BTL without working PSAs - what you need to have is 3000 VPs with minimum 1500 sale VPs and 5 PSA (inactive PSAs count for this).
Hope this helps. Have a wonderful day!

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What would be best free method to promoting SFI Business? in Marketing #Marketing #Team Building

14 days ago

Hi Laxman,
Our Training center is a wonderful spot to start with. Please go to this link:
You will find wonderful articles there which will help you build your business. Also check the Featured article (first on the page) which is going to give you more ideas how to promote your SFI business.
Hope this helps, have a wonderful day!

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Let's be honest with our new PSA in Ask Gery #Team Building

14 days ago

Hi Samuel,
As already said, we are not allowed to share information about our earnings with our downline.
How my downline see I am earning here? From time to time, I organize the team games ... who is going to have the most signups during the month, who is going to have the most VPs that month ... and so on.
By giving away certain GiftCertificates they know I am earning here. Also by being here for 4 years and many other collegues being here even longer show this is a real thing.
Hope this helps. Have a wonderful day!

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When we are supposed to win PB auction? in Pricebenders #Pricebenders

15 days ago

Well ... auctions are really unpredictable. Once I won an auction with only 1 bid and paid for it 0.01$! People ask me how. Really don't know. Just nobody else showed up. Sometimes I spend hundreds of TCredits and do not win. So if you plan winning equip yourself with lots of TCredits and be persistent ... you may spend 1 TC and win, or you may spend hundreds and lose. Just pure luck!

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"Why not show the number of wins in PB winner badge ?" in Pricebenders #Pricebenders

15 days ago

Exactly what I ment would happen. I think its better to stay as it is.

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Card King in Ask Gery

16 days ago

For me, it is always hard to win. But I say to myself ... "if you don't have luck in cards, you are lucky in love".
Just keep playing it will come.
The good thing about CardKing is that it can't be cheated, so my opinion is that it is a fair game.