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Marija B.


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Neverovatno! a istinito in Southern Europe #Eager Zebra

1 day ago

Ne pokušavajte ovo kod kuće : smile:

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Hallo in Serbia #Contests #Eager Zebra

3 days ago

Bravo Dejane!
Čestitam na osvojenim bedzevima!

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My Flights ❤ My Prizes in Recognition

4 days ago

Hi Milice,
Congrats on your prizes!
I know what you mean ... I don't think I missed too much Astro Auctions today.
I even sent Tcredits to my Movers (more then 30Tcredits) so they can try it also if they haven't tried yet.
Just love it, in fact I am addicted.
Have a great day.
PS: And lots of prizes.

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CSA rank notifications in Suggestion Box #CSA

6 days ago

Thanks Zhumagul,
yes, I suppose this is something due to many changes that have been done lately. I believe something like this, that is not too crucial in system operation, could just slip from someone's mind. Many mistakes happen when we build our own websites, don't they?
That is why I put this in suggestion category.
Have a great day

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CSA rank notifications in Suggestion Box #CSA

6 days ago

Hello SFIers,

I have noticed that I do not recieve the rank notifications for CSAs I got at the beginning of June.
Every time my "old" CSAs confirm their ranks I get the notification and I use some of the ways to congratulate them.
But, for new CSAs I do not get any notifications - not for confirming EA nor for any other rank.

Do you have the same issue?
Thanks for your time and have a great day.

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I love it in Pricebenders #Contests #Pricebenders

7 days ago

Hello Stephen,
Hurry up. Not many AstroAuction 5000 badges left. Spend only 1TC if you have to get that prestidge badge.
Good luck!

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Astro Auctions in Pricebenders #Pricebenders

7 days ago

Hi Teresa,
Go to TripleClicks website as normal, click on BID

And then choose Astro Auctions

This is how I do it.
Hope this helps.

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I love it in Pricebenders #Contests #Pricebenders

7 days ago

Hi there,

When I grumble, I grumble ... but when I get excited, I am super excited.
I must say I just love those new Astro Auctions!

I have never been very fond of Pricebenders auctions - too much adrenaline for me. Also, my way of living is not allowing me to stay and watch the auction for few hours.

I found the Astro Auctions super exciting with lots of great prizes. Also not time consuming and very addictive!
I believe some people enjoy excitement in Pricebenders auctions but for people like me, Astro Auctions are just great!
Thank you!

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Get your FIRST 5000 Astro Auction badge! in SFI News #Contests

8 days ago

Astronaut suit is on!
Lets fly!

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Selling on triple click in Sales

10 days ago

Hello Nittah,
Changes have been made at the beginning of February this year when Rewardical program was introduced. We can't sell our products through TripleClicks online store anymore but we can apply to be listed on Rewardical website with our own online shops.
I hope this was helpful.
All the best.

PS: Check on YouTube videos how long ago they have been uploaded. There are some really old ones.

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Wake Up!!!Your Team Needs Support Not Criticism. in Marketing #Marketing

12 days ago

Once again a great post. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and time.

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Any guesses for 10th of July? in Miscellaneous #Eager Zebra

13 days ago

I am impatiently waiting for the 10th of July.
From the special memo, I wouldn't say it is going to be a game.

I copied it here:
"Yes, on our about July 10th, we plan to launch a major new product that I feel could very well become our most popular offering in our almost-20-years history! So be ready for that.

We've also got another exciting new game (in an all-new genre) that will debut in July (and more to follow this fall)."

Lets countdown ... 5 days to go ...

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Nema danas nagrada in Serbia

18 days ago

Biće Miro, samo napred.
Oglašavanje puno, malo igrice i biće i nagrada i zarade.

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Fate of my streak in Getting Started

18 days ago

Hello Hafsah,
If you can't log in daily while on vacation, turn the vacation mode on. In that case, your streak will continue once you turn the vacation mode off.
Please note, if you log in and do your daily tasks anyway, you will get daily tasks VPs but the streak will be still. If you do not do daily tasks, you won't be generating VPs.
Hope this helps.
Best regards.

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Team Overrides - pojasnjenje Gery-ja Carsona in Southern Europe #Compensation

19 days ago

Hvala Tanja,
Veoma važno razjašnjenje.

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commission for selling TC products in Sales #Compensation #Sales

20 days ago

Hello Venkat,
When you open any product's page on TripleClicks, you will see SFI toolbox. On this table you can see what is a value of CV and what is the value of DC.
Please see the picture bellow.
All the best.

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Team Overrides in Miscellaneous #Compensation

20 days ago

Hi Julius,
In your Genealogy, in upper left corner, you can see the table with your generations and the CV (commission volume) they made so far. Also, you can see the procentage of their growth compared to the previous day.
The CVs are informative, but you can add them together (skip CSAs, commission earned from your CSAs is already shown on Scoreboard tab) and multiply by 4%. You can get approximate value how much you are going to earn from team overrides.
All the best.

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Free Advertising? in Marketing #Marketing

22 days ago

Hello Adesegun,
Go to the Custom Domain manager
Scroll to the bottom of the page. You will see your created domains. You can delete any of them and empty the slot, so you can make another ones instead.
All the best.

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Free Advertising? in Marketing #Marketing

22 days ago

Thanks Marilyn for sharing,
My free vs paid advertising would be:

- it is free
- your ads stay, they may go down on the page, but they are still there somewhere (the other day I had a sign up on my ad posted 3 years ago)
- BUT, they are time consuming.

- you need to pay for it ofcourse
- once you stop your advertising campain, the advertisement is gone
- BUT, they are time savers.

I use both ways, both of them have their goods and bads ... but to people who do not have money to invest, the free advertising is just enough.

Anyway, any of them can't insure we are going to get active team members. So, it is up to any of us to choose free or paid advertising, or combination of both.
Wishing you a great day!
Happy advertising.

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Go out of EA magic circle in Team Building #Compensation #Leadership #Team Building

25 days ago

Hi Christy,
You are partialy right. If you are not BTL you won't be recieving PSAs through OptiBuild. At the moment, as far as I know, you are getting sign-ups from at least 3 uplines. I would encourage you to help your team members to be more active so they could recieve sign-ups through OptiBuild too.
All the best! ♡♡♡

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Team-Leaders-You Unconsciously Said Yes To Frustration!!! in Marketing #Marketing

25 days ago

Hello Mr. Bruce,

We are all just humans and it is so normal to feel frustration from time to time. If we run out of time, we should think if we can delegate some of our activities to someone else and if we cannot, we should consider the importance of all activities we have to do and postpone the less important ones.

Time wasters are, in many cases, the main reason why we get short of time and get frustated at the end. They could come from us (poor organisation, emails, chats, lack of motivation ...) or they could come from outside (meetings, doing work that is not ours, absence of other which work we need to finish ...).

In any case, we should organize in the best way we can and try to finish all the activities we have schedule for the day to feel less stressed.

Thank you for this thread, this is a very important subject in everyones lifes.
Have a great and relaxed weekend!

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29 days ago

Sad sam pogledala ko Vam je sponzor. Imate odličnog sponzora (po mom mišljenju). Porazgovarajte otvoreno, iznesite svoje nedoumice, brige ... sve može da se reši mirne glave.
I ... ne primajte sve k srcu.

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29 days ago

Poštovani Muhamede,
Svi ljudi su različiti i svi razmisljamo na drugačiji način.
Svuda gde se radi ima i prepirki i svadja, to je normalan radni proces. Gde ima napetosti dolazi i do svadja. Neko je ambiciozniji, neko nije ... pa i tu zna da nastane problem.
Zato je komunikacija jako važna, ako vam se nešto ne svidja, probajte sa tom osobom "nasamo" da rešite problem.
Niko ne voli da bude "izgrđen" ili ismejan javno pred ostalim članovima tima. Mi "balkanci" smo malo srčani, pa tu znaju da vrcaju varnice. Novi ste ovde, samo opušteno, čitajte i učite što više i sve će doći na svoje mesto.

Probajte da pronađete na netu materijal vezan za motivaciju tima i upravljanje konfliktima, mozda će vam pomoći u dalem radu.

Sve najbolje u daljem radu.