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Marija B.


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Sales and Marketing are real in Bhutan in Sales

22 hours ago

Dear Samten,
Many countries of the world are facing economical difficulties.
The beauty of this job is that you are not forced to act locally. The whole world is your market. Find websites where you can promote world-wide. Place your ads and target the countries with bigger average income.
Hope this helps.
Wishing you success!

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How to earn in Compensation #Compensation

2 days ago

Hi Tshepiso,
Try to advertise products from TripleClicks. You don't need to be EA to earn the commission from the sold products, but those sales may help you become EA and participate in TripleClicks executive pool.
Also, participate in the games where you can win free TCredits or Rewardicals; refer yoir local merchants for Localvantia program. Try everything you can.
Don'r forget to visit the Compensation plan page to see more earning possibilities.
Good luck and wishing you successful business at SFI.

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Why I log in daily in Inspiration/Testimonials #Leadership #Team Building

3 days ago

Hi Deborah,

Thank you for this post, it reflect many of us. I am a mom of an autistic boy, I work at my full time job and I run my own small business. So 16+ working hours is my regular rutine. But SFI changed my DNK genome ... it is so natural to finish my daily tasks like sleeping or eating. I can't go to sleep if I don't finish my tasks.

For those full 4 years in SFI I missed my daily tasks just one day, when I didin't have internet access.

Having people who believe in you and trust you is a power that push you forward beyond your strength.
Congrats on building a successful team!

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Just a Suggestion(Summary Page of Registration) in Team Building

3 days ago

Hi Glenda,
In general, your suggestion is not bad, but I think it would put more confusion then help.
We offten use co-op or Opti build options to build our teams. So if I place my paid advertising, brending myself and advertising my website, prospect may think they are wrong if they see someone else's picture or name and give up.

What I know from experience, when you send a gateway link to a friend, being curious, they wonder around the internet trying to get more information and register on bare SFI link without SFI ID number of the friend who refer them. That is how they get someone else as a sponsor. If you are sending a link to a friend, tell them to be careful and if they do not register over your link, you won't be able to help them build their business.

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Exchanging REWARDICALS with TC Gift Certificate? in Suggestion Box #Marketing #Rewardical #Sales

4 days ago

We also need to wait for new ECA program, we will see which changes that will bring and improve our Rewardical program.

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Congratulations E365 Champion Bill Nohou! in Recognition

4 days ago

Congrats! Great job!

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New PSA with Big RED Warning Triangle? in Getting Started #Getting Started #PSA #Sponsor

5 days ago

Hi Teresa,
Are you talking about CSA or PSA? We can get red flagged CSAs when we get second home CSAs, but bought or won on auction, both PSAs or CSAs could be only new. Where did you buy those PSAs if the PSAs are in your case?! We should be warned about this.
Red flagged PSA could be only reassigned by upline or if your PSA is inactive for more then 45 days or got less then 250VPs in that period, his/her PSA are reassigned to you (reassigned PSAs are marked blue).

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Are Rewardicals replacing Versa Points along with MRP in VersaPoints #Rewardical #VersaPoints

5 days ago

Hi David,
I know the post you are reffering too, but can't find it now.
As I understood, VPs won't be replaced as we can exchange RTs to VPs. For MRPs, they are staying this way for some time, we will be informed in time when they are going to be replaced with Rewardical.
If I find the original post, I will share the link.
Have a great day.

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How long does it take before a product reach your doorstep? in Marketing #Getting Started #Marketing #Sales

6 days ago

Usually when it says "free shipping" it refferes to dropshipping. So when you order your product, the seller orders it on the other place and pay for it ... then third part sends the product to you.
What I know that do happen, is when people do not have money, they wait to recieve your money from TripleClicks and then order the products. That makes delivery time even longer. I waited for one product quite a long time, but I knew what is happening and I wasn't in a hurry.
But, it does ruin TripleClicks reputation if the sellers are not responsible. I advertise the products that I surely know they will be delivered in time. Usually those products are the one my friends make.

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Do not reply to this email in Suggestion Box #Getting Started

7 days ago

Good idea, it might be helpful if it is technically possible.
Thank you.

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KOT Myth Buster in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra

7 days ago

And leaned toward Harry Potter, lol. Someone there really love Harry Potter.

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The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing... in Miscellaneous

7 days ago

Hi Tommie,

Great post and great advice.

Many people are complaining that they can't move forward but they just sit there and wait. If you do nothing youl'll get nothing ... easy as that.

So as you say (or Walt Disney :) ) ... stop talking (complaining) and begin doing.

Thanks again for the nice post.

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Najkraci opis naseg posla in Southern Europe #Team Building

7 days ago

Iskreno saučešće od srca. Nedavno mi se desilo isto, prevelik je to udarac.
Dajte sebi vreme da prebolite.

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Prepaid or Cash Card is NOT a Debit Card in Miscellaneous #Auto-Delivery #Compensation #TripleClicks

9 days ago

A funny thing, I have a prepaid reloadable Gift card issued at a local bank, without my name on it BUT it is conected to a bank account. They have opened a bank account for me to have that card. I can't use that account, it is used only to load a money on the card ... so, again I don't see the difference between prepaid and debit card, lol.
As I understood, only difference between two of them is if they are conected to a bank account or not. That is way I thought that prepaid card is the same as debit card.

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Prepaid or Cash Card is NOT a Debit Card in Miscellaneous #Auto-Delivery #Compensation #TripleClicks

9 days ago

Hi Marija,

Consider a debit card like an Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) card. If requested, It is issued by your bank and makes it easier to withdraw money from your checking or savings account. You use the ATM rather than having to go your actual bank to withdraw money.

You are right. Money must be in your account before you can withdraw it from the machine.

Wheels up!

Thanks Ron,
In fact, the debit or the prepaid cards I use only for internet payments. On ATM or at local shops I use my credit card.
I think it would be silly to go to my bank and load my debit card with money and then go to the shop and use the card.
(In my country we mainly use cash).

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Prepaid or Cash Card is NOT a Debit Card in Miscellaneous #Auto-Delivery #Compensation #TripleClicks

9 days ago

Thank you Stephen.
I thought the debit card is prepaid card ... anyway, any of them you can't use unless you already loaded money on them.
Usefull information. Thanks again.

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Da se ne lažemo ... in Southern Europe #Compensation

9 days ago

Hvala Vam puno na ovim divnim rečima. Nadam se da ću Vas uskoro videti na ovom istom Forumu kao STL, GTL, PTL ... kako pišete slične postove kojima ohrabrujete nove kolege. Samo hrabro napred, ovo je interesantan i dinamičan posao; ima uspona, padova ali uspešni uvek idu napred.
Svako dobro Vam želim od srca.

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Svako radi ono sto mu odgovara in Southern Europe

10 days ago

Svaka čast Zvezdana.
Odličan komentar, ali ovo navedeno mi je posebno zapalo za oko.
Na žalost, mnogi ljudi ne shvataju da samo timski, doprinoseći na bilo koji način, mogu da urade mnogo više i postignu ono čemu se nadaju da će postići ulaskom u ovaj posao.
Hvala što ste izneli ovako ispravno vidjenje stvari.

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Molim za podrsku mojoj sponzorci Sladjana Nikolic jako lose!!!!! in Serbia #Marketing #Rewardical #TCredits

12 days ago

Želim brzo ozdravljenje. Ne dajte se, lična vera u ozdravljenje je jača od bilo kakvog leka. Borite se, imate ljude koji su uz Vas.

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PSAs invalid in Team Building #PSA #Team Building

15 days ago

Check your opt-out report to see if someone has opted out from your team.
This is the link:

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Jeste li odlucili kako dalje? in Southern Europe

16 days ago

Hvala Jelena za ovaj divan post!

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Sebičnost ili briga od sebi ... in Southern Europe #Team Building

16 days ago

Poštovana Cecilija,
Potpuno ste u pravu. Mnogi ulaze u Opti-build da bi dobijali članove, ali nisu voljni da svoja učlanjenja dele sa svojim saradnicima ... na žalost, ima i toga.
Verujem da će dosta kolega uvideti da sa širenjem svog tima mogu da očekuju stabilnu i trajnu zaradu. Pomoć upline-a je dobrodošla, ali samo svojim radom možemo da očekujemo boljitak.
Svako dobro Vam želim.

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Sebičnost ili briga od sebi ... in Southern Europe #Team Building

16 days ago

Hvala Živanka,
Sve najbolje Vam želim

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Da se ne lažemo ... in Southern Europe #Compensation

16 days ago

Da se ne lažemo Marija (bar ne ove nove članove), dovoljno je da pročitamo CompPlan i ono što je Gery napisao da shvatimo da se može zaraditi ozbiljno i sa AFF statusom. I ne samo to, AFF saradnik može zaraditi više od DTL saradnika ako primeni odgovarajuću strategiju i ostvari dobre poslovne rezultate u primeni iste.

Poštovani Rade,

Za svo ovo vreme koliko sam u kompaniji, nisam čula da AFF može da zaradi više od DTL. Osim u jednom slučaju ... da ima svoju ECA prodavnicu i da preko nje prodaje robu isključivo saradnicima kompanije (jer ako dovedemo kupca sa strane i postane naš PRM od njegove kupovine u našoj ECA imamo i zaradu i proviziju i VP poene, pa možemo sa tim VP da dodjemo do EA ili BTL statusa). Moja CSA radi isključivo prodaju iz svoje i tudjih ECA prodavnica i sa tim prodajama i svojom kupovinom je BTL (znači bez tima).

Bila bih Vam zahvalna ako biste podelili svoje iskustvo sa ostalima, na koji još način može da se kao AFF zaradi više nego DTL. Stvarno bih volela da čujem. Možda mi je nešto promaklo.

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Sebičnost ili briga od sebi ... in Southern Europe #Team Building

16 days ago

Poštovani Rade,

Hvala na komentaru. Moj post nije ni ZA ni PROTIV Opti-build programa. Ja lično nisam u njemu iz jednog prostog razloga ... ako oglašavam na exYU terenu pa mi novi član ode kod nekog stranca ... ili oglašavam na stranom terenu gde se učlani član iz inostranstva pa dodje kod nekog ko ne govori engleski - eto problema (probala sam i iz svog iskustva govorim).

Isto tako, ne mislim da su ljudi koji skupljaju članove u prvu generaciju sebični - naprotiv, samo mislim da nisu shvatili sistem. Ovo je timski posao i samo kao tim možemo da opstanemo.

Opti-build je, po meni, odličan program za ljude koji imaju članove iz istog govornog područja. Možda i grešim, ali sam primetila da uprkos raznim grupama za podršku, raznim online prevodiocima ... jezička barijera kao i kulturološke razlike mogu da budu veliki problem.

Svako dobro u daljem radu od srca.