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More about TCredit in TripleClicks Sales #E365 #Sales #TripleClicks

1 day ago

Lilian, maybe it was marked that you are going to pay with bank check. So, to fulfil your order maybe it is expected for you to send a check. (Few my downline did this, so maybe that happened to you also).
If I were you, I would send a ticket to the support as only they can see your orders and payments.

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bragging rights in Eager Zebra

1 day ago

Do it wise though ... if you brag to much, for example, on your Facebook wall, people will start avoiding you. When sharing your status achievement, share your gratitude toward your team members also, that will be highly motivating for them! Happy bragging

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Posted SFI/TC banner on my FB page & Twitter. But no VP in Getting Started #PSA #TripleClicks #VersaPoints

2 days ago

You get the points when you place your SFI/TC banner on your blog. Start your blog on www.blogger.com, place the banner, the cpy your blogs URL and paste it in your task. That way you will receive the points. Try finding some videos on Youtube how to finish this task if you are not sure.

Hope this helps.

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Become the "Bronze Team Leader" in Getting Started

3 days ago

Congratulations Sudha!

Now, if you haven't done yet, make your blog with SFI invitation links and start building your team. Also focus on advertising products, auctions and games to earn commission.
Wishing you succesfull business!

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standing order in Suggestion Box #TCredits #VersaPoints

4 days ago

Yes it is. When you mark it as Auto Delivery it will charge you $36.25

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ECA payment options in Suggestion Box #ECA

4 days ago

Jeanne, I think this is Suggestion Box, place where we put our suggestions. I don't have exact problem to write a ticket, I think this is what many people face as a problem, so I decided to put it in public.

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ECA payment options in Suggestion Box #ECA

4 days ago

Since the bank checks won't be available as an ECA payment options in a while, is there a possibility ECA's could apply for Payoneer Master Card as SFI affiliates do? There are still some countries which are not receiving money from PayPal, so this possibility could encourage more ECA's to join.

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Opti-Build update in SFI News #Team Building

5 days ago

I am all confused right now.

I am in Opti-Build, I haven't expect any spillover from upline and now experiencing my downline expecting spillover from me. I don't know where to turn. Co-op is not working as it was, Opti-Build doesn't share the PSAs equally so I was planning to give up my DD, to opt-out the Opti-Build so I could organize the co-op as it was for my hard working associates wheather they are EA or STL but who are dedicated to succeed in this business.

So you say, if I opt-out the Opti-Build I would do more harm. Now I just don't know what to do.

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How many free ads should i put online in Getting Started #Getting Started #Marketing

5 days ago

This is the number game, you should track your conversion. Put as much free ads as possible. By using tracking code, see how effective your ad is. If you do not get much clicks on your links, change something and try again. More people who click on your link better possibility to convert to PSA or PRM.
Wishing you successful advertising!

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Srećna godišnjica rada in Serbia

6 days ago

Čestitam Nikola! Samo hrabro napred!

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Payoneer card just got.. in Miscellaneous

6 days ago

Dear Leona, that is a rule, so you go for it or don't. Choice is yours.
What many affiliates do, while their commission is small, is to keep their commission on their SFI account. You may use this money to buy something or to have your Auto Delivery processed from that source. When your commission is bigger, you just don't pay attention to 2$, 3$ or 5$. Wishing you successful business.

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Second Home CSAs ! in Getting Started #CSA

6 days ago

Hello Tapobrata,
No, I haven't either, but I think we usualy get them around 18th to 20th in the month. So be patient, they are on their way. All the best.

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Payoneer card just got.. in Miscellaneous

7 days ago

I got it through SFI

Hi Trinity,
If you got your Payoneer card through SFI, there is nothing wrong with it. The commissions have been paid to our cards yesterday.

If you marked that you want your commission on the card, go to your mail box where you got an information from Payoneer (also check your Junk, Spam or Promotional folders) and confirm that you want to recieve the commission to your card.

Please take care, if you want your commission immediately, it would cost you 5$, if you want expedit load (in 2 business days) that cost you 3$ and if you choose standard load that cost you 2$. If you chosed one of the last two options, it will offer you once again an immidiat load, just skip that one if you don't want it.

Wishing you all the best.

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Srecan Vaskrs/Uskrs in Southern Europe

9 days ago

Srećan Uskrs! Živi, zdravi i srećni uvek bili!

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Badge Quest in Miscellaneous #TripleClicks

10 days ago

I can't see your badges, but for example, if you missed a day playing ZackJack and Poker, and lost Streak badges for those 2 games, that would be 2x150 points. I lost ZackJack streak badge several days ago and lost 150 points.

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Badge Quest in Miscellaneous #TripleClicks

11 days ago

Check your badges. Some badges expire in some time, for example some game badges, if you lose game streak you lse a badgebadge, team builder badge ... and some more. Check what might have expired.

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Questions for all active Affiliate in ECA Program #ECA #Sales #TripleClicks

11 days ago

Hello Elvedina,
I have never tried to refer the Travel agencies or Hotels as ECA store.
I know there is one Travel agency in Sporlight Merchants, so yes, it would be interesting to try.
Thank you for your suggestion. If someone tried it would be interesting to share their experience.

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Game Suggestion in Suggestion Box #Eager Zebra

12 days ago

I love letter puzzle games but I am affraid it may be problematic for the people who do not speak English though.

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If you could give ONE tip to a new PSA, what would it be and why? in Getting Started #Getting Started #Sponsor #Team Building

14 days ago

My tip would be:
A home based business takes work, dedication and persistence. Be regular and persistant. Treat your business as a garden, feed it, nurture it and it is going to give you the fruits.

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Zahvalnost in Southern Europe #PSA

15 days ago

Bravo Dejane za tebe i Oliveru. Svi naidjemo na neke teške trenutke. I sama sam "odustajala" nekoliko puta. Ali par ljudi koji su uvek bili uz mene su mi bili podrška kad je bilo najteže. Sad i kad bih htela da odustanem, ne bi bilo fer prema njima i ne bih zbog njih.
Ono što svi moramo da shvatimo je da ovaj posao radimo za sebe, zbog sebe i zbog ljudi koji su tu uz nas. Samo napred, ne možeš da odustaneš ne zbog sebe, nego zbog Olivere.
Bravo još jednom.

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Using my SFI license in ECA Program #ECA

15 days ago

Hello William, I haven't understood what you really ment with your statement.

If you wish to sell TCurrency, you can apply for TCurrency merchant on this link:

If you wish to open your own ECA and sell your own product you can buy a TripleClicks seller license
on this link:

If you own your company you don't need to buy TC seller license.

If you want to advertise products and TCredits, in SFI Toolbox you have your invitation/gateway links and you do not need a license to do that.

Hope this helps.

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Opti-build reassignment secret? in Team Building #Sponsor #Team Building

18 days ago

Opti-build is wonderful tool, but only if all members of the team contribute. Unfortunately, many members went on BTL and opted-in Opti-build just to recieve members, not to contribute in their downline as well.
Many of my downline stopped advertising and are only waiting for spill-over.
Zoran were refering to those people.

Last year and a half I was reassigning all new affiliates who joined my team. So, I was working as 100% Opti-build but with one difference - I could reassigned and award the people who really work.
Unfortunately, Opti-build can't have an algorythm which will decide who works and who is riding on piggyback.

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Will You Make It Stop? in Ask Gery

18 days ago

You are my favourit person Elizabeth! Thank you very much!