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Srebro je stiglo in Southern Europe #Leadership

7 hours ago

Čestitam moj vredni CSA! Samo napred!

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Stagnacija nije kraj in Southern Europe #Team Building

11 hours ago

Period stagnacije nam služi da se "pregrupišemo", skupimo novu snagu i još jače krenemo napred.

Hvala Zorane na ovom postu. Jasno i bez dodatog "svetlucavog celofana".

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Gift certificate in TripleClicks Sales #TripleClicks

13 hours ago

It says you will recieve it in a 1-2 business days.

IMPORTANT! Gift Certificate funds will not be available for use until your order is approved (up to 1 to 2 business days).

This is on a page where you bought your GC.

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Team building activities in Miscellaneous

13 hours ago

In a team there is no ME, in a team there are WE!

Glad you wrote this thread, many people do not understand how to function in a team. I am glad I can call my team members a family, if I don't see someone for a while I got worried. It is so nice when you have people who think similar, who have similar interests to share your success and your fears.

Love being in this team!

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EA za mog prvog PSA in Serbia #PSA

1 day ago

Čestitam Nataša i tebi i Saši, samo hrabro napred!

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OOOPS you are Incorrect... in Ask Gery

1 day ago

Dear Jaydeep, it happens to me also, very often on Daily Quiz. But I don't think that it has anything with the software. I noticed when I work from PC it is all OK. But from the tablet I have this problem quite often. I think it is due to the bad internet connection.

When this "Ooops..." situation appear, I just refresh my page, and it shows I made a correct answer. Please try, maybe it will solve your problem.

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Fourm Guru, up in smoke! in Ask Gery #Leadership

1 day ago

Hi Eugene,

I had it, I lost it, I got it back. Just be regular on Forum, give quality answers to member affiliates and you will get it back. That is how I see it.

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Tri godine sa divnim ljudima in Southern Europe

2 days ago

Čestitam i želim još puno uspešnih godina i lepih trenutaka!

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Introducing...SFI Icebreakers! in SFI News #Sponsor #Team Building

3 days ago

Thank you very much for this wonderful tool!

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How many cards can you burn for free when playing Grandmaster Poker? I could 2 for 11 games, then just 1. in Eager Zebra

4 days ago

You are right. First 11 games we have 2 free matches, after that only one. After 21 games we lose second free match and Move card possibility.

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I wonder ... in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra

4 days ago

Thanks a lot Mr. Gery for a reply!

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Why we have no "End game" button on Poker for situations when we see that we have bad cards? in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra

4 days ago

As it says in the News, this is a BETA version of the game and we should suggest if we notice a glitch.
Thanks for bringing this question Milutin.

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I wonder ... in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra

4 days ago

In the EZ Poker game, I noticed that the results which are in 800 and 900 range are being green. Why are they green?

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Problem sa prikazivanjem na windows telefonu in Serbia

4 days ago

Moja saradnica ima isti problem. Problem je što nemate Google Play prodavnicu, pa je izbor pretrazivača mali. I koliko smo probale, ni sa jednim od njih, nismo imale bolji rezultat.
Ako je neko uspeo da reši ovaj problem i ja bih volela da čujem.

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pa da proslavimo! in Serbia #Getting Started

6 days ago

Čestitam Nataša! Divno je imati te u timu!

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Reason incomprehensible in Miscellaneous #Compensation #Contests

6 days ago

It is not finished yet. You have 7 more days to produce EA members in February.

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A member of ECA in TripleClicks Sales #ECA #Sales #TripleClicks

6 days ago

Hi Linda,
Check this link, here you have step-by-step instruction how to list the products in your ECA.
Hope this helps.

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How doesthe custom banner manager work in Marketing

6 days ago

By using this option, you can make a banner with TripleClicks products that you prefer. For example, I have made a custom banner with the products from my ECA and placed this banner on my blog.

You choose the several products which you would like to promote and make your custom banner, then place it on your blog or website.

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How many Tcredits can I transfer to my PSAs from my T-Credit balance? in Team Building

6 days ago

It is a limitated to max 10TC from your TCredit balance per PSA ... ever!
If you send 10TC to your PSA today, you won't be able to do it again.
But you will be able to buy GiftCertificates or TCredit packs to send them.

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Misleading Tip of the Day in Ask Gery #Team Building

7 days ago

As I know, you can have 10 a2a friends, but through a2a option you can search people with different filters who do not need to be your a2a friends.

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What is the perfect way to gift your team ? in Eager Zebra

8 days ago

Hello Aleksandar,
For different achievements I give different gifts. For smaller achievements I know to give TC credits or 2$ Gift Certificates. From time to time, I make a game for my whole downline giving away bigger prizes in Gift certificates. For my hard working and loyal affiliates I reassing members, pay adverts, sometimes buy them TC packs to help them confirm their ranks.

It all depends what you want to achieve.

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Plaćene reklame na društvenim mrežama in Southern Europe #Marketing #Team Building

9 days ago

Pozdrav Slobodane,
Definitivno treba uskladiti oglas koji pustate i izgled bloga ili sajta. Ja vam predlazem da koristite kodove za pracenje i da na blogu ili sajtu postavite brojac posetilaca. Tako mozete da pratite broj posetilaca sa FB na blog/sajt i konverziju sa sajta na SFI registracionu stranicu.

Pre nekoliko dana FB je opet izmenio neke opcije u menadzeru oglasnih kampanja, pa je potrebno tu opet malo eksperimentisati.

Srecno oglasavanje.

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Genealogy filter missing in Miscellaneous #Team Building

11 days ago

Thank you very much on your answer. I missed that thread.
Once again thanks for helping.