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New bigger, better Badge Quest! in SFI News #Contests

1 day ago

Thanks Gery!
I have noted that you are as tall as a giraffe because you see far ahead of us.Your leadership from the front is giving us a synergy for doing SFI business better than before.You are our role model.We support your moves of driving SFI business into greater heights.
Surely,we are moving onwards and upwards.

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Payoneer Mastercard in Compensation #Compensation #Getting Started

4 days ago

Great blog However you did not give reasons why you can not top up your card and/or receive donations

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D HELP in Kenya

11 days ago

Earn as many versa points as possible.These at the end of the month turn into money.Why ? The more point you earn the higher is your performance rank.
Teach your down lines what you do and you will earn from their earnings et al.Donge?

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How much do I need to invest in this job, if you do not have any PSAs? in Miscellaneous

about 1 month ago

The first thing to do is:-
1.Invest in your Time .
3.Set an AD when you get some money.
4.When you get affiliates teach them to duplicate what you do.
If you invest in your Time,Effort and in knowing the SFI products and the benefits each give you then you will be in business for ever.Read more on each day.Readers are Leaders.

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Pray for Indonesia in Miscellaneous

about 1 month ago

Team,Indonesia!During this difficult !People of Indonesia,We from Kenya,are praying for you.May God hold your hands throughout your lives.
SFIers,never ever give up.This period will surely pass.Keep praying,moving onwards and upwards!

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My Best Tip....Still True 8 Years Later in Getting Started #Getting Started #Leadership #Team Building

about 1 month ago

Mr.Scott,thanks for the excellent post.I will share it with my Team members.

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How I become successful? in Getting Started #Getting Started

2 months ago

Hi Tewera!To get the solution to your problem,I think I need to know your :-
4.Motto cum purpose.
If I get answers to the above 4 items then an answer to your question about SUCCESS will be given.

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Help for newbies to upload picture! in Suggestion Box #Getting Started

3 months ago

Franz,Do not give up.Redo it slowly it will accept.Personally had done it severally until it accepted.You can do it.

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Remembering Kofi Anan Former UN Secretary General in Miscellaneous

3 months ago

Koffi Annan was a great Diplomat.May God rest his spirit in eternal peace.Let us all emulate his example.

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Congratulations E365 Champion njuguna Karobia ! in Recognition

3 months ago

Njuguna,it is good to share this great moment of celebrating the success of one of us from Kenya.Keep leading from the front. Congratulations!

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Great start in Recognition #Contests

4 months ago

Indeed Wendy, when you put your best foot forward the distance to where your destiny is is sharply reduced.Congratulations.

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Get your FIRST 5000 Astro Auction badge! in SFI News #Contests

4 months ago

Thanks Gery.I have entered my bids and I await the results.To me it appears very interesting.I think austro auctions will attract more people to take part,thus growing their businesses more than before.
meanwhile ,I wait for the Austro badge.

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Becoming a great marketer is THE key to building a profitable... in Marketing #Getting Started #PSA #Team Building

5 months ago

Great blog.However,where do you post ads on a daily basis and how must does it cost you to do so?

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Keeping in touch with E365 class members. in Suggestion Box #E365 #Leadership #Team Building

5 months ago

It is very good to share.Members who joined, say on 23.05.2017 can share their successes and shortcomings.What are the main challenges which each member is facing?It is good to do so within the SFI Rules of Success.What do others think?

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Start Now-Act On Your Desires, Deams,Ideas, & Goals!!! in Getting Started #Getting Started

6 months ago

Wonders never cease. Garfield and Jumong were very strong touching characters in your environment.Stand firm but be flexible as you move onwards and upwards.Read the SFI Rules of Success in order to do better.

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I won three Auctions in ten days! in Recognition #Pricebenders

6 months ago

Quite good.Keep it up and you will go places into more achievements.

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50 Rewardicals win!!!!! in Kenya #Rewardical

6 months ago

Philip! Keep up the good work.The best is yet to come.Remember the 3 Ps i.e
You are a winner.

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LEVERAGE INCOME in Eastern Africa #Compensation #Sponsor #Team Building

6 months ago

Truly,Leverage Income is a WOW!It is a desire for every one to earn regular income on a monthly basis. However,without extra and additional income is the inthing to make the business more interesting
If you can share some ideas how this leverage income has increased your earnings ,surely many affiliates will appreciate

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Is payoneer card available for Indians? in Miscellaneous

6 months ago

The Payoneer Master card is available to all.This why it is called MasterCard.However,where there is a problem write via SFI Support to get more clarification per se.

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What is the best SFI payment Option in Kenya in Kenya #Compensation #Marketing

6 months ago

Please advise how you can use your Payoneer Mastercard.
1.Can you deposit KShs. direct to this card?If so how?
2.Can you deposit KShs cash into Payoneer Mastercard via M-Pesa?
3.Can you deposit foreign currency cash into this card?If so how?
Let more options be highlighted per se.

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Do we have SFI office in Mombasa? in Kenya #Getting Started #Leadership #Team Building

6 months ago

When you start your SFI business,make sure that you join the Movers Club so that your presence is felt by all.Take part in all activities.Read,read and apply the skills and knowledge to grow your SFI business.
What steps have you taken so far?

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Six Ways to Make People Like You in Team Building #Leadership #Sponsor #Team Building

6 months ago

Wish them a good day then offer yourself that you are available to them to give every assistance incase of need.Humble yourself to all.

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Take care of yourself both physical and mentally!!!! in Inspiration/Testimonials

6 months ago

Good day,Michael!This is a great blog.You hit the nail on the head.
In view of the above,I wish to state that "A good germ will always struggle into bloom and fruitage,success follows the one on the right path" This means that when one is a reader he/she will become a leader.Each one of us need to know the product and its benefits before we can sell to others.Going through the launchpad lessons and reading them once again for clarity and further insight is the on going thing for growing our DSFI businesses into greater heights.
Believe and have Faith in SFI as it is Real we shall make it to the Top.

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Getting your PSAs active in Team Building #Leadership #PSA #Team Building

6 months ago

Mercy,this is a great post.When we do not assume but communicate we achieve more.