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Here is what my new 6 PSAs replied by Icebreakers in Getting Started #PSA

1 day ago

When I joined SFI I followed the instructions given me and read every e-mail sent to me. The process was quite clear and step-by-step. It took me a couple weeks to figure out the Daily Actions, but all the rest was well explained. I understood much of the system within 6 weeks time, and I was totally new to Online Marketing. Promoting the business Online was probably the most difficult concept to learn and use in my case. It took awhile for me to understand the concepts involved in Online Marketing. Of all the programs I have seen on the Internet, SFI has been one of the easiest to learn and follow in the beginning!

I don't understand why it is so difficult for some to start in SFI! I didn't even contact my Sponsor and Upline to ask questions in the beginning. Are new PSAs failing to read the instructions and e-mails? It's a mystery to me!

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Compensation in Compensation #Compensation

2 days ago

Hello Vincent,

Check to see if Payoneer sent you an e-mail and if so, be sure to reply with the information they are asking for.

When I applied for my Payoneer Card I missed an e-mail they sent me and waited for my card which did not come. I contacted SFI Support and they gave me a Customer Service number for Payoneer. I called Payoneer and they told me that they had sent me an e-mail requesting some information from me so that they could finish my application process and send the Payoneer card to me. This may also be why you haven't yet recieved your Payoneer card. I hope this information helps!

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How to grow fast with SFI? in Getting Started #CSA #Leadership #Team Building

2 days ago

Hello Henry,

You have recently joined so you are starting to learn about the SFI system. Continue to follow the training every day to learn and log in every day to earn 10 or more VP so that you qualify to enter the Daily Grand Drawing for a chance to win some very helpful business building prizes!

Do as many of the Daily Actions as possible; doing all of them earns you 15 VP each day. You will need 2 TCredits to earn 4 of these VP - if you don't have TCredits just do the Daily Actions that don't require them. These Daily Actions are done by turning the red tabs at the top of your SFI Homepage to green - click on the blue bar at the bottom of each page except ECA and TC. For ECA, click on the blue bar to see the ECAs products. For TC, scroll down and click on the new items posted there and review them for 15 seconds or

Also, play at least one free game each day and you will automatically be entered in the Daily Crown Drawing where you can win more great prizes!

To grow your business and earn much more VP, your goal is to Build a Team and generate sales.

As PTL Leon McKee states: "I wish everyone would just turn into lead producing machines. That's the secret!"
You can read this excellent post by Leon McKee here:

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PSA opting out. in Miscellaneous #PSA

2 days ago

The PRMs also roll up, according to what I read. Can someone confirm this?

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How do I cancel my money order or check in Getting Started #TripleClicks

3 days ago

Your banking institution can stop-payment on checks ...
Postal money orders ... you can submit grievance to postal inspector

... both cost FEEs


The best solution is to follow SFI's refund policy as stated in several previous posts and to contact SFI Support.

I do not advise that you contact your bank or postal inspector; I don't think this action is warranted. SFI is a company you can trust - SFI operates with integrity!

I have always had excellent assistance when I have contacted SFI Support for any matter!

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Help to making more VersaPoints in Getting Started #Getting Started #VersaPoints

9 days ago

Hello Ufoma,

Earn at least 10 VP every day so you qualify to enter the Daily Grand Drawing! The prizes include VP, MRP, TCredits, Promo Bids, Custom Prestige Domain and more!

Play atleast one free game every day and you are automatically entered in the Daily Crown Drawing! Prizes include TCredits, MRP and a $20.00 Gift Certificate!

Become an Executive Affiliate and pre-register in Localvantia as many local retail stores and businesses as possible and you could earn many more VP each month starting this Fall when Localvantia launches!

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How many affiliates are within your zipcode? in North America #Team Building

10 days ago

This tool is helpful. I remember finding it soon after I joined and found not too many Affiliates within a 25 mile radius. Now there are quite a few more in my area. However, how many of these Affiliates are active? My guess is not too many.

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Daily grand winner in Miscellaneous

11 days ago

Here is a Thread by George McBride in which he gives some excellent detailed information on using your Custom Prestige Domains: www.sfimg.com/forum/thread?id=1484

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Daily grand winner in Miscellaneous

11 days ago

It is actually very helpful to have more than one Custom Prestige Domain. Here is a Forum Thread with good information on how to use multiple Custom Prestige Domains: www.sfimg.com/forum/thread?id=66465

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Daily grand winner in Miscellaneous

11 days ago

I don't believe these Custom Prestige Domains can be given away; I think they are tied to your Affiliate ID. Another Affiliate had asked this same question in the Forum and I remember that the answer he recieved was that the Custom Prestige Domain cannot be given to another Affiliate. I hope someone can correct me if I am wrong.

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Unpleasant experience in Ask Gery #TripleClicks

15 days ago

(Thread was removed due to forum protocol violations, toxicity, or obsolescence)

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Could we have a commitment to work LocalVantia ? in Suggestion Box #Localvantia

16 days ago

Hello Mary,

I agree with you that helping some of your Team Members achieve EA to qualify in pre-registering local businesses would help to make a strong Team! I think we could do this within our Teams without a formal commitment letter and on an individual basis.

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I can only submit Forum Post in North America/US category in North America #Leadership #Sponsor

17 days ago

Hello Carlena,

Greetings from a fellow Buckeye in Ohio! There are a few of us here! I live in a Cleveland suburb.

Had you considered using your Private Team Forum? As a Team Leader you have this option available. I started to use my Private Team Forum recently, however I have not yet received any replies or comments to the Thread I started. It may be necessary for me to post a notice in the Stream in order to recieve feedback in my Team Forum. I hope you find a way to post messages to your Team that works well for you and your Team!

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Happy 4th of July to Yanks everywhere-- A comment in Team Building #Team Building

19 days ago

One more thought on this subject; I think Localvantia will open a lot of doors for us and help us to expand and grow our businesses!

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Happy 4th of July to Yanks everywhere-- A comment in Team Building #Team Building

19 days ago

I have read several Threads on this Forum in the past from several highly successful Team Leaders who have built a business in the matter of two years or less using free advertising. Here is a Forum post from today on the subject of the success of free advertising: www.sfimg.com/forum/thread?id=93810

The S-Builder and the Builder Bundle have recently produced some very good results for me and I will continue to use these but I will be working on a lot more free advertising of my own.

Have a great 4th of July!

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Can we also have a link for? in Suggestion Box #Marketing #Sales #TripleClicks

20 days ago

I meant to write pre-register, not register.

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Can we also have a link for? in Suggestion Box #Marketing #Sales #TripleClicks

20 days ago

The Localvantia announcement stated that the program is currently in pre-launch and all the details have not yet been finalized. The announcement also stated that all we need to do is take a photo of the store front and provide the necessary information. We are not supposed to talk to the merchants or business owners.

I can imagine all the questions a business owner would have and we do not have the answers for these questions; it is simpler and easier to register our local businesses without talking to the owners.

Here is a link to a post by Gery Carson in the Localvantia Pre-Launch Thread on this very same subject:

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Declare your financial independence. in Getting Started #CSA #Getting Started #Team Building

20 days ago

This is why I am here!

Thank you Tracy for a very appropriate post for the Independence Day Holiday!
We have the resources in this great Country to achieve financial independence!

Have a wonderful 4th of July!

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Using facebook more in Marketing #Contests #Marketing #Team Building

23 days ago

Excellent analogy Randy! I prefer to fish the rivers because they constantly flow! And you never know when that big fish is going to swim upstream from the ocean and land on your team!

Yes, happy fishing!

Hello John,

Can you tell us what you mean by rivers? Thanks!

Thanks for the many terrific posts you write on this Forum!

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Localvantia Pre-Launch! in SFI News #Sales #TripleClicks #VersaPoints

24 days ago

I found it: Localvantia.com

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Localvantia Pre-Launch! in SFI News #Sales #TripleClicks #VersaPoints

24 days ago

I have been using the link in the news about Localvantia to open up the Pre-Registration Page. Can anyone tell me where we can find this page from our SFI Homepage? I have been unable to find it from our Homepage.

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New PSA in Getting Started #Getting Started #PSA

25 days ago

Hello Mary,

It is good to be entered in the Daily Crown Drawing every day! I have won several prizes in this drawing and one of them was a $20.00 Gift Certificate! I remind my PSAs and CSAs to play at least one game each day in order to be entered in the Daily Crown Drawing.

I know we need to click on the blue bar on the WIN-It! Page to enter the Daily Grand Drawing but I don't see a link there for the Daily Crown Drawing. From reading the Daily Crown Rules for entering, it is indicated there that if we play one game, and it can be a free game, we are automatically entered in the Daily Crown Drawing for that day. Here are the rules for Entering the Daily Crown:

To be automatically entered in the Daily Crown drawing, simply play any Eager Zebra game (including any free entry game). Additionally, each Knock Out Trivia (KOT) game winner gets an additional free entry (maximum 15 each day) to the Daily Crown. Also, contestants who score a Zackjack (three 21s in a game), receives one bonus entry in the following day's TripleClicks Daily Crown drawing, provided the game has been designated by the player as a Prime game. Contestants may win one bonus Daily Crown entry for each Prime game (up to 10 per day). For ways to attain free TCredits for free game entries, click HERE. Some restrictions may apply. New TC Members who purchase a New Member Pack within their first 10 days also receive 30 free entries (one a day for 30 days) in the TripleClicks Daily Crown drawing. And W3 TC Members can get free bonus entries (maximum 5 bonus entries/day) for a full a year for each TCredit spent by their referrals.

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Do You Purchase More to Earn Badge Quest Points? in Compensation #Compensation #Contests #Marketing

26 days ago

Inviting community members (I have been associated with for more than a dozen years) to
play ZackJack has yielded me 2 PSAs (one has excelled to EA and recruited three PSAs and the
other has recruited one PSA) ... neither encourages me to become EA for neither checks in daily ...

I have successfully got scores of iPhone users to check out my blog post promotional page for
TripleClicks ... the search box there is great! I simply ask them to do comparison browsing there

Many bookmark my page


Hi Jan,

Thanks for sharing your methods here. I am very impressed by your successful sales advertising and the commissions you are making!

I have a couple questions for you. How do you advertise to i-Phone users and which search box are you referring to, the search box at TripleClicks? I am sorry that I don't quite understand. I am not really good at advertising yet and need to learn more about it and do more myself.

Thanks in advance for your reply. I may be back asleep in a few minutes!


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WOW! Growth in daily affiliates joining SFI in Marketing #Marketing #PSA #Sponsor

28 days ago

Thanks for this great post Gilbert and thank you Melvin for your very insightful and helpful post!

My Team has become more active recently and I think it is because of the news about Localvantia! I am very enthusiastic about this new program and I think all of my Active Team Members are as well!

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Likes in Miscellaneous

28 days ago

I do not think it is very easy to get a "Support Star" for a Forum Post. It took awhile for any of my posts to get a "Support Star" and the post that earned it was one in which I gave a link to an answer by Gery Carson to a question that I had asked in a previous Thread; I also received a Gold Star for this post. I post in the Forum because I enjoy posting and because I know that I am able some of the time to help others. I do not post because I am seeking "Likes" and "Support Stars", although I do consider these to be beneficial.

My main point here is to say that from what I have seen it is not easy to earn a "Support Star" and I see that most of these have been earned by Affiliates who many times have supplied helpful answers to questions. I don't think "Support Stars" are earned for simple comments. Perhaps those who give out the "Support Stars" could advise us here as to what kind of post qualifies to earn a "Support Star".