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Jeannine G

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Happy Birthday to me in Recognition

1 day ago

Happy Birthday, Doubra!
I hope you are having a wonderful day!

Thank you for the great quotes in your post! I will remember these!

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birthday cards in Ask Gery #Sponsor

1 day ago

The new Birthday E-Cards have very beautiful designs! I really like them!

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Fourm Guru, up in smoke! in Ask Gery #Leadership

1 day ago

Hello Eugene,

I lost my Forum Guru badge at least twice already; once because many others were writing excellent posts and again after I became too busy to post often. I think that in your case competition is tough right now and there were many others also making very good and relevant posts that probably edged you out of the Guru range by a few points. I hope you regain your Forum Guru title very soon - Good Luck!

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Go BTL for just $36.25 per month in Team Building #Leadership #Team Building #VersaPoints

3 days ago

Keep in mind that one of the benefits of becoming a Bronze Team Leader is receiving one share of the Second Home CSAs! Second Home CSAs will be added to your account at about the middle of the next month and each month thereafter that you requalify as a Team Leader!

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Is there any other website own and operated by SFI that sells the company clothing to help market your business? in Marketing

4 days ago

SFI has T Shirts and caps for sale at TripleClicks. Use the link that btrust provides for you in his post to find the Eager Zebra Games T Shirt and SFI Cap. You will also find two more T Shirts in the Marketing Aids section; one with the TripleClicks logo printed on it and another with the SFI logo printed on it. Here are links for each of these:

TripleClicks T Shirt:

SFI T Shirt:

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I have a note of Knock Out trivia game.Very often ask questions of the movie Harry Potter. Can we get questions from science? in Eager Zebra

7 days ago

I think the younger players know the answers to these Harry Potter questions. I haven't watched the Harry Potter movies or read any of the books so I do my best to make a good guess when I get a Harry Potter question and some of the time I guess the answer correctly.

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Tax Question Regarding Tcredits/CSA's in United States #CSA #TCredits

11 days ago

Hello Elizabeth,

This is an excellent question! I can't give you a definitive answer to your question, but I can tell you that if I was required to claim the value of TCredits and Second Home CSAs as earned income, I would have received a 1099 form for the last 2-3 years and I have not received one for these years.

From reading the information on the Turbo Tax site, I would say that the value of TCredits and Second Home CSAs are not considered earned income and therefore are not reported on a 1099. Here is a link to this information: turbotax.intuit.com/tax-tools/tax-tips/Self-Employment-Taxes/What-is-an-IRS-1099-Form-/INF14810.html

And here is a link to information on the 1099 from Wikipedia: en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Form_1099

I am hoping someone else will reply with the definitive answer to your question.

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Go BTL for just $36.25 per month in Team Building #Leadership #Team Building #VersaPoints

12 days ago

Hello Gilbert,

Thank you for encouraging Executive Affiliates to become Bronze Team Leaders! I believe that if your advice is followed, our incomes will increase and our Teams will grow more quickly!

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Executive Affiliate rank upgrade! in SFI News

14 days ago

Thank you, Mr. Carson, for this new change! I am looking forward to the positive effects of this change! I think this will give new Affiliates greater incentive to remain active!

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Where is the gravy? in Team Building #Leadership #Marketing #PSA

14 days ago

Hi Eugene,

An announcement by Gery Carson was made about an hour and a half after your post here; by now you have most likely read it. This new change should make it easier to retain new and active PSAs. I am looking forward to the effects of this change!

Thanks for reminding me about upcoming announcements that we have to look forward to in the near future!

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Too Funny! in Miscellaneous

29 days ago

Thanks for the warning and advice, Tall Ships!

I have heard that it may not be the best idea to install Windows 10 ! I would think twice about it and do some research!

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The Week Networking Changed My Life! in Team Building #Getting Started #Leadership #Team Building

about 1 month ago

Thank you, Leon, for such a motivating and inspiring post!

Thank you for posting frequently in this Forum! Your story and the information you provide for us is extremely helpful! I think it is wonderful that you share your story with us and enlighten us with your educational insights! I always read and bookmark your posts and the posts of other very successful Team Leaders!

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Bronze team leader in TripleClicks Sales #TCredits #TripleClicks #VersaPoints

about 1 month ago

Hello BillieJo,

I share your concern here regarding "TC Loans". I came across this reference to "TC Loans" a couple of years ago and could not figure out what "TC Loans" were! One of the regular Forum contributors at the time did some research and found that the SFI opportunity was being advertised on an Affiliates blog and references were made to "TC Loans"!

I think the use of this term, "TC Loans" is very misleading and confusing and the use of this term should stop. The word "loan" means something much different than "TCredits", and there is no such thing as a "TC Loan"!!

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Is there a way to see our "daily goals" all together? in Miscellaneous #Getting Started

about 1 month ago

Hello Chiara,

I actually was surprised when I found this page of our Daily written Goals one day about 2 years ago. I will try to figure out how to find this page again - if I discover again how to find it I will post it here for you. It has amazed me what I can find on this site when I have taken the time to explore!

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Don't feel ready to sponsor affiliates yet in Team Building #Leadership #Team Building

about 1 month ago

Sorry! If PSAs dont need a sponsor why then should you be an "awesome sponsor"? Why we have so many articles how to be an awesome sponsor. Do's and don'ts ?

You encourage everyone to invite before they even complete LaunchPad? If anyone will have enough amount working PSAs then its not necessary complete LaunchPad ever or even read rules of Success!

SFI becomes just a supermarket place where everyone can enter and invite everyone even if he don't understand where is he. That makes SFI just another facebook, worse though than original.

To make SFI much cleaner would be a nice to see a rule - you can't invite before complete some Basic Learnings.
Over 17 million registrations and 99% not active affiliates this is the result you allow invite anyone from 1st day register and encourage this pack to do the same.

Hello Eugene,

I'm sorry, I have to disagree with you. When I joined SFI I went right to work and did not ask many questions. I read all the e-mails, messages and instructions sent to me from SFI, logged in every day and succeeded in learning a lot in 4 weeks time, though I felt like I understood the entire business even more after 6-8 weeks time.

I am a self starter by nature, but I am here to say that whatever I did not understand, I was able to look up and learn myself without asking for help. I was always able to find the information I needed - it is all here on SFIs Website. Once in awhile I went to the Forum to ask a question about technology, or seek an answer to something that appeared to be obscure to me. I was also very technologically challenged and had a lot to learn in order to use the computer and the Internet with more ease. Most of the time I looked up my technology questions on the Internet and followed the instructions I found; if I couldn't find an answer I took my question to this Forum and received excellent answers.

By all means, I say get your Team started and start building your business as early as possible to gain momentum. If you have no Team Members you cannot send Team Mail messages, unless you have some CSAs, and CSAs aren't always available to us right away. If an Affiliate Sponsors PSAs and acquires PRMs through the S-Builder, another Co-op or through their own advertising efforts they will see their business grow and can realize higher commissions and earnings in the first few months.

In my first month here I became an Executive Affiliate and within the first month or two I purchased one unit of the S-Builder Co-op and received PSAs and PRMs. I began sending Team Mail messages as soon as I had one Team Member and learned more and more about Sponsoring and advertising.

I agree with all those who have responded to John's question and encouraged him to Sponsor Team Members as soon as possible. Everyone here needs a Sponsor, however everyone does not need a fully trained Sponsor - in my opinion, this business is designed so that everyone who joins can become successful! Many of the most successful Affiliates here had a Sponsor who did not reply to their messages!

It is a fact that on average only 1% - 3% of the people who join SFI will actually build their business. This should indicate that we need to get busy and advertise to find those who are interested in building a business here and to generate a lot of high quality traffic to our site! The sooner we do this, the better it will be for those of us who wish to build a solid business. If you find a few really interested, entrepreneurial Affiliates, nothing will stop them from building a business here!

I wish you and John and all active Affiliates much success!

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What is the best way to earn many bedges? in Eager Zebra

about 1 month ago

The games are fun to play and you can earn multiple badges for some of these games, such as ZackJack and Gold Streak. It may take a few days or weeks to earn some of these badges.

In some cases you can earn a badge through purchases, such as placing a Standing Order or purchasing the S-Builder Co-op. For other badges some time and work are required. A large number of VP can earn you a badge. These are just some ideas.
Good Luck!

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I explained to a friend how works SFI, but he does not believe. How to explain briefly what it can and to succeed? in Marketing

about 1 month ago

Hello Mario,

I know how you feel, most of the friends and acquaintances who know I am doing online marketing believe that I am involved with a scam and that I am wasting my time and losing money!

A close friend of mine, believing that SFI was a scam, showed the SFI business to his close friend who happens to be a self made millionaire. To my friends surprise, his millionaire friend looked into the SFI opportunity and told him that this was an excellent business opportunity!

I think that many of our friends and family will have to observe our success before they will believe in the opportunity that SFI has to offer!

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S-Builder Unit in Team Building #Marketing #Team Building

about 1 month ago

Hello Raul,

You have received many excellent responses. I will add that I am very happy with the number and the quality of PSAs and PRMs that I have received through the S-Builder Co-op. In the months of November and December I received 6 PSAs and 2 PRMs for each month. Several of these PSAs are very active and I have received commissions from some PRMs. Because of these good results I purchased some more S-Builder Units that were being sold on "Super Deals" and am now receiving more sign-ups so far this month than I had received in December.

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Meow! Themes for Zackjack! in SFI News #Eager Zebra

about 1 month ago

I think the cat theme is cute and the sounds are probably very cute too. In general though, I tend to stay with the standard look of standard item like cards. If I can spare a few TCredits I may try out this new option. Once the cat theme is purchased, how long does it remain in effect?

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Has anyone noticed Craigslist? in Marketing #Leadership #Marketing #Team Building

about 1 month ago

I read on Craigslist the above rules that William has posted and was very hesitant to advertise my SFI business on Craigslist. In the past I have sold several very large items on Craigslist and this worked very well for me - I really don't want to lose my opportunity to use Craigslist when I need it by violating their rules. I have read here on the Forum that Craigslist is a great place to advertise but I do not know how these people are advertising to comply with the rules.

I really hope Craigslist is not charging a fee now to post items for sale or to advertise anything else, for that matter!

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Did anyone encounter this strange problem? in VersaPoints #VersaPoints

about 1 month ago

This same thing happens to me often when I work on these tabs early in the morning right after midnight Central Time. When I come back later I see that the tabs I turned from red to green which had turned back to red are now green again without having to re-do the Action. I read another Forum Thread about this same issue a few weeks or a few months ago.

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New Eager Zebra game: Zackjack! in SFI News #Eager Zebra

about 1 month ago

Thank you for a great new game! I really enjoy playing Zack Jack and did win a game today! I'm very excited about this new game and the many new developments at TripleClicks!

I wish my Grandmothers, who taught us how to play card games, were here today to enjoy this new game and the other games here!

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Merry Christmas everyone! in Recognition

2 months ago

Merry Christmas!

Wishing Everyone a Joyous Christmas Season and a Happy New Year!

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Help in Team Building #Leadership #Sales #Team Building

2 months ago

Hello Aletha,

You have made a great start! Learn how to generate as many leads as possible and the more leads you generate the more likely it is that you wil have interested and motivated PSAs signing up on your Team!

Approximately 1% - 3% of the people who sign up on your Team will become active and build a business. As others have stated, it's a numbers game. You only need 5 active and successful PSAs on your Team to build a successful business. Work on this and you will see that it is worth the work and is worth waiting for.

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Why CSAs are not included in income calculator? in Compensation

2 months ago

Hello Nishikant,

I think it would be difficult to calculate the income that CSAs could produce for Affiliates and that is why it is not included in the Earnings Calculator. Not all of our CSAs are very active. The Earnings Calculator gives an estimate based on the PSAs in our Teams who are Executive Affiliates or Team Leaders and therefore are active.