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This is not SFI Related in Miscellaneous

3 days ago

Hello Phyllis,

This photo of icebergs is really magnificent! I love to view photos from different parts of the world! These icebergs remind me of the Titanic!

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"Easter brings us Hope May it Linger in our Hearts Forever" in Recognition

8 days ago

Hope everyone had a Happy and Blessed Easter! Have a wonderful
Easter week!

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Happy Easter! in Recognition

8 days ago

Hope everyone had a Happy & Blessed Easter! Happy Easter week!

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To everyone :) in Getting Started #Getting Started #Marketing

11 days ago

Tesla was an amazing man! I wish that all of Tesla's work and inventions had been used! Technology would be further ahead and we would all have more time and more money!

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Are New Affiliates Informed about Opti-Build? in Team Building #PSA #Sponsor #Team Building

20 days ago

Thank you Gery for your response. It is helpful to know that I don't need to promote Opti-Build to my new PSAs at this time.

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Are New Affiliates Informed about Opti-Build? in Team Building #PSA #Sponsor #Team Building

20 days ago

Are new Affiliates Informed about Opti-Build as soon as they join? If so, I think it will be helpful to me if I know how this is done. Knowing when Opti-Build is introduced to them and how it is introduced will help me to know how to guide them.

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Real Opti-Build in Team Building #Auto-Delivery #PSA #Team Building

21 days ago

auto-delvery means auto-reassignment. It is subject to the option you chosed.
There are two options: 50 % reassignment or 100 % reassignment.
The PSAs received through your promotions will go into 2nd generation.
But you are still their sponsor - with all duties if they were in your 1st generation.
Best regards
Friedrich Fritz

From what I have read and learned about "Opti-Build", Affiliates recieved through our promotions or participation in S-Builder, Builder Bundle or any Co-op or other source of leads and who are distributed to our DDs in our 1st generation and below are no longer our PSAs, therefore we are not their Sponsor and do not have the same "duties" as a Sponsor would.

Also, I thought Auto-Delivery is the term now in use for our monthly recurring orders.

Can anyone clarify these points?

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The highest price in business, are money. in Miscellaneous

23 days ago

Purchase products that will move your business forward, such as Builder Bundle on Auto-Delivery, TCredits 125 Pack on Auto-Delivery, and S-Builder Co-Op on Auto-Delivery. If you purchase the Builder Bundle you will recieve 20 PSAs and CSAs as well as 100 TCredits so you may not need to purchase the S-Builder or TCredit Pack. By purchasing on Auto -Delivery you will be paying a lower price! You can change your Auto-Delivery if you need to.

I have always benefitted by investing in my business! I economize in other areas of my life so that I can afford some basic business building products. I also purchase products from TripleClicks that I use in daily life. I find that purchases do help my business in many ways!

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Luck or someting else .... in Team Building #PSA #Team Building #TripleClicks

23 days ago

Hello Kaido,

When I purchased S-Builder Co-op almost a year ago the new PSAs started arriving much sooner than when I had first purchased the S-Builder early in 2014, when it took 3-4 weeks before the PSAs began to arrive. I believe I started receiving PSAs about a week after I purchased S-Builder in May or June of 2016.

I read about a year ago that the S-Builder has significantly improved; I believe that Gery Carson had stated this. I think it was stated that the sources for the S-Builder sign-ups have changed and are very good. I have received some very good quality PSAs from the S-Builder Co-op in the last year! So yes, the S-Builder Co-op is now better than ever! I don't know if per chance your newest Affiliate may be from Opti-Build because I don't yet know how we are notified when they are delivered to us.

Congratulations for being a Gold Team Leader! I wish you much success!

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DD At Last! in Recognition #Leadership

24 days ago

Congratulations Gliceria! You have worked very hard for this and definitely deserve to be a DD! You are an inspiration to me!

I am also very happy and thankful to have a DD Badge for the first time!

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Happy Birthday, Mr. President! in Ask Gery

24 days ago

Happy Birthday Mr. Gery Carson!
I hope you had a wonderful day!
Best Wishes and may God Bless You throughout this year!

Thank you for introducing "Opti-Build"! My Team has become more motivated in anticipation of "Opti-Build"! I am eagerly waiting for it to begin tomorrow!

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Opti-Build! The anticipation. in Team Building #Leadership #PSA #Team Building

25 days ago

Hello John,

No, you are not alone here. I am eagerly anticipating April 1st and I feel as you do where you stated in your post: "I feel like this is going to be like standing at the end of the rainbow."!

When I read your post I had to let you know that I share your excitement and enthusiasm and I couldn't have said it any better than you did!

I enjoy reading your motivating and informative posts! Congratulations for achieving so much in only four months! You are an inspiration to all of us!


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As little as Five Affiliates can make you successful is SFI in Team Building #Sponsor #Team Building

28 days ago

I think that "Opti-Build" will increase the retention rate of active Affiliates. I have already seen my Team become more motivated in anticipation of "Opti-Build" and their activity has increased! I see more Affiliates becoming Bronze Team Leaders and joining "Opti-Build" - not only in my Downline but also in my Upline! I think this is occurring in other Teams as well!

I am really excited about "Opti-Build" and can hardly wait for it to begin!

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The Good in SFI. in Inspiration/Testimonials

about 1 month ago

Thank you, George, for sharing your experience with us! It is really wonderful to see that your SFI business has made it possible for you to give so much help to your family! I also think it is so good to see Families who can be together more, help each other and work together because their entrepreneurial pursuits give them the financial circumstances to make this possible!

I am very sorry to hear that your wife's niece has cancer. I will keep Jaow in my prayers and pray that she will recover from this and become healthy again.

I really enjoyed reading about your life in Thailand and seeing the photos of you and your family and the orange groves there! I enjoy seeing photos from other parts of the world! It is very inspiring to read a real life success story made possible by SFI!

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Discounts in Miscellaneous #Auto-Delivery #TCredits

about 1 month ago

Hello M E D,

The Standing Order price for a 125 TCredit Pack was $36.25 and the Auto-Delivery price is the same. The 100 TCredit Pack was priced at $29.00 on Standing Order and is now the same price when placed on Auto-Delivery.

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International Women Day in Recognition

about 1 month ago

Thank you for the kind wishes!

While I appreciate the wishes and sentiments, I do not agree with the idea and concept that is behind International Women's Day.

I do not consider myself or other women as equals to men, nor do I think that women should be considered equal to men. Women and men are clearly different in many ways! If we would realize that it is impossible for women to be equal to men I think there would be more respect for women and more respect for both male and female genders! If we would learn to appreciate and respect the differences between the genders, many of the current modern day problems regarding the issue of gender equality / inequality would cease to exist!

This world is composed of male and female, gentleman and ladies - both genders have their own individual characteristics that should be respected. These differences make it possible to have a harmonious society if we would only recognize them and stop trying to make men and women equal!

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Introducing…Opti-Build™! in SFI News #Team Building

about 1 month ago

I think the Opti-Build program is a great way to build our Teams and I plan to participate, though I do have one concern. I have read through this Thread looking for some information to a question I have about the Opti-Build program but have not found any information so far. My question at this time is in regard to our personal friends and relatives who may sign up through our personal Gateways: If we join Opti-Build, can we retain these personal sign-ups as our own PSAs? I hope this is possible and I believe it is, however I would like to be sure and know definitely that this is possible if we join the Opti-Build program.

Thank you for this wonderful new program!

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"O" is coming in Miscellaneous #Getting Started #Marketing #TripleClicks

about 1 month ago

Hello Anton,

Your post leads me to believe that you know what the Big "O" is about, or that you know at least a part of it. I like what you are staying in your post. I am definitely looking forward to the big announcement in a few hours!

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What is the most likeable EZ Game in the list? in Eager Zebra

about 1 month ago

My favorite is KnockOut Trivia, but I also enjoy the Card Games, Gold Streak and Time Machine. I am not much involved in following Sports, so Uber Picks is not top on my list of favorites. Pick The Price is good for winning TCredits if you can become good at predicting the winning price of the Auctions.

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Happy Birthday to me in Recognition

about 1 month ago

Happy Birthday, Doubra!
I hope you are having a wonderful day!

Thank you for the great quotes in your post! I will remember these!

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birthday cards in Ask Gery #Sponsor

about 1 month ago

The new Birthday E-Cards have very beautiful designs! I really like them!

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Fourm Guru, up in smoke! in Ask Gery #Leadership

about 1 month ago

Hello Eugene,

I lost my Forum Guru badge at least twice already; once because many others were writing excellent posts and again after I became too busy to post often. I think that in your case competition is tough right now and there were many others also making very good and relevant posts that probably edged you out of the Guru range by a few points. I hope you regain your Forum Guru title very soon - Good Luck!