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Santiago R.


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Jumping Out Of Perfectly Good Airplanes in Team Building #Leadership #Team Building

2 months ago

Welcome back Randy! Here many of us were with saliva on the tip of our tongue to ask where Randy will be? Personally I'm glad to know you're here again.

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Rewardical Matches (Unlimited) 26 RT Learn more in Spain

3 months ago

Hello Emilia; I have been asking for several days now, but my laptop is a bit cold and I had to work with a tablet and I do not know how to behave.
The question! What match did you find this message from?
Best regards, Santiago R.

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What Does It Take? in Miscellaneous #Leadership #Team Building

5 months ago

Thank you for this publication, Mr. Delmage;
Definitely, anyone who lacks the slightest "entrepreneur mentality" can never lift any business.

Only those who are determined to clear the road obstacles and are focused on the light of the horizon will achieve their goal, if the decision is lacking and all the necessary will, it is absurd to think of achieving anything, everything in life is to perseverance test and patience. And whoever does not recognize that this is so, will be because he will be looking for the benefit before the effort.

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Como califico de nuevo en E365 in Spain #E365

5 months ago

Emilia, you will have to write letter by letter the link, because when you have translated the correlation of the link have separated, check it is important for you, thank you.

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Como califico de nuevo en E365 in Spain #E365

5 months ago

Hello Emilia, as I see you joined SFI on October 4, 2017 therefore until this date you can not have qualified as E 365 you have not yet reached the first year, you can check all the rules and regulations here: https: // www .sfimg.com / E365? tab = info_and_rules & referrer = search luck and greetings, Santiago.

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A new leader of the diamond team in Recognition #Leadership #Team Building

6 months ago

Congratulations Mr. Gery Carson;

For his achievement of DTL, it is clear that we have to continue with the example, what we have read or written so many times, we just need to put the action, persistence, patience and never lose the light of the horizon!

Santiago R.

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How to sell in tripleclicks? in Sales #Sales #TripleClicks

6 months ago

Hello, Paslal;

Making sales is not difficult if you know who to sell or who will sell, in fact to see a complete way is the introduction to sales here: www.sfimg.com/LaunchPad/Lesson?id=38

I hope this helps you understand how to make sales in TripleClicks.


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Localvantia Gateway in Sales #Localvantia #Marketing #Sales

6 months ago

Hi, Michael B.

Localvantia has its own URL, but the fact of entering Localvantia will not be useful to obtain benefits.

First what you have to do is pre register the merchants you choose with this link: www.sfimg.com/MyAccount/lv_prereg and to learn more about Localvantia here:


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AWESOME - First DTL in Recognition

7 months ago

Congratulations Mr. Bing, for your achievement. I have seen this flash for the second time, even in different circumstances, but what I want to say is that a Diamond Leader is always a Leader wherever he is, before, now or after, he will always be leading the way. No matter the circumstances! Also Congratulations for the 3: star :: star :: star: who follow him.

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Yesterday lasted 1500 days without break! in Recognition

7 months ago

Yesterday lasted 1500 days without break! The persistence, the patience and the conviction to achieve it have been the point of support to stay firm, even though I have not achieved my goal.

I want to thank my upline, Thanks to all the followers of the Forum, Thank you SFI Corporation.


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Ganador de E365 Daily Drawing in Spain #E365

9 months ago

Congratulations Emilia! With this kit-kat to continue.
This is the result of persistence, continue to the last to get it complete,
Happy weekend
Santiago R

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Redeem Rewardical Tocens - suggestion in Ask Gery #Rewardical #Sales #VersaPoints

9 months ago

How to distinguish the value or provenance of the toquens obtained in different ways? Like coins of different categories, example! A pot of different colors for each category, the red color of the piles of coins that represent (r) of rewardicals, for the touches acquired in the games, raffles etc ...
Golden color, coming from Sales.
Silver color, coming from purchases.
They are just examples of my head, maybe it sounds a little absurd, but it could be a way of knowing where they come from.
Santiago R.

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Smart Start update in SFI News #Getting Started #Team Building

9 months ago

Thank you Mr. Gery for this modification and clarification of this new start, now I know how to prepare a welcome letter for the new PSA
Thank you very much Santiago R.

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Ser Buen formad@r en SFI...!!! in Spain #Leadership

10 months ago

Hello Daniel! your phrase, One of the things that I like most about SFI is that I learn something new every day!

If Daniel, SFI is like a continent, that for more than travel I never know all the most interesting places.

For some time now I have been noticing that our Forum is decadent, I think that among the most active we will have to organize some type of festival to attract visitors and see more sports activity!

Happy week for everyone.

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Ser Buen formad@r en SFI...!!! in Spain #Leadership

10 months ago

Hello Emilia; I agree with you we have to be good sponsors for being able to know how to argue the support we provide, even though sometimes ...! patience is overturned, luckily we have a reminder guide that is for our help here: www.sfimg.com/Support/Solution?id=191295 for sponsors.

As for the experience, the experience is achieved if we really have a clear goal to achieve, if we do not have a well defined objective, it will be the interest to obtain experience.

Three powerful phrases to achieve what is proposed; "perseverance, patience, decision, to get something important for your life"

Have a happy week, Santiago R.

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Sorry! You Are Not My Boss! in Getting Started #Getting Started

10 months ago

Bruce, Thanks! For this publication, I am an old follower of his publications and I do not remember one like this, and I learned the way to focus in the right direction. You are not a simple BTL, it fits better in DTL.

Greetings from Santiago.

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Porque A un PSA no me deja enviar e mail desde SFI in Spain

10 months ago

Hello Emilia; I think you understand that you want to send an answer to your PSA from a SFI website and that the PSA asked you for advice. Is that so? If this is the problem, the solution is to write the answer on another sheet and send the message through TeamMail or in your personal email.
Sending answers from a question from a SFI website can not be, I do not know why but it does not work.

I hope this is the solution for you luck!

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Biz Quiz in Miscellaneous

10 months ago

Biz Quiz today;
Only with an option to participate?

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Happy Birthday Gery! in Recognition #Leadership #Sponsor

10 months ago

Happy birthday Mick J.

And for remembering Mr. Gery's event.

Congratulations Mr. Gery for your new birthday! And that we continue to celebrate years together in this fantastic business idea!

Sincerely, Santiago.

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Logging in to SFI when TripleClicks is already open in Suggestion Box

10 months ago

My experience in this case serves as a bridge to open session with SFI, I explain! my experience I have had problems to connect with SFI, but not with TripleClicks, I do not know why this happens to me and it makes me very nervous, anyway the tripleClicks salutation has served as a bridge to be able to open session with SFI, thanks to this greeting .

Happy weekend for the entire Forum.

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¿Donde están los testimonios de los afiliados españoles? in Spain

10 months ago

Buenas tardes Daniel;

I do not think it compromises the rules of the Forum by asking Gery about this incident, maybe acting as a mediator. Personally I think it can be done directly to ask Gery.


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¿Donde están los testimonios de los afiliados españoles? in Spain

10 months ago

Hello Daniel; Indeed, I have not left my testimony but I can not see yours either, when I look for the testimonies of Spain only a dark one comes out that I think is from the southeast but now I can not keep track, it is strange but it may be that many affiliates do not they have left their testimony, but good if you have left it at least it would have to be shown would be logical. I'm going to have to find a little time and go inside to see if it comes out!
A greeting.

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Rewardical program i oglasavanje...na engleskom in Southern Europe #Rewardical

10 months ago

Tanja to published;

Regarding the promotion of existing RW ECAs or items from your stores ... you must be very careful what you put into
your page of presentation.

You should NOT put links to your websites ... remember, they are online stores in some other electronic commerce platform.
If a buyer clicks on the link, without registering in the OR through his PROMOTIONAL CODE, he enters that website and can
buy something there ... but, it will NOT be credited.
They could even register for RW THERE, on that website, ... all FFSs will probably PROMOTE the RW program in their
websites ...

So, the situation is this: that the BUYER used the link on his welcome page to go to THAT web site and he registered THERE
for RW ... it is NOT your PRM ... it becomes the PRM of the owner of that website.
In short, you simply do not get ANYTHING promoting the RW ECAs elements if you put the links on your page.

Its main objective should be to promote the Rewardical program through its PROMO code and obtain as many PRM RWs as possible.
Try to explain that you can buy at many online stores on the RW ECA site and earn chips ...

We may get gateways to promote items from RW stores in the future ...

But, for now, YOUR PROMO CODE is the only way you will be credited for purchases / sales made by your RW PRMs.

Hello Tanja: I feel it is a duty and a good way to help these RW ECAs to execute some sales promoting their ECAs or individual products, you think it could be a good way to promote a product of an RW ECA to be able to recruit new ones. PRM so that they stay in my portfolio with a link like this: easyrewards247.com/xxxxxxxxx/xxxxx where the first group of x is the URL of the ECA and the second group is my promotion code

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Tripleclick in Spain

11 months ago

Hello Jose; Why can not I buy TCredits? Do you have any comments on why? Yesterday I bought and I had no problem! Santiago, I wish you luck.