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Zlatko P.


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Is that fair play for auctions in Pricebenders #Pricebenders

over 3 years ago


I have one suggestion.
A lot of people in SFI have no will to bidding on auctions because it looks like that you have nacional competition from "some countries". Most of the rest people in SFI are really confuse when they watch this. And here is my suggestion, if one people bidding XBOX, apple ipod..... and the rest of electronic products and get this action he/she must wait at least one year for the same article, so the rest of the people in SFI can bid and win and spend money with pleasure in SFI. Because I know those people who win auction 6 times or more change this products for TC or Gift Cert. Exchange Value.

If you go on the ladger of this people who all the times wins auctions have just a little VP, that means that people almost never buy TC or have SO.

My team all the time asking me how is posible that never win an auction because all the time is the same people, and they buy TC all the time and spend money for nothing.

And now I hope someone have good action for this.

Have a nice day
Zlatko Porga

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Congratulations E365 Champion Natalee Johnson! in Recognition

over 3 years ago

Congratulations Natalee !!!

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TC From PTP in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra #Pricebenders

over 3 years ago

Hi Tanja....
I didn't get TC form yesterday PTP.I send ticket to support and they didn't reply....

Zlatko Porga

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Congratulations E365 Champion Lim Pay Chye! in Recognition

over 3 years ago

Congratulations Lim Pay !

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Yes Yes Yes i won in Recognition #Eager Zebra

over 3 years ago

Congratulations !

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over 3 years ago

14.04.2015 I become a winner in E365.A lot of people Congratulations to me.I want thanks all of this people.

Have a nice day

Zlatko Porga

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Dangerous! Suggestion needed!! in Miscellaneous #VersaPoints

over 3 years ago

Hi please contact this person and tell him/her if she/he do this he/she weit six month to sigh in again in SFI. Only in this way he/she can go again in SFI.

And try to find who is this person in ECA because I want to tell to everybody. And try to contact support and write to them what he doing whis people who want to buy TC from them,

Best Regards,
Zlatko Porga

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