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Sasa D.


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"Skeptic-Buster" Gateway in Suggestion Box #Marketing #Sponsor

6 days ago

Just pay attention here.

You don't have to worry, as long as you know that you have placed properly your Gateways link. /;-)

Hope this helps Mr. Sasa!
Best regards!


Hi, Ria!
I do not worry about it, but I just noticed that it is not at the bottom of our data.
Most members shorten our links because of advertising, so I posted this post.

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"Skeptic-Buster" Gateway in Suggestion Box #Marketing #Sponsor

6 days ago

Why does this gateway do not write who is the sponsor (SFI ID) at the bottom?
On each other, it exists at the bottom of the page.
Tnx, by sasa

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Where did I go Wrong? in Getting Started #E365 #Getting Started #Sponsor

7 days ago

Hi, Caleb
Personally, I think you're still a little in this business, to do something wrong.
When we were young, we knew we'd fall off a bicycle many times, but we always got up and tried to drive on. All this until we learned to ride a bike.
Now that we are grown up, when we get down we are very difficult to get up or not.
To succeed in business, you still need to behave as a little kid riding a bicycle.
After a series of failures, success is coming.

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Any guesses for 10th of July? in Miscellaneous #Eager Zebra

10 days ago

Let the Games Begin

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KING’S RANSOM the last day reached! in Recognition #Eager Zebra #TripleClicks

15 days ago

Hello to all members of SFI, wherever you are now!
Today I had a real feeling that after long playing, I could reach 4 Kings in a row!
For that wonderful feeling, my account is richer for 174 Tcredits.
Happy to everyone, tomorrow in the new accounting period.
I want a lot of VP, new members and of course bigger commissions for everyone.
by sasa

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TC Top seller in Sales #Sales #TripleClicks

about 1 month ago

You can say that again.

It needs to be repeated repeatedly .... Buyer is King!

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TC Top seller in Sales #Sales #TripleClicks

about 1 month ago

Top sellers are important, but top Buyers are more important to me!
The buyer is a King!

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ZackJack can be frustrating at times! in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra

about 1 month ago

Hi, Chris!
I personally did not have any problems with that.
Maximum 50 games per day, including all challenges.
Maybe it's time to change tactics.
When you play this game, try to match the rows so that you are not in all three rows of sums over 10. One row always leaves, waiting for the Ace.
Games are for fun, not for real business!
Good luck!

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Help or not help Team Members? in Team Building #Getting Started #Leadership #Team Building

about 1 month ago

Greeting, SFI community!

I think this is a doubt every one of us has or had.

Every month in our team there are members who miss a VP for reaching positions in SFI.

Also, I am aware that not all members are in good financial standing.

I'm also aware that a lot of members are performing their set tasks each month, but that they take that little step to confirm or win a new position.

I am also aware that without progress in business, most members are no longer working.

I am also aware that without their success and progress, it will be more difficult for me to reach my goal.

So for me there is no doubt about Helping the Active members who Want to succeed in this business.

Help your members succeed in this business, financially or by involving new members in their team

We personally need only 5 Active members who Follow you in Everything.
We need 5 members who Find solutions for Each problem!
We need 5 solid rocks, who Want to become Diamonds!

Sincerely, Sasa

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Newly Joined SFI Affiliates​ in Getting Started #Getting Started

about 1 month ago

Hi, Rallabandi
I think this is too new information for the new member because he has not yet understood all the terms in the SFI!
It would be nice if they could understand it right away, but it still takes time for all this new member to accept ....
Step by step, it's only right.
by sasa

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Share your good results with using FREE advertising! in Marketing #Getting Started #Marketing #Team Building

about 1 month ago

Hi Lilia,

What's your good results with using FREE advertising?

Very few, only 5 affiliates

How often do you post ads?

I highly recommend that you make posting ads part of your daily to do list to grow your team.

With free advertising there's no limit to the amount of ads you can post per day except the limits that you place on yourself.

When I first got started online, I used Paid only advertising and quickly went advertising broke. Plus, I had limits on how many people I could reach using paid advertising.

Thank you, Tommie
I completely agree with you. I think one of the big problems most members play on zebra games, and a lot less about advertising.
When they change their time, spend more time advertising, and less playing, I believe the results would be drastically better for each member.
Because only advertising can make a profit!

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What is the reward for E365 championship? in Miscellaneous #Contests #E365 #Rewardical

about 1 month ago

Hi, Emmanuel
That's all theory, in practice you have to have a lot, lucky enough to win that reward.
This is true, there is no need to embellish things, because SFI has a lot of bigger and better ways of earning and rewarding!

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Reassign psa in Team Building #PSA #Sponsor #Team Building

2 months ago

Hi, Jaswant
This is a good way of teamwork.
You just have to be careful about reassign, because last month I reassign two my good members to the wrong person.
Good luck!

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Why have the Eager Zebra Winner badges been deleted? in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra #TCredits #TripleClicks

2 months ago

How excited comments ... people, be positive about the changes!
SFI always works to be better, because it is in everyone's interest.
by sasa

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My Goal Of 100 badges in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra #Getting Started #Team Building

3 months ago

Hi, My Friends!
The end of the month is over. Today, I have achieved my goal.
In the archives of the 100 badges.
Let's move on.
I want everyone to realize their intended goals as soon as possible.
by sasa

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Change Tactics, Strategy Remains The Same! in Getting Started #Getting Started #Sponsor #Team Building

3 months ago

Greetings to all new and old members of SFI company.

All of us who work in SFI are trying to put themselves or their teams or business members into the same or similar ways.

To a large extent this can be a problem, and with time they are less active, or they turn to another business.

Every great business and life opportunity, which is certainly a SFI business, requires a lot of time and patience.

It does NOT come up to high earnings at speed.

It takes time, effort, commitment, and faith.

The first thing you need to do is clear it with yourself:

Is this the business you want to deal with in the future?


Do I think this is a fair business?


Do I think this is a business that everyone can do with your help and learning to work?

If all of you answer yes, then you do not have any obstacles to being successful in the SFI company in the long run.

When we have solved it with ourselves, let's move on.

Strategy for Success!

The first thing is the GOAL!
Determine what is your goal in SFI?
(small help: short-term, mid-term and long-term goal)

1) the short-term goal (something that is easily accessible and easily achievable in a shorter period - for example, buying a car)

- in our example this is the EA position

2) the medium goal (this is something that is feasible, but not immediately and quickly - for example, buying a home)

- in our example it is an STL position

3) the long-term goal - (this is something that from the present perspective is not at all unavoidable and impossible - for example private jet shopping)

- in our example this is a DTL position

Why is the goal important?

It's like a boat that floats by sea, but does not know what port should go.
Completely lost, waves throw it all over.
Goals lead us to life, when one gets to the next.
And in this way we come to financial independence, just follow your goals in the long run.

Strategy remains, only tactics change over time.

The second important thing is that we have faith in what we are doing.
Without faith in this business, company, yourself, and members you can not succeed.
Jesus had faith in himself and his friends and sent them around the world to spread one single idea .....

The third thing that is very important, we also need a passion for success.
Without passion in work, you will be more successful. The passion is inspiring us and the environment around us.

The next thing, no less important is persistence.
There will always be those who will tell us that this is no business.
It will be those members who will immediately give up.
But know that if we give up, there will always be those who will continue this business.
It will always be the more persistent of us!
So do not ever, but never give up!

The last, but very important thing is WORK!
Without work there is no success!

First and foremost is the following:
- Daily Advertising
- Daily checking what's new in SFI companies
- and every month confirm the status of last month (minimum EA status - 1500 vp)

Good luck to us all, wherever you are!

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I lost my forum guru badge! in Getting Started #Marketing #Team Building

3 months ago

Hi, Samuel!
Everything is very well explained in the SFI rules, about getting a gossip for the forum guru. How to get and how to lose status.
Although my opinion about the Forum Guru is as follows:
  The Forum Guru should be a person who, with his knowledge, selfless help at the forum, helps new and old members to come up with quality answers to their questions.
It should be a person who will encourage members to think, writing forum posts.
But of course, that should be a person who is in SFI for a minimum of one year and the person who is the leader.
Because only a person who has success can be motivated by other members.
by sasa

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TripleClicks DAILY CROWN Drawing! in Recognition #Eager Zebra #Rewardical #TripleClicks

3 months ago

It is nice to return to reality and business after a short cruise.
It's still nice and it's better when you get this morning's message.

Good news--you were a winner in today's TripleClicks DAILY CROWN Drawing!

You won: 1000 Rewardicals

Born under a lucky star!

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Champ Of The Day in Suggestion Box #Compensation #Team Building #VersaPoints

4 months ago

Hi, Victor
My opinion is that you should think of ways to encourage members to advertise more. Advertising is the most important thing in our business.
Another important thing is to take care of your direct members. All this is of little use.
by sasa

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How to Generate Sales? in Getting Started #Sales #TCredits #TripleClicks

4 months ago

Hi, Dakuhar

The strategy for successful sales of the product has several factors.
Pay attention to the following:
- Determine first what your goal is ( short-term and long-term )
- Who is your target population (year, gender, etc.)
- how much is commission on sales of products or services (the higher the commission is the better)
- Did it produce a service that offers the widest population needed
- Do you believe in the product or service that you sell
- Speed and security of product or service delivery
  .....there are still, think about it ....
by sasa

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Stiforp in Miscellaneous #Getting Started #Team Building

4 months ago

(Thread was removed due to forum protocol violations, toxicity, or obsolescence)

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EZ game question in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra

4 months ago

Hi, Susan
For me, the primary ones are where they can win more valuable prizes, such as TCredits et al.
- Pick the Price (Win shares of the weekly PTP Zackpot predicting the final prices of Pricebenders auctions)
- T-Time (FREE TCredits awarded every hour)
- Card King (Post a top 100 score for the day to win a share of the daily Card King Zackpot - minimum 3100 points)
- Time Mashine (Time Machine Zackpot)
Good Luck!
by sasa