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Why don't get paid for hard work that we do 6 hour daily not only if we sell? and the money we invest back in SFI & TC? in Compensation #Compensation

2 days ago


I can see your point of view, but it is not quite correct.

We affiliates do OWN our efforts. This business is much like the McDonald's model of franchise business.

McDonald's allows managers (affiliates) to build and setup a McDonald's Restaurant, including the help from McD providing the brand, the equipment, and the food, but with the manager (affiliate) providing the location (affiliate account), local advertising, local labor, etc.

In many ways, the restaurant owner owns the business but co-brands with McDonald's. SFI is pretty much the same way. Both McDonald's and SFI require we give up a percentage of the business income in return for the branding and support network.

But the business is ours in both cases. The advantage with SFI is that we don't owe anything to SFI if we decide to default (opt out) of the business. This is a distinct advantage over the Franchise model of restaurant chains.


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How much do I need to invest in this job, if you do not have any PSAs? in Miscellaneous

13 days ago

If you are concerned that you are investing US$36.25 too early in your time with SFI, I would suggest you read the LaunchPad lessons and learn all the ways you can get free VP to make rank.

Once you know how to many VP you can earn for free (you are trading free VP for time invested to learn), then you will know how much you need to invest.

You could spend about US$20 on buying 1 TCredit twenty days a month (you get 102VP per single TCredit you buy), and combined with all the free VP you can easily make Executive Affiliate, the magic rank when things start to happen for real. But it is not that simple unless you know all the little tricks and ways to stack your efforts... so many ways to do this, but so many ways you can miss out on other free things, like Rewardicals from entering the Daily Grand and Daily Crown sweepstakes.

Those are the things you will learn about when reading the LaunchPad.

However, since you are EA already, now is the time to learn to stay EA, and even make BTL if you have active PSAs below you.

Keep in mind, you can also spend less than stated above for the 100 TCredit pack that gives you 1200VP, then you can use the free VP from turning the tabs green to get to 1500VP for the month and you will retain all your CSAs you get.

If you have CSAs that are active, make sure you are EA by the end of the month so you don't forfeit them at the 1st of the month.

Hope this helps.


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How can a person who hasn't logged in for months, can now show VPs for the current month? in Miscellaneous #VersaPoints

17 days ago

I noticed this too late last month.
This might turn out to be a perk for affiliates that are not sure what they are doing.

If they quit for a month or two their VP appears to keep rolling over, so if they come back three months later, they basically resume where they left off.

Gery or support team, is this how it works?

If so, this is a REAL perk for affiliates to come back, and if this is not by design but by accident, I think it should stay this way or be this way by design, because as a TL it gives me an additional tool to try to convince new affiliates to come back.


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How are VersaPoints exchanged for money in VersaPoints #VersaPoints

19 days ago

My answer is as follows:

VP is only to determine your rank with SFI. This will indirectly determine how many bonus items you can get, and how deep your commissions are calculated.

Income comes to you in multiple ways:

  1. Directly - by sales you generate via TripleClicks
  2. Semi-Directly - Commissions (CV) from purchases and sales generated by your down-line members, CSAs, PSAs, as well as PRMs.
  3. Indirectly - you get Rewardicals for performing tasks, participating in contests, games and sweepstakes, as well as in Astro Auctions. These Rewardicals can be converted to all sorts of cool items, such as gift cards, more TCredits to use in SFI, more CSAs, PSAs, PRMs, and Bitcoin!

Hope this helps.


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What are the benefits of having many Co-Sponsors? in Team Building #Sponsor

19 days ago

Another way to say this is using the term "residual income streams" you hear so much about in side hustle articles.

If you look how waterways (river systems) work, something like the Mississippi (USA) or Nile (Egypt) river systems could not exist if just one spring in a mountain provides the only water.

These enormous rivers exist only because several springs from mountains combine into mountain creeks, which then combine into foothill streams, which then combine into plains rivers, and then in some cases into huge river deltas like the Nile in Egypt and the Mississippi river delta in Louisiana USA.

What SFI did in provide us with many small spring creeks instead of one or two rivers.


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What are the benefits of having many Co-Sponsors? in Team Building #Sponsor

19 days ago

I want to expand upon this a little more. Say, before you had 100 CSAs, 1 of which was active and you were getting 32% of their CV. If this CSA decides to quit SFI your entire 32% CV is GONE!

Today, we have 200-400 CSAs because of the new program. Let's say everything multiplied equally, we now have 4 active CSAs each giving us 8% CV for a total of 32% CV... now if one CSA decides to quit, you only lose 8% of your CV, and you are still getting 24%!!!

In my case, I ended up with more active CSAs than I expected, so my total CV income stream is much higher than it was before.

So, as Stephen mentioned above, the RISK of loss of your CV has been spread out over more CSAs. This is a Win-Win for everyone.


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Shopping from your SFI Affiliates (downline / upline)? in Marketing #Team Building

26 days ago

I am not sure, but I would say - NO, especially if you were to purchase for/from a down-line member.

If you look at your TripleClicks sales report www.sfimg.com/MyAccount/SalesNotificationReport you can see that sales come in from your PSAs and CSAs (bottom section). Since you are neither their PSA or CSA, you will not see anything come in there.

The upper sections are for your personal purchases and your own purchase will show up there.

In the middle you have TC Member Sales, which show your PRM sales, and since you are not a PRM for any of your up-line or down-line members, so a purchase using the above method would not go here either.

I just don't see how it would be possible to manually drive sales to your affiliate chain this way.

Just my humble opinion.


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Astro Auction as a Daily Task in Astro Auctions #Astro Auctions #TCredits

28 days ago

I only get the captcha IF I don't return to the game page right-away, if I pay attention to the game and see the page refresh to the claims step, I can just click on the CLAIM button and it goes on.

If I let it sit there unattended for a few minutes, say to get a cup of coffee or water, and then I claim, it give me a captcha as well. This happens to both Chrome and Firefox browsers.

You might try to pay attention to this to see if you see the same results.


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Why does my badges decrease day by day? in Miscellaneous

about 1 month ago

As has been mentioned, some of these badges require daily attention.

It is much like growing a plant, if you put it into a pot, it will need daily attention for water and fertilizer.

If you do not water it daily, it will look sad and then shrivel up and die - like the daily VP Streak.
If you don't fertilize it, it will look yellow, weak, and then also die in time - like some of the game badges that go away after a few days.

So, nurture your business/gaming account daily, and you will be rewarded with the fruits of badges.


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Need help with how to respond to CSA inquiry in Team Building

about 1 month ago

If nothing else, make sure they are aware of the Step It Up contest. If they achieve EA, great, they will get 500CSA, and if they have the means to make it to BTL, they will get 500 more... all they need to do after that is maintain EA in successive months to retain all those CSAs.

Out of that many CSAs you are bound to get few that stay active and bring in a small income that can be used to re-invest into getting EA. So, I would say, encourage the rank increase just so they can get the CSAs.

Also, the other thing you might mention is that they will experience what it takes to make EA and maybe BTL, and they can use this experience to make it easier the next time around, may that be next month or may that be three months from now... but getting all those CSAs will also encourage them to stay EA,especially if they get a few active ones, and this will benefit both them and you.


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Will Migration affect E365 standing? in Miscellaneous #Contests #E365 #Getting Started

about 1 month ago

Nothing will change until you have a permanent change of address.

When you get to your destination country, it may take you a few days to acquire your (semi-)permanent mailing address, until such time you can continue operate under your current address and country.

Once you have a permanent mailing address, I believe you can edit this yourself, or you can also contact support if you think you need help with address change.

Once the address change is complete, your account will register in the new country, and your rankings as related to the new country will change since your versa point status doesn't change, but there may be more or less people with more VP in front of you.

Everything else should more or less stay the same. You will retain your sponsor and co-sponsors, and they will receive a notice something in your account was updated/changed if it is relevant to their team leader responsibilities. Your total VP ranking will remain the same too, as will your class ranking, etc.

Hope this helps.



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What will happen to my CSAs in Miscellaneous #CSA #PSA #VersaPoints

about 1 month ago

I bolded the last few words that Dan said!!!

If you read my post above right after Dan's, you can see that even with just 9 days remaining you can still get at least 918VP, and if you don't need that many, use Dan's and my recommendations in combination.


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What will happen to my CSAs in Miscellaneous #CSA #PSA #VersaPoints

about 1 month ago

So, what has not been asked here is how many VP do you need to get to EA?

If you only need a few hundred VP, and you have Rewardicals, see if there are enough RTs to trade to get enough VP.

If no, then play some of the free games that reward Rewardicals.

Also, are you participating in T-Time?

If yes, use the TCredits to enter into ONE Astro Auctions a day with just ONE TCredit (one T-Time win will give you 2 TCredits) for two AA auctions, one per TCredit. I routinely win VP in 50% of the time.

So, there ways to get to EA without spending any money, but the easiest it to purchase 1 TCredit for US$1.99 every 2-3 days. Each TCredit you purchase gives you 102VP, also one AA entry, so 10 TCredits purchased over one month will give you 1020VP and ten entries in AA with potential for 50VP or more.

With about 350 free VP plus the VP from TCredits purchaes, you are at almost 1400VP... all of your actions that give you Rewardicals can probably allow you to convert enough VP to make it to 1500VP.

You have 9 days laft this month, if you buy one TCredit a day now, you can still earn 918VP.

Also, I recommend spreading the purchases out over several days, because it only takes 20VP a day to get one extra entry in the Daily Grand drawing (on the WinIT tab), so since you can only get 10-12 VP from turning tabs green, if you make small purchases, make them over several days so you can get at least 20VP on many days of the month.

I have won lots of Rewardicals in the Daily Grand sweepstakes so it is worth it!


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CSA Mailer problem in Team Building #CSA #Getting Started #Team Building

about 1 month ago

filter your list by GEN=CSA and then also filter them by join date, say today to Aug 20th, then select the mailer link to mail to those selected CSAs, then go back and modify your filters for the date from Aug 20th to your own join date

In time you will figure out where about the halfway mark is... Aug 20th, 21st, 22nd,....


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Join SFI in Getting Started #Getting Started #Leadership #Team Building

about 1 month ago

Yes you can. Make sure they are living at a different address.

Also, if you sign them up, make sure whatever gateway they use, to add a dot9999 key-code to the link, i.e. www.sfi4.com/xxxxxxxx.9999/FREE

You can sign up a maximum of three affiliates up per month under the 9999 key-code. This key code will make sure they are under you as a team member.

If you have more than three relatives, friends, acquaintances, then have them sign up under the relatives that just signed up in the same manner. This will help you build your team.

Then you all collaborate to help build your team. Go 3 levels deep first, then start at the top again and build a second leg of 3 deep, etc...

Once your team looks a little like this:
You - 1 - 2 - 3
You - 4 - 5 - 6
You - 7 - 8- 9
then you build deeper and wider.


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Being an affiliate for more than five years. in Ask Gery

about 1 month ago

Personally, riding the fine line of being able to afford my AD (auto-delivery) just barely because my household budget is very tight due to medical bills, I CAN tell you there was a time when I could just barely make EA.

When one cannot invest much to push past EA without struggle, but one sees the value in SFI, one sticks around as Affiliate ranked member until the finances get better, or until one of your up-line leaders can help a little to build your down-line.

I always hover at the brink of not being able to get past BTL right now, and many months a year I wished I would invest my AD into a new car instead so I can drive back and forth to work in comfort, but instead I drive a rusted 1988 Jeep that is about to fall apart, and I invest into SFI, for long term I see myself having enough of a team to be able to pay for my AD.

Then my reward will be to be able to purchase a newer used car while I can continue to be BTL or better.

Mind you, I have a good paying job, but medical bills eat up much of it, so I have been seeking a good team in SFI to help me build a second income stream.

Good things happen to those who are patient!


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Waste of Time in Astro Auctions #Astro Auctions

about 1 month ago


I have seen this happen to me in Chrome and Vivaldi (Chromium based), but only if I happen to switch to another tab and come back after the claim button has been displayed for more than xx seconds... I have not timed it, but my guess is more than 20 seconds.

I usually just click reload, instead of doing the captcha, and it reloads the results page with the winnings, but sometimes it will make me sit through the animation of the auction again.

Just my experience with this. No solution to this as of yet.


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Suggestion for revising the GOALS Tab in Ask Gery #Leadership #Team Building

about 1 month ago

Could we revise the GOALS tab and the associated rewards system?

So, as I was doing my daily tasks today, I was looking at the GOALS tab, and I realized, this tab doesn't do much for me the way it is structured at this time.

I glance at my monthly goals, and I see maybe one or two that clue me in that I need to focus on one, maybe two areas, usually PSA related.

I have realized that I tend to set my goals too low, but I have set them way too high as well and then get frustrated with either situation.

To me the GOALS tab is a little like a scoreboard, but goals are fluid, and it makes sense to adjust goals upwards if one realizes that forward thinking estimates were too low.

I propose we revise the GOALS system as follows:

Long Term Goals:
We should revisit these once a year, and as such, I propose that we get our initial VP for setting these goals when we first start with SFI, and then maybe 10VP for revising these long term goals once a year, but we would only get the 10VP if we revise the long term goals in a positive manner.

We could do this as a sponsor/co-sponsor reviewed reward where three co-sponsors, and in the case there are only two, the sponsor, would review the new long term goals compared to the old, and if they all approve, I get the 10VP.
We could also reward the reviewers with something, maybe Rewardicals? Or 1-5 VP?

As a sponsor, getting an alert on my ALERTS tab, with a list of affiliates that have pending reviews, would cause me to spend more time reviewing their performance while I am working on their review. Not only would they benefit from the review, but I may notice some lacking areas on their VP ledger and able to give them some advise based on my experience in that area.

An alternative would be to make it a peer reviewed function, so only other BTLs can review a BTL Goal Revision. In this case, we could set up a way to pool up these reviews, and then we could have a PeerReview HotSpot page, similar to the genealogy page with a list of pending reviews, with say three columns that show how many of the peer reviews have been completed (say the affliate number of who has completed review 1 and/or 2 and which are pending.

The "pending" word could also be a link to the review for a peer BTL to click on and complete the review. We could limit how many review one peer can do, say three a week, or one a day?

Then it could go into the weekly action list just like the stream posts and we could earn 1 VP per review, with a max of three. This would also give EAs trying to earn a few more VP a way to do so.

As for affiliates below EA, we could make those reviews a free-for-all for EAs and up to review, say, maybe one a day limit o r something like that.

Monthly Goals:
We should only get say 6VP to set our monthly goals, and then once a week, we should be able to get one more VP if we up-adjust one of our goals... say like in my case, I am always way off on my Leaderboard Goals... I usually underestimate how well I do.

The way this could be done is that only a goal that is already at 100% would count, and it's input box would then be locked until next week. Just like the STREAM POST To-Do list states that we can post again on or after a set date, these locked down goals could be locked the same way.

I think the GOALS tab would be more rewarding, and people like myself would actually get something out of the tab other than turning it green every day.

Just my humble opinion.


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Global Payment Solutions in Suggestion Box #TripleClicks

2 months ago

I know Gery has mentioned that his team continues to look at various crypto-currencies for possible inclusion into SFI operations.

I agree that we need more options than just Bitcoin, but all crypto-currencies are fluctuating wildly right now, and that is not good for any business that requires some stability in the currency.

With this said, Dash, Litecoin, Monero, and ZCash all come to mind as being much more usable compared to Bitcoin.

I believe that as soon as SFI's support team is able to support these additional currencies, we will have them available in the affiliate center.

We must have patience and faith in Gery and SFI to come through for us!


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Marketing on my blog. in Miscellaneous #Marketing #Sales #TripleClicks

2 months ago


most likely you will need to contact your blog hosting company and ask them what you need to do add a security certificate to your blog.

Each host provider does it a little different. You may be able to find information about this in your hosting dashboard.

Keep in mind, if you are using free hosting on a subdomain, i.e. johnw.worpress.com, then the only way I know of is to upgrade to a paid hosting package.

Either way, contact your host and see what they say.


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Plastic bottle in Miscellaneous

2 months ago

Thank you Gery.

I have learned a lot (about marketing etc.) since joining SFI, and I see side hustle and business opportunities all over the place... some days I am overwhelmed with ideas both in my local physical life and my online presence.

Thanks for innovating constantly and working with all of us to make SFI great.


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Creating a store!! in Marketing #Getting Started #Localvantia

2 months ago


I believe this is the link you are looking for: www.sfimg.com/Support/Solution?catid=26444&id=232035

On this page it explains about ECAs and a link to the Gateway list. On the gateway page, scroll down and look for the ECA gateway link, click it and you should be able to sign up your online store.

Hope this helps.


P.S. You would have been able to find this information by clicking the looking-glass/magnifier icon at the top of any SFI Affiliate Center page and searching for ECA.

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Plastic bottle in Miscellaneous

2 months ago


where everyone here is seeing a problem, and it is a REAL problem, I see a business opportunity!

For those of you living in a country that has many active affiliates, maybe one of you could get sub-contract work with SFI.

I bet many countries like Italy, can order plastic bottles with customized logo from ANY EU country complying with EU restrictions that Italy or any other country has.

So, maybe someone in the EU, or if more restricted in your country, can find a vendor in their country that can produce something similar to the auction product.

Then, once a small inventory has been purchased, say a box of 25 or 50 or 100, create an online store, list in in Localvantia, make the products available to your country, or EU, or other region, and then contact SFI/Gery and offer this similar product as an AA auction item alternative, then SFI can buy it from the Localvantia store for direct delivery to the affiliate that wins.

I'm sure there are some regulations to deal with, and a lot of technical details to work out, but I don't see why it would not be possible to accomplish this?

Gery, SFI Support, any thoughts on this?


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What is your daily minimum? in Getting Started #Getting Started

2 months ago


on my weekends, this is exactly what I do... my family is usually still asleep while I have my coffee, and most weekend days I get all my tabs green plus check my Team Mail and some email.

On week days, I try to get part of this work incorporated into my breaks at work. I tend to be able to take 15 mnute breaks, which means I can usually get 1/3rd to half of my daily minimums done, however, some days I am out and about taking care of work, if so, then I try to spend my lunch at my desk (saves money from not going out to eat), usually having something to eat I brought from home or a can of soup maybe, and I usually get all of SFI work done in that one hour.

So, for any new affiliates reading this, you can see that really, working SFI is not much more time consuming - working this business instead of wasting time on social media could allow you to build a lucrative second income stream!


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Please can you explain to me how to post free ads in Getting Started #Getting Started #Marketing #Team Building

2 months ago

I use a smartphone for work but I do not use it for SFI except to turn a few tabs green when I am on the road, however, I have used it to create text only posts on my blog... so... if I were you, I would start working on putting a simple text-only ad at the end of my signature for my email, then find places where you can add a text only ad.

Next I would find an Internet Café and use a computer to pull any relevant banners (or the pre-built code for them) from SFI and TripleClicks and put them into a format for easy posting using your phone... such as creating the code or copying the pre-built code and adding your own additional things you want to say, and saving this into an email and sending it to yourself. You get to proof-read your own ad and then you can copy-past from your received email into whatever traffic exchange or website you want to use.

Or you can this exact thing in the Internet Café, or even using your friend's computer. Only performing the SFI affiliate center functions are dependent on being on only your own device, working with traffic exchanges is free to do on ANY device that is suitable.

Hope this helps.