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David L.

United States

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Why things need to be done today in Miscellaneous

3 days ago

The biggest reason things need to be done today is that when tomorrow gets here it will now be today, and we will have a brand new tomorrow.

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That's it I am done! in Marketing #Marketing #PSA #Team Building

6 days ago

Thank you. This is both informative and inspiring.

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Guaranteed Win Auction in Pricebenders #CSA #Pricebenders

7 days ago

For the past few weeks I thought that I was entering the Guaranteed Win Auctions. I would enter at the time it is said that these auctions are to take place, but I have not received any CSAs. LOL, yesterday I realized that the times posted are corporate time zone, not my time zone. I am an hour earlier. So for me these auction are taking place an hour later.
So I wanted to post this to remind people who want to participate, to be sure they check their time zone as these auctions could take place earlier or later then what is posted depending on where you live.

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Why am I not making money with SFI? in Miscellaneous #Compensation

13 days ago

SFI gives us all the tools we need in order to run a successful business. So why are some of us not making money? The problem I believe is us. Some don't want to or feel they are unable to put the time and effort into it. Some may not as yet, feel comfortable enough with using a computer. Are we logging in every day? Reading and applying our launchpad and other lessons? Setting goals? Advertising? Do we believe that we can be successful?
We need to believe in ourselves, learn and apply as much as possible. Make the time necessary to make a go of it. We need to invest in our business 3 ways : Time, Effort, and Money. With these we fail.

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Checking messages in Miscellaneous #TCredits #Team Building

17 days ago

Good morning to you to Cameron.
That is exactly what I did. After reading my messages and realized that there were some new changes taking place, I headed right over and read that article. And the Co-Sponsors are just the tip of the iceberg. These changes are exciting.

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Checking messages in Miscellaneous #TCredits #Team Building

17 days ago

One of the first things I do when I log in, is to check my messages. I was taken by surprise when I read a message saying 'i am one of your new Co-Sponsors." This had confused me because I already have a Co-Sponsor and I know she made EA last month. So I checked my upline and it showed that yes, I still have my same Sponsor and Co-Sponsor. There was nothing there showing me anything about any more Co-Sponsors. I thought well maybe they were confused and they where one of my CSAs. But I had no notice of getting one. Then I thought about how that person said one of your new. One of? Did I miss something? Has there been some new changes that I am not aware of? I hurried to the Alert tab and the news. New changes.
If I read the news first I wouldn't have been surprised by having another Co-sponsor, but at the same time I probably wouldn't have been so excited to read the news.

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New badges in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra

19 days ago

I'm so excited, I just won two new badges.
Sprint star and a bronze trim Speedster badge. My time was 02.30
My first time winning Brain Sprint.

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How do you download a document to share with our team? in Team Building #Leadership #Team Building

24 days ago

I have a downloaded a document from my Co-Sponsor I want to share through my team mailing.
How do I add it to my mailing?
It's about EA for $20 a month.

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The secret of a successful business owner in Miscellaneous #Leadership #Team Building

about 1 month ago

SFI is your business, the most important thing your business needs, which only you can supply is you. If you are not there to run your business, your business can't succeed. If you want your business to succeed, jump behind the wheel and take control. SFI supplies nearly everything else we need to successful.
So what is a successful business owner's secret to success?
Being an active and informed owner.
So if you have not already done so, get in that driver's seat and take control of your business.

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Receive, Retain, Release. in Miscellaneous #Leadership #Team Building

about 1 month ago

Receive information about your SFI business through your launch pad lessons and other sources.
Retain and act upon that information.
Release that information to your team members.
Together we build success.

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Rating your Sponsor and Co-Sponsor in Miscellaneous #PSA #Team Building

about 1 month ago

As most of us know, it's time once again to rate our Sponsors and Co-sponsors.
I believe that before we rate them let's give them our honest opinions. Are they communicating with you? Are they motivating you? Answering questions? Is there something more they could be doing?
After you rate them, under both your Sponsor and Co-Sponsor there is a little box where you can leave them a message. You can thank them, let them know if there was something you found perticularly helpful, what you didn't like, make suggestions on what you would like to see or see more of. Remember they are there to help you. If they don't know what help you need, it makes it harder for them to help you.
The best thing I can suggest is that we keep in contact with them on a regular basis. That way adjustments can be made through the month.
As Sponsors and Co-Sponsors we should figure out what we would expect from our upline and give the same to our downline.

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Connection to SFI Timed out in Miscellaneous

about 1 month ago

I think that this question is best asked to support.
But I have found that if I am using Wi-Fi my connection to it might end after about a half hour, or maybe you walked away from your computer for awhile and your computer not reading any activity closed the connection automatically.

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Spectator or Participant in North America #Team Building

2 months ago

Are you a spectator or a participant?
Why watch in awe of those who successful, when you can be the one being awed😎

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How can you invest when you don't have money? in Marketing #Marketing

2 months ago

Hi Rob,
There are many ways to invest. Financially speaking you might not be able to invest a lot, but most people can usually scrape together at least a few bucks. I might start by buying ten TCredits. This will enable you to bid at least once during an auction, giving you your 1 VP for that tab. There are auctions for people who haven't yet won an auction. I would suggest that you bid on one of these as your chances of wining are greater. You can also play a lest one game a day which will give you your VP for the Eager Zebra tab. I would use the TCredit to play Card King because you can win Badge Quest points, TCredits, and Rewardicals fairly quickly.
Both the TCredits and the Rewardicals can be used to buy even more things.
I play T-time daily because it's free and I can win 2 TCredts a day.
Don't forget we also have free marketing methods and aids.
I'm proud to be your Sponsor.

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Birthday phenomenon in United States

3 months ago

Hi everyone, I was born on Holy Saturday. Today is the first time my birthday has fallen on Holy Saturday since I was born, and only the seventh time since 1776. Tonight is also a blue moon. These two things are rare on their own but both together on my birthday? I wonder if there could be some meaning behind it. If not I still find it an interesting and fun.

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Yesterday's Biz Quiz Question: I am confused! in Miscellaneous #Compensation #Contests

4 months ago

I almost entered one myself. I was thinking rewardicials of something like that, I had to reread the question.

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Thanksgiving in Just For Fun

7 months ago

Thanksgiving is a time when most people talk turkey.

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T-Time in Inspiration/Testimonials #Eager Zebra #TCredits

9 months ago

I have been with SFI for about four years now, and I have won T-Time 396 times. That is about a win a day for a year 1/4 of the time I have been with SFI.
396 times 2= 792 T-Credits. If you were to purchase a 420 pack it would cost $134.40, so I made about $200 just for playing a free game.
The secret to winning is to play as often as possible. It takes less then a minute of your time.

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Collecting VP for ranks in VersaPoints

9 months ago

Hi Nimbo
I recommend that you read "Intoduction to versa points. It explains how versa points are important even if you don't reach the next level. It helps decide what you earn.

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Have you noticed your homepage? in Getting Started #Getting Started

9 months ago

Have you noticed that your homepage is all about objectives? Objectives are used to achieve your goals.
When you joined SFI you had set your first goal. You decided that you wanted to start your own business. Well how do you start a business with out knowing anything about it. Your red tabs and launch pad lessons are the objectives, by following these objectives you will learn how to reach your goal of running your business. The Forum, your up line, support, Ask Gery. These are objectives to help you reach your goals for your business. virtually anything you click on on your homepage is an objective to help you and your business grow.
All you have to do is take action. Without action nothing gets accomplished.

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How can get ECA Store without any Licences. in ECA Program #ECA

9 months ago

Muhammed, I not sure if you are looking to open an ECA store or wanting to use one. If you are just looking to access one. If you want to shop at one there is always one listed on your red ECA tab, which you should be looking at daily. You can also go to your TrippleClicks store and type in ECAs in your search bar.

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You can lead a horse to water in Team Building #Leadership #Sponsor #Team Building

9 months ago

There is a saying that I have been hearing a lot around here. You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink.
Though this is true, there is still something you can do. Salt the oats. There are probably a few ways to get him to want to drink the water. How tempting can we make things to others.