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I have an idea what do you think? in Suggestion Box #Contests

about 1 year ago


I think this is a brilliant idea, a list of the badges that are closet to being completed and the points to be gained would make it would give us a ability to qualifty quicker

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What should you concentrate on? Sponsoring or Achieving Higher Rank in Team Building

about 1 year ago


You should concentrate on being the best sponsor that you can.

Achieving a higher rank is a natural progression from being an effective sponsor

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Price Benders-Pick the Price VP in Suggestion Box #Pricebenders #VersaPoints

over 2 years ago

Gerry and all SFI members

In starting this I would like to state emphatically that I love the new price benders auction format because of the choice of auction available all the time and I am not looking for a change in this format.
I am just looking for a refinement to allow everyone to take advantage of all the offers that are available.

I have been using both the price benders Auction and Pick the price game to ensure that I make at least 20 VP every day. I am sure that many of you are aware that reaching this level will give you an additional share in the daily grand drawing each time you reach this level.

I have found that the new Price benders format makes it very difficult to ensure this will happen. As the auction may take a number of days to be completed and the points are back dated to the day the auction started and this can be well after the daily grand drawing which means that you may not be credited with the additional chance.

I know that this has always been the case, however the new format means that many of the auction have started on the previous day even when a very low bid. This is the point I always used to enure that I was bidding on was started on that day and I would bid early expecting the auction would end on the same day.

In the case of the Pick The Price Game this is not credited until the completion of the order, which again can be well after the day that you originally placed the guess. If you are relying this point to take you to the minimum 20 VP it may not come. As as with the Auction most new auction would finish within 24 meaning that the points would be credited on the day it was made.

I would like to suggest that if possible all Price Bender and Pick a price guess should be credited to the day that the action was made. So that members will know exactly what points they have squired on that date.

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Congratulations E365 Champion James Rankin! in Recognition

over 2 years ago

Thank-you all who have acknowledge my achievements including the 3800+ who have clicked on the congratulation button on the growth tab on the affiliate center.

As you are all aware this achievement is not possible without the challenges of fellow classmates and the team thathas built it self around you.

So I would like to take the opportunity to thank all these people for both their challenge and support.

I am going to take this opportunity to advise all my team members who are currently appearing on my mover list on this my 1st year anniversary that I have set up and an advertising co-op as a way to thank you for you support


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How convert VP into money? [Moderator translated subject.] in Getting Started #Compensation #VersaPoints

over 3 years ago


I am your sponsor and I would like to again thank you for joining my team, and should you have any questions regarding the SFI program I would encourage you to contact me all my contact details are on my leadership Page.
Versa points (VP) are awarded to you for sales and purchase that you make on Triple clicks. You get action VP for your business building actions (AVP).
Both of these will get you payments providing you reach EA level, this requires a minimum of 1500 VP/AVP. www.sfimg.com/Reference/AffiliateAgreement
A statement will be produced on or about the 10th of each month and payments will be paid by direct deposit into your paypal or payoneer card, you my request a cheque payment once your account reaches over $20-00.
Other FAQ regarding compensation payments can be found here www.sfimg.com/Support/index?category=26444&folder=42426

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VersaPoints Expiry - Tracking & Keeping Record! in Ask Gery #E365 #VersaPoints

over 3 years ago


I have been using the following link to keep track of expiring VP


Just log in to you account and paste this into your command line to get the information that
you require. I find that the information is very detailed and include states on tomorrow 5 days and 30 days

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T-Credit welcome manager in Suggestion Box #Marketing #TCredits #Team Building

over 3 years ago

Thank you Janet and Tim for you quick response and feed back, It is obvious that I too will have to take more time reading and understanding what is already available on SFI FAQ's

Janet I am not advocating a change in what is already available on the TW manager only an advanced option panel for people who wish to have more control on the direction the TW offer is made too, but the basic format will still be available

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Buying @ Pricebenders in Pricebenders #Pricebenders

over 3 years ago

1. Select the product you want to purchase
2. Research the recent prices at the auction for that product
3. Have sufficient T- Credits (I would suggest the average number credits that have won that product over the past three months e.g. average price $1.50 150 you need minimum to even consider entering the biding with the intention of winning.
4. Have patience.
5. Develop an entry and exit strategy
6. Make sure you don’t pay more in T-Credits than the product is worth (including final purchase price).
7. Know your competition ( this may take time)
Finally I cannot reiterate enough you must have patience and be prepared to spend time on the auction site

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T-Credit welcome manager in Suggestion Box #Marketing #TCredits #Team Building

over 3 years ago

Dear Gerry

I watch in awe all the new and innovative ways that you are improving the tools and services to help us to build an effective business teams.
The welcome manager is one of the best that I have seen; I have not used it as yet as I am working out the most effective way to use it to build my team at this time.
While am working this out I have one question and regarding this that I have not found answer to as yet.
My question is are the maximum 9 t-Credits that you can give to a team member in the tw welcome included in the maximum lifetime 10 t-credit you can give to members in your down line or are they in additions to these t Credits?
I would also like to suggest an additional field to the TW manager, I receive PSA’s from a number of sources, and I would like to be able to target my TW offer to people from a particular source or a number of sources.
The TW manager could have up to 5 key codes, which would allow setting the number of t Credits to be given maximum number to be issued on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. The number of Target key codes could be linked to the EA, TL s Levels.
I am not very computer savvy, however you have some very clever people working for you in this area and I am sure that they can work out a workable solution, thus making a very valuable tool extraordinary

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Clubbing Junior Auctions together? in Pricebenders #Pricebenders

over 3 years ago


I am not quite sure what you mean by clubbing all The junior auction together,
I believe that you are requesting that all the junior auction should be run on its own auction area with only these auction
running on it and all other types of auction be scheduled on the the remaining auction sites so as to limit the disruption to other schedule Auctions as Junior auctions tend to run over time and disrupt service.

If this is the case I would agree however this may reduce reduce the number of junior auction being available for the more inexperienced members and curtail the number of people prepared to attempt auctions

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I was awarded a forum Guru badge in Recognition #Leadership #Team Building #TripleClicks

over 3 years ago

Today when re-visiting our forum I was surprised but very gratified to find that I had been awarded a forum Guru badge. I have not placed very many posts on forum aiming for quality rather than quantity and I have been rewarded for this.

I would like to thank everyone for taking the time to read my post and comment, both the positive comments and the constructive criticism, as this has made me think carefully about what I say and how I say it as, words can easily be misinterpreted.

I would also like to thank everyone who took the time to like my Posts

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New Auction Type Proposal !!! (your views) in Pricebenders #Pricebenders #TCredits #TripleClicks

over 3 years ago

Making people illegible to bid due to the timing of there entry is not how auction should be run as I said in my previous post auction rely on strategy a good strategy will win where a poor strategy of just throwing t credits at an auction will not give a positive result.

Adopting this type of game would mean that I would modify my strategy and make one bid early in the auction then hold back until the end.

Achieving the same result, a person with no patience or strategy would pour 100 hrs of t credits into an auction without result, while someone with a effective strategy will win at a reasonable price or get out

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New Auction Type Proposal !!! (your views) in Pricebenders #Pricebenders #TCredits #TripleClicks

over 3 years ago


Auctions are all about strategy, part of the planing process is picking your entry point of an auction . I have been involved in many auction both online and in person and have most often used a late entry strategy to win these auctions, it is also important to know you exit point. This the point where you have either reached the maximum you are prepared to pay or the maximum t credits you are prepared to pay.

I would not be in favour of a change in the auctions as suggested, but would recommend patience and strategy to win the auction that interest you.

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Fake Names in Team Building #Marketing #Team Building #TripleClicks

over 3 years ago


I am in a similar position I received a PRM with the name "Test Test" however with so many people from so many countries and cultures I do not believe that it would be possible to put a computer program in to automatically exclude certain names.

Many people have nicknames, pen names and stage names for various reason, not only for fraudulent reasons.

I believe the only way to decide whether an account is fake is to examine the actions in the account after it has been created and asses the legitimacy of the account then.

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T-Credits instead of product won at auction in Ask Gery #Pricebenders #TCredits #TripleClicks

over 3 years ago

Gerry I agree, so why do certain people have the right to chose t-credit instead of the products that they have won they still have the same opportunity to win t-Credits in the same hundreds of auction as everyone else.

It would then appear that they can go ahead and win a non a non T- Credit auction and convert these into T-Credits and in doing so circumvent the 1 win a day T-Credit rule, which others are faced with and other member disqualified from being involved in some auction due to legislation.

This appear to be a very un-level playing field,

you appear to inferring here that if I want t- Credits I should be only be bidding on T-Credit Auction, in that case should this not be the case for everyone, if they bid on a gold coin that is what they should get, if they want T_Credits that is what they should bid on . This would seem to be a fair solution to the issue.

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T-Credits instead of product won at auction in Ask Gery #Pricebenders #TCredits #TripleClicks

over 3 years ago

Gerry with the advent of T-Credits instead of product won at auction being available I would like to suggest that the issue of people in some countries being unable to participate in some auctions due to the legislation in there country should be revisited.
The reason I make this this suggestion that this will enable people to participate in more auction and at times more suitable for them. They should be informed that they cannot receive the product that they are bidding for but can take the prescribed T-Credit allocation only.

I am sure that other member could come up with other reasons that would include a more level playing field for all members

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exchange of VPs to T-credits in VersaPoints #VersaPoints

over 3 years ago

Archana although you cannot exchange VP for T- Credits as a reward for reaching certain levels with SFI you are rewarded with T- Credits at the following levels so in a way every month you exchange VP for t Credits, provided you reach the minimum level. The VP still remain on your account for up t 6 months so that you can gauge how well you are performing within SFI

EA 10 TC

These are not the only perks that you get for the full list go www.sfimg.com/Reference/ComparisonChart

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Kill That Stress And Not Your Health in Miscellaneous #Leadership #Team Building

over 3 years ago

I believe that the old adage is very well suited here " All work and no Play makes Jack (or jock in my case) a very dull boy.

To combat this I have just spent the last few weeks touring outback Australia each morning I managed to logon to SFI and complete daily, weekly and monthly tasks, I have then closed my browser and not thought of the business at all.

I have now come back and ready to do what needs to be done to be sucessfull

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Daily Crown in Getting Started

over 3 years ago


Any Win is very important no matter how small, and to win in daily crow you only have to play any game in, even the free ones and you are entered in the daily crown draw for free prize.

this is almost as T-Time where you are introduced to TC products and have a chance to wine 2 T- credits every hour

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On holiday - doing a lightning tour of WA,SA and NT out back in Australia

over 3 years ago

I am currently sitting in the passenger seat of the car 35 Kim's south of Fitroy crossing and have full mobile access and completing my daily tasks

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Mobile Friendly in Ask Gery

over 3 years ago


I am currntly travelling outback Australia in a tent, I do not have room for a laptop but i do have my ipad and smart phone, I cannot always get both charge all the time.

However i am able to logon on a daily basis I would not like build a new business on a phone but it has allowed me keep in touch and complete my daily tasks

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Please help in Compensation #VersaPoints

over 3 years ago

inspirational quotes from famous successful people are always valued, but the should not be the sole content do a team mail team ma il should gives for information that should gild and inform your team.

However I am a great believer in using quotes and normally restrict them to forum or other areas in sfi

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On holiday - doing a lightning tour of WA,SA and NT out back in Australia

over 3 years ago

Well we made it to daly springs some 900 Kim's north of Alice springs, all we have is an 1930 out back pub a caravan park and. Motel units. All where full and the pub was in full swing . An old WWII airfield close by

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On holiday - doing a lightning tour of WA,SA and NT out back in Australia

over 3 years ago

Hi everyone

Isn't it a wonderful country. On holidays at the moment sitting around a camp fire with a bottle of wine and a fine cigar and enjoying a memorable evening with my wife.

Just left Cober pedy and arrived in Alice Springs

Looking to be north of tenant creek tomorrow evening, still logging on each night to keep my business going in the right direction

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When can I expect to see new PSA s being added to my team. in Team Building #Team Building

over 3 years ago



The question reminded me how good the S Builder Co-op was and a Auction flashed on my monitor for a S Builder package and I went straight to it and won it for 8 Bids and 19 cents