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Which is alone enough to get success in sfi? in Team Building #Marketing #Team Building

1 day ago

Yes, to some extent. It depends on your definition of success. What exactly you mean when you say success in SFI?

It may mean different things to different people. You may set your goals in SFI by putting it in writing in Goals tab and then start learning how to achieve those goals. You may do so by reading all training articles available in our website and more importantly try implementing what you have learnt.

Builder Bundle will definitely help you to achieve those goals for your success but you still need to work hard daily.

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Inactive CSA's, PSA's and PRM's from rewardical redemption in Team Building #CSA #PSA #Rewardical

2 days ago

No one knows who can become active. When I joined SFI I was inactive for first 5-6 months. I was also assigned to my Co-Sponsor just like you receiving CSAs as their Co-Sponsor. My sponsor and Co-Sponsor showed patience and didn't quit or show any disappointment. They kept sending me weekly emails which I occassionaly read. These emails contained great business sense which impressed me a lot and finally made me active.

Who are the happiest persons now? My sponsor and Co-Sponsor (more Co-Sponsors now ). Don't be disapponted. Just keep sending them weekly emails you never know who can be a Team Leader among those inactive CSAs now.

Wishing you all the best.

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The source of income in Suggestion Box #Compensation #Getting Started #Leadership

2 days ago

I will go with Tall Ship on communicating with team memebrs and Johnny T for funding of SFI business.

People who are serious to build this business will find their own ways to communicate with their team members and find ways and means to fund their businesses.

The suggestion you are making is very risky. Try to fund your own team mates and then find out what happens. You will have the answers.

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Ghost Sign-ups in Team Building #Marketing #PSA #Sales

2 days ago

The best way it can be stamped out is find our own ways to advertise and recruit new people. Having said that it needs lots of research and investment of time and money and find good sites from where we can get sign-ups.

People purchase PSAs mainly because they do not have time to research but have money to buy PSAs. It's okay for them.

The other strategy we can employ is maintain Team Leader qualifications which gives us regular share/s of Second Home CSAs . Over a period of time we are bound to get some active CSAs and a time will come when our income from CSAs will exceed our investment of Auto-Delivery. This is the phase when our business becomes self sustaining.

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We Indians are somewhat suffocated by the major changes of SFI in Suggestion Box #Astro Auctions #Pricebenders #TripleClicks

5 days ago

SFI is basically a networking business. The main income of top leaders in SFI ( for that matter in any networking business) is from building a big team. When the team buys or sells products they make money. If you invite people to join SFI only for individual gains via Pricebenders Auctions then obviously you are not thinking of building a big team. This strategy is going to backfire ultimately no matter how good the products are. They are basically customers not interested in building a team. Customers basically don't earn money in any company. They simply enjoy the benefits of buying the products. That was most probably the case with you and your team.

Above is my analysis of you and your team. May be I am completely wrong. Correct me if I am.

But one thing is sure with me. I have decided to build a big team and am teaching the same to my downlines. I have never focussed to get benefited only by Pricebenders Auctions or Astro Auctions or from Games.

Another point which you have made is people were making money 6-7 months ago. That was because anyone could generate an income simply by scoring Free VPs. The main focus should have been in generating sales and not just scoring VPs. Any Team Leader could earn commissions by having EAs in their team even for the first time as it gave them around half a dollar for 1500 Versa points by way of Matching VPs. This was a big loophole in earlier Compensation Plan which many people exploited. This has been rightly plugged in by Gery and his staff.

The Improved Compensation Plan is a step in the right direction for long term growth of every one of us because it focusses on generating sales and not just scoring Versa Points( there are still many free VPs available though ).

Dear Prem, if you and your team are thinking of leaving SFI and then decide to join any other networking business just remember one thing you will still have to make sales to earn commissions in any company you join. They won't give you money for undergoing training. They will in fact charge you money for giving training.

My networking experience since 1999 says SFI is till far far better than any other online programe. Think about it.

Hope that helps you.

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Rewardical adds enhanced support for Shopify stores! in SFI News #Rewardical

8 days ago

What can I say! A giant step in the right direction with more to come. This is really a great news ever happened with SFI/Zing Network! This will prove to be a milestone year for SFI.

Thanks Gery and staff for making this happen.

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Can a PRM Unsubscribe without Opting-out of Zing Network? in Ask Gery

8 days ago

I think the answer to your question is yes. Unsubscribing from emails doesn't mean to Opt-Out. A PRM should be able to buy anything in TripleClicks still. SFI will simply remove the PRM from mailing list as happens with any other website.

There are many such people who don't like to receive marketing emails but want to log in to the website as and when they want. I am one of such persons on many websites.

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I'm Posting Free Ads Daily To Find My Future... Diamonds! in Marketing #Getting Started #Marketing #Team Building

8 days ago

I absolutely agree with you that Pushing, Pulling or Dragging an affiliate to work doesn't work. We need to find people who will work their way to DTL. Advertising, whether paid or free, daily is the best way to find our future Team Leaders of DTLs.

I too advertise daily on free sites.

As always, you are spot on. Thanks for sharing.

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Need motivation in Getting Started #Marketing #Sales #Team Building

9 days ago

I fully agree with Randy that motivation is something that is inside us. It is necessary to find our whys to do anything, not only in SFI but in other fields of life too.

Personally when I need, I watch Les Brown vidoes on YouTube. Watching and listening him will fill you with thrill and motivate you to a great extent. I also watch and listen to Nick Vujicic. Just search for them on Google or YouTube.

The other thing I do is read great self help books like Magic of Thinking Big, Think and Grow Rich, How to win Friends and Influence People and many more such books.

One more thing I do is to search people on social media whose goals and ambitions are similar to mine and then motivate them to join SFI. Building good relationships with people is the best way to make them active permanently.

Hope that helps.

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How To help your PSAs and CSAs with your Free Rewardicals ! in Team Building

9 days ago

Great post indeed Michael! I enjoyed reading every word of it. That is what we all should be doing.

After reading your thread I too just redeemed 7700 Rewardicals to 100 TCredits and will distribute the TCredits the way you suggested.

There is another wonderful option available, that is to Redeem the Rewardicals into Gift Certificates and then give the GC to hard working affiliates, to those in need to qualify for their ranks. Earlier I used to buy Gift Certificates and then give to my team members but now I can redeem my Rewardicals into GC.

Thanks for sharing this wonderful strategy.

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"My new team member questions: and my answers." in Team Building #PSA #Team Building

9 days ago

I liked your letter with a short and crisp message containing just one link. That is what we need to do and not flood the new affiliate with more information which only will make him overwhelmed.

Answering to affiliaate's questions is key to retain the PSA or CSA for long time.

Thanks Ria for sharing this valuable information.

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That was quick! AA item delivered real fast! in Astro Auctions #Astro Auctions #Leadership #TripleClicks

10 days ago

Thanks a lot.

Shipping is included in the win itself. We don't need to pay for shipping. That is a great advantage of Astro Auctions win! Amount of TCredits used for winning is what gets deducted automatically. That's all.

It's time we understood the great value of Astro Auctions. We need to promote it vigorously.

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That was quick! AA item delivered real fast! in Astro Auctions #Astro Auctions #Leadership #TripleClicks

11 days ago

Thanks everyone for taking your valuable time out to reply to my thread. So nice to read lovely comments. Comments have come from Team Leaders only. I wanted affiliates, particularly new affiliates, to read and comment on this thread. Let new affiliates know that Astro Auctions are a great hit and can be promoted to gain not only affiliates but PRMs ( customers) too.

Delivery by TripleClicks is really fast and we should not hesitate to order directly in TripleClicks or particate in Astro Auctions for winning physical products and getting it delivered too.

If you are a new affiliate reading this first time and don't know how to promote Astro Auctions, here is the referral link, known as Gateway, to promote it:


Put your SFI ID in place of xxxxxxxx.

Once again thanking every one here.

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That was quick! AA item delivered real fast! in Astro Auctions #Astro Auctions #Leadership #TripleClicks

11 days ago

This afternoon I was immensely delighted to receive SFI Team Leader Sunglasses which I had won in Astro Auctions on 24th Nov 2018.

"You won Astro Auction #2830!
Hi, Gyanendra!

We are pleased to inform you that you won Astro Auction #2830 for:

(1) SFI Sunglasses

Entry Date: Nov 24th "

I had ordered it on same day and it was despatched on 25th November. That was real quick.

Thank you SFI and TripleClicks staff.

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Please Sir Gery in VersaPoints

12 days ago

We earn money by making sales and then teaching our team members how to generate sales either individually or as a team. Our focus must be in doing above. In the process of generating sales we will get Rewardicals which we can redeem to Versa Points. By reducing the ratio, as requested by you, we will all be reducing our commissions because increasing the number of VPs to be redeemed by same number of Rewardicals our sales will be reduced in the same ratio.

This will not only reduce sales and Commissions but it will make people lethargic as they my think Ranks can be achieved easily. Their focus will shift towards getting Versa Points somehow to achieve rank rather than generating sales. No one wants that. Let's focus on referring people, generating sales and then teaching newly joined members how to generate sales. That is how this business can be successfully built.

Hope that helps you.

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Bitcoin in Miscellaneous #Rewardical

12 days ago

Yes Rewardicals can be redeemed to Bitcoins. This facility is already available. You must have the requisite number of Rewardicals to redeem a minimum amount of Bitcoins. While redeeming to Bitcoins you will get an option to CHOOSE WALLET. You may use it.

As far as Localvantia stores are concerned it is matter of paying the Localvantia Merchant the way he wants to be paid. The easiest way to pay is by cash locally. Why use Bitcoins for local payments. SFI or TripleClicks have no say in it. It is between the buyer (affiliate or Zing Member) and the seller ( Localvantia Merchant). If the Localvantia Merchant accepts Bitcoins well and good.

Hope that helps you.

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How to locate my CSA in my Genealogy in Team Building #CSA #Sponsor #Team Building

13 days ago

It's very easy to search anyone in your Genealogy if you know one of 3 things-1) last name of the affiliate 2) email address 3) Country of the affiliate.

There are many filters available for your easy search options. You can use appropriate filters and find it easily. The quickest way is to use last name or the email address filters. See the illustrations below. After selecting the appropriate filters click FILTER in th 3rd step.

Hope that helps you.

After edit: keep country filter to default while using LAST NAME or EMAIL filters.

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Urgent Help!! in Getting Started

15 days ago

Firstly you need to confirm that the money has been deducted from your account. If the money is deducted the VPs get added immediately. You may check your VPs via your To-Do list or VP Ledger . You may also check your Sales Report .

If the actual sales has happenbed then PSAs will arrive shortly. It takes some time for the PSAs to arrive. Just be patient and look for them in your Genealogy . Use the filter generation=1.

If nothing above works then you may write to Support giving all details.

Hope that helps you.

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Opinion Please in Team Building #Getting Started #PSA #Sponsor

15 days ago

This looks good. It is simple, short and crisp.

I have always used the default welcome letter by SFI. I include my contact details in the footer to enable the new affiliate to contact me personally. I provide my phone and WhatsApp number, email address and Facebook ID/URL. Many write back to me either through WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or reply to my email. Few even call me immediatelyt after receiving my welcome letters.

A follow-up letter or an E Card is also needed to help the new affiliate.

This has already generated a healthy discussion which I am sure will help many affiliates and even Team Leaders.

Thanks for sharing your valuable information.

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How would you reply to your prospect's questions? in Miscellaneous #Leadership #Marketing #Team Building

15 days ago

There are many convincing texts available as Text Ads in Marketing Center. You may use any one of them.

I posted this particular ad in Facebook groups. There are thousands of free sites where you can post. Just search free ads in Google.

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How would you reply to your prospect's questions? in Miscellaneous #Leadership #Marketing #Team Building

15 days ago

Initially I sent him JMT Gateway and later Free Gateway as shown above but he registered under free Gateway as I didn't use key code for free Gateway ( All above conversation happened in Facebook messenger. Facebook doesn't allow JMT Gateway to be shared but allows FREE Gateway).

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How would you reply to your prospect's questions? in Miscellaneous #Leadership #Marketing #Team Building

15 days ago

Here is my reply to him:

It's nice to know that you have received my email message. You have asked quite a few questions. I appreciate your inquisitiveness to know more about how it works. I will reply all your questions one by one. Alternatively it would be better if you could ask same questions in Forum after FREE registration. That would give you many likes which will help quite a few Team Members in your team. Just for receiving likes to whatever you ask or even discuss or reply to other member's questions. You will enjoy this aspect of our business building training process.

Your first question is about Product delivery.

The Product delivery is done by company itself. It will be delivered right at your doorstep. Everything related to delivery of products to not only you but to all your team members will also be handled by the company itself.

Your second question is about joining fees. There is no joining fees. It's free to register with no obligation to purchase any product or services.

We have thousands of Products and services and if you like to buy any product or services you may buy it. It's your own decision.

There are no targets set by the company to you or to any of your team members.

However, we have a goal setting section in our daily tasks where you can set your own targets or goals and review them frequently.

We will help you to achieve your goals.

Your next question is regarding training.

The training will be provided FREE and no meetings in person are required as all aspects of training will be provided online.

We have Getting Started Training lessons which you can read in your own time and schedule without disturbing what you are doing at present. I am sure you will enjoy this aspect of our training resources. We have vast resources of training articles including Digital Marketing ( Internet Income Course) available for you absolutely FREE.

Many Digital Marketing companies charge a huge monthly fee for giving Digital Marketing Training.

You can also earn while learning these training articles.

Your next question is how Commissions are paid this being an American company.

There are many ways you can receive commissions. All the methods are enumerated in our Income Index under Getting Paid FAQs.

Some of the methods include via PayPal and Payoneer Card etc.

Bitcoins will also be included in near future though you may buy any product or services using Bitcoins at present.

At present you may also Redeem Rewardicals ( will discuss seperately) into Bitcoins.

You may select a method which suits you best.

Lastly you have asked about some points to highlight. I appreciate this question.

We have many points to highlight. In fact we have enumerated 22 reasons why you will love SFI.

Please click the following link to know all these 22 reasons and you can also register FREE if not already registered.

I strongly advise you to click on the link which I have provided you in my initial link or click below.

Going directly to the website may result registering under some other sponsor.

Hope this helps you.

MAKE MONEY WORKING AT HOME. No gimmicks, no pie in the sky, no bull. Now in our 20th year! www.sfi4.com/xxxxxxxx/FREE

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How would you reply to your prospect's questions? in Miscellaneous #Leadership #Marketing #Team Building

15 days ago

This morning I received a lot of questions from one of my prospective PSAs whom I had sent an email by generating leads. How would you reply to such questions?

I am including my lengthy reply too in reply to this very thread. He has registered too but I would like to know your answers too and would also like to know how well did I reply or not. Thanks in advance.
Here are his questions:

"I had received your mail and have gone through it. So how to proceed. This is a marketing platform, so the product delivery and all will be done by whom. Is there are joining fees involved or any targets.

How will be the training provided and do I have to come in person for the training.

As this is an American based company how will be the commissions paid.

Kindly advice on this and also if you have some points to highlight.

Thank you"

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So what next? in Inspiration/Testimonials #Leadership #Marketing #Team Building

15 days ago

You are awesome Nafisa! We all can learn from you.

You have never say die spirit!

You are persisitent!

You have a vision for future!

You are confident!

Above are great qualities of leaders not only in SFI but anywhere in the world. I am sure you will be one of the top most leaders in SFI. I wish you all the best.

Thanks or sharing your valuable experience.

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My hat-trick in KOT in Recognition #Eager Zebra #TripleClicks

17 days ago

Wow! Wow! Wow! Three times!


This doesn't happen so often conductively.

You deserve special recognition. Keep it up.