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Reports should export to Microsoft Excel 2013 or newer! in Suggestion Box #Leadership #Team Building

10 days ago

Right. I recall a similar discussion. The section of the Genealogy I work with are all active and have collected VP in the last 30 days. I can see why there might be a concern.

Thank you for the reminder. It skipped my mind as there is no reason to contact a member that is not on the SFI generated list.

One way I ensure there is no spamming is to utilise SFI communication systems when I contact team member affiliates.

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Reports should export to Microsoft Excel 2013 or newer! in Suggestion Box #Leadership #Team Building

11 days ago

It's my hope that one of the programmers takes note of this suggestion. I'd like them to take your comment in consideration as well.

The office support team does a great job at SFI. I'm hopeful!

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Reports should export to Microsoft Excel 2013 or newer! in Suggestion Box #Leadership #Team Building

11 days ago

It would be extremely helpful if the reports in SFI would export to Microsoft Excel. It would help people work with their team's information.

It would be a great team building tool for all sponsors. It would help those sponsors that have several generations below them, help them train their team leader affiliates.

It would help identify affiliates that need training and in what areas, it could help them identify people that could grow, with just a little help. It will help them track their business in a fashion that makes sense to them.

It is also a great tool to help us manipulate the data you provide. As our teams grow, some of us may hire assistants or bookkeepers and this will save hours of data entry for them.

Also, a heads up notice to Team Leaders before great changes are made such as the changes being implemented in the Genealogy page presently. This would an awesome change and it keeps very well with the transparency SFI maintains for their affiliates.

Thank you so much!

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Promotional Ads in Private Blogs in Marketing #Compensation #Rewardical #VersaPoints

12 days ago


In SFI, I would recommend that you stray from "immediate" results and look towards long term results.

Build yourself a website, and heavily advertise it. In fact, find a niche market. Post a blog every day. Advertise your website every day. Do this for a year straight.

This is the best way to gain results.

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What is the object of Team Building? in Getting Started #Leadership #PSA #Team Building

19 days ago


Read on the compensation plan here: www.sfimg.com/Reference/CompPlan

Also check further on the Launch pad training to understand how DUPLICATION works.


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How to review goals in Miscellaneous

26 days ago


I'm a huge fan of this way of thinking. Most folks don't grasp the concept that each one of us has complete control. Each action we make creates an impression on others.

I've found with network marketing, being very intentional with the image I create of myself is critically important.

Leaders learn to do this early. Study the traits of the many SFI leaders, you'll see the evidence if their work in how you perceive them.

It's also a very powerful way by which to lead your own personal life. With intention. With integrity.

Folks react very positively to leaders that convey these traits.

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how to re -qualified as executive affiliate in Getting Started

about 1 month ago


Oh dear, you must have missed some points in the Launch pad presentation.

Each month, we all start anew gaining our VP to earn our commissions. Think of it as if it's attendance.

The basics:
1. Earn EA (1500 VP)
2. Sponsor 5 affiliates.
3. Teach them to do the same.

Start here and read, apply the knowledge you gain to earn income.

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To My Amicable & Adorable Sponsor Gliceria Pritchard. in Recognition #Sponsor

about 1 month ago


You're not my sponsor ...but you still always make me either think or smile!!

Hope your day was fantabulous!!!

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What to do and not to do SFI, Tripleclicks as a beginer? in Getting Started #Leadership #Team Building

about 1 month ago

The right thing to do is READ. Learn the SFI business by reading.
This will educate you about SFI, including educating you what to do, and what not to do.

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QUALIFING AS BTL in Getting Started #Sales #Team Building #VersaPoints

about 1 month ago


Yes! It might be the best action you take this month. It might earn you a Designated Diamond badge.

I think you're smart to invest in your success here at SFI.


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S-Builder Co up merits and demerits in Team Building #Compensation #PSA #Team Building

about 1 month ago


S-Builder Co-op is a mainstay in my monthly recruiting. It is an important segment I keep active month-to-month.

The way it works is simple: This month you purchase a share. Beginning the 1st day of the following month, depending on when SFI begins the ad campaign, you will receive PSA and PRM affiliates.

Sometimes the SFI Corporate ad campaign is more successful and generates better results than you express you received on your auction win share. As with ANY SFI advertising, you must keep a persistent and consistent effort to achieve results.

Build up your fortitude, stay the course, get more PSA!

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Is gift card worth helping my active affiliates ? in Team Building #Team Building

about 1 month ago


You can issue gifts to your PSA team. You find this option on the Genealogy Tab.

You need to have the funds available. You put the funds into place here:

I've helped my team by rewarding them for earning milestones like Team Leader and such. I prefer to use gifts in this manner, rather than to get my PSA to the milestone.

I find that it's not always a good idea to "help" your team make the rank. Your true reward will be when you have a team that is interested in making the rank by their own actions.

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A problem I have encountered, and how I got around it in Miscellaneous

about 1 month ago


I really appreciate posts that share innovative ideas like this:

As a trucker, I use the exact same procedure to access the internet with my laptop. Most often I use the phone to work the business. Sometimes, the laptop is just better suited for the task at hand.

Thank you for sharing the simple stuff. I hadn't even thought about telling others about this trick! I hope it helps those reading!!

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Newbies-Attention-It's Not Good To Be Perfect!!! in Getting Started #Getting Started

about 1 month ago


Awesome post.

I want to add to the message.

To Team Leaders:
Be generous with your PSA team. Help them learn, let them think things through. Be patient when teaching them DUPLICATION. Be clear with your actions. Make certain to leave a trail, a path, that your team can follow.


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Tracking Rewardicals Promo! in Sales #Rewardical #Sales

2 months ago


Under the Tools tab, see Marketing. Under the marketing menu, see HIT Tracking.

When you get a chance, spend time reading the entire SFI website to familiarize yourself with the information.

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Today's BIZ Quiz in Miscellaneous #Contests

2 months ago

(Thread was removed due to forum protocol violations, toxicity, or obsolescence)

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PSAs or PRMs in Team Building #PSA

2 months ago


In my experience, PSA have been more beneficial to the team.

Once you recruit PRM members, your interaction with them is finished. You don't lead them, or teach them. You are able to send them GC for TripleClicks purchases. This is great, IF they are actively playing games or the auctions.

Once you recruit PSA, you can earn MORE VP. These are gained by interaction, sending team emails from Genealogy tab. You can teach them . Once they are active in the SFI business, you earn unlimited VP from they subsequent activities. Most importantly, You can BUILD A TEAM, and teach DUPLICATION.

Best of Luck!!

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The SFI Mountain-How Tall Is It?-For Neebies & Movers in Getting Started #Getting Started

2 months ago


I like this analogy. I'm just newly arrived at Base Camp. Gearing up for my attempt to ascend to the summit!!

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How do you feel in Miscellaneous

3 months ago

(Thread was removed due to forum protocol violations, toxicity, or obsolescence)

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Advice to PSAs and CSAs in Team Building #Leadership #Sponsor #Team Building

3 months ago


The challenge stays, doesn't it?

I'm not certain that this is an answer, and I'll still tell you what appears to be working for me.

I make my team the focus. Participation in Opti-Build, active recognition on the Stream tab, taking time to direct people to the right source for information they are seeking.

When asked "what is SFI?", my reply is not the expected. I truly believe that my answer to that question will differ from the answer for each individual. I specifically advise my new affiliates that my explanation of SFI will fall short. It is imperative that the affiliate take the time to read through the Launchpad. To do the lessons. To allow the brain to stew with the knowledge. There is a MASSIVE amount of information in there.

If I were to try to explain it, I would no doubt miss the one thing that lights the fire of intrigue and the flame to possibility .

The advice is the same for all affiliates. Even the top performing affiliates can learn and stay fresh in their reason why. I reviewed the Launchpad just last night.

The number one advice that pertains today, tomorrow and into forever:

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Are TCredits expiry date automatic? in Miscellaneous #TCredits

3 months ago


Yes, SFI uses the T-Credit you obtained the earliest.

In example: Jan.10th I earn 1 T-Credit. On the 21st, I buy 125 T-Credits. SFI will put into use the T-Credit I earned on the 10th of Jan before using any earned later.

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Should I remain opted into Opti-Build, or back out until I have more active PSA's? in Team Building #Leadership #Sponsor #Team Building

3 months ago

For the benefit of your Designated Diamond, I recommend you stay in the Opti-Build program at 50%.

If there is anyway possible, try to increase your new PSA each month. It's a matter of time before you recruit another driven Affiliate. Those are the Leaders we all try to find!

Best of luck!

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The Bone (PSA) Collector in Team Building #Leadership #Sponsor #Team Building

3 months ago

You can join Opti-Build anytime you like. Your up line team is recruiting. This is just my numbers so far this month, and i know my sponsor is also recruiting.

I did check your team. It seems you have a few that have gained some VP this month. It would help encourage them if you chose to reassign some of the other 400 or so.

Spread the cheer!