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S-Builder Co-op vs PSA's to go in Team Building #PSA #Sponsor #Team Building

about 1 year ago

I truly believe the most productive way of building your business is to use "Psa's to go". I want to build my business
with "Fresh leads" as soon as possible. I do not have time to prospect but see the benefits to utilize "SFI's" powerful
marketing to attract affiliates. To have affiliates from all over the world would cost thousands of dollars for any company
to achieve. To have more affiliates in my business than the company I work for is a great feeling! Henry Ford had 11000
employees, I hope to surpass that...Harness the power of SFI...

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Could it be that the registration of new PSA is too difficult because most of them give up after first two tasks? in Team Building

over 2 years ago

I believe we need to seek out people already in business that would see value in "Residual Income". Business publications
provide a wealth of information on individuals already successful.

Targeting business professionals utilizing SFI marketing tools such as gift cards might be a wise investment. We need to aim higher on attracting quality PSA's...

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How can I promote all the zebra game&earn money? in Marketing

over 2 years ago

I am wondering if the "Football X card" will be made available again to hand out ? I could hand out a "gift card" along with it...

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How to get more leads? in Marketing #Marketing

over 2 years ago

The shortest route is to take advantage of "SFI's Marketing" and invest in "Personally Sponsored Affiliates". You can build
your team in no time flat.

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I raise PSAs but after a day or two, they all become unresponsive. What else do I need to do to keep them active? in Team Building

over 2 years ago

I do not worry about inactive PSA's. I keep adding PSA's looking for people who want to be part of my team.

People make choices if this is for them or not. You must not stop recruiting...My goal is 100,000 affiliates...

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What is the best strategy for you? in Marketing

over 2 years ago

Invest in PSA's...My plan is purchase at least 20 PSA's a month...

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Please what can i do to make my PSAs work very hard? in Team Building

over 2 years ago

I view my PSA's as my salesforce. I ask them to complete simple tasks such as post flyers or invest in
"SFI Second Income " cards. I cannot travel to other countries and post flyers or hand out "SFI cards, but they can...

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I need some tips for my new start. So if anyone has any suggestion please write. in Marketing

over 2 years ago

Print and post flyers around town. Also invest in "SFI Second Income" cards, and hand out to prospects.

Buy a brief case and always carry a pen and note book to jot down your ideas...

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Please what can I do to grow my business? in Getting Started

over 2 years ago

Post flyers all around town. Invest in "SFI Second Income Cards" and hand out to your friends....

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hello my friends to earn the SFI as a beginner I want an explanation in Getting Started

over 2 years ago

Greetings Damir!

I suggest you print out the lessons in "Launch Pad" and place them in a binder. That way you can review ...It can also
be used a "Marketing tool" for prospecting...

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So Much Evidence of People not Reading at SFI! in Miscellaneous

over 2 years ago

First of all, there are no stupid questions. we all grasp information at different levels. Some people simply do not understand the concept. I would rather see someone trying to understand and ask questions than to see them opt-out.

Maybe this is the problem why people opt-out. Take the time to answer there questions no matter what ....

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Do you recomend to buy PSA's or not? in Team Building

over 2 years ago

I personally plan to invest heavily in "Personally Sponsored Affiliates". I believe you are utilizing the "Marketing Power" of
SFI", which I would have to spend millions to attract prospects that only cost me a mere $ 39.00 for ten PSA's.
"Share builder" another great product, only $ 24.00...

How much do think your payroll would be if you hired 100 or 200 people a week? Henry Ford had 11,000 employees building cars.
My goal is to exceed that number...

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Why am I subject to the mercy of lazy PSAs and CSAs ? If there is no sponsor - evaluation, no progress ! in Team Building

over 2 years ago

Try to just focus on recruiting just five affiliates...I have invested in "SFI second income cards" and have attached it to a pack of "5" gum and leave it with my tip for the waitress . My hope is that it will be read by fellow workers.

You have to be active in achieving success....

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What are the best marketing methods to attract companies? in ECA Program

over 2 years ago

I use "Direct Mail". I have purchased SFI postcards and use business publications that provide plenty of contact information

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What is your best method to help those getting started, going :-) in Marketing

over 2 years ago

Communication on a daily basis...check for tips that the leaders give in there profile...

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how do you keep on having an downline? in Marketing

over 2 years ago

Simply purchase PSA'S....

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How to motivate an unknown PSA to respond to me? in Team Building

over 2 years ago

I would focus on the PSA's that are responding and cultivate them. You must keep prospecting every day and it will grow...

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When should you tell your PSA that he needs to invest in SFI? in Team Building

over 2 years ago

Its really there choice. In order for a "PSA" to start the Journey they have to invest in SFI. That requires investing in Marketing materials to pass out to prospective clients. It requires an investment to stay qualified each month and to receive the benefits. In other words, "No free lunch". The "Free " part of SFI, allows a "Test drive" to a prospect to allow them to see if this is for them....

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PSA does not responds and remain inactive in Team Building #Team Building

over 2 years ago

I do not take your post as negative, but a chance to regroup and maybe take on a new direction in your Marketing plan...
I am using post cards at the moment and going after "Bigger game". Professional people that have proven success.
I need people that have the funds to invest in this business and take it to another level...I only need "Five"....

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Leveraging by team building in Team Building #Leadership #Team Building

over 3 years ago

Aim High! One of the highest paid affiliates on the net had 65,000 affiliates and was generating 145,000 dollars a month!

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Setting targets is the first step to achieve concrete results. in Miscellaneous

over 3 years ago

"Action" must be connected with any goal one sets. I carry a note book and pen and constantly jot down any ideas I can put into

motion with "SFI".