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SFI badge in Team Building

24 minutes ago

You could always reassign manually those 50% that become your PSAs...

But...is all that work worth a badge?

Congratulations for your position on OB Leaderboard!

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VPs qualified for points in badge quest contest. in VersaPoints #Contests #VersaPoints

33 minutes ago

Ria is right...
I just redeemed 20 VPs for RW tokens and was watching the number of
points on my Badges tab...
Refreshing the page, those 2 points were already there.

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SFI badge in Team Building

about 1 hour ago

Top Enroller badge is given for recruiting PSAs.

With Opti Build on 100 %, you ARE NOT recruiting PSAs...you are
recruiting new sign ups and sending to your Team....so, no Top Enroller
badge...but, you get Top Opti Builder badge
With OB on 50% you would get BOTH badges.

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How can I know my Affiliate link in Rewardicals website? in Marketing #Marketing #Sales #Team Building

3 hours ago

when they click on the easyrewards247.com they will see this

they need to enter your PROMO CODE and that way they will become your

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Localvantia-everything you need to know in Miscellaneous #Getting Started #Localvantia #Rewardical

5 hours ago

going to the SFI News might be the quickest way...but, the articles there
don't have all additional information given by Gery on the apposite thread
for every Announcement.
Using the MORE BY GERY button on the thread, like Gayanendra did, we get
all Gery's posts there so that we can read his explanations , helping us to
understand better the Announcement.

@Gayanendra, thank you for putting it all together.
I have made a few looong posts about Localvantia in the Southern Europe
Sub Forum, too...so, who wants to know more, could go there, too.

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Bedzevi in Southern Europe #Eager Zebra #Rewardical

14 hours ago

Bedzevi su sada podijeljeni u DVA takmicenja:

SFI Badge Quest... bedzevi koje mozemo vidjeti na nasem BADGES tabu...
i TripleClicks Badge Quest koje mozemo naci na Badge Quest stranici
na TripleClicks-u.
Ako kliknete na vas BADGES tab...vidjecete tamo i link za vase bedzeve na

Nova pravila za Badge Quest takmicenje nam omogucuju da osvajajuci
bedzeve za nas rad, bilo da se odnosi na SFI, odnosno, Team Building ili
na TripleClicks, odnosno, aukcije i igrice...imamo mogucnost da postignemo
jedan od PET nivoa Badge Quest takmicenja...i dobijemo odgovarajuce
nagrade za svaki nivo.

Za razliku od ranijeg takmicenja, sada mozemo dobiti nagrade za OBA
takmicenja... dakle, dva takmicenja = dvije nagrade...mozemo dobiti
duplo vise od onoga sto smo dobijali po starim pravilima.

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ABOUT QUANTUM PRIZE in Astro Auctions #Astro Auctions

16 hours ago

we can see that RED icon only for the physical items that CAN NOT be shipped
to our country.
Winning the QUANTUM prize would mean WIN that item...and IT COULD NOT

That is the reason we are eligible to all other Constellation prizes and PTB...but,
NOT for the Quantum prize.

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More Rewards for the TOP 20 Forum Gurus! in Suggestion Box

17 hours ago

You were asking for a general opinion...
Well...I just posted mine...

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More Rewards for the TOP 20 Forum Gurus! in Suggestion Box

19 hours ago

You won't like my post...
but...here is my opinion:
Forum Gurus are here to help those that need help...NOT to earn tokens or
points or likes...or anything else.

But,...that's just me.

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REASON in Miscellaneous #Leadership

22 hours ago

To earn money?

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Localvania Inpossible? in Sales #Getting Started #Localvantia #Rewardical

22 hours ago

You can use your own device to help them register... you need to use that
PROMO CODE from the INVITATION letter for them... and help them
fulfil the Registration Form
The e-mail address is really easy to solve...just go to the GMAIL and make
an e-mail address for them.
If they trust you, they can give you the password so that you can check it
regularly to see if some invoice from SFI has arrived and needs to be paid.

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Localvania Inpossible? in Sales #Getting Started #Localvantia #Rewardical

22 hours ago

you can help them to MAKE an e-mail address...
it needs a few minutes and their data

You can even use your own laptop and do that for them....

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New bigger, better Badge Quest! in SFI News #Contests

1 day ago

"maybe I did more of these 75 days but some who are there for years and tried to
conquer badges which bring greater benefit"

The badges with a greater number of points are SFI Badges...for example, a
gold trimmed Team Builder badge will bring you 1000 points...
my 42 EA months brings me 800 points....and so, on.

What you seem don't understand well is that NOW you have the chance to
become a Grand Master in BOTH contests...and get the prizes TWICE!

You have the will....you are already a BTL...and yes, you have done more
in these 75 days than many others in years here...
What you need is to read carefully all about new changes and UNDERSTANND
them in the way that will motivate you to do more and earn more.
Having seen your badges, I have no doubt you will be a TC BQ Grand Master
one day.
Good luck!

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TripleClicks and Dropshipping in Sales

1 day ago

Do you mean the TC Direct products, Amine?

That online shop you are talking about must have an owner ...and you can put
his/her address as the shipping address...
But, maybe, you should be more clear what would you really want to do?

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New bigger, better Badge Quest! in SFI News #Contests

1 day ago

"an unequal position in relation to the members who were given the opportunity for
an extended period of time to acquire a higher level of 4 degrees"

Many of those older members have WORKED for YEARS to get the badges
they have now.
You are here just a couple of months...and you want it ALL immediately?

I can see some members here making it to Grand Master level just in a few
months...but, if you go to see their badges, you can see how much money
(for some of SFI badges) and time (for TC badges) they have invested to get

So, it's possible...but, it has its cost...both in money and time/work.

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Am I the only one having a problem with the Astronaut Badge? in Astro Auctions #Astro Auctions

1 day ago

WHERE are you clicking on that badge, Vivian?

I just clicked on it at the TC Badge Quest page and it is working


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Had anyone noticed??? in Eager Zebra #Contests #Eager Zebra #TripleClicks

1 day ago

From the EZ tab:

"SPECIAL BONUS: Play any Eager Zebra game today to earn a free entry
in the Daily Crown drawing."

if you play ONLY Gold Streak, you WILL get ONE free entry.
But, it DOES NOT mean that you will get free entries for EVERY game
you play.

The FIRST game we play on EZ daily will give us that ONE FREE entry...
WHATEVER game...even the Gold Streak.
The other entries are different and depend on every game.

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New bigger, better Badge Quest! in SFI News #Contests

1 day ago

Ahhh...The icing on the cake!
Finally a good use for those thousands of VPs that I have MORE than I
need for my rank.

Thank you, Gery!

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New bigger, better Badge Quest! in SFI News #Contests

1 day ago

Looking great for now!
Thank you , Gery!

It will need some time to get used to all the changes...but, having the
possibility to win the prizes in the BOTH contests is really motivating ...

The competition on the TC contest will be tough...with all TC members
allowed to earn badges and prizes.

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New Badge Quest Leaderboard in Miscellaneous #Getting Started #Team Building

1 day ago

you are on the WRONG THREAD!

Please, go to the Gery's thread about the new Badge Quest contest.


It will need some time to put everything at the right place...

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Keep executive affiliates ? in Getting Started #Getting Started #Leadership #VersaPoints

1 day ago

Your rank badge is already shining blue, Slaven!

Wishing you many active CSA members...and happy flights on ASTRO auctions!

Your CSAs should be or will be soon in your Genealogy... your Rewardicals
are already available in your RW Account.

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What happens for rank renewal when payday delayed? in Getting Started

1 day ago

The payday has nothing to do with our requalifying for our ranks, Raymond.

The backdating period ends on the 8th and that is the last day we can do
something for our ranks for the PREVIOUS month.

Based on the rank we managed to reach by then, on the payday we will
get our bonus TCredits and Team Leaders will get Second Home CSAs after
a few days.

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Keep executive affiliates ? in Getting Started #Getting Started #Leadership #VersaPoints

2 days ago

it's up to you to choose the date for your Auto Delivery.
Many of us like to receive it on the first day of the month...or ,at least, during
the first days of the month.
Why is that?
Because we need TCredits to "work" here...play auctions, games...

Many badges have the STREAK version...meaning ...you need to repeat some
actions EVERY DAY...and for some of those badges ( like the GREEN badges
for making green the EZ and AUCTIONS red tabs), we need TCredits...and
for 30 days we need 60 TCredits...but, it's our choice to do it or not.

Some people use their commissions to pay their AD...so, they choose some
date AFTER the 10th of the month.

You can choose what suits you best.

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Can SFI time be put on the sfimg.com log in page? in Suggestion Box #Sponsor #Team Building

2 days ago

Don't you think this place is visible enough, Janet?