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Prbhakar S.


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Have you logged into your SFI account today? in Team Building #Leadership #Team Building

6 hours ago

Today I have sent the following Team mail


Dear xxxxxxx,

Have you logged in your SFI account today?..

If not you have missed the following:

1.The info plus 10 VPs on the RED tabs..(5-7 minutes job)

2.Missed an opportunity to get entry in DAILY GRAND for 410 prizes..

3.Missed the fun of playing Eager Zebra games and win the prizes PLUS cool badges..

4.Missed an opportunity to get entry in DAILY CROWN for even more bigger prizes..

5.Missed the Super DEAL offers specially for SFI affiliates were you could have got Many expensive items you may have looking for at SUPER discounts from 50-60% or even more..

6.Missed out the opportunity to win expensive items at WOW prices by participating in Pricebender Auctions under PB tab..

7. Interaction and guidance from SFI friends regarding building online business

8. Time to go through the valuable Internet Income source.

And above all , pushed success away for 1 more day..

Hope you dont miss all these tomorrow..



Prbhakar Shinde

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Icebreaker for CSA and selecting Co-sponsor .. in Suggestion Box #CSA #Getting Started #Team Building

1 day ago

I also have wondered how wise it is to give newbies the CSA's because it takes several weeks, at best, to begin to get a handle on how SFI works. I think I understand the thinking behind the Smart Start program, to encourage new affiliates to stick around, but I'm not convinced that it will succeed in its endeavor.
Thanks for your post.
Johnna Ingram

But no one is asking them to step up and be a leader on their first day, week, month, or really EVER. It's the SPONSOR's responsibility to guide new affiliates. Next up would be upline Team Leaders. And of course we, SFI, offers an elaborate array of support and assistance in many forms to all new affiliates.

A co-sponsor's role is a back-up ONLY. If all of the above "fails," perhaps a co-sponsor needs to step in, but this is a rare exception. In short, there IS no real pressure on new co-sponsors to provide leadership/assistance. But they have a great opportunity as the co-sponsor to earn override commissions and that's the primary reason CSAs are awarded to them.

Gery sir,

Thanks for the reply..

Most of the time(if not always) when I see New CSAs in my genealogy, I send them Welcome message and try to communicate..
I have communicated and got reply from them.. Does it mean their all uplines are not helping..
Somehow they got connected may be because 'from same country factor'..

I treat my CSAs as PSAs except for reassigning downlines..

Warm Regards,
Prbhakar Shinde

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Icebreaker for CSA and selecting Co-sponsor .. in Suggestion Box #CSA #Getting Started #Team Building

1 day ago

I am not saying that existing Co-sponsors be replaced.It wont be fair ..
Many cases Cio-sponsors are alloted much later..

Thats why Spexial offers like Free CSAs with 60 tcredits are possible..

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Icebreaker for CSA and selecting Co-sponsor .. in Suggestion Box #CSA #Getting Started #Team Building

1 day ago

Exactly , Hence i want to suggest that instead of CSAs they should have option to select co-sponsor so they would be comfortable to widen up the communucation lines..

Affiliates who have become elugible for CSA rewards ( obviously they would be EA /team keaders )..and would be in position to guide..


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Icebreaker for CSA and selecting Co-sponsor .. in Suggestion Box #CSA #Getting Started #Team Building

1 day ago

These modifications may be helpful:

1..If we have Icebreaker for CSA , it can be helpful particularly in case of CSA s from same country..

2..As part of smart start program if new affiliate are given option to choose their Co-Sponsor, possibility is that they can easily get connected and start communication with co- sponsors..
Here we can present them with Team leaders who have become eligible for CSA Rewards..

Here I understand that the new affiliate opting for smartstart will be co-sponsor of other new members ..

But i think having option of choosing co-sponsor will be better than choosing CSAs ..as Team leader co-sponsors will be in better position to guide the new affiliates..

Again these are raw ideas, something to work on..


Prbhakar Shinde

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Bruce's Best Trick!!! in Just For Fun

3 days ago

Thanks Bruce for this beautiful post!..

I have bookmarked this..

As whenever I want to know what God has given us I can revisit this page..

I pray for all the soldiers and their families..May peace prevail all over the world and no soldiers need to put their lives at risk..

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Something I've absorbed from new sign ups! in Suggestion Box #Getting Started #PSA #Team Building

6 days ago

That would be great as it can reduce/ eliminate overwhelming.

Even the launch pad lessons can be unlocked phasewise i.e 3-5 lessons per day..

The smart start option to be presented when they complete lauchpad lessons and timer to be started then.Prior to starting launchpad lessons message can be displayed that they will be receiving surprise upon completion of launchpad lessons..

Instead of using term 'CSA' ..we can use the term ' Team member called CSA'..

Also,Unlocking of RED TABS one by one explaining significance of each as many new affiliates do not understand whats it all about..

Also some visiting of Black tabs should be unfolded as many tools remain unexplored .

Also VPs to be awarded for activities related to actual markeing so they get acquaited with the tools..
E.g if they use keycode and get atleast 10 hits they will get 1VP(maximum 1VP daily)

Also there must be few hidden vps ( with hints) to encourage eploring /to raise their curiosity

These are few raw ideas that came to my mind..


Prbhakar Shinde.

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Registrations without mail ids?.. in Team Building #PSA #Team Building

6 days ago

Yes Ratan, you are right.
Somehow it slipped my mind.
Thanks for reminding..

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Registrations without mail ids?.. in Team Building #PSA #Team Building

6 days ago

Mail IDs? Do you mean postal addresses? We don't collect postal addresses.

No.no.I was looking for email ids..

Just forgotten that the said affiliates are in 2 generation onwards..
I wanted to welcone them as they were originated thru my sfi co-op.

Thanks Gery sir for taking time to reply.Sorry for inconvenience.

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Registrations without mail ids?.. in Team Building #PSA #Team Building

6 days ago

Surprised to note 8 new affiliates have registered without mail ids.

How is it possible.?..

Just now as I was going thru genealogy and wanted to send mail to my newly joined affiliates and clicked on communication tab ..found that mail ids were blank..

Is anybody experiencing similar situation?..

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What are benefits of referring Rewardicals ECA?.. in ECA Program #Rewardical #Sales #TripleClicks

6 days ago

Thanks Olufunmilola ..that was the answer I was looking for..

However, I noticed that Rewardicals ECA get 1000 Rewardicals while joining, to give out to the buyers..
whereas Localvantia merchants need to invest USD25 to get started so that they can give out the tokens to the customers..

Is it so?..Hope you dont mind updating regarding this.

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What are benefits of referring Rewardicals ECA?.. in ECA Program #Rewardical #Sales #TripleClicks

6 days ago

What are benefits of referring Rewardicals ECA?..
and how does it differ from LOCALVANTIA..

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Financial Background in Miscellaneous #Compensation #Marketing #Sales

6 days ago

First of all, SFI is debt-free company.

Affiliates get paid on every 10th.

ECAs get paid every Thursday.

and all this since last 20years..

Now its our turn to become eligible to get paid..

Wish you all the success to become more and more wealthier with this awesome company..

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Something I've absorbed from new sign ups! in Suggestion Box #Getting Started #PSA #Team Building

7 days ago

I think whichever way we choose, the new affiliates are bound to be getting confused on one thing or another as there are lot many new interrelated terminologies and features we have at SFI..The new affiliates need to have patience and spend time to get acquainted with.

However most affiliates searching for online opportunities mostly see programs with lesser involvement such survey jobs, ptc clicking, surfing etc..

With this mindset they join SFI and try to understand and start working quickly..They really do not have patience to go thru the training etc as they think SFI as just like another comparatively lesser involvement.
And when they see so much info and different aspects they just feel they cant do so much..

As of the recent Smart start and launchpad etc we should give time to see the results atleast 3-4months to arrive at any conclusion..

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Reassign psa in Team Building #PSA #Sponsor #Team Building

8 days ago

Good news is that its possible...

If you are DD and in optibuild and your sponsor also in optibuild ,and he has at least 5 leaders its quite possible that he can assign some members to you..

Till then have patience and continue working without any expectation from the upline and one day you will be surprised you got the necessary BTL thru your own efforts or from upline..

Persistence surely pays..

Wish you QUICK success

Prbhakar Shinde

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What are relationship-icons in Ask Gery

9 days ago

We use these all over the Affiliate Center.

Just mouse over them and they tell you what your relationship is with the person. Are they a PSA, a CSA, a 9th generation affiliate, your sponsor, etc.

Tip: MANY icons have a tooltip. including many here at the Forum. Just mouse over them to learn what an icon means.

Thanks Gery sir for the reply.
However , now instead of icon , the words'relation ship icon' is appearing on the screen..
From your reply I guess it is a glitch..and will return to normal i.e image of icon.

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Smart start tab on Genealogy will be helpful.. in Suggestion Box #CSA #Getting Started #Team Building

9 days ago

It would be very helpful to have a tab called SMART START added in Genealogy.This will help in monitoring the activities of newly joined affiliates..

The tab can show columns like:
Logged in for these many days.
Claimed these many no.of CSAs.
Sent welcome message to these many csas
What option they have chosen for icebreaker..

Some more columns may be added as:
Time spent on site.

These will help us assess their interest..

We can also ask for their feedback / suggestion ..what else they would like to be added to make the program more attractive..
This would make the program interactive..

Any suggestion from your side can further make the tab more helpful..

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Liked by forum notables?.. in Miscellaneous

9 days ago

New things appearing on FORUM..
Liked by Forum notables ..followed by sfi ids.
Also Relations icon.
What does this mean?..

Prbhakar Shinde

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Brain Sprint..2 points.. in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra #TripleClicks

9 days ago

When we click on any badge..the current points can be seen..
When I click on Speedster badge , it is mentioned that the badge is awarded when the time is less than 4 minutes and basic badge gets 50 badge quest points.., which I could see..

Though my badge shows03.41minutes, current points could not be found after clicking on the badge..

Thanks and Regards,

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Brain Sprint..2 points.. in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra #TripleClicks

9 days ago

I have observed the following points:

1. My speedter badge is not showing Current Points.

2.While playing, When I answer the question correctly..
The screen shows 'CORRECT'..
After that when I am waiting for next question, same question pops up, I try to read it and find it is same ..for few seconds before new question appears.
It is quite distracting and the valuable seconds are lost..

Are these glitches..If not, then something needs to be done..

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What are saying about SFI in Getting Started

14 days ago

Hi Sawni,

Welcome to SFI!..
Congrats on choosing the right opportunity at right time..

If you have missed just go thru the optional but very powerful program Smartstart being offered by SFI..

As you must be knowing that for building any business you need a team..specially while creating passive income you need good team..

While you are new and would require some time to get acquainted with your SFI homepage and learn many new things at your own pace, Smart Start comes handy to get instant team building..It provides you team members ..daily 1 for 5 days..and above that you can select with whom you want to work..
Hence before logging out do not forget to claim the team member..called as CSAs i.e co- sponsored affiliates..

For more details do visit:

Again I want to let you know that it is optional and you can decide the speed you want to continue..

Whatever you select we are here with you to get started and help you grow your business..

Prbhakar Shinde

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how to know new PSA claimed their CSA or not ?.. in Team Building #Getting Started #PSA #Team Building

18 days ago

how to know new PSA has claimed the offered CSA or not ?..offered to them thru Smartstart program..

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JMT Gateway with KC,is it possible? in Marketing #Marketing

19 days ago

You may raise a support ticket..

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Builder Bundle, for AD? in Sales #Auto-Delivery #CSA #TripleClicks

20 days ago

Hi Ria,

No doubt BB is a good offer..
However with budget of usd55.00, I would prefer to use usd36.25 forAD for tcredits125 and use the balance for paid adverts or for adwords campaign which will give me opportunity to learn recruiting on my own rather than depending on others for recruiting..
Also additonal 25 tcredits can give 250 CONVERTIBLE rewardicals+25 vps and more chances to play card king or pbauctions etc..

Prbhakar Shinde

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Need gateway for attracting BITCOIN users.. in Marketing #Marketing #Sales #Team Building

20 days ago

Yes Jim, thats exactly what I intended..

I am planning to place ad like:

"New way to earn Bitcoins..
Earn Rewardical tokens by doing this actions/ by many ways.
Redeem your Rewardicals into Bitcoin
Its not faucet.Itsnot mining .Its not trading
Signup here to explore the innovative way.."

Hope this will arouse interest..

Prbhakar Shinde