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Goodbye Class Cash, Hello Smart Start! in SFI News #Getting Started #Marketing #Team Building

9 months ago

New members get rewards and explanations of what to do.
Such attention and kindness to new PSA members is a much greater incentive than cash draw.
You do not do a friend's service when you give him a lunch for a lunch if he's hungry tewm more when you teach him to fish.
I welcome the right decision.

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Sometimes MRP could be exchanged for VP, now with Rewardical?? in Compensation #Rewardical #TCredits

11 months ago

Hello Milan,
The TC was never intended to buy a VP with them. We have identified and exploited this ourselves as long as we can. TC has always been dedicated to playing games and participating in auctions. This is one form of internal crypto currency for easier billing. There is still 1TC = 1.99 $ = 102VP. This has not changed. Only the new internal crypto of the RWT currency appeared, which is more useful than the TC. It is otherwise evaluated. 1RWT = 3VP. That's the difference. Thus, now, with the new crypto currency we can buy not only TCs, but also the products on Rewaldicar, TC are still left to play games and participate in auctions.
These internal crypto currents are really, helpful in achieving the status, but they are not a basic means of achieving a status. They have their own purpose and we use it.
I want to continue my successful work.

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More payment option in Suggestion Box #TripleClicks

about 1 year ago

Hello Md. Khairul Hasan,
Try the way it is on this picture.
But if you can not make a purchase, then find one of these options.
But if this is not the case, please contact me and we will find a third option.
I wish you a lot of success at work. I am proud of your diligence and promptness.

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Can I get a TripleClicks Mastercard living in Indonesia? in Miscellaneous

about 1 year ago

Hello Suandi,
I recommend that a mandatory read how you can make money with us:
For credit card do not worry, there is everywhere, even to you in Indonesia.
I wish you success in your work.

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How to increase VersaPoints? in VersaPoints #VersaPoints

about 1 year ago

Hello sir Gjoko Dukoski,
I suggest you do now EA status until the end of the month.
All the instructions I sent you in SFI message.
If you can not get your sponsor, right at the beginning of the month, contact me and I will help you at work than your upline.

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After acquiring 1500 + VPs, am still not an EA, I can't enter E365 contest, it's getting to 7 months now. I want to quit now. in VersaPoints #VersaPoints

over 2 years ago

Hello Chidi,
Your decision not want to influence. I want to tell only their opinion.
Before you decide, I suggest that you read again the compensation plan:
And not only read well by the Study up. Carefully read the 1st and 2nd point.
Your sponsor could ask why it is important that we have one month 1500VP and not the total number 1500VP. If he can not help, ask someone from the line-up.
Rewards in our system of work are very good stimulation for work but we are here to earn money. Do you agree with me?
Therefore, I suggest that you focus on work and earning money, rewards come alone. You do not need our fish and searchable.
Barbel that need just a small help in the work, and today, would not talk about it or to work on, or ceased to.
This is just my opinion. I hope we meet again here. Good luck.

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Which is more profitable–building your team wide or deep? in Team Building #Compensation

over 2 years ago

I completely agree with your up-line.
Security gives strength and width of the scope of income.
This is the route to success.

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A year in SFI. in Inspiration/Testimonials

over 2 years ago

Even the morning thinking what would today wrote.
Today is exactly one year since I looked at the ad Linked Inn. Someone asks contributors to Internet business but still blonde.
So I was on sick leave as much time as I want and I'm looking for something to do, so that to try it.
Honestly, I did not think that someone will answer. Usually, the quarterback, seeking payment, promise the hills and valleys and finally disappear.
But it does not matter. Hard I decided, couples do not give anyone the rest, let's see how it looks.
I made a registration and, therefore, made the best possible decision in the last 10 years.
Not only did I get a job that suits me, and I got everything I needed to calm and peaceful worked exactly as much as I want to do.
I met extraordinary people, great people, good friends and real collaborators who never ask why they need help, but help. Always and everywhere.
And the blonde.
Well, that's another story. Far from it blonde. This is just a camouflage - hidden intelligence, believe.
It's a girl, always have this writing with a capital letter, because it really deserves, which is not a woman. It's a miracle of women.
As much tolerance, will, kindness, friendship, mutual assistance and the heat can not be that, no woman.
It is more man than most people I met and got to know in life and there are thousands.
This is a man who has enabled me, that in addition to his current disability, be part of an exceptional team with a lot of good, fair and divmnih people and that, along the way to earn as much as I ordered.
Now, somebody says that the Internet can not make money and that there are only fraudsters.
I have an answer easily.
Or you I'm a fraud, or are you a slacker, or speculator, or all three at once.
So, once again, many thanks to my sponsor Sanja Ankucovic to set ad where it is set, and thanks to the SFI all what I was up to now learned. There would I concluded.

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Old Threads in Ask Gery #Compensation #VersaPoints

over 2 years ago

I completely agree with your up-line. Flash coming to the senior or lead status allows only članovu growth and increase traffic to TripleClicksu. Disadvantaged are all those which are member to assist and prepare it in such a short time to grasp where they are and what he SFI offers.
The creators of this rule have forgotten to take into account what people spend their valuable time to prepare a new member of the successful and above all, in this case, very quickly realizes countless opportunities to earn money and the development of SFI.
Just as a new member gets all benefices, which achieved a new status brings, so it should also be his sponsor to get all the benefices which determines the status of its members, while achieving statuses bring.
It just means that the sponsor has a good job and it is nonsense to punish him for this, and he does not give what you should get.
This is my opinion.

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I won a prize from E365! in Recognition #CSA #E365

over 2 years ago


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Motivational video in Suggestion Box

over 2 years ago

Good move Sanja. That would disqualify all those who are against SFI and gain all those who are doubtful because they saw how great man's behind this. I hope that you will succeed.

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Second Hand CSA's in Team Building #Team Building

over 3 years ago

I got 40. Of these 10 works. SUPER !!!! Happiness is just like that.