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TCredit Astro Auction Observation in Astro Auctions #Astro Auctions #TCredits #TripleClicks

3 days ago

I had the same question and wondered about it, but after having spent spontaneously too many Tcredits myself... I guess it was just the pleasure of maybe winning and also trying it out, doing first baby steps.

And I won! But paying too much, as said. While, maybe the additional prices have been worth it. Not sure. Would have to calculate everything. I won't do that.

The experience of winning felt great. Exceipt one Junior auction I had never won in Pricebender's. I did also not want to invest that much time as needed for the penny auctions and did not have a plan how to win, after the rules had been changed some time after I had won my first time. Austro Auctions are way easier to participate and to win.

In terms of spending too many tcredits in relation to the possible win, we need probably to watch how it will develop over time, once the first hypes are over.

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Can a reminder for the T-Time contest be set? in Suggestion Box #Contests #TCredits

8 days ago

Hi Slavoljub
I think reminding every hour would be a bit too much.
I get into the contest when I start my daily SFI routine and when I end it.
That way I am participating at least twice a day.
I won T-Time 77 times so far.
Make it a routine and daily habit and you won't forget it again. Or maybe occasionally in case you were disturbed or so, but then it will not be harmful.
Most important keep enjoying T-Time as well as the other contests and your whole SFI business.
Wishing you many more wins.

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Email Open Rates when you provide Value to your Prospects in Team Building #Leadership #Marketing #Team Building

about 1 month ago

Congrats for this opening rate. I thought 20% was high...

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Here I go thinking again. in Marketing #E365 #Marketing #Team Building

about 1 month ago

I think focussing on countries with affiliates who produce most sales could be more profitable. E365 is one important step but without sales you gain nothing. But how to find these countries... In my view those countries where most prospects delivered by sbuilder etc come from are not the most profitable, rather the contrary.

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Wrong Correct Answer in KOT in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra

3 months ago

Please bear in mind that it is still a game.

Yes there are many answers that we consider must be wrong. But it's nothing else in daily life. How many times have we been right but yet been disappointed?

The real question is how to deal with such disappointments. Do we complain how unfair life is or do we shake it off, raise our heads and continue to pursue our goals, no matter what?

Take wrong answers in the games, as well as every disappointment in life, as just another opportunity to practice, learn and grow.

I wish you many correct answers, though, in Eager Zebra and in your life!

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Pending Requalification in VersaPoints #Leadership #Team Building #VersaPoints

3 months ago

Shedrack, your badge will display your rank at the end of the month before. So if you won't get EA by the end of May, starting June you will see a simple Affiliate badge, no more EA badge with pending requalification.

But why bother with this question at all, first of all? You are programming your mind with not getting EA, by dwelling on that possibility or fear.

Why not commit to get EA at any cost, no matter what it will take? Be willing to do any effort required and believe in becoming EA and that you can make it happen. Whatever you believe, you will be right.

I wish you much success and many months and years to come of staying EA and above, and becoming a true successful team leader. Imagine what it will be like, and enjoy those feelings already. Then do every day what is needed to create it.

Dream big, aim high.

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How do i get Rewardicals from localvanitia store? in Suggestion Box #Rewardical

5 months ago

Just found out that at least one of the search results for Switzerland is in reality situated in Italy... I won't try the others. Probably anyway none in Switzerland. Well, listing the city in the search results would have saved me the time and delusion.

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How do i get Rewardicals from localvanitia store? in Suggestion Box #Rewardical

5 months ago

I'd like to see the exact location of the store in the list appearing in the search. If I search for my location, there is no search result. If I search for "Switzerland", there is a small list. But I have no clue where these stores are located, unless I click through every single listed item. To see the store's city directly in the search list would improve the quality of the search results.

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What is the" x" letter word mean in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra

5 months ago

The Eager Zebra games are as fair to us as the world is in general.

It is easy to blame the world, the economy, the boss, the neighbour, the authorities or Eager Zebra, if anything seems to be out of reach for us. But it's always our choice how we want to see it.

You could also state that all of these are extremely fair because all of us are confronted with the same.

Though you have clearly less chances than others in a certain area, you will for sure have better chances than others in other areas. Unfair to the others then? No, in this case we tend to see it as fair...

Not born rich? Unfair? Need to get some riches for yourself from the rich? Vote for communists in the elections... just kidding. See the world as fair instead, where basically everyone has the same opportunities. It's a question of mindset.

What you make from what you find is what counts. Blame anything and call it unfair and you will get very shabby results. Do you really want that?

Or do you want excellent results? Then change your mind. Train yourself until you can see the opportunities instead of seemingly impossibilities.

Read books like "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" by Robert Kiyosaki or "Think And Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill (note the term "grow" here, not "get"... it's an inner game!). These will help you change your way of thinking and then you will for sure get better results in any field, no matter the conditions found.

Always make the best you can out of everything as it is. That's called success. Go and claim your share of it!

Hope this helps.

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I'm New... What Do I Do? Startup Guide for Success in Getting Started #Getting Started

5 months ago

Jan, please please do not quote the whole main post. I am seeing this again and again all over the forum. It makes posts unnecessary long. Do quotes only when you are referring to parts of the post or to other posts than the original. Thank you.

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How to make money in SFI - You're probably doing it wrong. in Compensation

6 months ago

This is the first concise recipe that I read about how to use SFI effectively. Can't remember to have seen put it this way in Launchpad or elsewhere. Thank you Andrew. I will use this for kind of restarting.

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Why our PSA's and CSA's don't work?or inactive? Notification! in Getting Started #Getting Started #Leadership #Team Building

7 months ago

(Thread was removed due to forum protocol violations, toxicity, or obsolescence)

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SFI for development in Getting Started #Getting Started

7 months ago

Yes, it's true Hussein, SFI is a great place for growing your own business.

But don't underestimate what it does for your personal development.

Founding and developing your own business means that you are leaving the E (employee) and S (self employment) quadrants of the income world, according to Robert Kiyosaki, and start moving to the right side of the quadrants, the B (business owner) and later the I (investor) quadrants.

This means you (have to) develop a new mindset, a whole new way of thinking and looking at things.

If you are interested in this, read more about it in the books by Robert Kiyosaki, especially "The Business of the 21st Century".

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Is there any trick used in playing CARD KING in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra #TCredits #VersaPoints

8 months ago

Marija, this is one of lots of awful proverbs. I know that one also, I remember it was used often by others when I was a child.

When you fall for it, it seems that you can only get one of the two, while you could have both. I prefer to have luck in both (and also in other areas) and it really seems I am lucky everywhere.

What you believe gets a tendency to become reality. So watch out for your (often hidden) thoughts and beliefs. Use your mindpower to turn your thoughts into more supporting ones, every time you catch one.

If you want to learn more about the subject, I recommend the work of Michael Dooley from TUT (Totally Unique Thoughts) who states that thoughts become things. And no, it's not "positive thinking", a whole other approach.

Chose your thoughts wisely!

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Is there any trick used in playing CARD KING in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra #TCredits #VersaPoints

8 months ago

I am doing the same and I found it works astonishingly often well. Sometimes you lose and sometimes you win. Usually I do 3-4 plays per day. More than the two free plays because only then you can win free MRPs and CSAs. I have already won so often MRPs and CSAs since I started playing Card King that I think I must have won way more than I have put in in the form of TCredits for playing. It's just a full win.

You might also want to enhance and nurture a winner's mind, not only in Card King and in SFI, but also in all areas of your life. Be prepared to win and tell yourself you can and will win. But still being playful, it's not willpower that is needed, just preparedness, openness and a way of thinking that welcomes good things into your life. This will help for sure to win more often, both in SFI as in life in general.

Wishing everybody more playful wins and a lot of fun along the way.

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Are you the headmaster? Yes you are! in Recognition #Eager Zebra #TripleClicks

9 months ago

Congratulations, Gynanendra!

I myself love to play the game, but since I don't know much about the different hands that bring the points and am not too much interested in learning that, I am glad when I get my 1000 points and am happy with this.

I admire all the people who make more efforts than me. Keep it up!

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Bitcoins in Miscellaneous #TCredits #TripleClicks #VersaPoints

10 months ago

No apologies needed. I wrote my comment for those affiliates who may not yet be aware of these things, be it because they are younger or newer to that or whatever, and therefore might misinterpret the notion "free" in this area. I thought how someone inexperienced might read your comment.

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Bitcoins in Miscellaneous #TCredits #TripleClicks #VersaPoints

10 months ago

Bitcoin is a currency, and though it is "only" a virtual one, it is still money and costs money to acquire it.

No money or other benefit has ever been acquired for FREE! There is always a catch.

Either there is work involved or you give them your personal details or they give you some small bits, but only if you buy something and give them more, in exchange.

Some sites may even scam you; there are a lot of sites who surf on the wave of bitcoin and use it's popularity to trap you. Don't fall into this trap. Most "free" offers do in reality cost more than they offer.

I know one exception to this, it's called SFI. But SFI does not promise you free money or other free benefits. You can use all the material on the SFI website for free, and then, with work involved, you can later benefit from that work.

That's a whole other cow than websites offering "free" monetary benefits, which can't be trusted. If you have money to invest, better invest it in enhancing your SFI business by some clever purchases of SFI business related items in Triple Clicks, such as PSA's, websites, blogs, hosting etc.

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Have you ever used a ghost writer? in Miscellaneous #ECA #Marketing

10 months ago

Tommie, if you feel the need to write a book then do it. We tend mostly to see ourselves lesser than we are. If it holds a value and some people like it and would buy it, then give it to them, don't hold back. Even if you don't see the value because most of the contents is like self explaining to you. But this it is to you and someone else might find the content worthy. Let them decide, not your identity and thoughts about yourself. Present it to the market and they decide. If it is not accepted, you have still done the exercise and fulfilled your need. Wish you successful writing.

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SFI Biz Quiz in Ask Gery

11 months ago

That's why you have 3 tries, Calvin. And sometimes we miss out for just small differences, as always in life.

My first guess was something with a cloud or so. Then I went to SFI blog to search for the related article, when they introduced this into the stream function.

I wanted to find out how they name it, as I am not English mother tongue and there are also several possibilities in every language to name things.

There I found "chat bubble", but mistrusted that it would be two words and entered just "bubble". My third and last guess would then have been "chat bubble".

It is always important not to use too many guesses before you look things up in the archieves.

Wishing you much joy with upcoming Biz Quizzes! (not sure if that's correct spelling...)

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Badges, Badges, Badges... in Marketing #Marketing #Sales #TripleClicks

12 months ago

In my opinion, badges are not only for fun, though they add a lot of it to our SFI business.

By following the quest for badges, we do automatically things that help build our business.

Everything here in SFI is built in order to enhance our success. This includes games, badges and other parts that don't necessarily appear to help our business. Though they do indeed.

While badges should not be the only quest we follow, I feel that they play an important role. They can show us the way we should follow without the many words of the many lessons of all the valuable training material available here.

Clearly, we should also read and implement all the training material. However, this can not be done at once, only over time. In the meantime badges may assist us in finding the way.

As with everything, the truth lies in the middle. I feel we should not do only sales and also not do only badge quest related activity, but do both instead. Doing both, one thing as well as the other, in a balanced way, could probably further our business in the best way.

This is only my humble personal opinion.

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Fund Management Tool in Suggestion Box

about 1 year ago

I feel that it is not SFI's task to help us managing our funds.
We should own enough entrepreneurship to manage such issues independently.

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Localvantia Pre-Launch! in SFI News #Sales #TripleClicks #VersaPoints

about 1 year ago

You should basically ask this your local tax advisor. But public relations cost or insertion cost should be accepted by all tax authorities worldwide as is with all cost needed to close a sale. It's not much other than cost for paper to wrap in an item or shipping cost or whatever. Just an other cost category.

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Take up the lead with your down line. in Team Building #Getting Started #Sales #TCredits

about 1 year ago

Hi Kenneth, I think you made a good point regarding building relationship. It is important to establish a good relationship, as far as the affiliate is wanting and allowing it. It's the base for everything to follow.

It boils all down to the imperative "work with the workers", and this should be according to their needs. While 30 initial training days may be a good aim for sticking to it for you as a sponsor, the affiliates will have all different needs. Some will take only a few days and then they are running and you have only to check back from time to time and give them some hints, others will need even more than 30 days, depending on how quickly or slowly they dive into SFI and how much help they ask for.

So I would say, work with the workers, those who show interest and commitment through their actions and daily showing up. Ask them what they need, then give them what you are willing to throw in. However, do not feed them the fish, teach them to fish on their own and to start teaching it to their team.