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registering affiliates only with initials in Suggestion Box #Team Building

2 days ago

I have observed that many times people having mentioned only initials are also registered. In that case it becomes very difficult to address them because only initials are mentioned. Hence what I feel is either people must be made to right at least name or surname in full or they can be discouraged from registering.

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Rewards in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra

3 days ago

Biljana congratulations! You have every reason to be happy.

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Business Ethics. Words that make sense in business and business in Miscellaneous #Getting Started #Marketing #Team Building

4 days ago

Snezana in the very beginning of your article you mention that the only aim for business is to make profit. No ethics are required. I beg to differ. Morality and ethics are required in every aspect of life.

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Roll of VP collected by PSA and CSA to Team Leader. in VersaPoints #VersaPoints

4 days ago

Madhukar the role of VP now is only determining rank. Previously there was a monetary aspect associated but not anymore.

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Little change on tripleclicks homepage in Miscellaneous #TripleClicks

4 days ago

If you have noticed on TRIPLECLICKS home page the positions of AUCTIONS and SHOP have been interchanged.

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Team Leader rank qualifications simplified in SFI News #Compensation #Leadership

4 days ago

Thank you sir for simplifying requirements to become TL. Now it will be easier for people to TLs.

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Great 24 hours in Recognition #Astro Auctions

5 days ago

Kelvin many congratulations on your wins. I can understand how happy you must be. It is tremendously satisfying.

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I can not upload my sfi foto in Miscellaneous #Getting Started #Sponsor #VersaPoints

6 days ago

Grace possibly you may try the whole procedure one again. I do not see any reason for that not happening.

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Brain Sprint frustration in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra

6 days ago

David what you played is HIDDEN and not BRAIN SPRINT. Wrong spelling amounts to wrong word and there cannot be any justification!

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Am I alone unlucky with AA? in Astro Auctions #Astro Auctions

6 days ago

Brijesh we are possibly sailing in the same boat. However one has to always remain positive. Definitely our day will come!

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You’re definitely doing MUCH right! in Getting Started #CSA #Marketing #PSA

7 days ago

James my experience says that irrespective of source of your downlines and PRMs the percentage of active ones will be between 0.1 to 1.0%.

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PSA problem in Team Building #PSA #Team Building

7 days ago

Angela this problem is faced by each and every affiliate. Please continue to communicate with your downlines regularly with tremendous patience, positivity and perseverance.

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I got nice price in Hidden! in Recognition #Eager Zebra

7 days ago

Vesna congratulations for the prize. It is very satisfying. I got 3 such badges.

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Where's earnings in Compensation

9 days ago

Rejamil commission for previous month will be calculated between 10th and 13th. Moreover till your total commission value exceeds $20 you will not get it.

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Points in Miscellaneous

10 days ago

Oleksandr please read the following link. You will get all answers regarding badge quest.

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how many work in Getting Started #Getting Started #Sponsor #VersaPoints

10 days ago

Tabassum a very warm welcome to SFI. To begin with please read lessons of LAUNCHPAD. This will clear most of your doubts. Also please get in touch with your sponsor.

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A great support in Team Building #Sponsor

11 days ago

Eveldina I must say that you are extremely lucky to have such a nice sponsor. With her support you are definitely going to achieve new heights.

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Daily Crown Winner in Recognition #TripleClicks

12 days ago

Eveldina congratulations for your first win. I wish you the very best for many more wins.

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Opting Out in Ask Gery #CSA #PSA #TCredits

13 days ago

Manohar they come back to you. I am surprised that you had to ask this question.

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Icebreakers tool in Team Building

15 days ago

Bijesh the following may help you.
What is the Icebreakers tool...and how does it work?
What’s an “icebreaker?”
Definition: “A thing that serves to relieve inhibitions or tension between people, or start a conversation.”
And that’s precisely what Icebreakers are designed to do—to help you engage new PSAs when they join your SFI team!
Here’s how SFI Icebreakers work:
Whenever you sign up a new PSA, you’ll have the option of using the Icebreaker tool.
Note: The easiest way is to just click the link to their Affiliate Snapshot included in the New PSA Notifications you receive by email instantly each time you personally sign up a new affiliate. From the Affiliate Snapshot, click the handshake icon located behind their name to initiate the Icebreaker.
When you initiate an Icebreaker, your new PSA will see a screen like this appear at the Affiliate Center. You’ll notice the message is concise, friendly, and non-intimidating:
Note that, unlike SFIM (SFI Instant Messaging), the Icebreaker window appears on top of their Affiliate Center screen…so it’s impossible to miss. It also cannot be dismissed without responding.
Four choices are given to your PSA:
If online now, they can respond with a, “Yes, let’s chat now” (in which case SFIM is automatically and immediately engaged for both of you).
They can schedule a chat with you for a later time.
They can request that your conversation be moved from chat to email.
They can defer to a later, unspecified time in the future.

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Persuading people in Marketing #Marketing #Team Building

16 days ago

Danal your is an excellent educational post with lot of tips. Thank you very much for the same from the bottom of my heart.

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need help about team building in Getting Started #Auto-Delivery #Sponsor #Team Building

17 days ago

Airene first and foremost happy birthday to you!

Secondly a very warm welcome to SFI.
Kindly get in touch with your upline. As far as building team and selling products on tripleclicks is concerned please click on black tab of MARKETING and read the three topics carefully. You will get invaluable information which can be used.

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Who wins the auction?. in Astro Auctions #Astro Auctions

19 days ago

Lucky this is what SFI says and I quote:
In the case of a tie for the highest bid for an auction, three tiebreakers will be used:

Tiebreaker #1: Highest pilot tip. That is, step two of placing a bid requires choosing how many of your TCredits you wish to receive Constellation Prizes on. The auction win will be awarded to the bidder who entered the highest number here.

Tiebreaker #2: Oldest winner. If tie is not broken by Tiebreaker #1, the win will be awarded to the bidder who has went the longest without winning an Astro Auction.

Tiebreaker #3: Earliest entry. If tie is not broken by Tiebreaker #1 and #2, the win will be awarded to the bidder who entered their bid first.

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Clarification regarding 'Retail Price' in Miscellaneous #Pricebenders

21 days ago

Keshav obviously there seems to be some mistake.