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If You Don't Have A Target, No One Can Follow You!!!Do You??? in Getting Started #Marketing

1 day ago

Yes, without a goal, there is no reason to follow and without focusing on that one goal, there is no precise way to reach the goal.
The variety of offers, whether good or bad, is left undecided, which means that many people are no longer able to follow a goal, to focus on one goal!
They can always be distracted and sometimes confused!
To err is indeed human, but does not lead us to the goal!
I wish you a successful weekend.

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Advertising is Key to grow our Business! in Marketing #Getting Started #Marketing #Sales

5 days ago

Very good and very detailed mail that can help many of our members find the way to a good extra income.

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Just How Tough Do You Have To Be To $ucceed??? in Marketing #Marketing

8 days ago

Hello Bruce!
I'm glad to read one of your posts again.
Your repertoire seems to be inexhaustible and your way of bringing us closer to our destiny borders on poetry!

For my part, I do not see marketing as a profession, but as a vocation.
That's how I've been dealing with it for a few weeks now. I try and test to get the best out of myself and my team.

I bless you and yours and wish you a reflective, yet successful time!
Hans Peter

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How long does a badge have after validation? in Bug Reports

12 days ago

Dear colleagues in the office of SFI.
I bought PSA to go on 01.12.18 and got the gold badge for teambuilders.
Today, the badge is already removed. Did I skip something about the durability of the Teambuilder badge or is it a small bug? Request for verification.

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Are You A Ladder Climber Or A Ladder Builder? in Marketing #Marketing

17 days ago

Thank you, Bruce, for your inspirational words about team building.
It is always a pleasure to read your word games and then to grab your own nose.

Yes, it is true that at first I was anxious to pull my own strings with moderate success.

But now that I'm pushing the team building, adapted to my financial circumstances, I have become more satisfied for myself, because I know, I do not just do something for myself, but also help my team as best I can!

I'm looking forward to your next post! Good luck and good health to you and your loved ones!

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Yes, Marketing Actions Can Change You- Big Time!!! in Marketing #Marketing

19 days ago

Good morning, Bruce and all the others in the forum!
I am completely with you and your explanations and I would like to break down on these two sentences:
1.) The way is the goal and
2.) Paths arise by walking you
Let us try a new way every now and then, especially when the one we have gone so far does not work or has already left!

We learn new insights on every path!
Good luck while walking ...

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What Do You Have in Your Hands? in Getting Started #Getting Started #Marketing #Team Building

21 days ago

Hello to all forum members!
I would like to round off the example of David a bit. The Nigerian only had the opportunity to develop himself.
We have another problem in the advanced countries!
We are packed from childhood into "drawers" that make it at least as hard to get out of, as out of poverty!
Our parents are already teaching us to work dependent because you yourself have always been in dependent work.
They were convinced that there was only one way for us and if we dared to break out, we were "good-for-nothing"

Getting rid of such brackets is a difficult but solvable task.
Another point is the fact that our business world and our wealth are built on this dependent work.

In the beginning, you have to take away some of the hard-earned money from the dependent work (please only the part you can afford) to build your future as a freelance businessman.

I hope that all of us will eventually manage the balancing act between dependent and independent income!

In this sense, I wish you all a nice Sunday and a successful week!

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I won cardking in Recognition

23 days ago

I congratulate you on winning in these two divisions.
I was not as lucky as you, but I also have a share of 5 TCredits on
Jackpot won.
On the spin I had "only" the laughing joker, who says that this time I have no profit.
Have fun and success for the future!

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Making Sales at TripleClicks in Sales #Sales

26 days ago

Hello Bulelwa!
Your customers are obviously not typical online customers.
Customers who shop online know that if they do not like the product, they have a right of return.
In our case, this means that the customer buys or orders from you or on our Triple Clicks website, receives the product, checks it to see if he likes it and keeps it.

If he does not like it, he sends it back and gets his money back for the goods.
I hope I could help you! I wish you success!

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Anniversary congratulations in Miscellaneous

29 days ago

Hello Sonja!
I would say yes!
It could be this one e-mail or e-card that "gets the ball rolling"

I have PSA that's been around for 4 years, have very few VP, and always log in at the end of the period when the account is actually ready to shut down. I also write this regularly, even if there is no feedback.

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I don't easily believe what others say in Miscellaneous

29 days ago

(Thread was removed due to forum protocol violations, toxicity, or obsolescence)

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My Observation in Team Building #Auto-Delivery #CSA #Team Building

about 1 month ago

I did not want to contradict you and not accuse you. However, the translation has interpreted my writing differently than I thought and wanted to write.

I completely agree with you. The phenomenon that CSA's work more than PSA's is inexplicable and not generalizable.

I hope my words are clearer in the forum than just.

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My Observation in Team Building #Auto-Delivery #CSA #Team Building

about 1 month ago

I am fully in your opinion, Manohar!
It's amazing that there are many more working CSAs than PSAs, though my PSA is also a CSA of a co-sponsor.

I can not shake the feeling that Mr. Carson is absolutely right in his statement that the purchased PSA are not the same heart-shaped as the self-recruited PSA.

After all, I've received 4 working CSA in the 500er action and care for it as I can.

In deep expectation of success, I continue to work daily on the enlargement of my team!

I wish you all the best and much success!

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TripleClicks and Dropshipping in Sales

about 1 month ago

Hello Amin!
The dropshipping program is very comprehensive, so I'll give you just the general tip: Go to the top right of your home on the magnifying glass icon, click this and then write only dropshipping in the search box.
Then go to the desired menu item: How does Dropshipping work?
You will then be answered all your questions!
I wish you success!

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CSA commissions in Compensation #Compensation #CSA #Sales

about 1 month ago

Hello Garaga!
You can see that just right: Your CSA has used the backdating option and subsequently made the EA.
You will also see your CSA commission in the scoreboard at CSA Commissions.
Billing is generally on the 10th or shortly thereafter.
There may be a delay in backdating as sales proceeds must first be secured.
Check your billing tomorrow during the day and you'll be clear.
Good luck!

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PRM is having issues with AA in Astro Auctions #Astro Auctions #Rewardical #TripleClicks

about 1 month ago

Good morning Zhumagul!
I'm not sure, but it may be that the announcement of free games is only for SFI affiliates and not, for example, for PRM's

If I'm wrong, this is also a new message for me.
I wish you a successful day!

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Astro Auctions??? in Astro Auctions #Astro Auctions #Compensation

about 1 month ago

Hello Vahida!
Of course, your contribution does not bother! Your question is justified, but can be answered very easily by reading the rules for the Astro auctions.

This means that when equality so-called "Tiebreake" decides.
There are graduated tiebreaks depending on the first bid, the amount of TC credits used and so on.

My tip: read the rules again and you will find the answer.
I wish you a successful week!

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The first 500! in Astro Auctions

about 1 month ago

Congratulations to 500 auctions!
I will gladly emulate you, because Astro Auctions are just awesome!

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Question in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra

about 1 month ago

Do not give up, Natasa!
All of us who do not speak the English language, but still get a feel for the terms searched.

At the beginning I also thought that it was not a game for me, but then ambition grabbed me and now I do not have any badges, but I'm not last in the list anymore!

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Question in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra

about 1 month ago

Hello Natasa!
I'll prove you right; for non-English-speaking members, the game "Hidden" is more than difficult, but after some practice doable.

I always have the Google translator open. This helps a bit to at least find clues to the hidden words.

Unfortunately, I can not offer you the SΓΌper solution, but give it a try.

I wish you success!

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What does Leadership look like to you? in Miscellaneous #Leadership #Sponsor

about 1 month ago

Hello Sarah!
I've already tried and combined several styles of leadership for myself.
On the one hand the style of "showing and imitating" Here I live above all the consistency in the work.
It does not help if I write or tell something and nobody reads or listens!

The second style of my leadership is the regular guidance to do the daily work on our to-do list and then to do the education in subjects like marketing.

I have implied in my guidance that I am available on a regular basis, for all questions about SFI and that I answer e-mail inquiries as quickly as possible so that the downline knows that I am there for them.

I hope I have been able to introduce you to some points of my leadership style and wish you a successful future!

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Direct Commissions! in Sales #PSA #Sales #TripleClicks

about 1 month ago

Hello Endrit!
First of all, welcome to SFI and the forum!
If I understand you correctly, your PSA has received a gift card or TCredits from you, or you still want to do this.

If one of your PSA buys something, you will receive direct commissions from the relevant CV.
What he pays for that is secondary.

I hope I could help you and wish you continued success!

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Daily Crown Winner in Recognition #TripleClicks

about 1 month ago

Super Eveldina! Congratulations to the EA last month!
I am very happy for you! These are the little pleasures that SFI prepares us for!

And the longer and more intense you are here, the more benefits you will gain.
Keep it up! Successful week for you!

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A Communications Gift in Marketing #Leadership #Marketing

about 1 month ago

Very good note, Scott!
In the whole process of thinking about how to get my commissions and which actions to take first, one often forgets that just communicating with one's own team can often bring fruit that they did not assume would exist.

As you said, you have to sow first to harvest. Related to this thread, this means for us: If we do not sow (send) messages, we will not reap any answers!

I think it's good that you have reminded us!

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100% of 0 is 0 in Compensation #Compensation #Team Building

about 1 month ago

Everyone should read and internalize this post, because there is still the impression that SFI can make me free for free.
Many do not understand that this refers to the registration process and learning content.

Where I put nothing in, nothing comes out!

My car does not drive with anything ...!
I wish you success!