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Elizabeta P.


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Paid or free advert? in Marketing #Marketing #Sales #TripleClicks

15 hours ago

Hi Marcy i especially use paid ads i don't have that much time to do free ads.
Here is my method for Google AdWords Campaign
Good luck.
Beti P.

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Inactive PSA's in Team Building #Marketing #PSA #Team Building

6 days ago

Collins this is my opinion, old affiliate if he or she likes to work will start to work. Keep looking for others who will.
Keep sending team emails with news from SFI with some prizes you won.
You are new in sfi and i wish you all the best here.
Remember Some will, some won't. So what?! Someone's waiting! Next!

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Is Investment Necessary? in Sales #Marketing #Sales #TripleClicks

9 days ago

Dear Kingsley

Every business requires certain investments.

Whether you invest in labor or time, or finances, depends on your approach and the business itself.
SFI offers a free membership that includes support and training that is also free. However, as you see through the training yourself, you can use free and paid methods of marketing to build your business.

Why would someone pay when there are free options?

Imagine that you are launching some kind of advertising campaign.
What will be the result of that campaign if you place it on one of the free announcers, and what if you pay an ad in a good term on a most popular TV series?

I do not need to explain to you specifically.

If you know how to use free advertising techniques you can achieve excellent results with them.
At the same time, if you do not know how to properly refine the means in paid advertising, you can in vain invest in without having any specific results.

What methods of advertising you apply, depends only on YOU.

However, in order not to waste your time, work and lose money in paid advertisements,
first study the free and paid advertising methods that are nicely explained in the SFI Internet Income course (Training> Internet Income).
See also the archive of this course.
When you begin to work more seriously in SFI you will notice that for a particular investment
of $ 20-30 per month, you can securely secure points to secure the Executive Affiliate status.
Why would you invest?
Immediately to clarify, the paid provision of EA status is optional and is not necessary for successful work in SFI.
If you are quality advertising products and develop a strong structure,
you will not need it at all.
For example, you can only ONLY sell in the month of any product that carries more than 1500 VersaPoints and your EA status is provided.
In addition, only with this sale, you earn over $ 14 direct earnings. And the various products and services that you can advertise and from which you can earn, there are about 10 000 in TripleClicks!
However, sometimes at certain stages of the SFI advancement, some investment can help you get a higher rank and so earn as much as your investment or more.
Providing higher status is a very important thing in building a team.
Building a successful team requires your commitment to advice
and assistance to members, as well as keeping a PERSONAL EXAMPLE. It is a WIN-WIN combination.
By your example, you will most easily achieve duplication of valuable members who will work first for THEM, but also for YOU.
Just my look on this and I hope you will find some answers here.
Elizabeta Paunoska, Platinum team leader

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Mojata PSA in Macedonia #Rewardical

10 days ago

Cestitki Blaga do tvojata PSA i do tebe vi posakuvam golem uspeh vo SFI.

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How to handle sales in my website at Rewardical.com in Marketing

10 days ago

Hi, dear Rania, it happens to me to just submit a support ticket and all be resolved.
Sometimes people just are or curious or want to earn rewardicals on this way.
Beti P.

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Congratulations E365 Champion Irena Košak! in Recognition

10 days ago

Congratulations E365 Champion Irena Košak!

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Congratulations E365 Champion Bibija Dedić ! in Recognition

13 days ago

Congratulations for emerging as new E365 champion i wish you all the best in future.

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igri in Macedonia

17 days ago

Conka so T Time igrata mozes dazemes dnnevno 2 tc credits.
Za ostanatite moznisti za credits procittaj ovde www.sfimg.com/Support/Solution?id=200702&referrer=search

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Congratulations E365 Champion Brankica Krsteska! in Recognition

19 days ago

Congratulations Brankica Krsteska!!!Keep up good work i wish you all the best.

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Move Keyword to Your Own Ad Groups in Marketing #Marketing

19 days ago

When you create Ad Words ad most valuable thing For Search Network with Display Select and Search Only ads are to pick correct keywords and target audience.Also there Time zone is one of the factors will that and be successful or no.
Google offers a fantastic variety of ads it is on as to start to use them wisely.
Don't expect too much if you just start with Ad words, there is a lot to be learned.Be Unique, Use the Right Words, Test, Adjust, Repeat.
Good luck
Beti P.

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Congratulations Nyaradzo! in Recognition #CSA #Team Building

22 days ago

Congratulations to your CSA Marilyn
We never know when of our CSA will start to work
Good Luck.
Beti P.

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I got a PSA, but not an email from SFI??? in Team Building #Getting Started #PSA #Team Building

22 days ago

Hi Jasna nice that you mentioned, yes i got the same situation.
Today from my ad words campaign half emails i get half no, when i check my genealogy i had 50% more PSA than in my inbox.
I hope support will answer as.

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I Suggest You Start Working in VersaPoints #Getting Started #Marketing #Team Building

22 days ago

This is my business and i will work for me
who wanna earn money will work, who wanna click couple tabs daily and expect money, well they continue to do that.
I never stop advertising and i will continue the work i hope my team to.

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Executive Pool & Matching VPs in VersaPoints #Compensation #Rewardical #VersaPoints

24 days ago

My opinion if i am wrong I am sure I be corrected.
The TripleClicks ECA program’s minimum participation rate was 15%.
This 15% went to EP as far I remember
The new minimum at Rewardical is just 5%.
This 5% Of Rewardical ECA s go IN Executive PooL.
I hope i am not wrong.

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About my own online store! in ECA Program

26 days ago

Mihai I don't know what blog you purchase probably for promoting TC products right?
You may sell Tc credits when you promote Price benders auctions.
And yes you get VP from any PRM WHO BUY true your link.
There is a lot of products who may you promote.
I hope I help.

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How I would get Rewardicals after shopping ? in ECA Program #ECA #Localvantia #Rewardical

26 days ago

Dear Hina after purchase in Rewardical ECA you need to claim purchase in Your Rewardical account fill information( RT ECA you shop from, order number and the amount you spend) then submit. Owner of RT ECA shop will approve soon as the login and get notifications of order.
Good luck .
Beti P.

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WOW! Special Offer in Miscellaneous

26 days ago

Yes, I love that line too
Already purchased 2 packs and I love the price.
Lets's grow our business.

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Why have not I promoted to EA? in VersaPoints #PSA #VersaPoints

27 days ago

And you are talking about VP in February? Did you make it EA in February? If you do then you have all your total VP in VP ledger.

Only the prior month's VP can be transferred over to the current month.

Every month we need to reach minimum 1500 VP to enter into Executive POOL.
Here you will find all information what you get with EA rank www.sfimg.com/Reference/ComparisonChart

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Goodbye Class Cash, Hello Smart Start! in SFI News #Getting Started #Marketing #Team Building

27 days ago

Yes, agree with you this such an awesome SMART START.
I can't wait until tomorrow when I will run my ad words campaign.
I hope new members will adopt new START and become active.

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Goodbye Class Cash, Hello Smart Start! in SFI News #Getting Started #Marketing #Team Building

27 days ago

Wel this is fantastic Gery
Many people don't know that first 48 hours in Online Marketing is very important to get improve and START SMART.
Great benefits that new members will now be able to reach EA soon s possible. Only we have to continue our work and that is advertising with the new SMART START now. Each new member now reaches his or her potential and is prepared for success.