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Generating sales on Pinterest! in Sales #Marketing #Sales #TripleClicks

about 1 hour ago

Hi SFI friends I hope you are all fine.
Do the health issues I was not to much active here, but here are my best tips who are for me at least generating sales using Pinterest.

The first thing that you will need to do is create a business account on Pinterest if you don’t already have one. Follow these steps to create a new account:

Go to Pinterest.com and click on “Pinterest for Business.”
Choose “Join as a Business.”
Fill in all of the details about your business.
Read and accept the Pinterest Business Terms of Service.
To finish, click on “Create Account.”

It’s important to note that you don’t want to use a personal account for your business. If you are currently using a personal profile for your business, you should make the switch to a business account.

To convert your account follow these steps:

Log into your personal Pinterest account.
Click on “Pinterest for Business.”
Then click on “Convert now.”
Complete the information, and finish by clicking on the “Convert” button.

Once you’ve got your business account set up, it’s time to complete your profile.

When you doo al settings time to start with pinning, my favorite part.
But first, create boards for each categories products you like to share.
Fashion number one on Pinterest that is my recommendation.
Give a unique name to your boards and start pinning products from Triple Clicks.
Let's do these :
On your home page on Pinterest account click on plus sign in up right corner than save from site.

Go on triple clicks and search product pick share link because toolbox links are marked as spam on Pinterest.
When you click on to save from site it shows up next

here paste share link and click done

Choose an image to create a Pin and click save

CLICK ON PENCIL ICONE and paste description with hashtags
use these site to search hashtag https://www.hashtagsforlikes.co/
Save to board appropriate for your products

And remember you must pin 30 to 50 products daily and be part on group boards because in these way all members from group boards are seeing and repinning and sharing your pin. That is all point about how to attract PRMs and sales.

One more thing creates group boards and invites collaborators.
Essentially, more reach and traffic! Who doesn’t want that?!

When you add your pins to the group board, the pins might show up in the home feed of anyone who follows any of the other members of the board. Some group boards have thousands of members, which means YOU have a higher chance of being seen and repinned. Sweet, right?
In these way, I have a lot of PRMs and of course sales. I hope it's not complicated to much.
Good luck and happy pinning.

Have a nice day

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Where is my RW? in Getting Started #E365 #Rewardical

3 days ago

Monika To be recognized as the VP Champion of the Month for your class, you must have the most VP for the month.
Check your RT ledger.

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Webinar attended by hundreds of our leaders in Team Building

3 days ago

Yes true aor webinars are fantastic for the WHOLE Balcan and whole team
We learn so much, a fantastic webinar from our upline and i must admit, i was enjoying with 500+ other team leaders who are on cast.

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Any good at sales ? in Marketing #Marketing #Sales

4 days ago

Nice post, Mary for me number 1 for sales is Pinterest and I have sales and PRM only from Pinterest.

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Question on Payback on new Comp Plan in Compensation #Compensation

4 days ago

(Thread was removed due to forum protocol violations, toxicity, or obsolescence)

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Rewardicals in Miscellaneous #Rewardical

11 days ago

David, you can exchange your Rewardicals for TripleClicks Gift Certificates


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My sponsorship ended up for another sponsor in Team Building #PSA #Sponsor #Team Building

12 days ago

Patrick, are you send to your friend PPA link? Sign-ups you generate from your participation in the PPA program will NOT be recorded as personally-sponsored affiliates or go into your downline.
If you don't use PPA link check good again your getaway.I don't see any reason for these.
Or maybe you friend was registered before and the system just sends him to former sponsor.

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Congratulations E365 Champion Lidija Stefanovska! in Recognition

12 days ago

Congratulations E365 Champion!Lidija Stefanovska

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RECA Unwanted charges in Sales #Marketing #Rewardical #Sales

12 days ago

James, it happens to all of us who has RECA. Just contact support with screenshots and explain that there is no record of these purchases. I reject every week couple repetitive who trying to claim fraud purchase.

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When is Payment Day? in Compensation #Compensation

12 days ago

Dear Joan, Why hoping that it will happen, you must work to happen.
Build Team, Sell products refer buyers to the company, work for your business. LOGIN EVERY DAY.
Follow Plan.
Good luck.

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When is Payment Day? in Compensation #Compensation

12 days ago

Karani did you sell anything from Triple Clicks?
Do you have EAs in your Team?
I suggest you read again compensation plan
And for payment don't worry I get paid 3 years, regular.
SFI begins calculating commissions on the 10th of each month for transactions that occurred the previous month. If the 10th falls on a weekend or holiday, we will start the process on the next business day. Commission reports are usually updated within two days.

And you must have earned 20$ in Commission to be paid.
Good luck.

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hidden game over in Bug Reports

13 days ago

Yes Biljana same happened to me i was just kept the refreshing site and i finished the game. Seems that is bug i hope soon will be fix .

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Pick the bid in Astro Auctions #Astro Auctions

13 days ago

Aleks these may be from tiebreaker rules win will be awarded to the bidder who entered their bid first.

In the case of a tie for the Pick-The-Bid contest prediction, three tiebreakers will be used:

Tiebreaker #1: Highest pilot tip. That is, step two of placing a bid requires choosing how many of your TCredits you wish to receive Constellation Prizes on. The auction win will be awarded to the bidder who entered the highest number here.

Tiebreaker #2: Oldest winner. If tie is not broken by Tiebreaker #1, the win will be awarded to the bidder who has went the longest without winning the Pick The Bid contest.

Tiebreaker #3: Earliest entry. If tie is not broken by Tiebreaker #1 and #2, the win will be awarded to the bidder who entered their bid first.

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Eager Zebra in Getting Started #Eager Zebra

13 days ago

Welcome to SFI.
The main focus for "doing business" are the Launchpad lessons.

You can supplement and further your SFI knowledge with:
The Compensation Plan

and the Diamond Plan

Sales, sponsoring and duplication are the keys to your successful business.

You are in business for yourself but never by yourself. Log in every day, always read the SFI News and participate in the Forum posts. I wish you all the best.

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Can This Be Explained To Me in Astro Auctions #Astro Auctions

13 days ago

Chris, what is confusing you?
You bid with 10 TCredits. For each TCredit you'll automatically receive 10 Rewardicals that is 100 RW , during the flight you also earn 3 RW that is 103 RW.
I don't get it these about 203 RW. a PART FROM RW we also earn others Constellation Prizes.

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Can I buy a license in SFI and through my ECA to sell products? in ECA Program #Sales

15 days ago

Dharmendra you may open your own RECA just read in the search bar or you can apply at www.rewardical.com/ECA/Register.

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Congratulations E365 Champion Mile MitreskI! in Recognition

16 days ago

Congratulations, Mile!
I am so proud that you are part of mine team. Keep up good work.

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Congratulations new PTL Maree Wells in Recognition

18 days ago

Congratulations, You are doing a great job. Keep up the good work.

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Congratulations new PTL Floyd Clay in Recognition

18 days ago

Congratulations to PTL status.

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Can I buy a license in SFI and through my ECA to sell products? in ECA Program #Sales

18 days ago

Suzy there is no more ECA but Rewardical Eca.
To participate in the Rewardical ECA Program, owners must have their own website.
You can register as a Rewardical ECA by clicking the Register Your Online Store at the bottom of the Rewardicals.com.
Hope these help you.

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Shopping from your SFI Affiliates (downline / upline)? in Marketing #Team Building

20 days ago

Slavoljub I don't think it is possible to purchase from your AFF member because he or she is also a member of Triple Clicks.
You may purchase this product as it is mentioned Auto Delivery Only.
I hope i am clear here. Have a nice day.
Beti P.

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15+ Years With SFI and I Have NEVER Made A Direct Sale... in Team Building #Getting Started #Marketing #Team Building

21 days ago

Congratulations on your success Tommie
I am delighted with how you build your business
And for Direct Selling isn't your PSA also your PRM and when they purchase for upgrade aren't you earning commission?
As far i know that is Direct Selling
Keep up with your growing of Independent Business Owners I wish you all the best
Beti P. GTL And passionate about Paid and Free Advertising

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How do I search for products on Localvantia ? in Marketing #Localvantia

22 days ago

Hi Lourens visit the Localvantia search engine
and type in search bar specific product you looking for.

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Need Assistance on Buying in Sales #Sales #TCredits

22 days ago

Danal did you use so far that card to buy online? If no than contact your local bank to allow you to do so.
Second don't order Payoneer outside SFI, wait until you have commission 20$ and get on alerts notification to order one.
Another option is LocalPay YOU can find here www.tripleclicks.com/ECA/LocalPay/Directory?country=PH
Good Luck.
Beti P.

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How to increase my VersaPoints without any purchase? in VersaPoints #Sales #VersaPoints

25 days ago

There are MANY actions on your SFI To-Do List that will earn you UNLIMITED VersaPoints without having to purchase anything. These actions include:

1. You can earn unlimited VP selling any of the thousands of products and services at TripleClicks. Learn how to refer members at the Generating Sales section of the Training Center.

2. As a Team Leader, you can earn 100 to 600 VP (monthly) for each personally sponsored EA and above. (unlimited support points). Learn all about how to sponsor affiliates at Sponsoring Affiliates section of the Training Center.

3. Earn 285 VP by reviewing all LaunchPad lessons.

4. Earn 500 points for earning a Payoneer MasterCard Debit Card.

5. Earn 25 VP for reviews of physical and TC Direct products you've purchased within the last 30 days (45 days for international affiliates) from TripleClicks.com.

6. Earn at least 5 VP in each Spin & Win contest.

7. Log in at the SFI Affiliate Center each day and earn 12 points daily for reviewing the tabs on your home page.

8. Earn 10 VP monthly by rating your SFI Sponsor and Co-Sponsor.

9. Earn up to 3 points weekly for posting a Stream message.

10. Earn 10 VP for creating and uploading your TripleClicks avatar.

11. Earn 5 points each month by setting your month's goals before the 10th.

12. Earn 20 VP just for installing a TripleClicks banner on your personal Website or blog.

13. Earn more than 400 permanent, one-time VP by completing all tasks in the Getting Started section in your VP Ledger!

All that said, make sure you're not focusing totally on VersaPoints. Yes, income can be earned from accumulating VP, but the primary role of VP is to determine your rank. As SFI BASICS explains, the way you create large incomes in SFI is through sales, sponsoring, and duplication. We strongly urge you to review SFI BASICS and follow it's guidelines!