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Do TripleClick Members have access to "Win It" via Games? in Ask Gery #Eager Zebra #TripleClicks

15 days ago

The "Win IT" tab is accessed through the Affiliate Center. So the only people who can access it are SFI Affiliates. Hence the offerings of things such as PSA's which are only of interest to affiliates.

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That’s a lot of NO in Getting Started

16 days ago

Thanks for the excellent post Laida.

It is important that we don't let the word "no" discourage us as we will hear it more often than "yes".

I remember listening to a talk by success guru Darren Hardy where he spoke of setting a target fot "no's". HIs day's work wasn't finished until he had been rejected the required number of times.

It's a great lesson in resilience.

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Doubt In My Mind in Miscellaneous #Contests #E365

18 days ago

(Thread was removed due to forum protocol violations, toxicity, or obsolescence)

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CSA won by Card King in Recognition #CSA #Eager Zebra #TCredits

27 days ago

CSA's and PSA's don't appear instantly. They will be allocated to you when they become available. This can take up to a few days. No need to worry yet.

Congratulations on your wins.

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Setting Up My Goals in Getting Started #Getting Started

about 1 month ago

Bear in mind that the goals you set are yours, nobody else's. There is no right or wrong answer.

If you are looking for guidance on the actual numbers to use in each goal, my suggested approach is:
1. PSA's - depends on what activities you are undertaking to recruit and attract PSA's, or to purchase. If you are not doing a great deal you might set a low target like 5, if you reach that easily then increase the number next month.
2. EA's - This will depend on how active your team is. The important thing is to set the number higher than it was last month. If you had two last month, aim for three and so on. If you don't have any yet then a goal of one or two is quite valid.
3. New PRM's - much the same approach applies as for PSA's. If you don't have a lot of effort going into attraction and acquisition then set a relatively low number, and increase it as your business grows.
4. New PRM Sales - same as above. The number you set is not that important, but to keep yourself motivated you should be looking to improve each month.
5. Versa Points Leader Board Position - On this one you are given a bit of assistance as your current position is displayed for you. Looking at Nisar's original post he is positioned as 2,505, his target then should be somewhere above that, perhaps 2,499, or if he is planning to be more active 2,450.
6. Power Rank Leader Board. - Again, the aim here is to improve your current position. Nisar's post shows he is positioned as 27,385, so his target should be higher than that; perhaps 27,300.
7. Power Rank Leader Board Country Position - same principle as above.
8. Power Rank Leader Board Class Position - same principle as above.
9. DistribuSTAR Leader Board Position - same principle, but harder if you don't have a current position. Jusat set a number, as you progress you can reset it to reflect your reality.
10. Daily VP Streak Leader Board Position - as with the other leader board goals, set something higher than your current position and keep moving it up each time you hit it.

I hope that is helpful. The important thing is, as I said at the start, these goals are your goals. The idea is to give you something to aim for. Set something that is challenging, but realistic. If you hit it one month, make it a bit harder the next. If you miss it, double down and go harder the month after.

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Second Income Earnings from SFI in Getting Started #Compensation

about 1 month ago

If you think it through Anuj, if you don't make sales or purchases where does the money come from to pay you? SFI is a business. More specifically it is a marketing business. Without the revenue generated by sales it cannot survive.

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Brain Sprint vs KO Trivia in Eager Zebra #Contests #Eager Zebra #TripleClicks

about 1 month ago

I tend to agree with Michael. I enjoy pitting myself against real people and I particularly enjoy seeing the flags of many nations across the bottom the screen; there's something special about knowing that somewhere in another part of the world a person sitting at their computer trying to beat you.

Having said that I'm still learning my way a bit with Brain Sprint and I have enjoyed the games I have played. No wins yet :(

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Hi! New to SFI! in Getting Started #Getting Started #Leadership

about 1 month ago

Hi Gaurav,

Welcome to the forum. I see you have been with SFI for quite a while, and this is your first post. The forum is a great place to come to find out what is going on and to seek advice. I hope you will become a regular here.

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How can one earn Co-Sponsor commissions? in Compensation #Compensation #CSA

about 1 month ago

The first step is to reach and maintain the rank of Executive Affiliate, you then become eligible to have CSA's. Then it is a matter of nurturing and encouraging your CSA's to build their businesses. Maintain your rank and continue to work with them and the commissions will start to flow.

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Rating of SFI and your Sponsor with Goal setting VersaPoints. in Suggestion Box

about 1 month ago

In all honesty I think the 5 VP for completing these tasks is quite generous. Don't forget that every idea that leads to increasing the number of VP a person can acquire without much effort reduces the value of each VP. The value of VP is derived by dividing the executive pool by the number of points, therefore the more points there are, the less each point is worth. Especially if the points are earned from activities which don't generate revenue.

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KOT = Trivia = Minutiae? in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra

3 months ago

As someone who really enjoys KOT I would be very sad to see it go, so I do not support getting rid of it unless it was to be replaced by another quiz game.

Having said that, I agree the game is not perfect. But we need to take into account that the game is designed to be played by people who may not have English as their first language. So what may appear to you to be a "stupid question" gives others a chance to answer correctly.

I have only once come an answer that was undoubtedly wrong - I suspect a typo as the correct answer should have been George VI and the answer given was George V. Sometimes I have felt questions were ambiguous, so the correct answer was a bit of a lottery, but generally I haven't found too much to complain about.

At the end of the day it is just a game. If you enjoy it, play ii; if you don't, then don't.

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Cannot find Rewardical Tokens from bidding in Pricebenders. in Pricebenders #Rewardical #TCredits

3 months ago

This looks like a subject that really needs a support ticket. Members on the forum won't be able to help.

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Trying to Help a new team member-language barrior in Getting Started #Getting Started #Team Building

3 months ago

A tip that I received is to translate sections rather than whole documents.

My welcome message is 5 paragraphs so I translate each of them separately rather than the whole message. I have also heard that Bing translate does a better job of grammar than most others.

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Changing Sponsors in Team Building #Leadership

3 months ago

(Thread was removed due to forum protocol violations, toxicity, or obsolescence)

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Spin and Win Contest in Getting Started #VersaPoints

3 months ago

The intent of "Spin and Win" is to encourage people to look out for, and pay attention to, SFI newsletters. It is not just a way of distributing more versa points. Those who miss Spin & Win contests do so because they haven't kept an eye out for the news, or haven't taken the time to go through an find the link.

We also need to bear in mind that making it easier to accumulate versa points just diminishes the value of each point. Remember they provide a share of the profit pool, the more points there are the less each share is worth.

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As a new forum guru, what things do you suggest in Miscellaneous #Team Building

4 months ago

Congratulations Beth, being recognised as a Forum Guru is an achievement to be proud of, it means you are adding value to the community.

I am sure there will be a range of opinions on the best way to retain your status, my view is that you just ensure you continue to provide thoughtful answers to questions and seek to go on adding value.

My own approach is to avoid repeating answers already given. So if someone in a thread has given the advice I would give, I "like" the post and move on. If I feel I can add a different perspective I do so.

My belief is that quality is more important than quantity.

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Cost of T-Credit in Suggestion Box #Pricebenders

4 months ago

The important words there are "as little as"; in other words the minimum price, the link you suggest takes you to a single T-Credit, the most expensive way to buy them. The cost varies depending on how many you buy and whether you opt to have them on Auto-Delivery.

I think the current wording is fine.

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CONTEST in Eager Zebra #Contests

4 months ago

Don't be too stressed about Deepak, both come down to the luck of the draw.

To maximise your chances in the Daily Grand try doing what is needed to maximise your entries, check out the suggestions here www.sfimg.com/Support/Solution?id=222445

I have entered Biz Quiz every day since it started and have answered correctly 707 times without a win. The main purpose of Biz Quiz is to improve your knowledge about SFI, any win is a bonus. Beyond getting the answer correct there is not much more you can do.

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How Do I Redeem My Rewardicals? in Compensation #Compensation #Rewardical #TripleClicks

4 months ago

On the Menu Bar click on the Rewardicals symbol, this will take you to the Rewardicals page. Just below the number of Rewardicals you have is a blue button to redeem them.

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Worrie how to earn VP to became BTL in Compensation

4 months ago

Deciding which option to take depends on how many VP you are short. Calculate how many you will earn by doing your daily tasks and then look at how you may earn the shortfall. Ideally you can make them up by selling some products. If not then consider playing games in which you spend a T-Credit, or bidding on PB Auctions. If that won't get you there perhaps make some purchases.

A popular choice for boosting your VP's relatively cheaply is the single T-Credit. This can be purchase for around $2.00 or for 150 MRP, and earns 102 VP.

The important step is to calculate your shortfall and make sure you maximise the VP's you are earning by your daily activities.

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Yesterday Biz Quiz question in Miscellaneous

4 months ago

When answering you have three chances. When the first answer you tried was indicated as wrong you need to look up the information and confirm the correct answer. Sometimes you need to match exactly the expected answer. In this circumstance be aware of the possibility that there may be another way of expressing the correct answer. Try alternatives, after the first rejection you still have two more tries.

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BIZ Quiz in Miscellaneous #Rewardical #TCredits

5 months ago

(Thread was removed due to forum protocol violations, toxicity, or obsolescence)

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Bronze to Silver in Gold Streak in Eager Zebra #Contests #Eager Zebra

5 months ago

How long is it since you achieved the streak? These updates may take a little while.

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I missed the opportunity in SFI in Miscellaneous #E365 #PSA #Team Building

5 months ago

While missing out on the E365 Championship is a disappointment the important thing is that you are now working successfully at building your SFI business.

Congratulations to you on seeing the opportunity for what it is and building a very solid team.