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Keycode 600 in Miscellaneous

1 day ago

Hi Kevin, this key code is probably from an ECA you made a purchase from. You really should use key codes because they tell you where you are getting your hits from and which advertising sites are working for you. These sites are ones you really should keep using. Any advertising sites that are not producing hits should either be forgotten or tweaked to get them working.
Good luck.
Happy Birthday, Elizabeta!

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I pray for opinion in Getting Started

1 day ago

Hi Lidija, in my opinion you should log in as much as you need to in order to do everything on your to-do list and to learn the Launch pad lessons. You will also need to determine how much time you need to spend on promoting SFI and Triple Clicks. You are the only one who can determine that amount of time. You know best how much time you have to spend on your business. everyone is different and has different responsibilities.
Good luck and much success to you.

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Chasing Sticks in Miscellaneous #Leadership

3 days ago

I have noticed it too, Randy. I guess I am just a little more understanding and patient than some. The way I look at it is that maybe some people have a hard time understanding the written word and keep trying to find a way to understand. My brother (God rest his soul) was like that. He would ask the same questions over and over again until he finally found a way to understand.
I also look at it as a way for me to reiterate what I have learned. I find it a good way to review. I don't mind answering them if I think I can help. Of course, I take the time to look for the answers myself and read all the posts in a thread before giving my opinion.
Let's all try to be understanding and patient after all, not everyone learns at the same rate.

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How mach time you spend with SFI a day? in Team Building

4 days ago

As many hours as needed every day to get all my tasks done and to promote SFI and Triple Clicks. Some days more, some days less depending on amount of pain I am in and how much sleep I have gotten the night before.
Every day is different for everyone. Just give it as much time as you can.

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honest opinion needed in Team Building

5 days ago

Hi Tom, if this is your welcome message then it looks fine. However, if you are sending this out every time, you may want to change it up and let your team know what you are doing and how they can duplicate it. I would not just put different Launch pad lessons on there but refer them to the whole Launch pad lessons since they may only check out the ones you suggest and not the others.
Just my opinion.
Good luck and much success to you.

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How to overcome the language barriers of your team! in Team Building #PSA #Sponsor #Team Building

5 days ago

Thank you for the reminder, Rania. I had forgotten this, but will remember it from now on and let my team know.

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Make life better in Getting Started #Compensation #Sales #VersaPoints

5 days ago

Happy Anniversary, Hope! Keep reading and learning. If you have to, reread the Launch Pad lessons, ask questions about anything you don't understand and study the black Training tab. You will do fine. Take your time and you will succeed.

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What other strategies can I use? in ECA Program #Leadership #Marketing #Sales

5 days ago

Hi Antoine, welcome to SFI! You have made a wise choice.
You are doing great for only being here 3 days!
I would suggest you check your VP ledger to see where you can get the Versa Points.
Also, make sure to do your Launch Pad lessons as these will teach you how to do this business. Make sure you take your time and fully understand them.
I would also suggest you check out your black Training tab and the black Marketing tab. You will learn a lot from these trainings.
Good luck and much success to you.

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Reached 1000 Jack Jackster Today! in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra

5 days ago

Congratulations Xavier!!! Keep playing and winning!

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Do You Realize What We Have Our Hands on Here? in ECA Program #ECA #Sales #TripleClicks

5 days ago

Wow, Michael!!!! I can only imagine the time it took to research all of this info! Thank you for giving us this information. I would like to pass this on to my team so they can understand why we need to promote the ECA program.
Great job of gathering all of this pertinent information.

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You just need to believe! in Getting Started #Getting Started #Leadership #Team Building

5 days ago

Hi John, thank you for a very inspirational, motivating post! I have a hard time believing in myself due to my upbringing. However, I am trying to get past that. I have a lot of health concerns that keep me from giving 100% of myself to this business, but I am trying.
Every day that I log in I am surprised to see all the hits I have gotten. Now I just need to find out how to convert those hits. I need to learn how to have faith in myself so that I can learn how to be a good leader. I know all the costs of having a brick and mortar store and am very happy that we don't have all of them here.
I invest what I can every month into my business but it is not easy since I am on a fixed budget. I will continue investing in my business and myself and I know that one day I will reach my goal of being financially free.
Thank you again for this great post.
Good luck, God bless you and may you have great success!

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Opti-build in Team Building #PSA #Team Building

5 days ago

Hi Jonathan, yes, I too have received some PSAs from my upline. And because of the new sponsor policy I have become a DD!
Everything is working out fine so far. Let's hope they keep going great and that everyone benefits from these new policies.

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What Luck Is That? in Getting Started

6 days ago

Hi Tilahun, first of all, you have to change your thoughts from can't to can. Keep a positive mindset and you will overcome all the limitations.
Advertise anywhere and everywhere you can. Get the word out there that you are now in business otherwise no one will know. So, your country doesn't want you to send your money out of the country? Find a way to bring the money into your country.
Write a blog or make a website and tell all about the business opportunity and the benefits. Tell about the store and the different products.
I hope this helps.
Good luck.

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Deep-penetrating marketing strategy in Marketing #Marketing #Sales #TripleClicks

6 days ago

Hi Joseph, I am sorry you weren't aware of SFI or Triple Clicks before now and that your friend didn't tell you about this awesome company. Now is your chance to make sure other people are made aware of SFI. Advertise everywhere you can. If you have places where you can put up flyers, do so. Tell all of your friends and family.
Make a blog or website telling about all the benefits and opportunities to be found with SFI and Triple Clicks.
Just go to your black Marketing tab and look at all the ways you can market and at how to market.
I hope this helps.
Good luck.

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Apologise for not log in past two week in Miscellaneous

13 days ago

Welcome back, Saudara. I am so very sorry for your loss.
I know you will get back up to speed very soon.
Good luck.

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SFI, difficult to understand in Miscellaneous #Getting Started #PSA #Sponsor

14 days ago

Hi Chioma, congratulations on getting 3 active PSAs! Do not do too much for them because they may become dependent on you for all the information they need. This is not only your business but theirs as well and they need to learn how to find the information on their own so when they have a team, they will be able to teach them how to find the information.
Do not ever use your id to connect with some one else's device because your account will be terminated.
I always tell my PSAs to read everything until they understand it, to write down any questions they may have and to ask me those questions so I may help them find the answers. Notice that I did not say I would answer the questions, only help them find the answers.
I can understand you wanting to help them, but there is such a thing as helping too much. Think back to when you first started. Did your sponsor give you all the information or tell you where to find it? Tell them to read the Launchpad lessons thoroughly until they really understand it. Then if they still have questions, they can ask you and you can tell them where to find the answers.
I hope this helps.
Good luck.

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You can to!! in Team Building #Getting Started #Leadership

15 days ago

Happy Birthday, David. I have book marked your post so I can share it with my team. You have the right attitude and it will take you all the way to the top! Yes, you will have good and bad times, but if you learn from the bad times you will ultimately succeed.
Keep going and never give up. I hope everyone reading your post gets the message you are trying to get across. Like you, I fell for a lot of those online scams but when I found SFI I knew it was the right one for me and that it is the real deal. I firmly believe that if we put in the time and effort we will succeed.
Good luck to you and I will see everyone at the top.

Happy Anniversary, Jessie. May you have many more with SFI!

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Help me in Marketing #Marketing #Sales #TripleClicks

15 days ago

Hi Abdulhalim, I think the first thing you need to do is ask yourself "Who is my target audience?" What group of people are you trying to connect with? This is your target audience.
Once you have figured out what your audience is then you can decide what type of items they would like. Look through TripleClicks for those items and make up a collection. Next, go to the black Marketing tab and find ads that you can use to let your audience know you have those items. Advertise everywhere you can think of. Go to your browsers search bar and type in advertising or free advertising for lots of places to advertise.
I hope this helps.
Good luck.

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I'm a Booster Club Qualifed in Miscellaneous #Team Building

15 days ago

Zsolt, you cannot go by what your up line does or doesn't do. Your team will be looking at what you do. If they see that you have an auto delivery set up they will be more likely to set one up as well.
YOU be the example for your team. YOU do what you want your team to do.
I hope this helps you. Good luck.

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Why Can't I Contact Them Anymore? in Team Building #Leadership #Team Building

18 days ago

Hi Hillari, the only explanation I can think of is that they blocked you for some reason. You could ask support to check into it.
Good luck.

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Breaking Through Barriers in Team Building #Leadership #Team Building

18 days ago

Hi Rebecca, thank you for such an inspiring and motivational post. I totally agree that we are usually the ones who put obstacles in our own way and that we have to own our choices and decisions. Once we own up to the responsibility we are better able to overcome those obstacles and move forward.

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Working together is success!!! in Team Building #Team Building

18 days ago

Dear Mariya, I agree with Henry Ford's quote, I don't know of anyone who gained success totally alone. Every successful person had a team helping them to get there.
Good luck and much success to everyone in SFI family.

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CSA Support in Team Building #CSA #Team Building

18 days ago

Hi Rose, I treat PSAs and CSAs the same because we may never know how active and responsive their sponsor is. I have had CSAs come to me with questions that their sponsors should have answered and have had said CSA thank me for taking the time to help them.
And please remember that you get a commission from what ever purchases your CSA makes just like with your PSAs.
Good luck.

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PRM Sales in TripleClicks Sales #Sales #TripleClicks

18 days ago

Hi Tall Ship, I hope this turns out to be a true person and not some gimmick.
Good luck.