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my best tip in Team Building #Team Building

2 hours ago

You can go to the black Leaders tab and see the leaders best tips.

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The Power of Opti-Build in Miscellaneous #Sponsor #Team Building

4 hours ago

Thank you, Tall Ship, as always you know how to put things into perspective and how to get people motivated. I have copied it so that I can put it into my own words and pass it onto my team.
I don't have any TLs yet or even EAs, but hopefully it will get them motivated to move up.

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50 Free Or Cheap Advertising Ideas in Marketing #Marketing #Team Building

4 hours ago

Thank you for this great and inspiring list. I have done some of them and am going to be doing a lot more. One thing I did was ask at my local grocery store if they could put my cards in the bags whenever they bag the groceries and they have been doing that. I am waiting to see if I get any results.
@Julius, I have been wearing my Triple Clicks t-shirt but no one asks about it. I would love to have the SFI t-shirt as well.

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Team Leaders Mind challenge in Miscellaneous

4 hours ago

Lesil, thank you again for keeping our minds sharp.
This is found in SFI's mission statement and also in Chapter 11 of the Launchpad lessons.
My question:
Where can you find out how many PSAs you need to reach the amount of money you want every month?
Good luck Team Leaders.

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Tell me where are these words found and its meaning. in Miscellaneous

5 hours ago

Thank you, Lesil B. for reminding us to keep our minds sharp. This will not only help us to remember what we read and where to find it, but will also help us TLs be better prepared to answer our affiliates questions.
Good luck and much success to you and everyone in this awesome SFI family!

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Getting inactive CSA-not fair! in Team Building #CSA

5 hours ago

Djordje, I understand your frustration, however, when I get inactive members (PSAs and CSAs) I look at it as an opportunity to help them get started. Maybe the CSAs sponsor is not active or has never responded to them. Now I can try to explain this business to them in a way that they can understand and so that they do not become overwhelmed. I have done this and had some CSAs become active because of it.
Do not give up on them. If their join date was just a few days ago, step up, introduce yourself and let them know that you are there for them. Answer any questions they may have. You could even think of the questions you had when you started and explain how you found the answers and where they can find them too. Or just tell them your story of how you found SFI and got started. You never know, this might just get them interested and active. Give it a shot, what have you got to lose? Just some of your time.
Good luck and much success to you and everyone in this awesome SFI business!

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SFI an inexhaustible source of data in Team Building #Sales #Sponsor #Team Building

5 hours ago

Mesrane, If I am reading your question correctly, you want to know what we are suggesting our team mates read and what direction they should go in after reading. I suggest they do all of the Launch pad lessons, the Rules of Success and the black Training tab. These are only suggestions as I cannot make them read these things, that is up to them. It is also up to them what direction they choose to take after getting the information.
Another thing I do is send them messages about anything I am reading when I am not on SFI that pertains to marketing and leadership. I can only hope that they read these and take notes since I am trying to help them, but again, I cannot make them read or do anything that they don't want to.
I find that it is like trying to learn a new language, it cannot be done in one day. It takes time and patience as well as applying what you are learning. If you learn a new language and do not use it every day, you will soon forget what you have learned.
I hope this helps.
Good luck and much success to you and everyone in this awesome SFI family!

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Inactive Affiliates in Team Building #Leadership #PSA #Team Building

1 day ago

We have all complained about having inactive affiliates and how we should never give up on them. Well, today I have proof that keeping up with sending messages to all of your team, both active and inactive, works. Today I received an email from one of my affiliates who has not logged in since they joined. They had some questions about getting started and what they needed to do. I gave them a long, detailed email telling them everything they need to do. I am happy to say that they logged in today and got some VPs!
So take this as a message that it pays to keep on communicating with your whole team even if they have not logged in since they joined. Whatever I said in my communications finally got through to some one. It could work for you, too.

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Where best to promote the SFI business and build a team in Marketing #Marketing

1 day ago

Hi Snezana, first of all, welcome to SFI! If everyone told you where they were posting ads those sites would soon be overrun with affiliate links and of no use to any one of us. Just go to your browsers search bar and type in classified ad sites, you will get a lot of links to sites where you can post your ads. Also try Twitter and LinkedIn.
I hope this helps.
Good luck and much success to you.

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Team motivation in Team Building #Leadership #Team Building

1 day ago

You can also send them excerpts from successful entrepreneurs that you find motivational.

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Describe in One Word Only in Miscellaneous

1 day ago


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Learn, Patients and Patients in Getting Started #Leadership #Sponsor #Team Building

1 day ago

I agree with you, Billie Jo, everyone needs to have patience and take their time to learn this business. Most people think they can just join and start making money without putting in the time and effort it takes to actually do this business and get paid.
This is the way I look at it: if you started a normal 9-5 job you would have to learn how to do that job, put in the required hours and then get paid. For example: if you went to work in a grocery store and wanted to become a cashier, you have to learn how to run the cash register, learn what the codes are, learn how to bag the groceries, and how to give the correct change. These things take time and effort to learn. You wouldn't just go there and start right away with not training, so why should having your own online business be any different? Just my humble opinion and observation.
I always tell my new affiliates to read everything until they understand it, to take their time learning it and if they have any questions to contact me. I know it can be overwhelming, but if you break everything down into small sections you can get through it and get clarity on what is expected.

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My Laptop has crashed! I'm out till I can replace it.q in Miscellaneous #Leadership #Sponsor #Team Building

2 days ago

Hi Pamela, I totally understand what you are going through. My laptop crashed on Christmas day of all days. Do you have any mobile devices you could use such as Kindle Fire or a smart phone? I had to use my Kindle Fire to be able to do business. See if these help.
Good luck.

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Loyal To Your Team in Team Building #Leadership #Team Building

2 days ago

With an attitude and team like that you will definitely get to DTL before long!!!!! I wish I had a team like that!
Good luck and much success to you, your team, and everyone in this amazing business.

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Launchpad in Suggestion Box #CSA #PSA

2 days ago

Billy H., I wouldn't worry too much. If I had affiliates asking me questions I would be very happy to help them. I send new affiliates a message telling them to log in every day, turn all of the red tabs to green and to do the Launchpad lessons. I also tell them to read everything until they understand it and that if they still have questions not to hesitate to ask me. Answering questions is part of being a team leader. We should do everything we can to help them, after all, if they don't succeed neither do we.
Just do everything you can to help your affiliates and be the best sponsor/co-sponsor you can be. There is a translator on every page and you can refer them to the different language forums so they can find other people who speak their language.
Hope this helps. God luck.

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ECA Star rating clarification in Ask Gery #ECA

2 days ago

Hristo, it is not obligatory for a customer to write an explanation when giving a rating. Why not send a message to all of your customers and ask them to please leave a comment about their experience with your store. This might help you.
Hope this helps. Good luck.

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Lucky Spin & Win at Card King! in Recognition

3 days ago

Congratulations, Zarmish!!! Keep playing and winning!

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Payment in Compensation #Auto-Delivery #Compensation #Leadership

4 days ago

How much or how little a person makes is up to them. They are running their own business so it is up to them to make the sales and get the Versa Points they need. They are the determining factor, not anyone else. Tell them to look at the compensation plan and they will get a good idea of how much they can reasonably make each month.

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The upper line in Ask Gery #Leadership #Sponsor #Team Building

4 days ago

If I want to see my up line's activity, I just go to their leadership page. All the information I need is there and I can always ask them questions. I do not have an active or responsive sponsor but I am not letting that stop me. I know I can always go to other up line members for support.

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Need to include SFI affiliate Agreement in the Biz Quiz in Ask Gery #Getting Started

4 days ago

An excellent suggestion, sir and I think maybe some questions about the Launch Pad lessons as well. I think some people are getting the points for Launch Pad without really reading the lessons. And questions about all the recent changes would be good to refresh all of our minds.

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Why Im Reassigning My EA To My BTL..... in Team Building #Team Building

4 days ago

I would do this too, Julius, but I don't have any TLs and only one active EA. Still trying to find my five.
Good luck and much success to you and everyone here.

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Where did it go? in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra

4 days ago

I haven't noticed this. It is probably just a glitch with all the changes taking place. If it continues, contact support about it.
Good luck!

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Get noticed! Become active..... in Getting Started #Getting Started #Leadership #Team Building

4 days ago

Thank you, John, for such a great motivational post.
I am going to get myself set up for next month! I found three traffic exchanges and three safe lists that I am going to start using and I am going to start a blog. I am going to "put myself out there" as you said and see what happens.
Good luck to you and much success to you and everyone in this great big family of SFI!

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Interesting Small Business Blogs in Miscellaneous #Leadership #Marketing #Team Building

4 days ago

Thank you, Delmage, for your tip. I have been trying to come up with an idea for a blog and this will give me some. I will definitely check it out.
Good luck and much success to everyone in this big SFI family!

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Skepticism Busters gateway in Ask Gery #Marketing

6 days ago

Thank you, Gery for your quick response.
And thank you everyone for your replies.