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Jackie F.

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Gimmee, gimmee, gimmee..... in Miscellaneous #Leadership

14 hours ago

Imagine, if you will, someone were to gift you a house.
A response of "But...where is the car to park in the driveway?" is disrespectful to the gift giver.

My post was merely a plea to please respect all that we have been given rather than disrespect it by asking for more, more, more.

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Gimmee, gimmee, gimmee..... in Miscellaneous #Leadership

1 day ago

Astro Auctions have been a complete game changer! I, too, look forward to the forthcoming AA marketing tools.

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Gimmee, gimmee, gimmee..... in Miscellaneous #Leadership

1 day ago

Through SFI, we have been given a tremendous opportunity to create income online from anywhere on this earth. All of the tools we need have been created and given us. For free.
Nonetheless, I've noticed each facet of SFI has been picked apart in this Forum, with the Powers That Be being constantly barraged for more...more free Versa Points, more free Rewardicals, add this, add that, more, more, more...and all for free, Free, FREE!


The recent changes within the SFI system have done much to grow our fingerprint on the world of e-commerce. This was an extraordinary undertaking, and I applaud and appreciate the talents and efforts of all those who brought it into being.

These changes were not inexpensive to implement. Unless Mr. Gery Carson is himself writing all code, this was a costly undertaking. The improvements to SFI have been remarkable, and we are all able to share in profiting from them (yet, while we are all able to profit from these changes, you'll note that none of us were asked to pony up for the additional expenses).

For the love of all that is good, we have an actual map (start here: Affiliate sign up page, end here: Diamond Team Leader) to follow!

Let us all, please, reexamine this opportunity we have been given. Rather than squander the opportunity (by looking for more for doing less), let us instead focus on growing our collective business to phenomenal new heights.
Let's follow our maps. Let's show our amazing Diamond Team Leaders that life isn't lonely at the top (by joining them there).
Let's.....continue to Build Something Great!!!

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This time i am IN REVERSE GEAR ( about INFORMATION )* in Suggestion Box #Leadership

4 days ago

Honestly, I prefer to spend my SFI time posting ads, recruiting, blogging...pretty much anything that will build my business. Researching self-described "trivial and frivolous" topics for the sake of airing them (why?!?) is NOT conducive to duplication...but that's just me. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Less Than One Dollar in Miscellaneous

5 days ago


You are complaining how difficult it is to build a viable team, while at at same time publicly airing your disappointment of the very business you are team building for.
Are you aware this is a public forum, and the very team you have found so "difficult" to build can read your discouraging words?

Please consider that, as Bronze Team Leader, your team is looking for some kind of guidance from you.
If it is immediate income you are looking to create, then sell TripleClicks products. sell, Sell, SELL!!!
Create the income you desire by taking advantage of the generous compensation plan SFI has in place for CV, and at the same time remind your team that they are part of a wonderful opportunity that allows each of them (and all of us) to build a business based on each individual's efforts.

Much success to you.

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Allusive Pricebenders First Win in Getting Started #Astro Auctions #Pricebenders

7 days ago


PriceBender Auctions sometimes has a "Guaranteed Win" auction that you may wish to look into. Winning the auction will give you the badge you seek.

Much success to you!

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Getting sfi commission in Getting Started

7 days ago


The following information should answer your question:

Commissions are processed on or around the 10th of each month for the previous month's earnings (for example, January's commissions are paid out in February). Also, a report is typically posted to your account on the 10th of each month (or the closest following business day, if the 10th falls on a weekend or holiday).

Patience, please.

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Zing Swag in Astro Auctions #Astro Auctions #Sales #TripleClicks

10 days ago

Regarding this SFI Corporate announcement:

We're now making available through Astro Auctions a wide variety of Zing-Network-branded goodies. We're talking about shirts, hats, bags, sunglasses, and all kinds of other gear featuring the SFI, TripleClicks, and Eager Zebra logos. Many of these items are great for promoting your business when you're out and about, and we'll be featuring new items every couple days. Check out the first two items now at: www.tripleclicks.com/Astro/

Will these items soon be made available for purchase at TripleClicks as well?
Zing-related Swag is an excellent idea! The use of these products can be a very effective marketing/sales tool.

I am particularly interested in purchasing the SFI Navigator Weekender Duffle. I don't yet see it available for purchase, as I've only seen it in the Astro Auctions.
As a winner of a total of one (1) auction (the Guaranteed Win Auction), it is dubious I will acquire this through Astro Auctions. I am not a high bidder, but I try to keep my streak going.
Certainly I am not the only affiliate eager to purchase Zing goodies. Anyone else care to weigh in and perhaps encourage the Powers That Be to make these awesome items available for sale???

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Perhaps...more purchasing power? in Sales #Rewardical #Sales #TripleClicks

11 days ago

Thank you for your responses.
Mr. Gery Carson, I truly believed MRP were no longer a thing. When it was announced they were being phased out, I got caught up in a "use them or lose them" moment and presumed they would soon be history. I stand corrected.

Hans-Peter, my side note was in jest; a self-derogatory dig at myself for having completely overlooked the obvious.
While I think of Gift Certificates as just that, a certificate purchased to gift someone else for their purposes, their sole purpose is TO BUY SOMETHING. My question was completely redundant.

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Perhaps...more purchasing power? in Sales #Rewardical #Sales #TripleClicks

11 days ago

Thank you, Adam, for your response.
I recall the ease of the one-step purchasing with MRP. This does involve another step, but so be it.
EVERYONE has more purchasing power.

On a side note...while we have a category for "great questions," perhaps we also need one for "mind-numbingly stupid questions."

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Perhaps...more purchasing power? in Sales #Rewardical #Sales #TripleClicks

11 days ago

With the dissolution of the MRP program, is there a plan in place to eventually allow purchasing of TripleClicks (or, ZING, as the case may be) owned products (i.e. the "Natural" line) by way of Rewardicals?
Item descriptions are currently advertising products as available for purchase with _____ MRP. I realize this is not possible, the page has yet to be updated, but it did occur to me that allowing purchases via Rewardicals would increase the purchasing power for so many.
For example, affiliates in countries that lack easy access to credit cards (many of whom previously purchased via the use of MRP) could breathe new life into their business with the ability to easily make purchases.
The implementation of Rewardicals has truly been a game changer. They offer such versatility in growing our businesses...is it too much to ask for yet another way?

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What wrong l do? in Miscellaneous #E365

11 days ago


As has already been pointed out, the contests you've inquired about are drawings. The winners for these drawings are randomly chosen. Do keep participating, and there is a likely chance you will eventually win.
To increase your likelihood of winning: do remember to physically press the blue "enter today's Daily Grand" button located in your Win It window. The tab will turn green, and you will know you are entered.
Also, should you increase your daily Versa Points earned from 10 to 20, you will earn an additional entry into the Daily Grand.

Best of luck to you!

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Consider Yourself Lucky To Stand Up And Market!!! in Marketing #Marketing

12 days ago

Yes, Bruce...YES!!!
I recall reading something along these lines many years ago. I don't recall the specifics, but the idea was similar.
There's a thought that, when you're standing, you already have the edge. Standing you is (subliminally) an authority figure. Standing you has the advantage of having the seated prospect physically looking up to you (a definite subliminal advantage). Should standing you also speak in hushed tones, the seated prospect will lean in to hear you better.
Additional subliminal cues may be added...slightly nodding your head while asking a question you want a "yes" to, for example.
Standing during a pitch, in addition to "working" subliminal cues, is a win/win situation.

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Advance with technology. in Suggestion Box #Astro Auctions #TCredits

13 days ago

SFI is indeed a global business opportunity.
Which country/countries do you believe are being slighted? If you are more specific as to whom you feel is being currently overlooked, the good people at the helm of SFI would most certainly remedy the situation.

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Main Reason For $uccess Or Failure in Marketing #Marketing

13 days ago

You are correct! Time is money.
We all have the same 24 hours every day. What we do with our 24 hours, how we choose to spend our time, can mean the difference between success and failure.
There's always something we'll get to later... I meant to do that, I'll get to it later...there's no time now, I'll come back later.
Let me tell you: do it NOW! There's only now; later doesn't happen.
YOU are in control of your destiny, your success, and if you aren't fully committed to it NOW, then when will you be?
We all have the same amount of time. What you choose to do with yours will determine your future.

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VP in Getting Started #VersaPoints

15 days ago

Allow me, please, the opportunity to cite a specific example of how Versa Points are available to all:

Jagunmolu A. (Kudos, Sir. I am in awe of your accomplishment) signed on to SFI midway through the first week of July.
He started from scratch (zero Versa Points). By the end of July, he was a Gold Team Leader.
This is an example of someone who saw an opportunity, and did what needed to be done to bring that to fruition.

There is much work to be done, yes, but I stand by my understanding that all Versa Points are available to everyone.

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VP in Getting Started #VersaPoints

15 days ago

Yes, you are correct. However, the Versa Points are still available to the affiliate, they just must accelerate their business to the point where they are able to collect the Versa Points.
Far be it for me to tell anyone how to run their business; I simply stated the Versa Points available are available to any affiliate. If they are truly a go-getter, they will indeed amass those Versa Points. I don't believe I mislead; anyone has the ability to collect the Versa Points. If 1500 VP are required before one may collect additional VP, then there are ways available to EVERY affiliate to collect those 1500 VP.

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VP in Getting Started #VersaPoints

15 days ago

All of the Versa Points available are available to everyone. It's up to each affiliate to claim them. Are you selling TripleClicks products? Selling products gains Versa Points; no need to "buy status."
You may also choose to build a team, wherein your downline sells products. This is another way to attain your desired status. If you haven't yet studied your LaunchPad Lessons, you may wish to do so.
Much success to you.

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At 49 Wins Now In AA, What Shall I Start Doing? in Astro Auctions #Astro Auctions #Marketing

17 days ago

Mr. Bing Obaldo,

You've set the bar as high as it can (currently!) go. I am honored to be a part of your downline.
Thank you for all that you do.

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Confirmation of Requalification in VersaPoints #TripleClicks #VersaPoints

17 days ago

It is before midnight, and I am seeing your rank as BTL. No worries, it's all good.

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A new leader of the diamond team in Recognition #Leadership #Team Building

17 days ago

Congratulations to Mr. Gery Carson on achieving DIAMOND TEAM LEADER!!!

I am privileged to now have two (2!) DTLs in my upline.
duplicate, Duplicate, DUPLICATE.
Who's next???


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Be a believer ! in Miscellaneous #Leadership #Sponsor

28 days ago


If you think you can't, you can't.
However...if you think you can...really, truly believe in yourself and know that with that mindset anything is possible, then you are already on the path to success.

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What if i don't become an EA in next month? in Getting Started #Getting Started

29 days ago

What if you do?
What if you not only reach EA but achieve BTL? What if, "in other months," you go on to achieve GTL? What is stopping you from the ultimate, DTL???

You joined SFI for a reason, and that reason very well may have been the opportunity to build a better tomorrow for yourself. A better tomorrow is not built with self doubt, but with faith and optimism in one's self.
SFI provides you with all the tools and knowledge you need to succeed. You've got this; you just need to believe it.


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More Than Doubled My May Commission in Compensation #Compensation #Team Building

about 1 month ago

Congratulations, Mr. Bing Obaldo!
You are truly an inspiration. You are "proof positive" that The Plan does indeed work.
thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU for showing us that, with hard work and perseverance, the seemingly impossible can be achieved.
Diamond. Team. Leader.
Who's next???

Aim High...Dream Big!!!

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The difference between success and failure is a great team. in Team Building

about 1 month ago

While it is true that "The difference between success and failure is a great team," it is also true that an Awesome Leader is one who leads by example.
I notice you have been with SFI for less than a month, yet you are already a Bronze Team Leader. I commend you on your achievement. You are leading by example, and if your post is any indication, we can expect to see you leading your team straight to the top.
MUCH success to you!