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Peter P.

United Kingdom

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I need prayer warriors in Miscellaneous

4 months ago

My thoughts are with you Philip and I wish your twin brother a successful surgery & an equally swift recovery.
Speak to you later today.
Best regards

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A Friendly Warning To All Safelist Users in Miscellaneous #Marketing #Team Building

4 months ago

Hi Every-one,

I am posting a thread I read on another Forum, I am a member of. I realise that a lot of Affiliates use Safelists as part of their Marketing Strategies.

If you use safelists, I am posting this for you. There is a scam that is online where you (the intended victim) suddenly find yourself looking at an official looking webpage (It could look like it came from Microsoft or your Internet Provider) with a loud and repeating warning that your system has been infected with some sort of virus. Furthermore, it instructs you to call a number to have it removed.

DON'T CALL THAT NUMBER AND DON'T PANIC! It's all a scam! To clear the page and the annoying alarm hit the ESC key. To be on the safe side, You can log off and run your virus scanner just to make sure! (I can't emphasise the importance of keeping your virus scanners up to date).

It is important to remember that these pages are set up to get you to panic. To the uninformed, they are very effective.
The reason I post this is to warn everyone of these pages and what NOT to do. I ran across one a few days ago and then again two days ago when I was working through some ads in one of the safelists I belong to.

Another point to mention about this scam is that their "tech support" may be either planting a virus or scanning your browser history to locate your financial information. One of the major tip offs to this is how fast their "scanner" does its scan. I have seen some really fast scanners, but nothing like theirs. Plus, if you look carefully, it does even have your disk files on it.

As a funny note, I saw some videos on youtube where hackers destroyed the "tech support" computers with viruses or even removing all of their OS files. You should have heard the reactions when the scammers finally figured out what had happened.

To Your Success!

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What happened to the Spin & Win game? in Miscellaneous #Contests

6 months ago

Hi Andreja,
I suspect with all the changes currently happening at SFI throughout the month of June 18 that the Spin & Win has been delayed slightly.
I would suspect there will be one that covers the changes to the compensation plan once the support team have everything in place behind the scenes.
Best regards

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Marees Tips. Dream it Achieve it. in Getting Started #Getting Started #Leadership #Team Building

6 months ago

Congratulations on your 5th Anniversary with SFI.
You embody the true spirit of what it means to be a leader.
Best regards

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Yes or No? in Miscellaneous #Localvantia #Rewardical #Team Building

7 months ago

Hi Phill,
As a fellow UK resident, I would also like to see your feedback here. Hurdles to your success and how to overcome them.
I have held back due to the nature of the local environment where I live and the rural nature of the towns and villages around here.
However, I have an idea about the cruise ship industry & getting them interested.
Looking forward to future updates.
Best regards

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The Quest to Achieve EA status in Getting Started #Getting Started #TCredits #VersaPoints

7 months ago

Hi Gabriel,
I am assuming you mean that you are 96VP short of reaching EA status.
Options you have:
Purchase 1 T-credit from Tripleclicks at $1.99 or $1.89 (Auto-delivery)
Carry your points over into June. This is your first month here (This option is only available in your first month).
Talk to your sponsor/co-sponsor and see if they offer any incentives or prizes for reaching EA.

Hope this helps.
Best regards

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Getting them clicking and keeping them going in Suggestion Box #Getting Started #TripleClicks

8 months ago

An Absolutely cracking idea Scott.
To SFI'ers
Maximum participation.
Maximum advertising for ECS/RECA's at minimum cost.
A chance for sponsors to engage with their team through the chat bar.
We could add in a Team surf to get members really motivated.

Minimum cost to SFI.
Increased VP purchases.
Increased participation.
Increased Sales.
Increased Executive VP to share amongst all affiliates.

Best regards

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My First Mate is now in peace in Miscellaneous

8 months ago

I am truly sorry for your loss. My condolences go out to both you & your family.

Here is a poem, I would like to share:

Loved And Lost
© Christine G. McCloskey

Published: December 2016

When you lose
someone you love,
life will change,
you rearrange,
and everything around you
seems so strange.

The world will spin
in the wrong direction.
You feel alone
and want affection.
Your appetite changes,
you may not sleep,
you don't feel like talking
to anyone you meet.

But as time goes on,
things will get better,
and everything
just comes together.

And just because you smile,
it doesn't mean you don't care,
because you know in your heart
that they will always be there.
Source: www.familyfriendpoems.com/poem/loved-and-lost-6

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Am I Right In Thinking? in United Kingdom #Rewardical #TCredits #TripleClicks

10 months ago

Hi Sydona,

You are right, some of the information is obsolete and I am sure will be removed given time.
It may be worth raising a support ticket pointing out the issues you have found.

Best regards


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Eager Zebra Challenge a friend link not working in Bug Reports #Eager Zebra

10 months ago

Just completed both Grand Master Poker & Zackjack games.
Made Prime and went to challenge a friend link.
Clicked on link and received this message. (see screenshot below)

Is any-one else experiencing this?

Best regards

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A day full of prizes in Northern Europe

11 months ago

Doesn't it feel wonderful when we have days like this.

Best regards

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VPs transferring problem,in my SFI beginning in Northern Europe #Getting Started #TCredits #VersaPoints

11 months ago

Hi Gordana M,
This process is normally instant.
I can see that you posted this Forum post three days ago, so I would assume that nothing has changed.
If that is the case, I would raise a support ticket about this issue.

I am sure they will be able to resolve this issue for you.

Click on Black Support Tab.
Scroll down and click on Submit a support Ticket.

Or alternatively just click the link below :)


Hope this helps.

Best regards

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Getting 1500 VP a month is difficult for me so i want to quit in Team Building #Getting Started #Sponsor #VersaPoints

11 months ago

Firstly. Congratulations on achieving EA Status within your first 2 months here at SFI.

The definition of Transfer Buying is outlined below:

Glossary definition: Transfer Buying
A term describing one of the ways you can accumulate VersaPoints. If you're like most people, you're already buying many of the same products SFI sells—but from other stores or sources. With transfer buying, you can simply transfer your purchases to SFI and earn VersaPoints each month. And by doing so, and without adding any additional expense to your budget, you can automatically accumulate the VersaPoints needed for SFI commissions, benefits, and other valuable perks.


Forum thread discussion:

In its basic form.
You use your Tripleclicks store to buy products you would normally buy at a local shop.
A mans shirt or a cleaning product etc.

You receive the MRP & VP on the purchase.

Here is a list of ECA's within your country:


Here are a couple links to help you get started and find the perfect product(s) for YOU:

• Best-Selling/Most Popular Products:


• Advanced Search (to find an easy list of products with 1,500 VP)


The digital products that you usually buy at TC (T-Credits, S Builders, e-books, PSAs to Go) can not be considered transfer candidates, because you can not buy them from anywhere else.

If you are still unsure please re-read the launchpad Training below:

Best regards


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Getting 1500 VP a month is difficult for me so i want to quit in Team Building #Getting Started #Sponsor #VersaPoints

11 months ago

I would like to take this opportunity to say a massive big thank you to every-one who took the time out of their busy days to offer their advice and add their suggestions to my Forum Post.

It was very much appreciated.

I have read every-ones individual reply, an extra slice of gratitude goes out to the following individual members:

For mentioning Localvantia:

Ashok M
John S
Prabhat Kumar R

Zlatan K

For providing the link to 19 ways you can earn VersaPoints for free:


George M for showing a different way to use the Genealogy Mailer.

Nelson B

For pointing out that SFI is free to join or pay no monthly fee. Not obligated to upgrade or hold leader position.
You can make sales via your Tripleclicks website and refer people into your SFI business/team. Later be a EA.

Marilynn D - keep up the positivity.

Just before I close it was nice to see so many newly joined Affiliates taken part in this thread and being enthusiastic about their future within the SFI Family.

It is very humbling to receive this many replies and to see the massive positivity here within SFI.

Best regards


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Getting 1500 VP a month is difficult for me so i want to quit in Team Building #Getting Started #Sponsor #VersaPoints

11 months ago

I logged in this morning to find an active chat message bubble.
This was the message
"Getting 1500 VP a month is a kind of difficult for me so i want to quit"

This was my reply:
I know that the 1500VP can be a difficult target to reach each month. However, there are many options to try and achieve this. Have you looked at Tripleclicks and products you could sell on your blog/website. Each sale generates a commission for you. The other option is transfer buying. Is there a product you use each month that you could buy from Tripleclicks instead of locally to gain the VP that way. If none of these methods are suitable then stay with SFI, don't worry about gaining the 1500VP each month. Read all the training lessons, enter the competitions and stick around. You never know when things may change in the future. I would hate for you to quit and miss out on this opportunity. Also do you get any help or communication from your sponsor?

My question to the Forum is:

How would you have replied, or is there anything I could have added to my message?

Thank you in advance.

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ECA must read. in ECA Program #ECA

12 months ago

(Thread was removed due to forum protocol violations, toxicity, or obsolescence)

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BTL (Bronze Team Leader) in Recognition #Team Building

12 months ago

Congratulations on your achievement.
The next challenge is to maintain it as you move forward :).

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Many of you may have noticed that I have in Miscellaneous

12 months ago

My sincere sympathy goes out to both you and your wife.
I hope this may help:

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Jippi! Ive did my first sale today! in Recognition #Sales #TripleClicks

about 1 year ago

Well Done & Congratulations to the first of many......
Best regards