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Frederick W.

Solomon Islands

E365 Country Champion
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Affiliate is cancelled in Team Building #Team Building

about 1 year ago

Same thing happened to me 2 days ago. I introduced a person from my country by giving him my SFI link but was allocated to some one else. What is going on SFI? Where is the fairness here and how do we build our team when our PSAs are snapped right out of our hands.

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This error code is #524323. Every time I tried to buy TCredits this error appears. What does it mean? in Sales

over 2 years ago

This error code is #524323. Every time I tried to buy TCredits this error appears. What does it mean?

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SFI prepaid mastercard in Suggestion Box #TripleClicks

over 2 years ago

How about considering e-wallet. Many Network Marketing businesses are using e-wallet. It is easier to use and you can load any card with it.

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An easy way to maintain your Executive Affiliate Status (EA) in Getting Started #Auto-Delivery #TCredits #VersaPoints

over 2 years ago

Thank you so much for this valuable information.


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Pay-out of Signing bonus in Ask Gery

over 2 years ago

Hi Ruzica,
I am new to SFI but the discussion is very interesting and your question raised a very important issue where SFI needs to address. For many new affiliates they will get $20 or $40 Signing Bonus and to encourage these Newbies they should be paid in full in order for them to have their Master Card processed so that they will be able to pay for their standing order etc to expedite their ranks. In countries like mine it is very difficult for people to have access to such services and facilities unless you are a rich person.

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10 Quick Tips for Getting More VersaPoints Without Spending Money in VersaPoints #VersaPoints

over 2 years ago

Thank you so much for your great contribution on SFI Forum. Looking forward to see more ideas from experts like you.

Kind Regards,

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SFI Payment in Paypal now these days ? in Suggestion Box

over 2 years ago

Check with paypal for countries listed that paypal cannot make payments to.

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Are you making SFI more complicated than you should? in Team Building #Leadership #Team Building

over 2 years ago

Thank you Carl,
This is very valuable information for us the new-bees. Thank you once again for your encouraging contribution.


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Never give up in Inspiration/Testimonials

over 2 years ago

Hi Morena,
Thank you so much for your encouraging comments for such new bees like me. You are a remarkable woman.

Fred W

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Tripple header in Recognition #Eager Zebra

over 2 years ago

So how did you do it?