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Manuel V.


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You've got to be excited about this! in Compensation #Compensation #Leadership #Team Building

17 hours ago

Hi John, and congratulations for you and your team. We need to enjoy when job are going well.


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Happy to report I see the numbers growing! in Compensation #Compensation #Sales #Team Building

1 day ago

Hi John and congratulations.

It is noticed that there are more activity in generall. Let's work with the workers a lead them to achieve new status.


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How is the CV from PRM Purchases distributed? in Ask Gery #Compensation #Sales

1 day ago

Stephen D. posted:
How are the 48% Team Override & 32% Co-Sponsor Commissions portions of CV from a Purchase by a PRM distributed?

Specifically, since (I expect) PRM do not have Co-Sponsors, is that 32% of the CV added to their (Direct) Sponsor`s DC?


Great question, Stephen. But already answered in the compensation plan:
For all your Personally Referred Members (PRMs)

Earn 20% of CV on their purchases
Earn 100% of the VP on all their purchases
Earn 1 Rewardical for every 10 they earn

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Milestone Shares in Ask Gery #Compensation #VersaPoints

2 days ago

Hi Guus,

1. With the discontinuation of the Executive Pool, Milestone Shares no longer make sense and, hence, have been discontinued, effective immediately. Note: If you qualified for Milestone Shares in May, you will receive in your May commissions the value of those shares
." - see it here

So, if you had an improvement in your status in may you had received your shares, since you didn't and for all of us that didn't do it they have vanished.


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Astro auction launching time confusion in Astro Auctions #Astro Auctions

3 days ago

Hi Subhojit,
You must go to you flight log and collect your prizes. If you don't collect your prizes will loose them and no one wants that.


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One word "YOU" causes Skeptical second thought. in Astro Auctions #Astro Auctions

3 days ago

Hi Stephen,

Great news for you - CONGRATULATIONS. 1000 rewardicals is already a great prize. This new feature to the auctions is a great deal. All have the right incentive to participate - great prizes and the auction it self.


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If you cannot sleep in Marketing #Marketing #Team Building

3 days ago

Hi Mary,

You have here a good motivational thread :)

That's why SFI isn't a scam and no one can became rich from a day to another, must do our "home" work to achieve sucess but those readers will all became leaders.

Keep the good work like you show you are doing and maybe our downline understand that this is possible to them to.


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Knockout Trivia in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra

5 days ago

Hi Vanessa,

Maybe next game you have more luck and be there when it starts.


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I won nothing, but the badge!! in Astro Auctions

6 days ago

Hi Mizanur,

See your email and make a consult to the link of the auction, you must collect your prizes.


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New improvements suggestion in Suggestion Box #Auto-Delivery #Compensation #PSA

8 days ago

Hi guys and girls,

I being thinking in the new improvements for the last month and those introduced today. Maybe it could be a good ideia if when where introduced new features all affiliates that haven't yet met the EA status or higher could benefit of this too, i.e., now the smart start offers 100 CSA's (setting the 1500 VP's auto-delivering) and all affiliates could have a 2nd chance if they meet the criterias, no?

Just an ideia!


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Smart Start gets bigger, better...smarter! in SFI News #CSA #Getting Started #Team Building

8 days ago

Hi Mr. Gery,

Of course we will.


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Wits End in Team Building

9 days ago

Hi Kemi,

We all experience that you descrive. Try a new approach from what you where doing. You have several ways to try to find new affiliates (direct publicity for free or payed, printed cards/flyers, etc), buying PSA/CSA, etc.

Perseverance is a win/win way to succed here.


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How many hours a day does it take? in Miscellaneous #Marketing

10 days ago

Hi Pauline,

I usually apply near 3 hours a day to do all the actions here on SFI (tabs greens, play games, fórum, etc) and do some advertise too. When have some spair time i try to do more advertise to make my team grow.


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Emails to inactive affiliates in Team Building #Getting Started #Sponsor #Team Building

10 days ago

Hi Mesrane,

You can see if they made login again (last login) in the genealogy but if they have read your email i think that isn't possible. I think that isn't important to know if they read or not because if they became activ you'll know that they read it.


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My Reminder to Inactive New Affiliates in Getting Started #Getting Started #Marketing #VersaPoints

11 days ago

Hi Manohar,

Good message, simple to get your goal.


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problem with zack jack badge in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra

11 days ago

Hi Snezana,

You must keep on practice and you'll achieve it. With time you'll make it...


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How many advert do you place about SFI daily in Marketing #Marketing #Team Building

11 days ago

Hi Mercy,

I send something like a 1€/day and it is working. Regards

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Auctions without Bid Assist or Bid Rescue in Suggestion Box #Pricebenders

13 days ago

Hi Dave,

Agree with you, this would help some people to win some auctions that otherwise never make it.


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Removal of Co-sponsor. in Team Building #Leadership #Sponsor #Team Building

13 days ago

Hi Rexford,

Probably what you mean is that rating your co-sponsor was removed, and you are right. This is no longer active due to the new CSA rewarding program, where the focus where putted in the relation with the sponsor, who you still can/should rate. If you see your To Do tab you'll find that you earn the same 10 VP's for rate your sponsor and SFI (before you rate sponsor, co-sponsor and SFI)

You will find all your up-line and of-course your co-sponsors here.

Hope this helps you.


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how to working csa menber in Getting Started #CSA

14 days ago

Hi Sonja,

First of all, don't forget that a CSA's it is someone's PSA, so like all of us they should feel our "presence". Then, do what you could to help them to grow in SFI.


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How to use the PSA Reassignment tool? in Team Building #Leadership #Sponsor #Team Building

15 days ago

Hi people,

To those that doesn't know what is, here it goes:
"First of all, let's clarify where this tool is located, what the restrictions are, and how to use it:
1. Go to your Genealogy
2. Choose the Reassign tab. All affiliates who are eligible to be reassigned (i.e. see restrictions below) will be designated by a checkbox.
3. Check a box for someone whom you want to reassign.
4. Enter the SFI ID number of the person to whom you want the reassignment(s) into the popup's field and click OK. Make sure you have the right ID number!
5. Go down your list and check other boxes for any other affiliates you wish to reassign, entering the appropriate SFI ID numbers in the reassignment popup field."
6. When you're done selecting the affiliates you wish to reassign, click the Reassign selected affiliates button."

All this and some more information about rules and why to do it you can find in the SFI learning pages (library) - here.


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New CSA Rewards Program in Team Building #CSA #Leadership #Team Building

17 days ago

If you where a E365 Champion you win 5 more (now 10 CSA's). Until 31/05/2018 i had every month 18 new CSA's, now i have 12 for being BTL, 5 BCQ status and 10 for being a E365 Champion.


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I have a "TIP", Guys... in Marketing #Marketing

17 days ago

Hi Marilyn,

That is a great tip for everyone, because all use facebook. Hope that doesn't became blocked too, because is turns possible to all to advertise without costs.

Once again, great tip, thanks.


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VP Transfer Error in VersaPoints #Compensation #VersaPoints

17 days ago

Hi Aratunde,

Stay calm. Your versapoints will be transfered at 07/9/2018, like announced by Mr. Gery ans SFI in a stream tab post "Let's clarify how the new automatic VP transfer will work: #1 On July 1st, for anyone who joined SFI in the 30 days prior...if they are short of 1500 VP for June...we will automatically transfer all their VP to July and they can pick up right where they left off. So for NEW (joined within 30 days) affiliates, automatic transfer will always occur on the 1st of each new month.
VP auto transfer clarification #2:
For anyone who joined SFI more than 30 days prior to July 1st, generated some VP in June but came up short of 1500 VP, we will automatically transfer all their VP to July on July 9th. Why not transfer on July 1st? Because the person may be planning to do a backdated order to qualify for June, and us moving all their VP to July on July 1st would mean forfeiture of all their CSAs and all other EA benefits for June. We will follow this same schedule each month."