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Will my June paycheck go up or down with the new comp plan? in Team Building #Leadership #Sponsor #Team Building

9 days ago

Dear Andy!

Your post is exactly the case when they say-good is never too much.

Today we're all really need to share information on new Comp plan.

Because it's the first time and truly new, better direction in SFI. The one who goes ahead is always the hardest.

We all support and endorse the actions of our President.

For him, it is very necessary explanations and suggestions for further promotion of the company.

Thank you for taking the initiative and for your noble work.

With respect.

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Training Our PSAs By Leading, Rather Than By Pushing in Miscellaneous #Getting Started #PSA

28 days ago

Hi Isaac!

You recently in SFI. And wait a lot to understand, have your own opinion, were able to share it on the Forum.

This valuable quality-not to remain silent, indifferent. I good envy your sponsor and sponsor.

It is useless to push, throw up, and even more so to berate his subordinates.

Need to seek facts, personal example, bring them to take the right decision.

Yes, we need educational, psychological approaches, skills and much more. I wish you continue your training, development, observation to achieve success.

I wish you create an active command, profitable business.

Good luck. With respect.

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There Can Be An Easier Road To The Top!!! in Inspiration/Testimonials #Getting Started

about 1 month ago

Hello, dear Bruse!

There is no ready-made recipes for every occasion in our life. We choose their way means to reach the top.

Straight, pillar of the road does not exist. Therefore, the experience of others who already have achievements, has no price.

Your post Bruce as always wise, enlightening, that can be easily read and enjoy. Next to such as you and myself getting better.

A clear confirmation of this are wonderful posts of our colleagues. Indeed, the Forum is a rainbow our opinions, attitudes.

Thank you, thank you all for sharing.

With respect.

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Goodbye Class Cash, Hello Smart Start! in SFI News #Getting Started #Marketing #Team Building

about 1 month ago


How do we collect all the information has been difficult materials to help brand new.

Has had, according to explain what is VP, TCredits, Rewardicals.

How does now all laid out on the shelves. Bury and learn. Use, create your business much faster.

Thank you President Geri!

You can always use something new, very useful for the growth and progress of the company and its affiliates.

Good luck on this good way you and your team!

With respect.

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taking the bull by the horn in Inspiration/Testimonials #Leadership #Team Building

3 months ago

Dear Gabriel!

Sure, as you have such a team member is the dream of every leader.

God always brings together those who need suddenly.

Napoleon knew that does. And the bull must be taken for two horns, so it does not break free.

Go ahead and not look. I once again congratulate you on joining the excellent company, SFI Forum.

I'm glad you've become EA.

Good luck in everything.

With respect.

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What is going on with the coop's? in Suggestion Box #PSA

3 months ago

Dear Eldon!

I bow to your experience. Like you, we should be proud of, contribute to the development of your business.

To avoid any problems. The more incomprehensible why you don't get their PSA and Coop is empty.

With your permission, I would like to make a suggestion.

Maybe this is due to new program Opti-Build? You are a participant of this program?

In any case, all normal. I wish you the best of luck in everything.

Have a good rest.

With respect.

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Why You Are Afraid Of The Forum? Find Out Now! in Getting Started #Getting Started #Team Building

3 months ago

Hi Bruce!
In your words directly reflect the wisdom. Wisdom comes with age.

Why you need it, if you don't do with your neighbour?
To keep their knowledge, wisdom, not to share with anyone, do not apply in practice it amounts to their absence.

In the first period and I had problems with the entrance to the Forum.
Not because it was not their opinions, or have nothing to say, but because they are not well studied the forum rules.

So much so, that one colleague complained about me supposedly moderator write all equally good.
I was cleared, and the colleague disappeared somewhere.

I want therefore to express my gratitude to the moderator for your patience, for your peace of mind, for the explanation of our misses in the first stages of publication of those posts.

Bruce, if not you, if you do not like you guru, wise life experience, who can bring in young people, will help to create their businesses, and thus contribute to the further development of SFI?

Thanks for the post, for science, for what you are!

With respect.

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$6 Lead Turns Into Millions of Dollars in Sales - Part 1 in Team Building #Getting Started #Marketing #Team Building

3 months ago

Hi Leon!

You're really the actual our leader, with whom it is possible to take the sample, use the experience of how to do business.

We always look forward to your new messages. With your permission.

I am sending this post to its affiliates.

Thank you. With respect.

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What is ETL in VersaPoints #CSA #ECA #Marketing

3 months ago

Dear colleagues!

We with you is not the first time we meet at the forum such questions.

About deciphering the meaning of abbreviated letters.

Glossary, Sitemap and other explanations don't help.

Really would have helped us alphabetical Dictionary of abbreviations. Especially taste.

Maybe we tackle this thing? Help to make the dictionary? He will not let anyone?

Colleagues give your opinion.

With respect.

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Do we no longer get VP for auction bids and EZ games? in VersaPoints #Eager Zebra #Pricebenders #VersaPoints

3 months ago

Thank all who responded to my request.

I'll use your help. I don't know that I will turn on.

But I realised one thing in SFI-if you need assistance, the Council-you get, even from the President himself.

Thanks Gary!

Your concern, support affiliates inspires, gives new force to achieve height.

With respect.

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Do we no longer get VP for auction bids and EZ games? in VersaPoints #Eager Zebra #Pricebenders #VersaPoints

3 months ago


What more innovative is Rewardical-this is undoubtedly so.

However, in order to recruit up to 20 VP to participate in daily Daily Grand, where and how to get missing 8-10 VP through 3.3 for each token?

Please tell us your opinion. Thanks for any response.

With respect.

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Posting tip -- Negativity is not a good thing in Ask Gery #Marketing

4 months ago

Hi Eugene!

Our President, Gery, like never before, today needs support. And not just wise words on the Forum, but also practically.

Their personal actions we must: advocate and improve advertising, the word about SFI and Triple Clicks show all available media to intensify work with PSA-duplication and sponsorship, to teach beginners, increase sales.

Without the support of all our branches initiated global events-Localvantia, Rewardical cannot be effectively and quickly operate and are implemented.

Because our competitors also do not sleep. Skeptics and pessimists still missing. Stupid people seem smart, while he remains silent. You do not need to listen to them.

But you cannot ignore the need to patiently and explain his program. Our President needs real and concrete support, we have to show everyone what we are a friendly, close-knit family.

To Gery, his Administration can continue its work and to achieve the goal. Good luck wish you all who honestly and with full force working on the prosperity of our company.

Thank you Eugene for the kind words.

With respect.

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Sales in Getting Started #Getting Started #Sales #TripleClicks

4 months ago

Hi, Justin!

Your question is about to exercise charity.

Not everyone can afford it. Sell free products!

There are many options. Beginning with the dispatch of the goods at the address of the needy, before setting up shop in ENA SFI, in place of residence with a purely symbolic prices, cheap.

You can propose a sale of Second Hand. your act-testimony of your nobility.

Don't believe and don't listen to pessimists and bureaucrats. Mother Teresa helped weak not for money.

Let it be the benefit is nice one who begot and reared such a son!

Let the blooming land on which you tread!

I wish you good luck in everything.

Sincerely, your sponsor.

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Looking for advices!! in Team Building #CSA #PSA #Sponsor

4 months ago

Dear Zumrud!

Here's a good example from Zhumagul, your sponsor!

It is only half a year at the company, and all dear, gives advice, helps as you can.

Be active themselves sustained. Show off your achievements, activity.

Get your PSA by personal example. As recommended by the authors and the streak of bad luck will definitely pass.

I wish you don't lose heart, take yourself in hand and attack. You have a lot of work ahead.

Good luck in everything.

With respect.

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Wow! - I'm EXCITED about the NEW Changes at SFI, Lets Go! in Miscellaneous

4 months ago

Hello, Salute African-american Sprinters Tommie!

Their outpost you, as always, falling into the eyebrow and eye.

We say that SFI is booming lately. And all.

Specifically, gathered together the facts do not lead. You have filled the gap.

Your post can legitimately show team, especially the young.

Thank you for sharing. Good luck to you in everything.

With respect.

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Business in Getting Started #Marketing #Sales #TripleClicks

4 months ago

Dear Justin!

The Opti-Build our team in February came so much PSA, how many had it not been for the whole of last year.

And each questions. And similar. And everyone wants to quickly get an answer immediately.

It is very happy. So I sent a team for the third post with explanations, including about earnings.

If you have not received, I and you personally will post. I will continue to provide all assistance.

Justin, I am pleased to see you on the Forum. Listen also Council colleagues.

They advise you the same as me, and even more.

You need to learn the basics of SFI, strive to read and apply everything in Launch Pad, at the Forum in the news.

There is everything to do with sales and Triple Clicks.

Wish to see you soon at the top. Good luck.

With respect.

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Three Building Blocks New SFI Affiliates Should Know in Getting Started #Getting Started #Leadership

4 months ago

Hi, Ma!

And thought your wise and noble goals, and doable tips and you raduesh eyes.

For starters your post a good building material.

Thanks for the tip and the path specified. Happy swimming and good luck in your business.

With respect.

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You've Got to Know... in Marketing #Leadership #Marketing #Rewardical

5 months ago

We still do not fully represent all the positive that can give the content of the lesson 62.

But certainly one is our President. The Administration is constantly looking for new tools, ways to grow your business.

Differently and should not be. In stagnant water fish are not usual.

Our task is to think:

the first for each branch to learn, assume leadership this lesson;

The second is to support all forces of the President and the Administration in its efforts;

The third pass his subordinates the content of the lesson.

Business is competition. We cannot be second.

Power in motion forward and upward.

So help you God Geri!

With respect.

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Why I Lost Badge Quest Grand Master? in Miscellaneous #Compensation #TCredits

5 months ago

I think admin's decision was correct.

Everyone who is in the top 200, of course with 1 February will get their Grand master.

This is done to show us that you reached your goal and deserve such a title.

All somehow pay attention to receive 2000 points, rather than on achieving top-200.

Within a month, we could not reach more rank than Grand master.

We have not been able to enter the top 20.

That is why and shows what we have at the end of the month.

With respect.

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E-Card in Marketing #CSA #Marketing #PSA

5 months ago

When you try to send a postcard to your PSA, yesterday and today, that's what answers me Admin:

"Unable to send e-cards: today you have sent email".

No change in the number of deliveries was not.

Still, in one day, one shipment.

All successful.

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New rank badge policy in SFI News #Compensation #Leadership

5 months ago

I always tell my PSA/CSA: do their skills rank right at the beginning of the month, don't wait for the number 10.

Because the sooner you confirm rank, the sooner will get benefits the CSA that will work for you.

Thanks Gary, you heard me!

With respect.

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Admiration for the partner. in Recognition #Leadership #PSA #Team Building

5 months ago

Jill Bronge!

You came into our team of 14 January, and has already become a BTL.

Welcome to our friendly family SFI!

Well as not rejoice this active partner?

We are glad to you, Jill!

Wish to see you close to the best leaders SFI!

(C) respect, with admiration on behalf of the whole team.

Good luck in everything!

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Feasibility Studies for the Project in Marketing #TCredits #Team Building #VersaPoints

5 months ago


Dignity, the advantage of SFI and its Authority over other companies in its accessibility,

patient education offers its members, future successful businessmen.

SFI appreciates always supports and rewards hard-working.

With respect.

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Any chance we can modify promo bids rules in Suggestion Box

5 months ago

Business proposal that could really help beginners.

Thanks Geri for what follows quickly on the Forum keeps a finger on the pulse of SFI.

This response is inspiring and us to be more active, show an example of its PSA.

Support anything that will help advance the company.

With respect.

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How do you get your team members to retain their Team Leader ranks each month? in Team Building #Leadership #PSA #Team Building

5 months ago


In STREAM 27 days earlier I posted the exact same post our President Geri.

Because he liked me. And I am guided.

This post demonstrates and encourages us to optimism, work and do business, duplication, preparation of its five, to promote your business.

Despite the pessimism of individual partners. Wish everyone not to be distracted by individual failures of silent partners.

If they disagree, not able to understand the rules of the SFI, it is their problem.

And we have to work and go their own way.

Good luck wish.

With respect.