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Christoffel Botha J.

South Africa

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Whether earnings depend on just our work or ... in Getting Started #Getting Started #Team Building

5 months ago

Sales are the product of creating value when you master the skill of creating value you shall succeed.

Never give up, learning how to close a sale is only a skill and we can acquire it.

We can make it if we are prepared to take the time in creating value for our team and our potential prospects.

I am not giving up, this is a process and if you want immediate results you are needy, I want money but if we look at the bigger picture it takes time to grow an income we are not working for a salary don't expect the results you get from earning a salary, thus in order to succeed we need to change the way we think in terms of earning an income.

Never give up. learn to master sales.

Kind regards and many blessings

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Rewardicals for Downline in Miscellaneous #Rewardical

5 months ago

Personally, I am of the opinion that you receive Rewardicals for your efforts, it sounds awesome to be able to give it to your downline,

Maybe if we could buy Rewardicals and it is an item like TCredits it would be more beneficial to all and it's not giving away our incentives, I don't see the benefit for the Rewardical program to give it away to be given away rather than buying Rewardicals to give to give them away,

I don't know but my suggestion would be a new item: Rewardical pack for SFI affiliates only.

Kind regards and many blessings

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Feel like giving up . in Miscellaneous #Getting Started

6 months ago

Giving up, yes that thought past my mind several times, but I knew what I was getting into when I decided to become an affiliate marketer. It is not easy for sure. Many people start and many people fail, but it's not about abillities or skills rather than attitude.

Abillities and skills can be aquired if you prepared to learn. There is nothing wrong with this program, but we need to exvept it is not for all. When we look at the facts a small pecentage of affiliates have chosen to succeed in this industry, it is posible to succeed but when it comes to attitude we need to look at it and if our attitude is right wr shall tackle the challenges that prevents us to succeed until we succeed.

Giving up is no option if you have the attitude.

Kind regards and many blessings.

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The Gurus and Experts Told Me That Free Advertising Don't Work... in Marketing #Getting Started #Marketing #Team Building

7 months ago

Effort equals results, no effort no result.

We have gateways and using them and persisting will ultimately promote results.

Well said Tommie, kind regards, and many, many blessings.

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Rewardical Tokens as payment option in Ask Gery #Rewardical #Sales #TripleClicks

7 months ago

Dear Manuel,

Presently, these tokens are earned when you play games, buy something online or buy something from a Localvantia Store.

The challenges that I see with it as a payment option is how do you differentiate between actual sales VP then.

Kind regards and many blessings

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Straight Talk in Inspiration/Testimonials #Compensation #Localvantia #Rewardical

8 months ago

Where do you start when SFI is coursing through your veins, and you are so excited about this, and please forgive for saying this, if you don't feel this way. You are presented with an awesome, incredible low-risk opportunity to grow a second income from your home.

I have one huge problem and that's that some of us don't understand what it means to grow something.
It means you need to take care of it, you nurture it and you do things because you know the outcome of it is growth.

In the short time that I am affiliated to this program I have noticed that people are claiming this is not working for them due to the need of money and when I am talking about the need for money, I am talking about the fact that you need to pay accounts and other expenditures.

Growing takes time, and some are even expecting overnight growth without even a minimum investment. I acknowledge the fact that you can generate income from sales, but without knowledge of the Digital World and how they perceive efforts to get a sale, you find yourself in unfamiliar waters where you need the understanding of how to get a lead and how to convert the lead in order to get the sale.

Believe me, you are very lucky when you get a sale from a gunshot approach, you can try it but it is making you look desperate for sales and money. I have said it before you need to have a relationship with your lead and to earn trust, then you can think in terms of a sale.

When it comes to a traditional business people are spending left, right and center with no complaints about their investment, despite the higher risk involved. It's money for logo's, business cards, stationery, the stock you name it without any complaints despite the risks and since it's traditional business you are entirely on your own, you don't get the support you are the support, you don't get the help. you are the help.I think you get the picture.

Now this is what is so amazing about this program you have awesome support and you can learn skills you lack. I am talking now about LaunchPad, the Internet Income Course, Marketing Aids, Marketing Methods that is designed for beginners and for the guys that can handle the advance, you have Landing Pages (your Gateways), FAQ's and a Libary of Forum post you can access all for free.

When it comes to investment every business has some form of running cost, you are not paying to lease a building to conduct your business from, you don't have to worry about stock or shipping,oh I can name a lot of things, but your only concern is to benefit from all the income streams and that you can achieve with a minimal investment.

I am so proud to be affiliated with this program look the new opportunities, Optibuild, Localvantia, Rewardical and the older ones like CSA Rewards Program, the Tcredits you receive. I want to urge
have a look at the Compensation Plan.

Is it possible to grow something here, yes, Yes, YES!

I am still learning each day and I am learning you can make calculated decisions and patience is the main factor you need take in consideration and there is the time factor but you can definitely grow a second income and build something GREAT!

Kind regards and many, many blessings

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Is recruitment necessary during the first month of membership? in Getting Started #Getting Started #Marketing #Team Building

8 months ago

Dear Mamerto,

Personally, I think if you want to build a team, you decide what is best for your unique circumstances, but to be honest, start as soon as possible since it will promote studying LauchPad and to learn the business.

If you are serious about your business, don't delay since you need know you have to work and learn. This is your business and you need to decide how serious you are to make a success of your business.

Kind regards and many blessings

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How can I manage my own SFI business? in Ask Gery #Compensation #Leadership #Team Building

9 months ago

Dear Gilbert,

This is like chewing a toffee to answer

Firstly, I think if we look at the Affiliate Agreement it's a framework SFI provides for on how to run or conduct our business.

Secondly, if you hired yourself to fire your boss you can't try and control people

Being a true leader should be our focus, lead does not control you set an example for others to follow and it depends on them if it appeals to them or not.

It's difficult at times to lead because sometimes it takes a long time for others to follow, but when there is trust they shall follow your example.

Kind regards and many blessings

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If I don't have money to buy product I can't make it in SFI? in Miscellaneous #Compensation

9 months ago

Dear Jan,

You may quote anyone, and I have noted great contributions with regards to this post.

I also want to say I like the notion that when we signed up for the program we actually hired ourselves. It gives me the feeling of taking ownership of our businesses.

I am learning also a lot from this post and when individuals brainstorm ideas you get a bigger picture of the topic at hand and it promotes learning the Forum and FAQ's has an awesome library of topics for us and LaunchPad has the information we need to get started.

Kind regards and many, many blessings

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If I don't have money to buy product I can't make it in SFI? in Miscellaneous #Compensation

9 months ago

Dear Ester,

I know you can make it

If you don't have money the only investment is time, but I do want to emphasise time is also your challenge or problem.

When I started off I was not into social media I had to start from scratch. We tend to think that the digital world is different from the physical world, but we need to look at the similarities between the physical and the digital world and that's where most of us fail big time because we want to sell and introduce things to complete strangers with no affinity.

We need to work on relationships because we are dealing with people, after all, there is a person behind the laptop, or the tablet or the smartphone. And digital relationships needs extra work to gain trust and when you have accomplished trust amongst your followers (New relationships or friends) and this takes time.

As soon as there is trust you can move on to sales and introducing opportunities, but don't rush things to push sales and opportunities.

Focus on learning all about the Rewardical Program, the RECA Program and explore the marketing aids and methods so that you work within the framework SFI provides.

And the most important thing that you need to do is not to give up, this is really an incredible opportunity with great potential, persist until you succeed.

Kind regards and many, many blessings.

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Getting them clicking and keeping them going in Suggestion Box #Getting Started #TripleClicks

9 months ago

Dear Scott,

I am not going to tell you to go jump in the lake

Sometimes I look at my team and the factors playing a role in the way they conduct their business. Somethings not even the greatest computer programmer cannot write a program for and what I have discovered is times are tuff for some due to their financial circumstances and this leads to jumping from pond to pond to get their hands on the money and others feel they do not want to read etc.

With all respect sometimes wonder if we who start off with this business understand that we have a responsibility to our own business and we need to ask ourselves what is that responsibility. There are marketing aids and we have gateways we need to use these things responsibly to get exposure.

I don't think it's a problem with the program and I am of opinion that some of us expect so much from SFI and forgive me if is the wrong place to vent my opinion, but what are we prepared to do make a success of the program?

I not arguing the fact that you have mentioned maybe so growing pains with all that is going on and that certain things can change, but my question is what are we doing to expose, and what is our responsibility to expose our business and to build on this awesome platform?

Afterall we are owners of our own business and we are not employed by SFI and I am just want to leave the question how serious are we to make a success of even a small thing eg, the Win and Spin if we read and we want the VP success is in our reach, but not all of us is into reading.

Once again I want to humbly request that you can see where I am coming from and hope that it would be received with some understanding.

Kind regards and many, many blessings

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Big Picture Thinking in Team Building #Leadership #Team Building

9 months ago

Our decisions determine certain results.

I don't know exactly who said it: "Aim Low and you will definitely hit it, aim high and miss, you shall still end up with the stars"

What you may gain today, may not be there tomorrow to gain, focus on the big picture, but don't make the mistake in small decisions that lead nowhere.

Risks are many but it depends on your decisions and if you make low-risk decisions you are not in danger of losing anything.

This program is seriously not involving high risk, it's an incredible opportunity and if you make uneducated decisions you
are the only one to blame,

There is nothing wrong with taking calculated risks if you have the means to back it, but being foolish or hasty is not part of the "Bigger Picture" and you can definitely improve the quality of life when you are able to see the "Bigger Picture".

Decisions should be based on the knowledge that you have and I believe if we can educate ourselves by reading and searching for answers, to take some risk is part of life otherwise it would be very boring.

Kind regards and many blessings.

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Motivated by Class Contest in Miscellaneous #Contests #PSA

9 months ago

Dear Edmund,

I believe we all are focusing on building a team, our dreams to become a Diamond Team Leader.

If my focus was only on building a team I think I would not have been here anymore. This is a beautiful platform to launch a business from but we are sometimes not thinking anything else except on building a team.

Sadly, I have seen many affiliates come and go because they want that dream team and we know that it takes time, it's not an overnight event and patients need to be executed to get there. Not everybody finds it appealing to dream of a team and they want results as soon as possible.

The class contest has taught me one thing and that is although I am still also wanting to climb the ranks, I am still an individual and my affiliation with SFI has made me the owner of an online business. I am performing out of my own free will to be a champion, and in doing so I have discovered the acknowledgment may be great, but it has groomed me to take my business serious and to take this program seriously.

I like to ask my team where else are you going to get this incredible opportunity, low risk, and high rewards it's better than all the risks involved in a traditional business, your initial investment depends on yourself since the program is free, and you are not alone, there is a forum to get help and you engage with other affiliates. it's my second year in SFI and now I am starting to learn more about this awesome opportunity.

Kind regards and many blessings.

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When is a PSA officially a PSA ? in Suggestion Box #Leadership #PSA

9 months ago

I believe that a soon as you sign up you are officially an affiliate and as soon as you assigned to a Sponsor you are officially a PSA or when you assigned to a Co-sponsor a CSA.

It's like the question: " what was first the chicken or the egg?"

Kind regards and many blessings.

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Growth in Team Building #Getting Started #Team Building

10 months ago

Dear Melissa,

There is a counter showing how many of us thanked, congratulate and agreed with a thread or post. If you want anything more, I don't think it's fair to expect anything more, rather post and engage with the thread, but do what appeals to you.

If you only want to congratulate or agree you do that but if you want to share something valuable do that.

a2a has benefits you just need to get the right people who are serious and like-minded like you and it works to have friends that extend a helping hand with advice on approaching certain challenges.

Kind regards and many blessings

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Thank you so much sfimg... in Compensation #Auto-Delivery #Getting Started

10 months ago

Dear Boukadoum,

Beautifull testimony, SFI is one of a kind and it's the real deal.

You need to persist in order to succeed.

Kind regards and many blessings

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The point value of higher streak is same with min streak. in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra #TripleClicks

10 months ago

I don't have the answer to your question, the only explanation to offer at this stage is that every game has rules and there must be some explanation and looking at it logically maybe it's because you may play it for free without spending a TCredit.

Kind regards and many blessings

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Is it only me or are there others also? in South Africa #Auto-Delivery

10 months ago

Dear Christo,

I am still using Capitec via PayPal with no problems at all.

Kind regards and many blessings

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PSAs who are inactive in Team Building #PSA

10 months ago

Dear Benjamin,

There are several threads in this regards that you may revisit.

There are a lot of factors that contribute to people being inactive, but SFI is offering much more these days to assist people in growing a second income and creating good content regarding new developments is one way to go.

Being consistent in your efforts will also pay off, but we can't push people active and we need to offer value and in doing so, but to force someone with content that does not offer value. Sometimes you get a Lazarus effect that feels you have risen somebody from the dead and wow that is rewarding.

My best tip never to give up on anybody, be there to help when they are approaching you.

Keep on building my friend, kind regards and many blessings

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Thank You For 5 Years Anniversary in Recognition

10 months ago

Dear Monique,

Congratulations, great accomplishment and proud of you and the zest you have for SFI.

Kind regards and many, many blessings.

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Can Rewardicals Tokens be used to renew BCQ? in Miscellaneous

10 months ago

You exchange Rewrdicals for TC Gift certificates but a minimum of $5 dollars is required.

You exchange it for Bitcoin a minimum of $25 dollars is required but the read https://www.sfimg.com/LaunchPad/Lesson?id=36&referrer=search there is no mention of anything else except "orders"

Kind regards and many blessings

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Can Rewardicals Tokens be used to renew BCQ? in Miscellaneous

10 months ago

Dear Raymond,
You can read here https://www.sfimg.com/LaunchPad/Lesson?id=36&referrer=search

Focus on "Being Booster Club Qualified means you have placed one or more orders with a minimum of 1500 VP for the current month AND also in the previous month."

Kind regards and many blessings

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Can Rewardicals Tokens be used to renew BCQ? in Miscellaneous

10 months ago

No, only an order of 1500VP.
Kind regards and many blessings

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Why Extra Free VP's Are A Problem in Miscellaneous #Compensation #Team Building #VersaPoints

10 months ago

Dear Phill,

I think we need to look at what we are getting out of the affiliate program and share what we get out of it. We need to educate ourselves with what we are getting and I hope that we can help people to look at what they are getting.

I am not good at maths but, SFI is a business, we do not work for SFI, we are working for ourselves.

When it comes to more free VP, as a business then I believe we business owners need to invest more to get more.

SFI ain't stingy, they are giving away a lot of prizes, as a business, they also need to show a profit to survive.

When you think logically that a business has created a platform for us to conduct our own online business if they did not survive and showed some profit, would we have the platform at our disposal today?

I think one hand needs to wash the other hand so that both can become clean, Localvantia and ZIng are new features added to our advantage, my motto work for your VP and stop complaining,

If you look at all our benefits being affiliated with SFI, I am asking seriously what more do you want.

I am not claiming for everything to be perfect, but there is a great effort to uplift communities, and if we can compare our efforts, eg what do we do tot VP for free?

Do we read the newsletters and spot the spin and win, do we spend a Tcredit on a game or do we want everything free? When we win VP is that the only thing that motivates us to grow our own business?

We prepared to spend on a traditional business and look at what we are spending here and its low risk, and many traditional businesses fail

I am happy with recent developments and it opens many doorways to attain your VP, If we are serious about our business we shall start working for our VP.

Kind regards and many blessings.

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Great opportunity. in Getting Started #Getting Started #PSA

10 months ago

Dear James,

Indeed a great testimony of an awesome opportunity and great sponsorship.

There are great opportunities within SFI, myself I seriously don't know where I would have been without this great affiliate program.

Even in tough times, there is hope and SFI gave me something that not even money can buy and that is a purpose and to be of service.

I am proud of you and you have an awesome sponsor build on that relationship and I am really humbled by the qualities of your sponsor When it comes to sponsorship we need to be more than just a name: and I am applauding your accomplishment as well as applauding a sponsor for being an awesome sponsor.

May you have the courage to persist and enjoy this awesome affiliation. Great job, I see great potential and I know you are going to grow a second and build your online business.

Welcome to the family, we are happy to have you here and I believe there will be a lot of success stories that you shall share with us, I am excited.

Kind regards and many, many blessing, never give up!