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wisdom E.


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i suggest, if t-credit is converted to cash it will be helpful in Getting Started #Leadership #Rewardical #Sponsor

1 day ago

Goodevening family,

I really want to use this medium to thank sir Gery,The president of this great platform,he has worked earnestly to make sure everybody on this platform really make it to the top.with the objective of eradicating absolute poverty and the problem of sufficient fund, whereby improving every individuals standard of living generally,thanks to you and your team who has put so much time and work to make SFI a reality.
on the other hand, i would like to make a suggestion based on how to spend T-CREDIT in other words make it as means of payment to our commission bill board ,i have come to realize recently, that t-credit has more working values than Rewardical-token, and people on this platform can"t get to bid and win without t-credit,so it has become a necessity for everyone to have it, whether its been won or purchased,with a lot of prove and to what i have seen, i can boldly testify,that t-credit has been very helpful to many individuals here,thanks to sir Gery on that.

Now my suggestion is : since T-CREDIT has more value than redwardical-tokens and it can be used to purchase items on triple-clicks and ECA stores ,then could be another big opportunity, if it can be use as another means of payment,whereby any affiliate could have the ability of converting it into cash, depends on their choices,i think if this is been put into consideration, it would be of help to a lot of sfi'ers here.

ATTENTION!To my upline leaders i want to ask a question.
what's your suggestion on this topic?

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WHAT DOES THIS REALLY MEANS in Getting Started #Leadership #Rewardical

7 days ago

Thanks alot to every one who contributed to this question.
But Sead Š. your point was really clear and comprehensive
I really appreciate you'all.

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WHAT DOES THIS REALLY MEANS in Getting Started #Leadership #Rewardical

7 days ago

Hello big family,

Please can someone help to explain this in further details to me ,
Because i don't seems to understand what it means.

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Suggestion using Bitcoins as one of the Payment Options for Commissions. in Suggestion Box #Compensation #Leadership #Rewardical

21 days ago

Hello everyone,
there's this thing that has been bordering me for the past three month in which I suggest, it would be helpful if I share to you'all "SFI'ers, and to the president of this great platform". who believe on bitcoin trading and more.

On the other hand Rewardical platform has been made available for all SFI'ers to redeem their token for their various desire as listed including bitcoin,click here to see what am talking about www.rewardical.com/Exchange.

It a great idea, but I feel it that is not enough. To me, I love trading with bitcoin and more, because it generate enough income for me and for my business aboard, especially when it hit on a high market scale. I get to trade it on a high amount of money.

Now my suggestion is, there are many SFI'ers who would want to use their monthly omissions in purchase of bitcoin like me, in which the provision has not been set yet or dreamt of, and I believe adding this to this great platform it will be of great value to those who believe in bitcoin trading as an individual who wish to increase his/her earning strength.

It doesn't end there, if we could also have another means of selling bitcoin on TripleClicks on store, and also have it on auction where SFI'ers with high value TCredit from 150 and above can bid and win. I suggest it would be so helpful.

Note: don't get me wrong, this is only a suggestion,and if you have anything to say concerning this topic you are free to share, Thank you.

Wisdom Essien.

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Introducing...Direct Cash Redemptions for Rewardicals! in SFI News #Rewardical

22 days ago


What a brilliant idea.......

Me and my team are so proud of you sir Gery...

Concerning the change you've been making on this great platform not for anything, but for the benefit of everyone.
I must say,i've not seen your kind before,your ideas are spectaculously genius.

Ones again congratulate to you.

Wisdom Essien.

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Work in Nigeria #PSA

26 days ago

Sanusi A.

the question is what do you think?
do you think SFI is really what the think it is.
because it is only because when you are convince this platform is really,that is when you can convince others,thanks.

Wisdom Essien.

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SFI as Social Media? in Ask Gery #Leadership #Marketing #Sales

29 days ago

Efrosina D.
I come in agreement with your point,having a social media on SFI will be a very useful tools for marketers and promoters like us,it helps enhance our skills in getting more sales,unlike Facebook,twitter,Instagram,link-in and other social media network,that doesn't allows marketers like us to promote thing on SFI in there platform,i have tried it several times and they keep blocking it......pls the Idea of having a personal social media for all sfiers and other affiliate who wishes to join this great business opportunity is a good Idea,with will be lot of fun and i cant wait.

merry christmas to all of you.

quote=1580713]THIS IS GREAT IDEA HAVING SOCIAL MEDIA IN SFI. For Example it can be very useful making group work in our Team building successful work, to initiate more interactions of inactive Affiliates & make advancing, growing work results...This may be very useful tool for successful working line...

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6-month comp plan review and adjustments in SFI News #Compensation #Team Building

2 months ago

wow ,
This is a genius Idea ,I am very certain that this will really help us a lot, especially to us who have been into this business for a long long time, thumbs up to you sir Grey,you are always on our side, am impress with this.

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Help on redeeming newbie versapoint in Nigeria #VersaPoints

4 months ago

Nice question!
The only way you can redeem it is by advancing your rank to executives affiliate( EA), and getting the rank of an (EA) you have to accumulate up to 1500 versa point (VP) before the 30th or 31st of the month, and all the VP and CSA will automatically be awarded to you.
And after it has been added to you , if you want to be sure it has been added to you, can find it on your genealogy list .

Note: if you want to quickly get up to 1500 vp before the month ends, you can always purchase a 125 Tcredit pack on tripleclick store which cost about 45$ which am not too certain, but it will be within the range of 43$ or 45$, which automatically gives you 1500vp .

Note: I might not be able to refer you to a link where you can find the things i mention , because i am replying this text via my mobile phone.
Goodluck ,
Wisdom Essien .

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Payment with Naira (Mastercard) turned down. in Nigeria

4 months ago

Hello Mba ,
Please make sure you visit your bank to clarify the error , if not, it wont work.
At your bank , you need to approve your master card for an online international transaction, if that wont be so easy for you, you choose an option of signing up on paypal , then you go to your bank for them to enable you link your master card to your paypal account, so you can carryonut any transaction you need to carry out on tripleclick smoothly and easy.

I hope this answers your question
Wisdom Essien.

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Chat room in Suggestion Box

4 months ago

Dear Helena,
You've said it all , i really love this suggestion its a nice one, i think this will really help alot of sponsor also the newly registered affiliate alot.
Bravo!, you nailed it. And i love it, because is gonna help me work better😍😍😍😍.

Best regard .

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Guestion in Nigeria #Auto-Delivery #PSA #VersaPoints

4 months ago

Hello Gwar,
To my own idea and what i think Versa Point (VP) is
1.Its a point awarded to you when performing certain task on SFI homepage that is turning the red tab to green.
2.Its a point which tells or shows you the level of your growth on SFI ,weather you're improving in your business or not.
3.Its a point which all sfi'ers must accumulate in other to achieve their goals.
4.Its a point which your personal sponsor affiliate (PSA) must also accumulate in other to generate income for you.
5. Its a point which determine your ranking on sfi ,your commitment and more.

I hope this answers your question,if not still convince your can read more via this link www.sfimg.com/LaunchPad/Lesson?id=26&referrer=search

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Commission payment using Payoneer Cash Card in Compensation #Compensation

4 months ago

i am having this same issue
please Grey what should we do.

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Commission payment using Payoneer Cash Card in Compensation #Compensation

4 months ago

Thierry S.
Same thing here,i have join this platform for about 2years now,striving so hard to stay active and also build my team,but the surprising thing there is that, i get my monthly commission,but can't get my pay,okay ,i sign up for payoneer master card which am yet to receive my mastercard uptill date ,because of that i had to make a change to my commission payment,which i chose ,check mail as my next option of payment,believe me till date i haven't receive any mail concerning my pay,the funniest thing there is that when i refer to SFI support team ,they told me is gonna take another 6 to 8 weeks before i can receive,that the mail has been sent since on Monday ,but its only few individuals that has received it,but to those who haven't receive, they will have to wait for another 6 to 8 weeks,which is so discouraging.
Hello Gery,
what do you have to say concerning this issue.

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I am so happy that I joined this program SFI! in Western Africa #Auto-Delivery #Eager Zebra #TripleClicks

4 months ago

Joy c.
It a pleasure having you here,
and we hope to work with you as a team
stay happy and have fun building your business to your own taste.

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SFI Doer Coin (round TUIT) in Astro Auctions #Astro Auctions

5 months ago

galina ,
i cant really explain
but i am sure it could be somethings that will benefit the sfi'ers .
probably Grey might likely explain this better to us.

best regard
Wisdom Essien.

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what can we do to keep PSA and CSA active in Team Building #Leadership #Sponsor #Team Building

5 months ago

What do we do to help an inactive PSA and CSA to get active,is it advisable to assign them under an active affiliate who has the rank of an EA,or leave them the way they are and keep sending in weekly newsletter to all of them,or ignore them and face the active ones,please i do need an helpful tip about this questions.

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Embark into New Month in Grand Style! in Western Africa #Rewardical #TCredits

6 months ago

Congrat for your winning, and happy new month to you as well😊😊

Wisdom Essien👍

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Delivery system of TripleClicks to Nigerians in Nigeria #TripleClicks

10 months ago

Hello Ibibie,
How you can purchase a product from tripple click is very easy, and how to get it to your destination is also an easy processing,what you have to do before purchasing any product from tripple click, is to first of all read the instruction,if the product can be delivered internationally or within US / CANADA,if the product can be delivered internationally you can purchase it,and then fill in your address destination with your postal code,for instance am a Nigerian and I am purchasing a product from tripple click and I based in Lagos here in Nigeria,all I need is my address and the postal code of where I am ,so they can ship the product to the nearest post office close to me ,where I can pick it up,now this is how to do the filling .

Address : (removed per SFI Rules and Regulations)
Remember you be ask if you are within us/Canada ignore and fill in NONE
Next, postal code:, the postal code for Lagos island is 101001.
And make sure you fill in your current tell phone number with the country code which is +123
Then you fill in your email
And click summit
After is been summited and is been confirmed successful ,you will receive a tracking code from tripple click in your SFI inbox or email, so as soon as you product get to the nearest post office within your location you will receive a call for you to come and pick it up,I hope this help you.

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We can do this ONLY if we want to and work on it! in Team Building #Team Building

10 months ago

Jay for your achievement, it a nice to things to feel fulfilling.

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facebook promote in Western Africa #Rewardical #Sales #TCredits

10 months ago

joining a group or page on Facebook,as a result of posting this collection, Facebook don't allow it,how do we go about it,cause they have block me several times without number,i cant even post on my timeline anymore cause the link has been block by Facebook.

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MRP Exchange for Rewardicals in Ask Gery #Rewardical #TripleClicks #VersaPoints

11 months ago

Is there no link we can use to exchange the MRP to rewardical point