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Quantum prize query in Ask Gery

14 hours ago

Hi Nouta,

In your post, you have given the reason why the prize is quantum. Basically quantum means small and elusive. As posted by Gery, it is one of the rarer ones to win." It is not won too often. Thus the name Quantum fits this prize because it is elusive and difficult to win.

Good luck with your business!

Wheels up!
Ron Pate

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Business photo in Marketing #Localvantia

5 days ago

Hi Fearnot,

You wrote that your shop is in your home. Most of your customers probably know to buy at your shop because they live there.

To attract more business you can have a shop name sign made that can be posted on the front of your house. Hopefully, that sign can also be used as a business photo.

I hope this helps. Good luck with your next Localvantia proposal.

Wheels up!
Ron Pate

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Astro Auction Search Box in Astro Auctions #Astro Auctions

6 days ago

Hi Bing,

Better late than never...congratulations on qualifying as a DTL. For your question, I use 1 TCredit for each Constellation Prize. This works for me because I have been satisfied with the ROI.

All the best with your pending DTL requalification.

Wheels up!
Ron Pate

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Gift Certificate Rejected as Partial Payment for Auto-Delivery in Sales #Auto-Delivery #Sales #TripleClicks

6 days ago

Hi Manuel,

For the reasons posted Affiliate Account Balance and Member Sales Account cannot be used for Auto-Delivery but can be used, instead of a credit card or PayPal, for one-time purchases.

Good luck with your business!

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Ron Pate

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Less Than One Dollar in Miscellaneous

9 days ago

Hi Navanithe,

Commissions fluctuate because that is the nature of our businesses. It is not Gery's doing. It is up to us as innovative businessmen and woman to correct what we feel is "demotivating" us.

Recruiting PSAs, CSAs, and PRMs is not easy. There is no guarantee if we buy them through a package or win them that they will be active.

What I do know is that it is up to me to come up with ways to increase my commissions by including advertising and selling products in my attempts to recruit new members.

Remember you are not alone. We are all in the same boat. With more effort and different ideas from you, things will improve.

Good luck with your business!

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Ron Pate

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Help in Getting Started #VersaPoints

9 days ago

Hi Rachidi,

If you want fast buy a 125 TCredit Pack that includes 1500 Versa Points and 32 Rewardical Tokens.

I would also suggest you first read this Launchpad Lesson. www.sfimg.com/launchpad/lesson?id=18

There is no fast and easy way, but there is a steady and consistent way to get what you want from SFI. You have been in business since May 27, 2018. Continue working hard and you will be successful.

The key to SFI wealth is to accumulate VPs for rank, selling through TripleClicks.com and Rewardical.com and sponsor affiliates, showing them how to duplicate your own efforts.

If you try to speed through the "SFI process" you will probably become disillusioned and not enjoy your business.

Good luck with your business!

Wheels up!
Ron Pate

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UBER PICKS FIFA EUROPE in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra

9 days ago

Hi Martin,

I am not a big football fan and have not participated in Uber Picks. I am only guessing since the EPL season has started that means there are schedules and games to play that can be accessed for Uber scoring.

Since FE does not start for two weeks it might be necessary, in order to have an even and fair playing field, that all Uber Pickers might have to wait for FE to start their season too.

I guess the only way to truly know is to make some picks and see.

Good luck during the football season and with your business.

Wheels up!
Ron Pate

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Compare the Pair in Astro Auctions #Astro Auctions

9 days ago

Hi Gliceria,

Thank you for the well thought out and well-written comparison of AA and PB. You showed that we definitely can get more bang for our TCredits with AA than with PB.

Sead's post also suggested that all the big PB TCredit hoarders are probably concentrating on AA. If this is true it should allow those of us who do not have an 'infinite' supply of TCredits to be more successful bidding on PB.

Also, if AA introduces electronics, etc. the wave will probably shift even more to AA.

All we can do for now is follow the SFI News, the Forum, and bid our TCredits reasonably on either AA, PB or both and hope for the best. Time will tell.

Good luck with your business!

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Ron Pate

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5 x Rocket Box in Pricebenders #Astro Auctions

11 days ago

Hi Zoran,

This was addressed in an earlier post today. As far as I know, there is a solution. This earlier thread might be able to give you more information.


I hope this helps you with your problem. Good luck with your business!

Wheels up!
Ron Pate

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Astro Auction highest bid in Astro Auctions #Astro Auctions

12 days ago

Hi Zuhair,

To many of us Affiliates, AA is still a learning process. From what I have learned and still learning is that whatever your bid some Affiliate had a higher bid.

An example is if you had a bid of 300 TCredits and another Affiliate had a bid of 400 TCredits they win the bid by 1 TCredit.

To win it the winner only needed to outbid you buy 1 more TCredit. (301) That is why the difference was only one. (1).

That is my simple way of understanding AA biding. Good luck with your business.

Wheels up!
Ron Pate

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What does it take o maintain a guru badge? in Miscellaneous #Pricebenders #Team Building

17 days ago

Hi Caleb,

I can only write for myself and let you know that being an SFI Forum Guru is not promised to anyone. I have been where you are. Do not get discouraged and despair because you lost your Guru Badge. The moderators saw your potential and awarded it to you. Consider it an honor that you were able to achieve such an honor within your first five months of affiliation with SFI.

Follow Tall Ship's posted advice and you will soon achieve it again. Consider that it does take experience and knowledge which only comes with constant reading, participating actively in the Forum every day and research.

I hope soon to see Forum Guru after your rank. Good luck with your business!

Wheels up!
Ron Pate

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Re-assigned PSAs and commissions? in Team Building #Compensation #PSA #Sponsor

17 days ago

Hi George,

This may help you.


When you reassign a CSA to someone in your group, the CSA will no longer appear in your Genealogy (they will instead appear in the Genealogy of the person you reassigned them to). Similarly, when you reassign a CSA to someone, you're also transferring any commissions that CSA currently generates for you to the person you're reassigning them to.

The way I understand it is that the operative word is"currently" To me that means immediately and not at the end of the month.

Let's see what others have to contribute. All the best with your business!

Wheels up!
Ron Pate

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Request for ther payment methods in Sales #Marketing #Sales #TripleClicks

17 days ago

Hi Timan,

Maybe this will help you.

Marketing > ... > Buying SFI Using Western Union

Buying SFI Using Western Union
Easy tips for purchasing SFI products outside the U.S. without a credit card
By Anthony J. Namata,
SFI accepts credit cards issued in nearly every country in the world, but what do you do if you, your team members, or TC members living outside the U.S., want to purchase SFI products from the SFI Affiliate Store, but don't HAVE a credit card?

One answer: use Western Union via SFI's PayByCash option!

For your convenience, we'll outline the instructions in three easy-to-follow steps. For Affiliates, this option makes becoming an Executive Affiliate (EA) with SFI—regardless of your geographical location—easier than ever. Best of all, you can PAY in YOUR local currency!

NOTE: Just so you know, I live in Tanzania, so I’m actually talking from experience in this article. Also, keep in mind that orders for products prohibited for shipment by your specific country's customs laws cannot be processed.

A Little Bit On SFI's Global Order Acceptance

SFI accepts PayPal, credit cards, and many other payment methods for product orders from affiliates and customers in the countries listed HERE. If your country is not listed on that page or you or your team members don't have a credit card, you can choose Western Union.
Three Simple Steps

Make sure you have included your address in your account information section at the TripleClicks My Account section.


Proceed through the checkout process of ordering your product at TripleClicks.com as usual. NOTE: An IAHBE membership is a great way to go EA for international affiliates, and there are no shipping costs involved.

Be sure to select PayByCash in the "Choose A Payment Method" section of the checkout process, as that is what will take you to the PayByCash payment processing Web page, where you can select Western Union. Review your Order Summary, review and agree to the TripleClicks Terms & Conditions, and click the Place My Order button.

You'll now see this page with the following reminder about PayByCash:

PayByCash will notify SFI once they have confirmed receipt of payment for your order. Note that this process could take up to 10 business days. SFI can not post the order OR SVP to your account, until we receive confirmation that payment has been received at PayByCash. Once we receive confirmation, your order and SVP will be posted to your account immediately.

Click the Send Order to PayByCash button to advance to the PayByCash site.


1. You should now be on the PayByCash site. Confirm that your account name, price, and country are accurate as listed here.

2. Select Western Union QuickPay as your payment option and click Continue.

3. Review the information listed here (your address, name, etc.) to make sure it's accurate. Click Continue.

4. PRINT this next page. It's your guide to filling out your Western Union QuickPay/Payment Services forms correctly, and it has the total amount payable, including the PayByCash processing fee (usually $4 USD).

NOTE: In Tanzania (and perhaps other countries) Western Union no longer offers the QUICK PAY forms. However, they DO have its equivalent Payment Services forms. Show your local Western Union office the printed sample, and they should be able to advise you what’s applicable in YOUR country.


At your local Western Union office, ask for one of their QuickPay/Payment Services forms and fill in the fields correctly using the printed guides you generated earlier from the instructions above. You may notice, depending on the country you're in, the forms differ slightly. We'll address that issue in a moment.

NOTE: if you are paying for IAHBE, and Western Union asks you WHAT you are paying for, explain that it's for education you're receiving through the Internet. You can pay in local currency; however, you must enter the U.S. dollar amount on the forms. Western Union will convert the USD total into your local currency based on that day's exchange rate.

• Filling Out The Western Union Money Transfer Form:
Where it says...
Company Name: fill in... Internet Payment Solutions, Inc.
Locale/Code City: fill in... BILLINGSERVICES VA
Country: fill in... USA
Account Number: fill in... Your Order ID Number on your PayByCash printout
Reference Number: fill in... Your SFI ID number
The rest is easy. Just copy all the details from the form you printed at the PayByCash site in Step 3. An E-mail notification will be sent to you when your payment has been processed. Your PayByCash™ payment will be processed the same day it is received.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you follow these instructions exactly as outlined above. Otherwise, your money will arrive at PayByCash without the proper instructions describing what the funds are for. The Account and Reference Numbers link the order to YOU!
If you’re based in Tanzania and need assistance, please feel free to contact me. I have a bunch of forms with some of the fields already filled out, if you’re not confident with filling them out yourself.

• Additional Information For Your Reference

It has come to my attention that Western Union in Tanzania, unlike before, no longer issues a printed receipt, and this may well be the case in other parts of the world.

What this means is that, if there is a typo in the reference numbers (such as your SFI ID or the PayByCash Order number), you will have absolutely no way of knowing because you do not have a printed receipt to cross-check with.

HOWEVER, there is a solution...

After completing your transaction at Western Union, you should receive an e-mail from SFI within a few hours confirming your completed transaction and your SVP credit. If you don't receive this e-mail, check your Sales Notifications Report here. If your transaction isn't showing up in the personal purchases section of this report, send the following information (with your own order details added) to PayByCash via their Ask A Question section of their customer service page.

===============Message Begins===============


I have just paid via Western Union in [INSERT YOUR CITY AND COUNTRY], which did not issue a printed receipt. Hence, I have no way of knowing whether my order and reference numbers were entered into the computer correctly. The following are the particulars of my transaction. Please cross-check on your end of this transaction to ensure I am credited accordingly.

Western Union Money Transfer Control Number: [INSERT WU CONTROL #]
PayByCash Order Number: [INSERT PAYBYCASH ORDER #]
SFI ID/Reference Number/Account Name: [INSERT YOUR SFI ID]

Thanks for your assistance.

Yours Sincerely,

===========Message Ends====================


Buying SFI products is usually considered a hassle by affiliates outside the U.S. who do not have credit cards or who live in the few countries from where SFI does not accept credit cards.

But it doesn't have to be—if you use Western Union via online processor PayByCash. This method is just as secure as a credit card, and it's tremendously fast and efficient and not really as complicated as you might think!

Remember, your GROWTH in SFI hinges on YOU, the people you recruit into your team, and a convenient way to purchase products for personal use AND to buy wholesale in order to retail. Thanks to this method, processing your orders and payments should now be an easy matter for you and your team members outside the U.S.

If you have any questions, please contact me. I’d be more than happy to help. And don't forget to refer your international affiliates to this article!

Good luck with this problem and your business.

Wheels up!
Ron Pate

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Gold Streak wrong Answers in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra

20 days ago

Hi from Hong Kong China,

Shaik, Gold Streak can blow your mind. The Gaur is the correct answer because when you get to the questions that require the least popular answer you have to reverse the adjectives. Heaviest changes to lightest. Here is the Gold Streak explanation.

"When you encounter the questions that ask you to pick the LEAST popular answer, it can really mess with your head! But here’s an easy way to deal with it: Just modify the question in your mind to make it read the opposite way. For example, if the question is, “What’s the ugliest animal?”…change it in your mind to “What’s the cutest animal?” Reading it this way out loud will also help. Using these tricks, it’s MUCH easier to choose the correct answer."

It is a challenging game but it is very addictive and can be very rewarding.

All the best with your business!

Wheels up!
Ron Pate

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Setting: Your Mind in Team Building #Leadership #PSA #Sponsor

20 days ago

Hi from Hong Kong, China,

Kingsley, I believe we as sponsors are to work with all affiliates who want a better life. Broke or poor should not be a consideration for SFI or any aspects of life. Who are we to exclude someone who does not have the so-called economic status that does not satisfy our false impressions of their downtrodden plight?

Kingsley, all for one! One for all! Good luck with your business.

Wheels up!
Ron Pate

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Card King Problem in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra #TripleClicks

27 days ago

Hi Mariji,

I do not know about Card King. A few times I have had the same problem with Gold Streak. Not knowing what to do I clicked my back arrow and Card King refreshed with the word "continue game". I did not lose the game but continued with the next question. I did not have to start over.

Good luck with that problem and your business.

Wheels up!
Ron Pate

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Notice given when CSA used to qualify for higher rank, we used to receive mail. in Miscellaneous #CSA

28 days ago

Hi Dakshesh,

I hope I have not misunderstood your post. If you are not receiving mail one way you can find out when your CSAs qualify for a higher rank is by checking your Movers tab. If they log in their rank will display below their picture. This is how I found out 4 of my CSAs have qualified as EAs for the month of July.

All the best with your business.

Wheels up!
Ron Pate

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Thank You SFI Internet Technicians in Miscellaneous

28 days ago

Hello Everyone,

This is a thank you post to the all-inclusive SFI Internet Technicians (ITs). I can assume that Gery and his administrative team initiate SFI changes.

But, it is the IT team that makes the changes happen. Most of the time these changes are wanted yesterday. By that I mean the demands on their time are neverending. I write that because we affiliates are constantly requesting or suggesting changes, upgrades, etc. Yes, it is their job, but time is never on their side. But, they are the best at what they do and it gets done as expediently as possible.

I think the techs constantly have to update and develop new skills. They cannot be satisfied with what they know but must think outside the box and think ahead to what sort of expertise, Gery and team need to be developed to keep SFI ahead of the competition.

Most importantly ITs install hardware, software and connect computers to networks. Let's not forget, if not detected, viruses and hackers are also constant problems. ITs are also programmers, website designers and knowledgeable site content writers. I am sure I have not even touched the surface of other job descriptions ITs contend with.

So to all ITs employed by SFI thank you. I do not comprehend all of what you do, but I do appreciate what you have given me and all other SFI Affiliates.

Wheels up,
Ron Pate

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Role of sponser in Team Building #Sponsor

about 1 month ago

Hi Mustafa,

You did not indicate if you asked your sponsors for help. Communication goes two ways; a sender and a receiver.

Did you contact your sponsors for support, help, and advice? If they know of your struggles they will be more than willing to help you. If not communicate with them, sponsors need to know that their PSAs/CSAs, etc. need help.

You tried communicating with your sponsors maybe they struggle themselves and are not up to speed when it comes to offering you advice.

You can also communicate on the Forum and receive answers to any questions you have.

What you can do for yourself is to learn how to refer members and sponsor affiliates.


Good luck with your business!

Wheels up!
Ron Pate

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Still not a winner? in Astro Auctions #Astro Auctions #Contests

about 1 month ago

Hi Subrata,

Remember you are bidding. So you must bid higher than the last bid even if it is only one TCredit higher. I know AA can be confusing because it is you actually bidding and not like PB where the bidding goes up automatically once you click the red bid tab.

All the best with your continued bidding and your business!

Wheels up!
Ron Pate

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Start Giving More Appreciation - Others Are Worthy Of It! in Getting Started #Getting Started

about 1 month ago

Hi Mohammad,

In my post, I praised you by referring to you as my friend. Mano a' mano there is no higher praise that can be written or offered to another.

I wish you well trying to qualify as an STL. That is also my goal.

Work hard and be well.

Wheels up!
Ron Pate

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Start Giving More Appreciation - Others Are Worthy Of It! in Getting Started #Getting Started

about 1 month ago

Hi Muhammad,

You wrote, "How is it ? You want to praise a person who is not worth of it. I think No Praising. Just guide how think big."

My friend, everyone is worth it. Psychologist Abraham Maslow's 4th level of his Hierarchy of Needs is esteem, self-esteem, confidence, achievement, respect of others and respect by others.

SFI Rule of success # 14

RULE #14:

Send praise down (and criticism up)

Have something positive to share? Send it to your downline! One of your jobs as an upline member is to provide your downline with motivation, inspiration, and help create and maintain momentum. A super easy way to do this is by regularly using the PSA Mailer, CSA Mailer, and Stream.

Post positive, uplifting comments on the SFI Forum (https://www.sfimg.com/forum/), too. Hearing about success from other SFI affiliates, even if they're not in your upline or downline, is empowering!

Conversely, the last thing you want to do is kill momentum. Hence, when you have a complaint, go "up" with it. That is, go to your upline members or SFI corporate support (https://www.sfimg.com/Contact/index). That's what we're here for, to help you with problems you encounter. The SFI Forum is also not for venting or posting complaints. Posting critical, disparaging remarks harms you and every SFI affiliate who is working hard to achieve success—and don't forget that your own downline reads the forum!

"We increase whatever we praise."
--Charles Fillmore

"Build your people and you will build your business. People will want your approval first and your advice second. Do both. A lot and in that order, and you will find that they will like you and willingly follow your suggestions."
--Jack M. Zufelt

"People are eternally divided into two classes, the believer, builder, and praiser...and the unbeliever, destroyer and critic."
--John Ruskin

"There is no investment you can make which will pay you so well as the effort to scatter sunshine and good cheer through your establishment."
--Orison Swett Marden

All the best with your business!

Wheels up!
Ron Pate

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The new NGRQ Gateway in Ask Gery #Marketing #Team Building

about 1 month ago

Hi Friedrich,

Consider the one click a positive reaction and the others filtered out and not interested.

This is from Gery. "We've created this Gateway for those who want to try to "filter out " non-serious prospects. You know the ones we're talking about; people who actually believe they can sign up for free, do nothing and money's just going to fall into their laps."

That sad face is worth a thousand words and affiliates will have different interpretations. Those serious prospects who can will become SFI Affiliates. The others will get the message and not bother to become affiliates.

All the best with your business!

Wheels up!
Ron Pate

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Find Your Groove in Team Building #Getting Started #Sponsor #Team Building

about 1 month ago

Hi Kimberly,

Everyone cannot do this due to medical or other incapacitations. For me, I like to completely put SFI on hold for a few hours every day. When I lose focus I have to work my body and recharge my endorphins.

Sometimes I'll jog, kayak or swim in the great Philippine Sea, stretch, meditate, lift light weights, bike, play a round of golf and my favorite, going for walks with my wife. Except for daily jogging and walking with my wife I rotate the others.

After a lukewarm shower, I feel rejuvenated and ready to not only take on my SFI business but other chores that are required to look after myself, my wife, my pets and my home.

All the best with your business!

Wheels up!
Ron Pate

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Brain Sprint Update in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra

about 1 month ago


I checked. This question was asked two months ago. So I thought it was time for an update. Does anyone know the lowest score, to date, for Brain Sprint? My best is 2:09, trying to go below 2:00. Any updates would be appreciated.

Wheels up!
Ron Pate