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mary b.

United States

E365 Champion
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I need help in Pricebenders #TCredits #TripleClicks

3 hours ago

I keep an email just for my biz.
Also the inbox above our picture on home page will direct you.

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Proud of my SFI membership in Inspiration/Testimonials #Leadership #Team Building

6 hours ago

This month I am seeing more advertising everywhere by SFI members.
Did you know that other happy SFI"ers ads shows we are happy in this business?
That in turn makes people want to click on our ads.

A person will click on an ad after seeing it 5-10 times.
So we are helping each other succeed in this business.

I am using the Stream Post more and more to help my team members with tips.
Have you placed your share of ads this week?

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Daily Grand Entries... in Miscellaneous

9 hours ago

Once our down-line learns to use Rewardicals there will be less people leaving.
It is truely the gift that keeps on giving.

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prize claim in Suggestion Box #Astro Auctions #Rewardical #TripleClicks

9 hours ago

When in business you need access to the internet daily.Make arrangement to go to the library or sit on a friends porch or visit a relative to get it done.

If you want it bad enough,you will do it.

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My 7 day ad scedule in Marketing #Marketing #Team Building

20 hours ago

Safe-list advertising
The more organised you are,the less time it takes to place your ads.
So I went to my new 7 day planner.
Named them Mon.-through Sunday. One more tab for upgraded.

At first I had 7 per. Then I got choosy what I wanted so I was not frustrated.
Wanted to read other peoples ads on their site, not my e-mail. Wanted easy big icons too.
Must have at least 500 members. Many new ones have such a smooth action.
They even keep your place while reading them!

Traffic Exchanges
Since I only use 3, I wanted the largest membership and easy to use.
I surf whenever I have idle time. That includes phone calls, watching t.v..
and standing in line or waiting anywhere in public.

Search engines
I use two. These you place your website links and they send them to 20-50
search engines like Yahoo, Google etc.
My favorite way of enlarging my team is to use Builder Bundle as well as
the ECA"s at Tripleclicks. This saves time.
............my reward
I reward myself by playing games on SFI and entering 1-3 Astro Auctions
every day.No worries about how long it takes to complete. My inbox will let me know.

It will soon be the next day for me.15 minutes. I will read the News, do the Daily To Do List.
and enter a couple of auctions and play a couple of games.
Love the modern well organised business.

Thank you Gery and team.

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Re-Business For Cash in Suggestion Box #Rewardical

1 day ago

I think Rewardicals and Astro Auctions are the best thing Gery has done for our Teams.

When you can use Rewardicals to get free v.p., free T credits,that should be enough.
In the U.S.A., this business must show that we sell products or it is considered unlawful.
We have been o.k. for 20 years now.

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How often can one transfer TCredits to his downline? in Miscellaneous #Sponsor #TCredits #Team Building

1 day ago

You can only transfer 10 T credits of their year to any of your team.
When I set the last filter to Gift ,my 1st-3rd generation as well as my CSA"s light up.

Who do I help ? I help myself to EA first each month. That is easy now that I
can choose V.P. with Rewardicals I have won.Sometimes I win v.p.

If someone asks or it is near the end of the month,I send a gift.
I first set the gift to 10 days to expiration.
That way if they have quit or become inactive for the month,I get it back.

Gift Certificates are the gift that keeps on giving.
Astro Auctions is also the gift that keeps on giving.

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Badges indicator in Suggestion Box

2 days ago

Badges never come ahead of getting to EA.
Team building comes first.
Teaching your new team members to duplicate yourself will help you to succeed at this biz.

First I place my ads daily.
Then log into SFI and do the essentials.
Then work on auctions,badges and games.
Fun comes before work only in the dictionary.

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How to Break/Win TIEBREAKER of Pick the Bid in Astro Auctions ? in Astro Auctions #Astro Auctions

2 days ago

I know you did not ask, but you should make your first priority getting to EA.
Then you bet prizes for Astro Actions that you can use.
I use my Rewardicals to purchase V.P., that I can get to BTL very easily.

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What is the true value of Rewardicals? in Getting Started #Rewardical #TCredits

2 days ago

We used to have mrp. Took a lot of them to change them into one T credit.
Same here with Rewardicals, with one difference.

There are lots of ways to earn Rewardicals.
The exchange rate differs day to day because of high use.

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Badges indicator in Suggestion Box

2 days ago

This may surprise you, but I do not worry about the badges.
I just do the work outlined for us.
Log in,read the News,do the Daily To Do List,read as many of the Forum posts as
I am able. Enter a 1-3 T-credit Astro Auction.

Check on my Movers.
Evenings I send out ads for that days tab.
I have a 7 day planner for sending out ads,just so many a day.

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Traffic exchange in Marketing #Marketing #Team Building

2 days ago

I used traffic exchanges back in 1999 and on.
Now I feel you just need 3 large membership ones.
You can tell how many are surfing by seeing repeats of the ads.

I surf only when watching t.v. or on the phone.
Signups? One every month or two.

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Gimmee, gimmee, gimmee..... in Miscellaneous #Leadership

2 days ago

So many posts focus on wanting more changes with the new Astro Auctions.
I am looking forward to the arrival of the new website,banners and text ads for Astro Auctions.

Let it be.

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Be an example to yourself! in Team Building #Getting Started #Leadership #Team Building

3 days ago

Well first things first.
Look at your reflection.
Nice biz picture.

But you need to brand yourself. That means your picture needs plastered all over the ad sections
on the internet.

Get a wild plaid shirt,snazzy tie, keep the haircut,cute.
Set up your picture on Google so it goes everywhere you go.
Now organise your advertising.

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Plastic bottle in Miscellaneous

4 days ago

SFI is not in charge of the shipping restrictions for USA or any other country.
Our Prez-let it be- has messed with our tariffs and money -trading wars are going on.
The matter is being worked on every day.
Things like our nail companies cannot produce nails for what we can purchase them overseas.

Let it be.

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Versa point Increase in Suggestion Box #VersaPoints

4 days ago

The best way to get sales if you are low on funds is to put up a 3 column blog.
Add some banners along both sides.
Put together a Product Collection.
Use a banner for all parts of SFI.
Blogs can go everywhere.

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Disappearance of PSA for sale in Team Building

5 days ago

SFI rid themselves of sites with too many complaints of poor delivery.
Those people that wanted to continue to sell to our customer base were told to set up a site outside of SFI.

They have their own independent marketing sites now. They also use Rewardicals.
Some of their sites are now listed on your Rewardical page.

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Are You Making This "HUGE MISTAKE" In Promoting SFI? in Marketing #Getting Started #Marketing #Team Building

5 days ago

I almost missed "pick on Tommy day".
I am not on his team.
But both of us want to help those of low income succeed here.

That is probably most of members here.
Most have no clue where to start.

Finally we have log in.Sign up.Verify your e-mail.
Pick up your websites/Gateways. Advertise.

They need the answer to where and how. I learned as Tommy did by using the
Search Engine and putting in "how to copy/paste", set up an ad, build a blog etc.
I wanted to add that I always use SFI suggested wording because it is accurate.
T,K,"s friend,Mary Bird

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New members startup tips. in Team Building

5 days ago

Nice post,Nkechi
SFI used to start all new people on the Launchpad Lessons.
But now gives new people bit by bit information so they can adsorb it .

I always liked the way to join is log in,put up your picture,get your advertising links,go.

But that is me.
I took loads of notes.All the aberrations got to me, so I wrote them down on a lined paper.
Just give about 1/3 of it to new people.

Right now we do not have an updated video.
Put new accurate information into a blog. Then advertise it.
Blogs are welcome everywhere as long as you do not have the biz in the title .

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Astro - New Development! in Astro Auctions #Astro Auctions #TCredits

6 days ago

This is probably necessary because too many of the Astro Auctions are taking too long.

I am for it because for those putting hundreds of T credits into it, it will help end the
auction sooner.

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Astro Auction or Pricebenders in Astro Auctions #Astro Auctions #Pricebenders #Rewardical

6 days ago

You have 10 days to claim your prizes.
To claim your prizes you must take the 2 minute flight.
You get 2 messages in your inbox.

The first message says you entered #0000 Astro Auction.
Keep it till the link comes that says it is ready for flight.

Then let the flight run. Claim your prizes.
Then delete both links in your inbox.

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Astro Actions- Not eligible to Bid Items? in Ask Gery #Astro Auctions #Pricebenders #TripleClicks

6 days ago

Countries put the restrictions on most items.
Then there are some things like acid batteries and such that are unsafe to ship.
Read it before bidding.

I like the Astro Auctions because I do not have the time or patience to wait a couple of
hours to do the regular auctions.

Astro Auctions are fast and fun for everyone.

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Advertising with email and making a list in Marketing #Compensation #Getting Started #Marketing

7 days ago

The most important thing to do is set up advertising.
Organise where you are going to advertise by the day.
I named mine by the days of the week.
One tab has to be for upgraded, so you can later slide them into certain days.

You only need 3 traffic exchanges.
Surf for credits in your spare time.I do it on the long phone calls and watching T.V. with hubby.
Put a link to each of the other 2 in all of them. This gets you credits when you long into it.

Place cheap/free Banner and Text ads everywhere you are able.
If you do not know these skills,ask or put "how to" in your search engine.


- Viral Mailers
- Safelists
- Traffic Exchange
- Classifieds
- Ad Boards

social networks,
primarily on facebook,
free or paid advertising! Instagram,
Pinterest, Linkedin,

a paid ad on the messenger, then Adwords,

Google advertising up to 80% of internet users! Snypli advertisement