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Reborn! in Team Building #Getting Started #Leadership #Team Building

1 hours ago

The monthly re-birth is indeed one of the novel thing
about SFI business....everybody is offered opportunity
to stand on the same level playing ground at the beginning
of every new month....and those who are capable to fight
their way up the ladder choses the best way they know..

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Are You improving your knowledge of the English Language? in Eager Zebra #Contests #Getting Started #Marketing

6 hours ago

SFI has indeed in many way helped to improve the 1Q
of every Affiliates who are committed to study and learn..
starting from the launchpad, Biz Quz, KoT, and Hidden games etc
the issue of language barrier is no longer a hindrance as there
is opportunities available to play any game or whatever that
brings you success here

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One Of The Easiest and Fastest Way To Grow Your Team Starting... in Team Building #Getting Started #Marketing #Team Building

1 day ago

I have followed your posts which stands strictly on free ads
But gradually, there is a parading shift to payments
Because anything you purchases or paid for is no longer free!

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Big You Little Me in Miscellaneous

1 day ago

CSA either won by auction or rewards from second
does not guarantee anybody quality or active ones
The quality of leadership expected from us is to
make them active...to get the honey hidden inside
the hard rock...by our business wisdom and commitment
for success..

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My new badge in Recognition #Eager Zebra

1 day ago

Congrats on your massive win within a short time here
However..i disagree that the former rules is better than
the one we have now on the games..
Of course, there are more opportunities so improved now
and makes the games and chances of winning more
interesting and competitive...my opinion anyway..

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A good businessman/woman in Miscellaneous

1 day ago

Business is not often a straight jacket thing even after planning..
often there are other germane inputs like fund and good head
to enable you complete or execute a good work plan for a new tear!

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You Don't Won't To Contact Your Family And Friends About SFI? in Miscellaneous #Getting Started #Marketing #Team Building

1 day ago

Honestly, you seems to be passing a firm message across
on the importance of free advertising each time you
send out a post on this forum..
I hope some day there would be some one who would
be able to master the use of free advertising too..

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When We Make Commissions? in Getting Started #Getting Started #Sales #Team Building

2 days ago

Great work and post you have done here
How I wish many both old and newbies
would give up time to read and learn from
this food for thought stream that is full of handy success tips..

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www.sfimg.com/smart page. in Team Building #Getting Started

3 days ago

You are highly welcome to SFI...and I hope
you will find this place as an opportunity for great business
because as you can see everything runs here 24-hours non-stop
unless during public holidays or weekend and still skeletal works
goes on during this period ...only commissions payments may
be affected until the very first working day..

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business account on Pinterest in Sales #Marketing #Sales #TripleClicks

3 days ago

Well I am not on Pinterest website...but I know you can goggle to check
information about how to be connected to them..

However, I believe their are many other sites on the social media
that you can use freely to promote your SFI business...twitter, facebook etc

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This, as a recommendation ...! in Miscellaneous

4 days ago

Good-talk anyway, but sometimes life is not a straight
jacket thing....there ups and down, bends and straight-ways
You do some things that looks on face value stupid to get what
you want....results...success stories overshadows everything

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Sharing A Few Questions For New SFI Members in Getting Started #Getting Started #Leadership #Team Building

5 days ago

SFI has to its credits the best provision of to free working tools
for an online business...IT also has a full loaded reservoir
for other free basic knowledge to help you develop you business

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"Should I stay or should I go"? in Team Building

5 days ago

I will advise you to go BTL at least you will
be proud of your effort that you once made the BTL
mark and it will continue to motivate you to ride higher

Also, make sure you work to duplicate yourself by recruiting
more PSAs/PRMs to boost your business.

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Understanding SFI and the way to Earn an Income!!! in Getting Started #Getting Started #Sponsor #Team Building

5 days ago

thanks for refreshing our minds about the SFI tools
These are indeed handy things one can do daily and always
to move their business to the next level..

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20th anniversary in Suggestion Box #Team Building

6 days ago

Every positive suggestion to promote the great image of SFI
is a good one for me...However, I will suggest that instead of
emphasizing on 20-years of achievements...Mr ,Gery should
every year henceforth lay emphasis on the new subsequent years
e.g *21-years of outstanding achievement with over 100-million
online AFFILIATES*..This can really ginger newbies to work..

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Getting Vps & become EA quickly in Team Building #Compensation #Team Building #VersaPoints

6 days ago

Thank you for this great post which is a reminder
on some of the basic SFI tools for success
It is often needed to refresh our mindset particularly
to motivate the newbies..

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Inactive CSA's, PSA's and PRM's from rewardical redemption in Team Building #CSA #PSA #Rewardical

6 days ago

Thank you ...Gery...for the response
No one is guaranteed active PSAs/CSAs/PRMs
However, inactive PSAs/CSAs/PRMs can be motivated
by their sponsors/co-sponsors to become active..

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Key to Your SFI Business Success ! in Getting Started #Auto-Delivery #CSA #PSA

7 days ago

Hi Manohar!
Your post has some logic that can help Affiliates make a better success
If you don't have money, develop a team of PSAs/CSAs
This will help to make a better commission as they go up in Leadership
ranks and also acquire their own teams

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Knockout Trivia game: What's the matter? in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra

8 days ago

It is possible for you to go back into the game
if you have Tcredit and you are given the opportunity..
They will request you to use just one Tcredit to return back
to the KOT game...so, those who got the answer wrong
like you, will also return if they use their Tcredit too
So, definitely, the number of contestants will grow back...
until the opportunity to use Tcredit to return to the game is closed...
to determine the final winner.

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Something to Think About in Compensation #Compensation #Getting Started #TripleClicks

8 days ago

A little purchase of gift to others also has it advantages
in the long run to motivates our team to help the business grow
together...this is a leaders spirit...thanks for sharing this insight..

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Developing a Business Plan in Marketing #Leadership #Marketing #Team Building

9 days ago

(Thread was removed due to forum protocol violations, toxicity, or obsolescence)

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Suggestion about customer's choice of selection in Suggestion Box #Marketing #PSA #TripleClicks

9 days ago

I believe that SFI have made some provisions concerning
this suggestion...the various programs such as the Rewardical ECA,
the Zing* network, the Localvantia etc has a good provision
for both customer and Affiliate opportunities...

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Just How Tough Do You Have To Be To $ucceed??? in Marketing #Marketing

10 days ago

Whatever we do in essence requires we do it with passion
This is what can see us to the peak of our lifes endeavors..

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Your Business Mirror in Marketing #Marketing #Sales

10 days ago

Hi Randy,
This your post is simply a loaded food for thought
And for those who are prepare to take the lead in this business,
They will not hesitate to make use of the inputs supplied
It is rich and handy...to make ones business work!

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Badge is linked badges' there in Suggestion Box #Astro Auctions #Eager Zebra

10 days ago

Hi Yu
The scream you see when you click on any of the Badges that interest you,
is to remind you that there is no easy access to climb the palm tree!
You need t o sacrifice the effort to do the needful to earn the Badge!
So, if you love any Badge...do what is required and it will be yours!