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Misc.- SOS - Has Any of Australian Affiliates Heard From Glicy? in Miscellaneous

16 hours ago

Hi Bruce,
It is kind of you to ask for Glicera...He has been a wonderfully active member
of the FORUM...This is why SFI remains the best like one love business family
despite the fact that we find ourselves in different teams or groups.
The wellbeing of all of us matters to one another....in the spirit of
"All- for-one; one- for all"

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KOT Double Winner in Recognition #Eager Zebra

17 hours ago

It is always fun to play the EZ games but it is an added to the glass of spices
when you are so lucky to be a double winner....congrats!

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why I not win t-time credit in Eager Zebra #E365 #Rewardical #TCredits

1 day ago

There no special process for affiliates to win the T-Time game..
Every one hour, the T-Time drawing is done and lucky winners
are selected by luck!....to win 2-TCredits!!

There are people who played for six months or more and never won
while some may win several times in six months!

all you need do is keep the courage and playing to enjoy the fun
Just one day, you may be the next lucky winner!

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Help in Miscellaneous

1 day ago

It is not yet uhuru for you to celebrate the 100vp awrd of you r PSA
until you re-qualified for the EA Rank during same month..
wish you goodluck!

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Permission to Do My Own Title Rewrites in Suggestion Box

1 day ago

Dear Johnna,
I can see your feelings about the post that the title was changed...
I will only advise you not to take it personal...

As a "Forum Guru"...I am quite sure you already know that this is
why we have "Forum Moderators"...to help put things right
whenever there is need for it..

definitely, I know they will tell you why it was moderated
and if not, you can ask from support...so that you don't pass through
that same mistake next time..

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How to Win in Biz Quiz? in Miscellaneous #Contests

2 days ago

Congrats Kumar,
for the great win....it is great because some have been here many years before
you but claimed they have not won this ....more grease to your elbow.

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Come on! in Inspiration/Testimonials #Leadership

3 days ago

Yes, if you don't give up, no one can turn you back..
the key to unlock the jackpot of success lies in your hand!

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Marketing mistakes you can easily avoid! in Marketing #Leadership #Marketing #Team Building

3 days ago

Great write up ...I believe many could benefit from this post
welldone for the effort

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Can I have more than one RECA store? in ECA Program

3 days ago

I can confidently answer yes that you can open as many store
as you have the capacity and as soon as it is approved by SFI
However, your current challenge can be resolved by sup[port

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Win? That is not and should not be a question! in Getting Started #Getting Started #Leadership #Sponsor

4 days ago

There is nothing bad to fall down, but always finding your ways
to the TOP again is the hallmark of a CHAMPION!
That is the spirit of encouragements in the SFI business..

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Negative associates in Suggestion Box

5 days ago

Great post Mirjana as usual, it is thought provoking and giving us
a lot of care and direction for better business here..

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Problem with a Rewardicals ECA store in Miscellaneous #Rewardical

5 days ago

Hear what you said,
"I placed a order with one of the Rewardicals ECA sites, it is now 3 weeks
later and I have still not received what I paid for, I have been trying to
contact the owner of the site but I am not receiving any feedback. "

My advice is ;
based on shipping locations and the distance from one country of ECA
to other or the customer, it may take some time for your product to
get to your destination....so, you NEED PATIENCE! and very soon
you will come over it...

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Marees Tip. Stream Posts importance. in Getting Started #Getting Started #Leadership #Team Building

6 days ago

Hi Maree!,
Always a great post...which stands often like a training manual
thanks for sharing

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Business in Team Building #Leadership

6 days ago

Good talk...you are indeed warmly welcomed on board
Very wise of you for coming to the Forum...
It is sweet to build great career here by being very honest
to pursue your goals and NOT looking at the challenges that
will arise along the way to the top where the big money lies!

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How to motivate your members to become a team leader? in Team Building #Team Building

6 days ago

Everyone who truly wants to be a leader must take the bull by the horn!
Leadership is to get to the level of EA...it requires sacrifice and some sort
of time, energy and other commitments that will keep you at the top!
Make yourself an exemplary leader for yourdownline and they will follow
your golden footsteps...excuses does not win any medal of honor!

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June - 2018 - Greetings from SFI Co-Sponsor in Team Building #CSA #Getting Started #Leadership

7 days ago

Great admonition and inside to move forward in the business
Thanks for sharing this enlightening post

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Can somebody shed some light on this please... in Miscellaneous #PSA

7 days ago

Hi Marilyn,
You are indeed already upbeat to the position of STL
Don't be disappointed, you are a vibrant leader, and
with more courage and usual commitment you will be there
at the top very soon....however, clear issues support

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CSA in Recognition #Contests #Getting Started #Leadership

7 days ago

Congrats to your CSA for the achievement...more grease to her and your elbows

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How can I become ECA without a physical store? in ECA Program #ECA #Marketing #Sales

7 days ago

Having a website and your store to operate or encouraging owners of stores
to register is pre-requisite...that would make the Localvatia a bang!
Lets try it out first and enjoy the benefits....

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Payment option in Suggestion Box #Compensation #TripleClicks

8 days ago

SFI already has world class payment options that are acceptable
anywhere in the world....I only advise that you work harder to
have the opportunity to make use of one of them and you will
be happy....I already have the payoneer MasterCard as my option..

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The old Matching VP Program! in Compensation

8 days ago

Hi Mihai,
Listen to what you said:
"Like you, I didn't like the very low value of the VPs! Because of that
we were paid very little in that concept.
And I am sure that the new Commissions System is much better and,
of course, I want it to keep going".

Now from your words; do we still need to be kicking a dead horse?
we are all happy that ...Gery ...has put a new program that would give
everyone more benefits and dividends,,,,..so, why not join hands
with him to run the new concept to actualize the dream!

The old concept is gone and like a new wine, the new program would be a bang!

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Strategies to gain income from sales in Sales #Localvantia #Sales #TCredits

9 days ago

Engage some of those Stores that has the product your friends like
in the Localvantia program and you will be surprised that you start
seeing great results!

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Marees Tips. Dream it Achieve it. in Getting Started #Getting Started #Leadership #Team Building

9 days ago

Hi Maree,
Yes I am happy with you and I share in your joy of 5-year success story in SFi
However, I can assure you, that if I have my way, I will overtake your record
I am determined to go the mile than you have gone in 5-years...congrats

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NOT REALIZE HAVING A CO-SPONSOR in Team Building #Leadership #Team Building

9 days ago

SFI has a very solid business policy to help each Affiliate fulfill their business dreams
With Sponsor & Co-Sponsors program put in place, one only need to be so lucky
to fall to the group or team of Leaders that are ready to build an empire
of great business Leaders where all collaborate to lift up the hand of the downline
through necessary guidelines, chats & contacts that make business works

But if you fall to the team of a Co-Sponsor who is not interested in communicating,
just carry on with your business, it may not be her fault as you may think..
thank God you have taken the bull by the horn to become EA at least to show that
you are ready for great business....with this post, and baring the changes going
on, she may now respond to you

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Disgruntled members receiving PSA's from countries other than USA, UK, Canada or Australia. in Marketing #Marketing #PSA

10 days ago

when you purchase a PSA, there is no guarantee that it will be active
It is like being given a virgin land to cultivate crops...you cannot know
the benefit of it until you plough and plant the crops and nurture it..
PSA's are matter of luck and also, a little follow up action to give
necessary guidance and motivation to make them active