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Daily Grand Winner in Pricebenders #Eager Zebra #Rewardical

about 1 hour ago

Congrats Muhammad,
I am also as lucky as you are....i won 50-Rewardical Tokens!
And this is why i say that SFi is the best online business as it
provides 50% free support services to make the business more
easier for all...imagine someone winning up to 500..or..200 RT
for just entering the Daily Grand or playing or the Daily Crown draws!
Only the LAZY will NOT make it here!

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Benefit of storing your rewardicals in Miscellaneous #Pricebenders #PSA #VersaPoints

about 1 hour ago

Hi Olanrewaju,
To me, Rewardical Tokens are one of the best innovations in the SFI
invented to replace the former MRP and to boost the AFFILIATES business..
Dont forget that earlier, when you play some Eager Zebra Games, or bids
at the pricebenders auction; If the item is NOT quoted as double MRP, then, you get
only 5MRP for using TCredits...BUT now, whatever EZgames you play or any
pricebenders auction you participate in, with a TCredit, you earn 10RT...
Honestly, this is plus and Kudos to Gery and his team!

And most interesting and above all importance and usefulness, Rewardicals
Tokens, have no expiring date for now...so, you can redeem them at your convinience..

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Winner..! in Recognition #Eager Zebra #TripleClicks #VersaPoints

12 hours ago

Hi Dimitar,
Great achievement 3-months...
more grease to your elbow..

2. However, this thread, could have been better placed in the
recognition category..

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What Is For Breakfast? in Miscellaneous #Leadership #TripleClicks

12 hours ago

1.When i work up in the morning, the first breakfast is my SFi job
I am always eager and zealous to first find out how my PSAs & CSAs
and coping and performing..and i send team mails to them as appropriate..
2. I turn my Affiliates Centre Tabs green so that other unforseen events
of the day does NOT deny me of the opportunity...at least 10VP free of charge
is a massive opportunity and benefit to earn good commission
3. Then I check my e-mails and my SFi Alerts Tabs for latest news or instructions
4. I make sure i play the free Eager Zebra games to increase my Leaderboard rank
and to win more badge & sometimes i play with TCredits to win prizes...and mostly
to have fun and relax my nerves..
5. Above all, a serious and sure business like SFi, deserves a serious attention, focus
and total commitment...the food can wait or come later!

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I already have a Payoneer master card, how can I attach it with my SFI account? in Miscellaneous

12 hours ago

Usually an ID Number is provided for you when your request is
approved by Payoneer; so, log in with your Payoneer Customer ID Number
at the Payoneer support Center to let them know of your problem..
It is easy, they will give immediate and adequate solution or help to resolve the issue..

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Thank You For 5 Years Anniversary in Recognition

1 day ago

Hi Monique,
Congrats on your 6th year Anniversary...
Your consistency and commitment to your SFi business is no
doubt a success story now...this is a challenge to the newbie
and others...that the quitter is surely a looser..

2. However, i think you should have done it better to put this thread under
"recognition Category"....Goodluck!

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Requesting a possible change. in Suggestion Box

2 days ago

Hi Madelline,
Though, there is nothing impossible in improvement of modern business
Daily, policies change to re-position business on a better pedestal....
But one thing is clear; whether an ECA registered through you or purchases
are made through your sponsorship...don't forget that there is adequate rewards
and compensations...BUT asking that the process of duplication...of your PSAs
through your SFi ID be changed, may not be feassible for now as the process
put in place already, is yielding better result...in the interest of all...

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My PSAs sign up wrongly, want can I do to get him back to my downline? in Team Building #E365 #PSA #Team Building

2 days ago

Affiliate gateway ID..is a vital instrument of generating duplication
of PSAs....Hence, make sure you check out on your gateway properly
to ensure that such error is NOT repeated...

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Strategies for Re-qualifying as EA in Getting Started

2 days ago

Hi Felix,
You sound so fantastic in your commitment to your SFi
business and others have shown you some of the ways to
gather free VPs.....However, i want to advise that you contact
your sponsor/Co-sponsor to inform them of your current
inability to meet your Auto-Delivery processing for this month,
Who knows, help might come...that's why SFi is the best online
work from home business...some of the sponsors are great and awesome
leaders who help their Affiliates to grow and to build up successful business
particularly when the chips are down like you experience now..

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Transfer of Rewardicals to your downline !!! in Suggestion Box #Rewardical

3 days ago

Positive innovations are going on daily from the stable of the SFi team of management..
This has given every Affiliate(s) a great hope for success...so, i will NOT be suprised
to see the management approve the transfer of Rewardical tokens from the upline
to their hardworking and active PSAs or CSA s as another great motivation for greater

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Wow am fine with sfimg... in Inspiration/Testimonials #Auto-Delivery #Getting Started

3 days ago

Hi Boukadoum,
Great post you have here..
One thing that is sure in this SFi business or any other adventure is that,
You are the only one that can stop yourself from success...no other person can!
You sound so courageous to overcome all challenges to hit the SFi goldmine
This is a clarion for all Affiliates...we can all rise to the top no matter the hiccups we face!
Courage, total commitment and unwavering passion and focus is the key!

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Business Presentation and SFI Company in Getting Started #Getting Started #Marketing

4 days ago

The part of the rule, requires a smiling personal picture or photo
to give your business a corporate public image and to show how
serious you are...that you are NOT a robot!
But funny enough, we see caricature of Affiliate today at SFi
even in the much respected Forum uploaded as their profile picture
And i think this is a serious breach of the rule...rules should be strictly
obeyed and comply with to give the company a great name and image..

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Happy, I won in Recognition #Compensation #Pricebenders

4 days ago

HI Vahida,
That's a great effort, commitment & fantastic achievement winning an auction!
I only hope someday, some of us who had been bidding but have never won, will
be as lucky to be in your shoes as a winner...
Your achievement speaks of total commitment on the job!

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Method of receiving payment for Nigerian in Compensation #Compensation #Sales

5 days ago

Hi Obadare/Mfom
SFi has wisely put in place one of the best process of payment for
every member whether you are in America or Nigeria or China...
That's why the payoneer MasterCard is there as one of the provisions/options..
I do not see any preferential treatment on this issue....just chose payonneer
as your payment option..immediately you accumulate at least $20 in your
commissions account...and all the stress you complain about is over..

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The February commissions in Compensation #Compensation

5 days ago

Hi Dear Tanja,
I think the Gery's Team is indeed re- positioning the company everyday
to achieve its maximum success and the dubbing of "2018 as the year of sales!"
so while we can understand that NOT all such issues can pass for a thread,
however, i think achievement such as this, to encourage both old and new Affiliates
may NOT have been omitted from "big news item"...May be an omission..
All the same, i say kudos to Gery & hid daring team and the entire SFI members
SFI!...forward ever...backward never!!

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Why most people failed in business? in Miscellaneous

6 days ago

Hi Danjuma,
i do NOT totally share your opinion..
The iissue of business is NOT a one straight jacket..thing..
You can read the whole best books on business in the world and still
fail woefully in business..
One the input of money at all cost and total commitment & passion to do
a REASONABLE and successful business...EVEN HERE IN SFI..!

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Have we ignored this field ? in Miscellaneous

7 days ago

The truth is that NOT only the FAQ tool is being under used BUT all the five (5);
i.e. Search, FAQ, LauchPad, Chat & Mail box...all of them are very vital tools
for quick information. communication and knowledge for the progress of our
business BUT many are less cared of it .
The SFI company with all these and its other provisions was to make sure
that NO Affiliate(s) has any reason to fail or to complain of lack of assistance
or adequate guidance, tool or knowledge of the SFi business..
We should use this as a clarion call particularly, the newbie to go back to the basic
and make ample use of this opportunities to move our business forward even
on a less stressful note..

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Hello! It's so good to be here on this SFI platform in Getting Started #Getting Started

8 days ago

Hello Somon,
You are welcome to SFi & the Forum!
The Forum is a platform by all members to share ideas and resolve their problems
together as one loving business family..
So, show yourself as an active Affiliate by participating in the forum
However, please get yourself to read and study all the tools already
provided for you to help you know the nitty-gritty of the business and to help
you achieve greater success...Don't forget that "readers are Leaders" !

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Biz Quiz contest in Suggestion Box

8 days ago

I think SFi should be appreciated for the recent positive innovations
that increased the Biz Quiz winner from JUST ONE very lucky Affiliate
everyday to 50 Affiliates!..
2. Dont forget that thousands of Affiliates participates in the contest
and if all of them are to be awarded rewardicals you know how much
the company will incur ...
3. Don't forget also that the company was being so magnanimous in
awarding 50 winners randomly selected out of the sometimes over 90% winners,
afterall, they can make the game free just to increase your i.Q without any award.

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Earning TC Badges with difficulty in Miscellaneous #Contests #Eager Zebra #TripleClicks

9 days ago

I know it is not so easy to achieve the Grand Master Elite!
EZ games are very interesting and the Badges are real flavours added to the fun!
Weldon ..Gery..& team for the daily improvements and innovations!

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My local currency in Getting Started #Localvantia

11 days ago

Hi Hamed,

Yes. SFI Affiliates living outside the U.S. can have the TripleClicks MasterCard
from Payoneer chosen for payment of commissions. Once they have accumulated
$20 U.S. in commissions, they can then order their cards, which will arrive pre-loaded
with their account balances—in their national currency—minus a one-time $9.95 processing
fee for U.S. Affiliates and $19.95 for those outside the U.S.

click here for details; www.sfimg.com/Resources/CashCard.

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Do we no longer get VP for auction bids and EZ games? in VersaPoints #Eager Zebra #Pricebenders #VersaPoints

11 days ago

With ..Gery's ..clarifications ..i am once again so elated and convinced
that SFi has a great future and that this year was truly the year of sales!
the innovations are so massive & provides a solid opportunities for success.
Great SFI...forward ever & Backward never!!

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Suggestion: Rewardicals to MRPs (for a limited time) in Suggestion Box #Rewardical #TripleClicks

12 days ago

Go to your Alert tab right now....it is happening..
Conversion of my 71-MRP just gave me 1-Tcredit 48VP

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There is a problem? in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra #TCredits #VersaPoints

13 days ago

Hi Claus,
Changes/innovations are being put in place by SFi leadership
looking into the future and to save-guard it for better results
and benefits for all...Hence, no more VP or MRP for playing
EZ games...We now have rewardical tokens to be exchanged
for products such as Gift Certificate, PSA,CSA, Bitcoins etc

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Rewardicals and their use in ECA Program #Rewardical

13 days ago

Hi Eugene,
Rewardicals for now, can NOT be use for purchases BUT for exchange
of any choice ECA productsat Tripleclicks..
We only hope that as time goes on, more changes/innovations may arise to change
the present statusquo..